#36 - Coronavirus Stay Home Part I: “Why Magicians Must Write More”

Episode 36 “Why Magicians Must Write More” Magicians Talking Magic Podcast Coronavirus Stay Home Part One

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Episode 36 of Magicians Talking Magic

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  • “Why Magicians Should Write More” pt 1 Coronavirus Stay Home

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Loading out all my gear from storage

Magician Spring Cleaning!

Lucy Darling Indulgence

Lucy Darling releases her full hour-long show for you to enjoy for free (YouTube)

Coronavirus Broken Wand - Richard Curren (iTricks)

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World Health Organization (www) (VIDEO) WHO: How to Protect Yourself Against (YouTube)

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WATCH: Toronto Magic Company talks cancellations and coronavirus impacts

Talking Coronavirus Impacts /w Magician IBM President, Alex Zander

Magician Joan Caesar talks coronavirus impacts for FISM 2020

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3D printed a stencil to make cleaner Unshuffled decks (Reddit)

Magician Feature Topic of the Week

Magic Topic of the Week: Coronavirus Stay Home and Better Yourself

For many of us, the excuse “I don’t have any time” is now gone. What are you going to do? Stay at home and let things happen to you, or be proactive.

Writing is key-- this is probably the most important area I would focus on during #stayhome.

Excuses for not writing:

  • Don’t know how to write

  • Don’t have time

  • No Talent

  • Writing is hard

Why Magicians Should Write More

  1. Reduce stress - writing can be therapeutic

  2. Tidy up your thoughts - allow you to focus on other things

  3. Keep you sharp - improve your communication skills

  4. Positively affects every corner of your magician business (marketing, performance, promotion, social media, etc)

  5. Makes you interesting

  6. All you need is a blank document (or paper & pen)

How to Write More

  • Start Small & Write Daily- Journal (Bullet journaling)

  • Brain Dump - get it out of you, regardless of what it looks like

  • Use YOUR voice - Don’t try and sound like someone else

  • Talk to someone - define an audience of one and write to them

  • Don’t give up - persistence is the key to success

  • Polish in stages - edit and rewrite. Give it a day and comeback

TIP: Ten Minute Rule (WATCH)

Nir Eyal Master Your Mindset : The Ten Minute Rule (2:30)

Inspiration (social)

“The first draft is just you telling yourself the story.” ― Terry Pratchett

“You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.” ― Jodi Picoult

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.” — Louis L’Amour

Last Week’s Recap 35

  • Coronavirus

  • Salute to Magic Junk Drawer

  • It’s award season in Magic!

  • Arts and Craft fun from Reddit

  • Topic of the week- Coronavirus Magicians What you should do to prepare for coronavirus

Link: https://www.magicianmasterclass.com/post/ep-35

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Audio Transcript

Ryan Joyce: Welcome to Magicians Talking Magic my name is Ryan Joyce. Magic is a full time job. It's the only job I've ever had for the last 20 years. Let's see how long that last and this is.

Graeme Reed: My name is Graemazing and I left a full time career like for 10 years. I was a TV broadcast professional. I did a lot of things there and I left that so I could do this. Um, uh, be a magic wizard person. And right now it seems like a weird choice, weird choice. But this is episode 36. It's magicians. Talking magic. Thank you so much for tuning in again to the podcast. We are here with you magicians performers and entertainers fulltime and hobbyists to like, we know we're all going through unique things and that's why we want to continue to offer up this podcast each and every week with different fun things. But you can expect the regular stuff that we always have

Ryan Joyce: here with you and for you wherever you are in the world. We're all going through this together. That's a, that is the way to say it because we have, none of us have control over this, not a single one of us. So we've got to just face the realities in work at what we can to improve ourselves and our businesses, which is the main focus of the topic here today. But we do have headlines and a, our regular bits because life has to come back to normal. So let's talk about the abnormal for a little bit first before we get all the fun stuff. How are you doing Grameen hazing?

Graeme Reed: Uh, I'm doing good. Uh, it's, you know, I feel like I've been described, I did a share the other day. I tried to create this little campaign for all of us to share, which is hashtag five stars for local, where if you want to give your little local business a free little boost such as your magician entertainer friends, give them a five star review on Google. It helps out everyone with their searchability in the future or if people are looking to plan gigs. But I, I was describing it when I share these posts, I have a roller coaster of all of the emotions every day. I think would you relate 100%. Yeah. And I think that's why it's fun that we can still, like, it's so fascinating to see everybody live streaming, connecting the podcast and everything so we can still communicate, still get together in some sort of way. So we know that we're not totally losing our minds.

Ryan Joyce: Yes. Uh, it, it certainly is unsettling times. So I've, my honest, biggest tip that I think we could give each other, or if I could give an impart to you is just try to find a routine in the day. I dunno, as someone who worked on a cruise ship forever, isolation was something that a, okay, you got accustomed to. So I find it helpful just from one friend to another. Um, yeah, routines seems to help. What do you think? What's,

Graeme Reed: yeah, routine is good and we're lucky. Like we have a dog. So I also like, I live with my girlfriend. We live. We lived together a long time and actually were, it's our anniversary today, 14 years long. Holy cow. Thank you. So, and

um, but we also have animals. We have a dog and cats and they need to be fed and they need their needs. So our schedule is their schedule where they're full-time servants. So we have to get up, walk the dog, do all those sorts of things. And to be honest, I'm a huge podcast listener myself. I listened to comedy podcasts, pro wrestling podcast, magicians podcast. So my life has kind of scheduled about when those were released to, and that's usually when I do things like the dishes or walk dog, clean the basement, do the spring cleaning in the house, all sorts of stuff like that. How do you use it? What about you? How do you, what's your schedule kind of based around?

