#35 - Magicians Coronavirus Impact

In this episode, Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed talk about Coronavirus worries for magicians and live events, latest news, headlines and three places to focus your attention.


Episode 34

Episode 35 of Magicians Talking Magic

On This Episode

  • Coronavirus

  • Salute to Magic Junk Drawer

  • It’s award season in Magic!

  • Arts and Craft fun from Reddit

  • Todays Topic - Coronavirus Magicians What you should do to prepare for coronavirus

Magicians Talking Magic Podcast Show Notes

Hosts Ryan Joyce & Graeme Reed

Magic Video Clip of Week: Steve Wyrick RPLA

Magic Headlines & Latest Magic News

Coronavirus Impacts on Magicians & Cancelations

  • NBA/NHL/Soccer Cancelled

  • SXSW - Derek Del’s Movie - In and of itself

  • Flights to Europe and USA

  • LiveNation cancels all tours

  • Mario The Magician Toronto Cancelled

  • April Fools Toronto Show Cancelled

  • Tom Hanks Rita Wilson

  • Trade Shows/Mario & Carissa posting "coronovacation”

Magic Junk Drawer

Itricks.com praises Dreamworks Magic Junkdrawer and hosts Akira Sky and Walker Satterwhite is introducing a new generation to the joys of magic. Akira has been with the show since it began in 2015, filming over 200 episodes so far. Frankly, we think she should get way more credit for bringing girls into magic! (link)

Alan Slaight Awards

You can now nominate magicians for the Alan Slaight Awards (link) recognizing outstanding achievements in the pursuit of the impossible.

Magic Castle Awards

Magic Reddit

Penn & Teller Book Craft

Penn and Teller Book Craft - (link)

Magician Feature Topic of the Week

Coronavirus impact on magicians

How are you preparing for Coronavirus?

3 areas of your business you should focus on.

Ryan’s List of 3 Areas to Focus:

  1. Website

  2. More Content

  3. Write More

Graeme’s List of 3 Areas to Focus:

  1. Social Media

  2. Digital Products/Side Hustle - Focus in on multiple sources of income

  3. Research/Scripting/Practice


What three areas are you focusing your efforts?

Last Week’s Recap 34

  • Richard Turner on Tim Ferriss

  • Trick: Unplugged (link)

  • The Oldest Magic Shop in the USA (link)

  • How to Structure a 15-minute set

  • And more!

Link: https://www.magicianmasterclass.com/post/ep-34

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Audio Transcript

Ryan Joyce: Welcome to Magicians Talking Magic. My name is Ryan. Joyce. Magic has been the only job I've ever had for the last 20 years. And this is.

Graeme Reed: My name's Graemazing and I left a full-time career in TV for some reason to choose to be a magician right now. It's scary, uh, well, it's a unique time. The unique time. Who knows how to react to this point. It's a fascinating time.

Ryan Joyce: But before we get into all of this stuff, we got to recap first what we reassured do from last week's episode 34 of magicians talking magic we talked about Richard Turner was on Tim Ferriss's podcast. Uh, and there was this incredible trick that we don't know how exactly it was done called unplugged you.

Graeme Reed: That link is in the show notes and do the oldest magic shop in U S there's a whole article and a neat story ski about that whole thing.

Ryan Joyce: We talked about that on the podcast and that you had a neat connection to it, to a fun, uh, magic podcast fate thing. And not only that, but we talked about how to structure a 15-minute set and so much more. Make sure you go back to last week's episode and hear all about that and thank you for listening wherever you are. Thanks for being here. Maybe this is a first episode for you. We run through all of the headlines magic in that weekend. Then we finished up with one single focus, one topic along the way. We'll have a video of the week and some soundbites of the week, so uh yeah, let's jump into it. What do you well boy it's Oh my gosh. It's an interesting time. So we have a lot of stuff that we're going to be chatting about on this week's episode this week. We are for sure going to talk him hope Coronavirus cause that is the hot topic everywhere right now Leo, we're also going to give a salute to magic junk drawer. If you don't know this