Ryan Joyce: Yeah, I'm a task podcast listener as well. I, my podcasts nowadays are a lot of, I don't know, I have my shift in topics, but recently it's been a lot of marketing things and writing things, which is so perfectly timed for today's podcast. But, uh, and so I'll, I also appreciate like history podcasts like Dan Hartog, Dan Harland or Dan Carlin, Dan Carlin's hardcore history. That would be fun if Dan Harlan had a, um, magic hardcore history. Um, yeah, so I, I, I just, uh, I find it something that just drags, that's especially away from the news because that's usually what I go to first. And these days I'm specifically saying to myself, I have to stop cause I, it's just been a habit I've had for years news all day long and now it's just so intense. Um, it's time to step away from Vose and put on some encouraging things and that's why we hope you're here to give you some distraction and also some focus. We're going to go through our regular headlines, taco with the realities and such. But we're, I'm excited to talk about our big topic today because I think it is one of the most important things any magician could do during this down time. Does that we've got this forced downtime.

Graeme Reed: First of all though, we have a, we have a couple things we need to recap skis though.

Ryan Joyce: We really should. We've been doubling down and we're going to continue to double down, uh, podcasts and live streams. So we really hope that you're connected with us in some way, shape or form. And the best way you can do that is to go to magician masterclass.com and sign up and we'll keep you connected and posted. So on episode 35 things were just starting to break with the Corona virus. So we talked a lot about that. Um, and some of the things that we were learning at the time.

Graeme Reed: Yeah, it's weird. That was a time capsule in life. And to think that's only one week ago when everything was closing, NHL was canceled, NBA was cancel. And when we go away we were basically at no more events, complete self isolation. But besides that, we also had positivity to share. Salute to magic junk drawer. This was a great thing that I tricks posted. You have to go check this out with the magic junk drawer. It's great for kids, especially if you're at home and you want some arts and crafts. Speaking of arts and crafts, there's an also incredible, uh, Reddit arts and crafts that we shared. This binder, this Japanese book binder, got a Penn and teller deck of cards as a souvenir, I guess as a gift or you know, from years ago. And they finally decided to make a cool kind of, you know, like if you were to cut out a book and put money in it or I can, I don't know, a bird, I don't know what you put in the deck of cards.

Really cool. So if you're in every spy movie has one of these. Yeah, yeah, yeah. When you pull the book and the door opens, I always loved that. I think that would be a cool addition to have a house. How many people, how many people do you think are installing those right now while they have all this downtime, right? Oh boy. I definitely brought a couple of things into attend to the house. This is, this is his opportunity to do a little ketchup and then I'll just finish it up. Oh yeah. We talked about what people should do to prepare for the Corona virus. That was our big topic that we can, we share three points that we thought were the important ones. And that's the start of our series here today, which can be a six part series. Um, and we're going to kick it off tonight, so we're glad you're here.

Uh, we also did a live stream. This was the first. Yeah. Yeah. And this went wrong. This went surprisingly really well and smooth super pro. You spend a lot of time getting to look all fancy. Like so we're going to be testing this out and doing a lot more of these live streams. So subscribe. It's incredible. I mean, you did a ton of work preparing all the interviews prepackaging some of the interviews and editing them, but also in a matter of 24 hours, we piled this special live stream together, accumulating guests, uh, putting together the graphics, figuring out how to do the stream. Uh, we broke the rules of self isolation. I drove out to studio Joycey and we did a live from your studio there and if you want to see this, you can see us on Ryan Joyce's Facebook. That's the main page where you can see it or do I think is the video and Amazon masterclass.com/live.

There you go. You're going to click there. And we, we interviewed a bunch of people and chatted with a bunch of people. We share it all the headlines in such including, you know, Penn and teller going dark and David Copperfield going dark and uh, and the post moment of FISM 2020. But we also got a chance to chat with some really well, some really prominent magicians and organizations to sort of help spread the news and what, what's the current situation is. So we chatted, uh, initially with, um, Alexander who was the president of IBM. Uh, we chatted with Matt Johnson. I was really, I mean he's such a great guy and he gave a really great level-headed perspective. We also talk with Joan. You sat down with Joan, which I think Joan and her birds, Joan or birds as also another guest, we had Michael Paul, Carol, which you have to check out the live stream. It is great entertainment. And if you're into like, if you're also concerned and you want to hear how everyone's dealing with this, it's great to get those positive messages from everyone like Matt and Michael, Paul and Joan. And we also heard from Joan and Ben from Toronto magic company, local

Ryan Joyce: local guys here. Uh, in Southern Ontario, Gilmore girls. That was their solution or hunkering down for Gilmore girls. Yeah, yeah, yeah. What are you streaming on Netflix right now? What are you benching? Um, okay. I just started watching on Netflix. It's a new season of something hundred humans. Oh, I think that's so fun. I love data stuff. So this is a big, uh, there's going to be my, my binge. It's not amazing content. Don't get me wrong. It's not like world-class. What it is is there's a hundred humans and they do these tests and trials on them. So last one was like, well, who's the better sex, male or female? And they do all these like challenges and things like, um, one of the, yeah, one of them was, for example, a w who is more on time. And so they had these two buses. They told a hundred people, we're going to take you on this amazing field trip and you're going to get to see the, wherever they were, the location.

Um, and we're going to do that in 10 minutes. So, uh, be outside in the bus at whatever the time was. And uh, so along the way, there's a couple obstacles that they had to go through. There was a, uh, tables just full of all the best like foods and stuff. They could just pick and go and put in their bags and stuff. Uh, and then there was also an a place they could order food on the bus for the bus, for the ride kind of thing. So when they got there, so they had all these little distractions and it was who ultimately got on the bus. The bus doors closed at the exact time and drove off and then they all get added up. Of the a hundred people, you know, how many females were on the bus, their bus, and how many males around their bus.

It was really fascinating. They do all sorts of little tricky experiments like these that kind of relate in a magic vibe in some way, cause they're ultimately, there's a little trickery going. It was just super fun. Uh, especially for data nerds like me. Uh, so if you're bored on Netflix, so that's currently what I'm going to be rocking out. Uh, and, uh, and a big tangent from what we were, we're just about to wrap up with our lives. If you want to check that on, I highly recommend it. Cause our last person we talked about, uh, was Michael Paul I would talk with was Michael Paul on livestream. And he's just a dear friend of the podcast in the live stream and everything. So, uh, he, he had a standup bit I thought was super fun. He also got the biggest plug, the biggest free showed up, plug on the, the, his whole, uh, social media handle in the whole last half of the podcast basically lives from there.

Yep. But Mike, I thought that was great and hilarious. It was great. It was, and it was a great live stream. And so thank you everybody for tuning in over a thousand views on that one. Thank you. I haven't checked recently or in the last couple of days, but thank you so much for checking it out. Really, man, I got to tell you, go check that a hundred humans out. I think you're gonna like it. Um, um, this episode, episode 36, we're going to cover, of course, the magic Corona virus headlines. Do you call it coronavirus or are you calling it covert 19? How do you reference it? I don't know. Like when I Google it, I think I do either or. Yeah. But there's also the best part about right now, well, it's not the best part, but a great part is all the magicians doing

Graeme Reed: their live streams. I mean, everyone's doing live streams, but so many magicians are sharing content. We're going to talk about that on this episode. Kind of the ones that we see her posting on the regular maybe or ones that have just caught. All right. We don't know about all of them, but we're gonna get into that. And then the big topic today, what we've done is we've gone back to that episode 35 when coronavirus kind of broke really globally and we each came up with our list of three. We're going to slowly dissect each and every one of those. And this week, Joyce, what are we chatting about?

Ryan Joyce: We're going to chat about or writing why magicians should write more. This is part one of a part six silver Corona virus. Stay at home and better yourself and better your magic business. This is going to be a a dive in deep because we've got time. So let them do it. But first we gotta get to these magic headlines. Um, I, yesterday he just totally went and emptied out my storage unit. I've had for, I don't know, man, 16 or so years. So I'll share the video footage of that on the our next live stream. Um, and it'll be on the show and it was showing I was paid to the episode, but it was kind of stark, you know, loaded everything up and dropped it into my garage. Ultimately kind of thinking like, am I ever going to open this stuff again? And I know that soup. I don't mean to be pessimistic about it, it's just we're all, we're all kind of at, it's one of those weird, it's one of those weird thoughts right now. Yep. So I can't thank Sam Pearce enough for helping out. Yesterday we was two truckloads. Oh man. A lot of gear, a lot of gear.

Graeme Reed: But you know, and if someone really knows how to load gear,

Ryan Joyce: it's Sam. Sam, he's so pro. He's so pro is a genius level of detail. I was sort of saying to him yesterday, I wish I was as, as OCD as he was. He's so detailed oriented. And then he has an incredible amount of foresight because of that. With what the situation or how many magicians or have a level of OCD. Like I have a level of OCD with certain things. Would you say you do as well? What do you think? Yeah. I'm not like Sam, but uh, I do ha yeah, we all, I think we all have our own unique, quirky, OCD situations. Absolutely. Cause we have to be perf, have perfection with our slights and things, otherwise we get called out on it. So if you didn't have that, like, um, persistence I suppose is the word you, we wouldn't be magicians so there's gotta be a level of it in all of us. They feel. Yeah, absolutely. Well, I mean, when you do a show, do you set up your props the same way? I always, everything is prepared the same way every time in a certain order and things I find comfort in process too. So that's another reason. Yeah. Yeah. Agreed is an a checklist. I always have it on my phone and the Google keep, I've got absolute necessities, like the seven things I absolutely have to have set up in show. Right.

Graeme Reed: And I just go over every time just to make sure. Oh, so this is kind of weird. So I had ordered some magic obviously more than a week ago, um, from vanishing ink. I got some new, some props, some tricks that uh, ID, squishy tangerines which is sponge balls. But for me they're squishy tangerines so ordered a bag, a 50 of those, which seems today highly weird to do. Yeah, it's a weird purchase when in the now, but yeah. And then I got some other things too to add into the show that I wanted to play with and obviously who knew this was going to happen. So the package came the other day and Alicia had me open it in the garage. I had opened the pack the box in the garage and then just quickly recycle the whole package and then, you know, sanitize the stuff as I brought it in because who knows.