Graeme Reed: incredible little YouTube find it is also award season and magic. We're going to have arts and crafts fund from Reddit because this is going to be a weird episode. It's going to be a bit of a bummer maybe for a bit, but we're gonna have some fun later in the episode and then we're going to focus on today's topic. And that's how we as magicians can prepare for this Coronavirus global pandemic outbreak that is happening right now. We're in it. We are living, yes. If it is going to be a little bit of a lull in our industry, what are the things that you can do during this time to maximize that time so that, uh, when we're all ready to be booking again, maybe there's no hiccup at all. Maybe it's old as type, but, uh, it's certainly at this point is, uh, the headlines look a little, a little very real for us in this industry. So let's go through some of these. So yeah, we're gonna start off with the first magic headline. Yeah. Well, actually let's, let's do the video of the week first. Let's write your little reminder of last week's video of the week.

Ryan Joyce: I bet you're wondering what our P L a S

Graeme Reed: let's show him guys.

Ryan Joyce: Do you know what do you know? Did you have any guests? That famous clip. I mean we both know this one is Steve Wyrick. We had Steve Wyrick and I bet you're wondering what RBL is.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. Oh my gosh. If you haven't seen this, go back and watch it really fast. Illusion as usual from World's Greatest Magic, um, shiny shirts.

Ryan Joyce: Probably wearing competition pants too.

Graeme Reed: Ooh, copy will you got to have competition pants.

Ryan Joyce: To win this one in your own mind, cause you're the only winners here. You got to know who it was. You can't just be like, yeah, I know the illusion. You've kinda who was so did, did you know who I am? Never really remember. That's Steve Wyrick. Steve Wyrick. Yeah, we didn't, we actually didn't really remember the whole routine, but like was it Steve Wyrick was a dirt road save Weirich yes. Is the answer for that week. But we have a new clip for you this week. We have a new teaser clip and that is happening right now.

Graeme Reed: Do you know what this clip is? If you have a guess?

Yes to yourself and see if you're right next week cause we reveal it later. That's right. Yeah. Uh, all right, well good and Hey, listen. Um, we should play. Let's play this as well. We're playing things. Let's play this. Magicians. Do you need a new opener with beer bag? I'm going to teach you a super-easy way to produce an entire yes, a full cup of beer upside down from a paper bag. Imagine this, you walk out with a Brown paper bag and ask the audience, Hey, what do you think's in the paper bag? After a couple of guesses, you turned the bag upside down and pull out a full cup of beer. Yeah, a full cup of beer. It's real. You can drink from it. You can toast the audience. You can do all sorts of things with this. I have performed this as my opener at comedy clubs, theater shows, corporate shows, and even kids shows will not with beer. You can do this with any liquid you want. Pop juice, milk, whatever you want. You can put it in the beer bag. I will teach you step by step how you can make the beer bag gimmick with stuff you might already have. I did. You can download beer bag today@penguinmagic.com for 995. This is an instant download. You can learn this today and perform it tonight. It is that easy. My name's Graeme Reed this is beer bag. I hope you enjoy it.

That's beer bag guys. And I want to say thank you so much to all the listeners that have purchased beer bag and it's been really successful. It's one of penguin magics top 10 under 10 right now. I can't believe it. I can't believe it. It's just a little self thing that we put together. A trick that I worked at. It's really incredible to see that uh, doing so well in the magic market. It's exciting. That's really awesome. So triple snaps

undefined: for beer bag and uh, there's some great reviews. If you one of those that have purchased your bag, make sure leave grazing a review over on penguin magic.com and uh, yeah cause it's really great piece. And like there's a, there's one, a couple of reviews out there already. The one is spot on about it and being able to use it and all sorts of different places in a nice splash opener. It doesn't have to be just beer can be.