Yeah. I wasn't so sure we weren't concerned about the contents as much as just the outside handling of the two. Makes sense. Did any of the tangerines go foul there? You know what? They've all, they've all turned, they've all turned to little raisins, which is weird. You don't expect for an orange. It is weird for an orange to turn to a raisin, but it's magic. It's magic and it's a weird, it's 2020 in Corona virus. I think they caught the coronavirus and now I have hard tiny raisins. Well let's not talk about that. I want to talk about spring cleaning. Uh, I haven't really dug into my magic prompts yet, but my pantries are like sparkling OCD level, like Sam level claim. Oh yeah. You know what? Ours are pretty well organized to be. We did the whole Mary Kondo thing. Um, yes around when did that, when did the show become pot? Whenever that was really popular. We did that and the kitchen has stayed fairly organized and then now because of the whole crisis, we are just aware of all the stock in the inventory. So everything is very clean there. But I have started to tidy and clean up and unfortunately put away like the magic props.

So if you, yeah, well you know, just kinda like put it away all nice and neat. And I'll probably make a little video of what I'm doing, but the loose idea, and I think this is a Jeff McBride idea, but you take every trick and you put it in a Ziploc bag or its own separate little bag and then you put those into a bin so that all the like little bits and bobs and pieces are just in that bag. Of course not everything can be in a Ziploc bag. So then it needs its own container or box. But I'm going to, I'll show I have a video of this, cause you know, we have so many decks of cards, gimmick, playing cards, all these props and paper training, decks of cards. Do you think you have, that's, it could be a number within like a couple of digits as a guest. Like I'm curious.

Ryan Joyce: Um, I dunno, like 300 how many listeners, how many, I wa I'd be curious to know how many people have, I probably have, you're talking about like these are custom, like different, each bank is different, right? We're not decks of cards as a whole. Stacks of thinking all inventory. So cause I have, what about collector? How many collectors? Which ones? I'd probably have a oof like 50 to a hundred collector decks. Yes. Right. I think I don't do it anymore, but I have all these older ones when I, yeah, I haven't done that in a long time. I didn't really collect any of the specialty ones, but I had this thing for a couple of years in, in every country that I went to at the airport or whatever. If I could find a deck of cards in that place, I would buy them. So I've got my interview, I should count them but probably about, I don't know, 60 or so sitting up there cause I was going to work out, I was trying to get no less than 52 actually. And I know that cause I was trying to get 52 of them so I could do some piece of magic that it was working on. Um, yeah. Although I'm curious, you listening, how many collector deck of cards do you have?

Graeme Reed: I don't even, I'm looking at all, I have a band, just have old cards like after I do a show and it's not a full deck, it just goes in there cause I'll make gimmicks and GAF side of it cause they're still pretty.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. This isn't that full deck. I had no system for any of that organization. So I have decks of cards I'm afraid to touch cause they don't know what they do.

Speaker 3: Uh,

Ryan Joyce: so there'll be more spring cleaning. I'm looking forward to getting to my magic here and if anything interesting pops up. Oh, I'm going to pull up the camera and I'm gonna press record and we'll, we'll, we should both do the same. Share a little intricacies and little fun little moments on live streams. And if you listening have some equal interesting moment, record it. Send it to us and we will feature it on the livestream. Magicians talking sorry. Magicians talking magic.com/live uh, let's, there's a lot of stuff coming out, lots of live streams, lots of things to watch. What's on your scopes currently?

Graeme Reed: Currently. So, I mean Lucy darling has released her full hour show. That's not a live stream, but that is definitely something everyone needs to check out. Cause the video production quality on it is ACE and the show is fantastic. So that is a great way. And that's the one that we should all share with our friends and family.

Ryan Joyce: Absolutely. I will check out tonight as well. I'm super curious how she posted that the other day. That's

Graeme Reed: another one that's common that every single day, which is so much fun as Michael close at 4:00 PM every day as a new card trick he shares, he teaches it too and he has all the history behind it where you can find it. All the proper accreditation, uh, fun cameos from his labradoodle or I think it's a golden doodle. I think it's a golden doodle, a source of wisdom. Absolutely. Dog is just as brilliant, but his live streams are fantastic. And now I know, um, Jonah of discourse and magic has a group going on. He's doing live streams. Uh, it seems on the right, there's so much great regular content. I know J P magic friend of the show, he's been going daily. One day he, it was st Patrick's day, so he was drinking some beer and singing some songs. Um, he's been on there singing songs. I think tonight, if you're listening to this on Friday and you have the episode, well you might've missed this, but this would be out on tonight. 5:00 PM on Friday. He's gonna do his whole magic and juggling show, uh, on a live stream.

Ryan Joyce: Oh, that's cool. Good. Good for JP.

Graeme Reed: But there are links, people are putting together links. Um, the IBM is doing this and say there's also a Reddit space, but you know a little bit more about the IBM space.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. They've been working on some content that's going to be coming out and this was our, even before the Corona virus. So there is going to be some fun stuff to check out. So I will let them speak for their news. They've got. So make sure you know, magicians.org is their website and uh, IBM convention.com is also their website for anyone that's interested in updates that might be, you know, if are new things affected currently there's no impact to any of the conventions in the summer, but those are the two links that you need to know and stay tuned to those because they will have information about all of those exciting things hopefully coming out soon. That is really fun. Uh, the other mentions as well, Ryan piling has got some fun news that, you know, more a little bit about this than I do.

Graeme Reed: Oh my gosh, I forgot. Yeah. Ryan piling has my, there's so many things. My magic meeting, he's um, kind of recreated like magic club should be, I guess today would just virtually meeting. Um, I haven't actually been able to tune in to one of these things just yet. I think the first one was,

Ryan Joyce: that's so interesting you say that. I just saw another club as well. They were hosting a virtual meeting and it was a cool screenshot that showed like nine or 12. Magicians having one of their magic meetings and I'm assuming it must be something in zoom. I'm not sure how many people you can put on Skype,

Graeme Reed: but this is certainly it's theirs. I think it sounds like, I think Jeff McBride even is doing like a live class with the magic and mystery school. I even had the a different mask every time I even had uh, the itch this morning of like it'd be cool to hang out with the magic guys, but obviously we can't, but we should throw her own, you know, the regular group of pals when we get together. Cause I would love to share some, I got all these new tricks that I kind of want to jam on. So that sounds fun. Yeah. We

Ryan Joyce: are going to schedule some livestream events for our listeners in our community. We're going to be doing that on the regular, I'm still out that we should be doing magic pizza parties. I think once, you know, we should have pizza at the same time and magic displays, we'll have some preloaded video content that we're always working on. I think that would be super fun. Well, you'll notice this episode is coming in a bit later today and that's because we've been, uh, grappling with technological challenges, trying to figure out line live streaming and we plan to do a whole bunch of live streaming ourselves as special guests all the time during this downtime we have, we want to share the stories of all magicians all over the world. Yes. So send us anything you've got to and will happily pass along happily invite you in the conversation.

Um, and uh, keep tuned cause we're going to have some special guests as well. There's a lots of people who want to chat with Greg's gonna come on the live stream at some point along the way. Uh, of course our good friends, Michael Paul, Michael Paul has some wicked talents that uh, we should sort of chat with them about. And any listeners that have questions, what are some of, you know, we shouldn't be able to present those to some of our guests. And Michael Paul is one of those well-rounded, the guys. He's a coach's, he's a director. He produces shows. He's, I mean, he's done video camera work or direction for like major awards shows and he, he's a Hollywood guy, so he's, he's just, he's just incredible. One of my, I, I dunno, I find him on one of my biggest inspirations I just wears. Really, we're super lucky that we get to just message him and ask him the questions that we get to ask all the time.

Like, Hey, what do you think of this? Yeah. You write jokes for, you know, for all of the light. Like use wroten written and presented jokes for Letterman and Leno and all his, he's got an incredible background. It's really, yeah, I wish I had that skill and he's a really great writer. So we should talk to him about some of the deep dives that we're going through in here today. Yes. So sorry, there's a lot of moving pieces right now. I feel like we, it's downtime but there's a lot of moving parts. Um, do you want to go into the ton team moving parts topic? I don't have a three D printer. No. But, um, if I did, I think I would get sucked into it just like I see on Facebook. Um, I saw something I've read at the end, I wanted to include in the magic right.

A topic of the week, cause this was super inspiring. This is a whole that uh, like three D print magic gimmick phase. And this, even though we, I mean most listeners probably don't do on shuffled, which is an incredible piece of magic and put it requires you to do, you know, seven pharaohs in neuro, isn't that right? Something like that. Um, and so there's one guy on Reddit 3d printed out a little gimmicks or they could just easily write the words with, you know, um, on shuffled on the side of the deck. Yeah. It's like a sensible, I guess stuff. I mean, just a neat application. I saw another one who was like a three D printed for the coins

Graeme Reed: that, you know, all the coins of the hand to keep them all together. That was a real clever little, you know, anything that help organize stuff like that. I think that's super cool. Our good friend of the podcast, Scott Boyd, just we should have Scott, we should almost have Scott on and give us maybe some training in basic electronics and three D printing or something. So wizard with all that stuff. He's so smart and he makes it sing on sound. So simple. Yes. So that is, um, yeah, the, I thought that was super inspiring. So we're going to see a whole wave, presumably have a neat little three D printed graphics or gimmicks coming out. Yeah. But if you do this trick, I guess it's Paul Gertner is on shuffled, right? If you do this effect and you're, you kind of want that, uh, to simplify it, I would look into this Reddit post, which you can get from the show notes.

Obviously if you subscribed, they go to your email and you can see this, the link to this Reddit topic. It's pretty neat. I might say I don't deal on shuffled, but this three D printed gizmo makes me rethink that. And I kind of want to, I have a pretty, I'm really solid at a Pharaoh. Can you do a Pharaoh? Yeah, absolutely. Um, of course there's gotta be a fresh deck. Yeah. Well, moderately fresh. Like I feel I can do a Pharaoh not with a borrowed deck of cards. Well, maybe if it's a magicians deck use. Yeah, maybe. Possibly. But I, yeah, I can bang them out. So I don't know why I haven't, maybe that's something to work on in the downtime. I have been working on new Monica personally. Relearning the memorize stack. I'm 13 it's a queen, isn't it? It's a queen, isn't it?