Graeme Reed: Yeah, I got to two amazing five-star reviews up there right now. And if you enjoy the trick I would appreciate it so much. If you could leave a review, that'd be a huge win for me and you, uh, because we're all friends here at the podcast. That'd be super cool. Thank you guys. Um, you want to switch over to the headlines? All right, let's dive into the magic headlines of the week. This is might be magic headlines of the year of the year. This I think is probably going to be upper story of the year and is wide and that is the Coronavirus. We are experiencing this full force and if you're listening to this podcast today, uh, which comes out on Friday, we are recording this on Thursday. Things seem to be happening by the minute. Yup. So there could be new information after we record this, but before we get into this everybody, it's a scary time. It's a little tense. We should all take a deep deep breath at home and just relax for a second. You ready for this? Absolutely. Breathing everybody and breathe out as in that feel good. Got one more time. All right. Breathe in and ah, that feels a lot better than it feels nice. You are drifting down, down, down. Um, okay. Well

undefined: that is kind of a little reel for our industry in the invent event industry. We've got some major headlines that are literally as we are

Graeme Reed: delaying recording as far a podcast things more things are rolling out as we, as we were chatting, doing our pre pre notes for the show. Um, so as, as I got up this morning, I got up this morning on Thursday I got some messages that I had a show cancellation and I was like, okay, it's now affected me. I didn't think it was gonna I was helping. I wasn't going to get directly affected. We are here in Southern Ontario, Canada, just outside Toronto. It seems like, Oh, this global crisis may never affect me, but I've heard of other people getting cancellations. I saw on social media, Mario, the magician was experiencing cancellations. Chris Hendricks, global performers. Okay, okay. It's starting to happen. Uh, then I reported on a Facebook group, I'm part of saying, Hey everybody, I got a cancellation in Southern Ontario, followed by other messages of people getting cancellations in Southern Ontario.

Then if you check in the news, the NBA has cancelled all live events. They're postponing the season for now. Um, and this is due to one of their players actually getting Coronavirus in Utah and this is kind of created a whole STEM and snowball of other things to occur. And that includes things like the NHL has also cancelled all meetings, uh, escape practice and they've postponed the season going forward. We just caught word as we hit record that live nation is halting all tours. I am pretty sure though it says in the article, some of the shows will still happen. A Friday the 13th, which is today. As you're listening to this, you might catch a show tomorrow, Saturday, but moving on, it sounds like the rest of the shows from March have all been cancelled South by Southwest big music and a film festival art festival has been cancelled.

This affects magic directly. This is where Derek DelGaudio was hoping to premiere, uh, his new movie in and of itself, which is incredible. So that's been postponed. But there are articles out there, they're still gonna premiere. It will be elsewhere. Everything is, a lot of these things are just getting postponed. Big one worldwide that is affected. Lots of things. Flights from Europe to us or us to Europe. I have been cancelled as per Donald Trump, uh, that has been announced as well. A big one as well. Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson have gotten, uh, contracted coronavirus which makes this a, a big global issue now in everyone's eyes. That's also putting that in the market. And we are seeing a lot of trade show events, big events where you see a lot of people go to. I only mean all the events that were working at are slowly getting cancelled. I've seen two today so far. This is on Thursday, as of tomorrow, Friday. Who knows? Who knows. How about yourself, Joyce, have you experienced any cancellations or things like that? Yes. Yeah, there's all sorts of cancellations going on. I uh, and then just at the peak when the U S reported their very first case, I was actually on a cruise ship. You or you just got back. Yeah. And so this, I mean this is very, very real for every single person in this industry and every single person in all of the other industries. This

undefined: is something we've never like. Uh, we were talking about before we pressed record. It feels a little like the beginning of a zombie movie. Yeah. It feels like an apocalypse thing and we certainly don't like w w we're breathing here, we're breathing. But a, a lot of things

I think will change moving forward from this in the industry that I just came from the cruise industry. So there is effective immediately a new rule that is that there's no ship to ship transfers. And what that means is you can't come from one ship and goes to another ship immediately without having a 14 to 21 day quarantine in between those, which most of us. Uh, that's how we do our whole, you know, ship gig. I used to just live on the ship, which would be still classified as acceptable, you know, but it's also at what point, you know, how far is this going to, it's all very unknown. I'll very unknown. So, um,