Ryan Joyce: 13

Graeme Reed: I just went completely blank. 22 six a space. I dunno. 26 of spades is 15 yeah,

it's, I, I had it at one point. Totally 13 is the King of clubs. I'm so sorry. Is it? Oh, I dunno. Queen of clubs is the queen of clubs. Queen of clubs. Oh, you want to talk magic video of the week where you sure do, but we've got to play a little recap of last week's, here's a clip. Do you know what? Can you name it? You know what it was? This one's pretty easy for me. Yeah. This one's super easy. I, I dunno, maybe there's certain people out there that just never saw this because they're new to magic, but it is David Copperfield's portal. David Copperfield. I think there's not a illusion or piece of magic he's presented that I wouldn't instantly know what it was based on. Probably three seconds of sound bite. I don't know. Was that Begbie weird? This has to be, I think this is my favorite copper field piece. This is one of my favorites. It is awesome. The theatrical, the 3d or sorry, pardon me. The surrounded filming just blew me away. I don't know what it was that mesmerized me about

Ryan Joyce: those people in the boxes. Um, you know, I don't know if anyone's listening or if you had to, I don't know. It must have been camera people, but in the sets all over in the arc of who's like boxes that were illuminated would look like people in them. It was just fascinating. Visually stunning. And of course with portal, the best part of it is that thing is right over the audience. That was on stage for that. I was on stage for that. I got one of the, yeah, the ball I've twice actually, and the other time I was the guy on the side with the flashlight that would go around. Yeah.

Graeme Reed: Behind the back. So that's unbelievable. That's awesome. Yeah. Super fun. What, what an inspiration and man it was, I don't know if, did you check in to see any of that footage from the trial? That was really disappointing. Uh, Oh yeah, it is. It that, that's a bummer. Yeah. That's a bummer. That's the audience trick though, right? That is portal here. Oh, I'm so sorry. Oh, I got the two. I was 14 yeah. I blended them all together. Isn't it one big long routine, doesn't it go from that into portal into the 14 anyways, I've got, I guess I don't know it as well as I thought I did. It is all part of the same thing and I'll go seamless. But yeah, the one, the portal is the Hawaii thing with the state and they go, which is kind of great for right now since we can't touch each other. So it'd be great to portal, you know, and it's fun. It's topical, topical stuff. Great. But we have a new clip for you this week and here is the preview of that. Do you know what this is? If you know it is, shout it out loud. Give yourself a Pat on the back. I guess the snaps of you know what it is. You have to wait until next week to know if you're actually right or not. If you do know what it is, you're probably right. And if you don't learn you don't know what this is. Cause it's another iconic piece. It sure is and it is a good one. It's good one to study

Ryan Joyce: as well. Especially since we got some downtime. Uh, well let's focus on the topic of the week. Of course we want to deliver things that you guys and gals can do at home that doesn't cost any money and is just something that helps improve the business and or just your personal habits and things. And I think this one is probably the one that I would put at the top of the list. Thinking back on it. Cause when we were deciding which one we wanted to just start with, it was actually difficult because all of the things, the six that we're going to cover over the next six episodes I thought were really important. So it was hard to choose the top one. But I think for me, this one is like, it's, it's the support system for everything. And the better you get at this, the better you know, all areas of the business improve.

And this is of course writing. So the topic of today is, uh, is writing things in ways to improve, why you should write more. Um, and the truth is, uh, all the excuses are gone. Now we are faced with this reality that we have a lot of the time. So if you have ever given the excuse that I don't have time to focus on writing well games up there, lots of time. So don't, don't lie to yourself at this point. Um, so in my opinion, uh, writing is the G and the best way to do it is to do it often. So we're going to go through, um, why you should write more in just a second. But here's some of the quick excuses people give for not writing more. The first one of course is the time, right? And so we've already abolished that.

Second I would say is they don't know how to write and, and there's really no magic solution to that is just about getting it out. Yup. Yeah, for sure. It's pretty weak excuse I think really well all these excuses are very weak. Um, yup. And no talent. Same thing. Listen, we all start somewhere. Um, and writing is hard. Those are, those are the, the forks uses, don't have time, don't know how to write no talent. And writing is hard. All of those are excuses. None of us have, you know, any magical talent, just like our skills. We've got to work at this stuff. So why should magicians actually do this?

Graeme Reed: And this is actually great for right now. This is kind of why I wanted to cover this topic this week because I'm honestly a little fried out of business stuff because of all the constant of what's going on. And I'm, I think we, it's a great time to be creative and positive and really adventure and dive and these points that you've

Ryan Joyce: put here are fantastic. Jump in. Yeah, certainly something that doesn't, like the effort that you put into this is going to help in two weeks, two months, four months, two years. You know, it's, the effort now is going to be beneficial and this is something that's whatever industry you're going, you, you know, if your kid's birthday party, magician or your court magicians corporate magician, when things kick up again, this'll be beneficial. So why should magicians right. More number one, especially right now, I'd say reduce stress writing can be very therapeutic. Um, getting it, uh, out of your mind just seems to, to help. Um, so that would be number two, tidying up your, your thoughts, it just sort of getting it out on paper allows you to focus on other things. What do you think?

Graeme Reed: Uh, absolutely. I think I for, I mean just the process of writing sometimes at first seems stressful, but then when you actually do it and you get into, you're like, Oh this is actually pretty great and you can a groove and bang out. You'd be surprised about how much you can actually, right. Cause a lot of us don't like writing and we think back to maybe school when you had to write an essay or something, but that was stuff you didn't care about. This is about you and your business and your show. You're passionate about it. Hammer out those words, write it down. And also cleaning up your thoughts. We talked about it a lot. We always talk about to do lists and things like that. This also works for your script. Uh, we often think about all the ideas in her head of what we could talk about in our, our magic tricks and things like that. But if you just build a bullet point form or you write it out in any way you want, whatever your method is, we're going to get into that too. Um, but it really helps clean up the way you're thinking and, and make you focus in on the next step of the process. So you're not just hung up on that one thing. I'm like, Oh, how am I going to say? I don't know. You know what I mean?