Graeme Reed: yeah.

undefined: Yeah, it's a very, um,

Graeme Reed: it's a fascinating time to be. It is. It's a fascinating start to the year. Cause I also, as us performers were probably, I imagine every, most of the people listening to this as a performer in some capacity, mostly magicians. But we're really feeling this right now because we just did a Christmas season and then you go in your slow season and then at this point we're just at March break. We're just at springtime when shows are picking up and now we're getting smacked with cancellations and is just unique because it's a global issue. And I read it, you just have to say, I understand. I think it's a really tricky, it's really tricky time for, and this is just our industry, when you think about the people in like NBA and NHL had been cancelled or postponed. There are so many people that are connected and involved in those industries from the people that actually work at the arenas and facilities to the people that are involved with the teams to any industry that is like works with those teams.

Whether you supply like the carpets and things or any of the uniforms or anything like that at all. The advertising, the advertising company that may be outsources their advertising to a middleman that outsources that to another middleman. All these graphically, a lot of the, it's a crazy snowball effects from all these things getting cancelled. The best we can hope is that taking these preventative measures, this will clear up faster than anything. We've seen like this before, like SARS went on. I don't know how long did Cyrus go on? It was like a summer. It felt like. Yeah, but I think hopefully this makes it go really. If we've also heard too that the browsers bash, if you're in Southern Ontario and attend Brazzers Dennett magic this was just posted today. It's not cancelled. They're gonna postpone it to the summer and this is the case with a lot of these events probably postponed or the summer I've been keeping a close eye on pro strip pro wrestling cause I'm a fan.

What I have seen, and there's just an announcement from WWE, there was rumors that were going to cancel their Friday nights smackdown. They're still gonna do it. It's happening in Detroit live. There's also monster jam. It's still going to happen as well. They're still doing their live show, but they do. They're creating contingency plans in effect. They also have wrestle mania. It's one of the biggest events is bigger than the Superbowl will happen in Tampa. Tampa has made a statement that they are taking precautions but it's up to the, WWE did decide what they want to do about the event. So far it hasn't been cancelled. But apparently they're creating a contingency plan. But I just could not the the amount of business that is affected by all of this, the people that are live with live nation, the tours, the roadies, the ticket people, the concessions for news,

undefined: there are ripple from, this is going to be intense. So here's, there's two things that we want to, I guess of just stamp officially here and now. First is, um, this so make sure to subscribe, make sure to subscribe to the podcast because, um, we might send out a short little updates and little things as they come in and we'll just send it out via the podcast without it being like a nice big long old officially produced thing like this. Um, and also, uh, we will be releasing information on those about, uh, some live streaming that we're going to be doing a come up as well. So we want to make sure that you are, uh, in with that and we'll be able to keep you magically satisfied and UpToDate and, and uh, yeah, we'll have all sorts of guests and things. So we're going to talk over that as well to come. But let's get, um, well let's get through a couple of the other magic news that we found it. Did you, would you feel settled like little world?

Graeme Reed: I feel like we could continue to talk about, I honestly, as I refresh the news feed right now, I see that major league soccer is also suspended their season. We can continue to refresh your newsfeeds and see that everything's going to be canceled for the month of March. I think as entertainers, uh, we'll brace yourselves in the next few days that most of our gigs, and I don't know about the, the, maybe the small private parties still might happen. I have a brewery show. I feel like there that will still happen, but for, I think that we're going to see some cancellations, but I think that's all we really have on coronavirus right now. As Ryan said, if you subscribe or follow us along on Instagram and our social media channels,

undefined: you know, your, your magic buddy that doesn't really listen to podcasts and things that now that if we are going to be a little bit more of a secluded a world, say Hey, you know, and make sure to check out. Magicians talking magic and, and for your sake, check out us out because we are going to have some, some really neat things coming up to keep us all in the loop, especially if we have some new chapters ahead. So let's, let's just see how all that unfolds, but we have some exciting things coming up that we want you to be part of. So make sure to do, press that subscribe button. All right, well you, um, you sent this video to me and you've got this off of I tricks, I believe this was, this is fun. So tell us a little bit about this link. The title is a magic drunk drunk magic drunk drunk magic junk drawer. Magic