Ryan Joyce: Yep. Yeah, absolutely. I, it also helps keep you sharp I think proves that. Cause those communication skills, I definitely, if you're a podcast listener you can tell if I've written something versus when I'm just blurting it out of my mouth cause I, so it helps you definitely just to sharpen those communication skills. And nowadays it's like all of, most of our interface is going to be typing or obviously live streaming and stuff, but a lot of it more is going to be more writing. So you're going to be doing probably more writing anyways. So what's next?

Graeme Reed: It has a positive influence on your entire business. And you kind of mentioned this, but this is the backbone, uh, of the all the writing and this is your profile, your promotion, those cell lines, the script in your show. But this it, it has a positive influence and effect on the whole picture. Everything that you are working on. Um, so it's not just, it's not a waste of time. It's not a waste of time at all. Another good thing is it makes you interesting when you focus in on your writing and your target market and your audience, who you're writing into, which we're going to focus, we're going to talk a lot more a little bit later here in a second. Um, it makes you more interesting cause you're just, you're sharing a whole lot more than let's say you post something and just go, this is awesome. Or big things on the way. Ah, can't believe it. Right? That's the, what do we doing here? Give us some information. Give us some feedback. Uh, especially during covert 19, you'll know, you'll see yourself, someone posts something big on Instagram. You might open it up and read it because you want to see what they're talking about. Everyone's listening right now.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. And there's a lot of studies in showing in sales wise that the long form posts on social media get red red. It's like the podcast, it's like podcasting, the people that read all the way through read all the way through and it's not a large percentage of them, but those that do really grasp on and connect with you on a deeper level. So that's certainly helpful whether it's for your marketing or your script on stage. So I agree it does make you more interesting. And what's, I guess I'm the last one I guess is all you need is hardly anything at all. Right? It's so easy. Burn a pen at bare minimum or blank word document or Google. What's your choice? I like Google docs. I definitely, I mean I do all scribble stuff and ideas. I like to get my ideas out, but if I were to write, I need to sit down in front of a word processor.

Yeah. I bang it out in Graham. Really know all the time they opened up a new document and Grammarly and I just start hammering it out and I will revise it all later. But uh, Grammarly is a great friend. That's, yeah, it is amazing tool and it has got a free option to it as well as to keep your grammar. You also have to, I mean sometimes it makes mistakes just like everything else, but it is certainly priceless for magicians and people who have to write a lot. Keep you on target. Um, okay. So now like those are the ultimately like why, why we should do this. Let's talk a little bit about how, how, how to actively start this. A routine in your life. And I would say the first step would be to start small underwrite daily. A lot of people have a journal or start with the journal.

Penn talks about this a lot. I think that was, I wish I had been doing journaling longer. He's been journaling I guess for 2030 years or something. And so he can go back any day in history and tell you what he did on that day. And so he's this process. Did you hear about, did you hear this on his podcast? I thought it was amazing. Yeah, he's talked to him on his podcast and on that Tim Ferriss podcast, he was on it. That's where it was. And he'll go back and he'll refresh from a certain timeframe and he also mentioned to you if you were to look back at similar times, so say this same time last year or 10 years ago, you'll find weird commonalities. Yeah, patterns and things. Interesting. I just thought that was super fascinating and he obviously is a perfect example of someone who can write and how far it's taken them.

Do you do this journaling? I, I don't. Not as much as I should. I have over the years enough gone through enough bursts of time of journaling that I have stuff that I could go back and look too, but I'm definitely not, I feel in a way now this podcast for us is almost a journal. I agree. I sometimes forget what we've talked about on the podcast and in real person. Yeah. Oh and I view that the same with the blogging. Like, I have like five years of like footage from, you know, daily recording videos and stuff that take up all my hard drive space. Um, for me, I don't do the journaling, but I do the next thing. I deal a lot of the next

Graeme Reed: thing that you have here and that's brain-dump. Yep. Just get it. Just take a big dump of ideas. I always do. And this is what I said. I open up a Grammarly and I'll just hammer up note ideas. Am I am I am. I note sometimes consist of two deal lists, website notes. Uh, maybe in a biography I'm writing. Uh, I have one for my business plan, all the content in the business plan. I just hammer out all the little paragraphs after, right, right there in Grammarly and then I'll put them into the actual document. Um, how do you brain dump?

Ryan Joyce: Yeah, the brain dump for me usually starts. Um, well if I'm writing something it will, Oh, it's all in word. But if it's like a conceptual stuff, I usually need to see it on paper with pen. Um, but with writing something, I never really put too much emphasis on ever criticizing myself when I'm just getting it out of my brain because the point is on the brain dump is, did not criticize it, is to get it out. It's, there's so many quotes on there but ultimately are out there who are talking about the editing process. But it's the hardest part is just to get it out. Um, so just blurted out without any fear or just brain dump it just literally, right. Because the editing is, the PO is the real gold of writing. That's where you spend most of your, your time taking it from a charcoal to a diamond.

Graeme Reed: Absolutely. Yeah. And it also, with practice to the more and more you do it, like this is such a key thing that we should all a muscle we all have to work and do on the regular because you get better and better at it.

Ryan Joyce: Absolutely. And another key element of how to write better is to use your own voice. It's at first difficult and it will take work to find your own voice. For some, some people it's just fluid and natural, but try to just speak the same tone and the same way that you would have in a comfortable conversation with a friend. Try that first before trying to make it a literative and all fancy big metaphorical words and just, just do the simplest, unless that's you. Right, right, right. Yeah, sure. Wasn't Lord of the rings, like a thousand pages each, something like that.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. I don't know. I'm not, uh, to be honest, I'm not a huge reader of books. The books I read are magic books cause the end cookbooks. That's what I, yeah. Yes.

Ryan Joyce: I read a lot and I, when I write a lot of which I do write a lot, I also find that my brain dump is like 500 words. And then the edited version is like 30. Oh yeah. For sure. You'll realize you've repeated

Graeme Reed: yourself two or three times and you can concisely, that's the key here in the last, well, this is the last point that you talk about. Um, but using your voice is key and you'll be surprised that you're probably naturally writing with your own voice anyhow. Just don't overthink it. I think sometimes people overthink and just write weird. Yeah. Right. Weird. I dunno, but just, I mean, you know, we all know how to ride basically. Yep. Um, another good thing too is when you're writing a, if you know who your audience is, who you're writing to and for right to them, right? Like where you're having a conversation, make it conversational with them in mind with who your target audiences, uh, that's what you want to be thinking about.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. It certainly helps in the writing process too. When you've got someone specifically in mind, it's almost like a conversation. You're just recording the conversation that's happening.

Graeme Reed: Unless I'm the only one that has conversations and, uh, the philosophy,

Ryan Joyce: sorry, we got two more to go. I would say this one's a super important is that don't give up because obviously the dip, we've talked about that on this podcast a lot and that is the amount of effort that you put into it. You're just like inches away from succeeding. And most people fail at the wrong time or give up at the wrong time just as a bar to see success. So don't give up. Persistence is really the key. And the final one is

Graeme Reed: Polish in stages. But to kind of go back to the before we get there to the don't give out or we talked at the start about scheduling a little bit, how we're scheduling yourselves and sticking to a schedule plan out in your day right now, give yourself a solid 30 minutes to an hour. You have that time to just write whether that's the first thing in the morning or it's the last thing at night where it's something you do on your lunch break or you schedule it right when you come back after walking the dog, put it in your calendar or in your day planner and Mark it down and just do it. You gotta do it at least five times before you completely give up. Yeah,

Ryan Joyce: that's a lot of people that I listened to recommend writing first thing in the morning. I mean, this I feel is absolutely a personal thing, but personally, most creative in the morning. Yes. Yeah. I definitely, just a good reminder. We've got all the time in the world right now, so I'm just keep at it. The last one is for sure, like you said, Polish in stages, so that's just important is come back to it like edited a couple of times. If it's something that's super important, consider writing it again. I've heard some uh, writers that I follow, they'll write the same piece. This sounds crazy to me. Um, but they'll write the same piece 12 or 14 times before and if it's that important before they choose one, because often it's just like creating your show, you know, you get settled in it and it feels right and feels comfortable.

Is all of those pieces correct? Are all the same party as a show or stage scripts? The more and more you write at the more and more little do it because you did it yesterday rather than doing it because it's the right choice. Yeah. So the decision making when you Polish it and, and try to rewrite it, it, it forces you to be more active with, with your writing. And I think that's really the key. That's, you know, I wouldn't certainly recommend writing it 20 times, but yeah, I don't have that patience, but I absolutely will sleep on it for a couple of days if it's that important. There's one little video that I wanna share. This is really just dials into the procrastination element and a lot of people face. Um, and it's, it's a little video. We'll leave it in the show notes. Magicians talking magic.com and this is episode 36 as a gentleman called near a wall.

I guess I'm, he's shares this 10 minute rule and we've all heard this before, but when you go to the link, skip forward to the two minutes and 32nd Mark just to save yourself a little bit of rambling. But he does share really great application why the 10 minute rule is so effective and essentially boils down to momentum. So go check that out. We'll have that in, in the show notes and make sure to visit magicians masterclass, uh, and sign up for notices and things for, uh, the, the show notes and, and gets our updates because we're going to have a lot more coming at you live streaming and the best way we can communicate is via email. We won't spam you or anything, so just sign up for it. And he's the, um, anything that's suits you. If you, we have show notes available that will send you, uh, in the email, which is really complete. I think this is, it shows everything. You get all the links directly to your email. We put a lot of time on these. I think they look pretty good. So, um, we want to go over and check that out and get it delivered right to your email. I suggest you do that.

Graeme Reed: I know on some podcasts you've got to pay a Patrion to get those show notes. We're just dish them out for free. You get all the links, all the research and all these tips and advice. Um, this one that you, you actually put it all a lot of this together, but put all this together and it is a fantastic, this was a solid episode. I the, to me this was great. You have a lot of information here about writing

Ryan Joyce: left something out. If there's a question, is there some way we can assist you or we'd let us know?

Graeme Reed: So if you do like this podcast and you are finding value in it, especially now during this unique time that we are all experiencing and you want to share it with a friend, please tell them about the podcast. We'd appreciate that. Um, make sure you subscribe and if you can leave a five star review Apple review on this podcast that makes other magicians and entertainers aware of what we are doing to stay up to date on everything that we have here with the podcast. You can go to magicians, talking, magic.com subscribe. You get these amazing detailed show notes to your inbox and notifications. If we're going to have amazing live content like we did just this past week where we did a live stream on Facebook right now, you can find those live streams. Uh, these are through Ryan joy. So on your Facebook and on the YouTube, we plan to continue to do these live streams, right?

Absolutely. So the best way to get notified when that's gonna happen is through email. So magicians talking, magic.com. Thank you so much for listening. This has been a super episode. I am ready to write my face off until the next episode.

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