Graeme Reed: yeah, so this is, I'm a neat little channel that Dreamworks has and what it is. It's a kids channel geared towards building and DIY magic tricks that you can do at home. It's simple arts and crafts. It's really fun. It reminds me of something like mr dress up or art attack but obviously presented in a 2020 way. This has been going on for a long time though. Um, but I tricks posted this story and I think this is so great as is so great. They posted this story because they wanted to give a shout out to the two hosts, a curious guy and Walker Satterwhite but specifically a carer cause she's been doing the shows as the female host, uh, since 2015 and they've done over 200 episodes of this. That is a lot of, that's over 200 tricks, DIY tricks that you could technically go and learn from this a YouTube channel magic junk drawer.

But I tricked, wanted to give her a shout out because she has been a huge influence on young female magicians and both of them. This whole channel is a huge influence on young magicians and you know, we hear a lot about the things that are influencing kids. But this is one I don't think we've ever mentioned before and I wanted to give them a shout out too. And I think magicians if you're out there, because I know when I get asked, uh, can you, how do you go about learning magic I always recommend specific things like Jay Sankey and all that stuff. This is one you can add to that magic junk drawer,

undefined: triple snaps or the junk drawer or the magic trunk. And I think that's really awesome. That was fun. I think that actually if you've got tapeworm if you Oh

Graeme Reed: yeah. Graeme which is very, um, kind of timely for the weird dip pandemic outbreak time that we live in right now. Yeah,

undefined: I heard barbecue sauce directly on it. Burns it and it doesn't, I know, um, it is award season across the board. Who knows what that's gonna look like, but we've magic's got awards to magic notable ones.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. And right now it's the Allens later awards. You can actually nominate a magician that you know for the Allen slate award and there is a link. If you were to subscribe to us, you get our show notes, you'll get the link there. Um, but if you were to Google this, you could find this, you can nominate a magician and it's all based around recognizing outstanding achievements in the pursuit of the impossible.

undefined: It's really awesome. I think it's amazing. First of all, uh, the, the what Alan's slates organization does, I mean magic needs heroes in this is one of those, the support that he's given through the years. It's really awesome. So that's awesome. I think this is, uh, uh, between that and the magic castle, right? Tha that's exciting. And then you've got competitions and things. Yeah, that's really, so do we, we've got links to that of course in the show notes, but, um, we're, we tried to find information about the magic castle awards as well, but we don't really, we came up a little bit dry. We like, if you have any of those informations, those secret details that we could not from it, let us know. Maybe a voicemail or send us an email. I feel like this is a Joe Biden moment. Send us a snail mail sent as a snail mail. Send us a real deal letter. Yep. Um, great. I think that's basic. That was basically it. We had for the magic headlines. There isn't a lot besides that

Graeme Reed: big main top story going on in magic Headlands right now that we've discovered. Um, and that will obviously be a continued breaking story and if it becomes the bigger becomes, we will be here recording episodes and sharing new content with you as we go along. So you have to make sure to subscribe to that.

undefined: That's right. Yes. And moving onto magic or Reddit topic of the week, this is certainly fun. If there's going to be crafts, it ahead. There's no excuse ever needed for crafts on my end. I don't know about you all listening, but I'm pretty sure grew amazing. Also enjoys a good craft. I love this craft was super fun. Uh, this is what its title is. Penn and teller. A book craft or I don't even, yeah, I don't know what it is titled, but it's finally there. Oh, I had the link. Right. And I don't know, leave it in the show notes, but it's really increase. So Penn and teller sign the deck of cards and uh, one of the playing cards. And so they made a book, um, that's basically a case for the cards. And they made the book, they made they cover, they made two like this full display. It's really, really fun, really crafty, uh, and kind of magical. I've really thought it was fun. It was a, there's no words or anything to us, like a five-minute video, just the time-lapse. And so we'll share that in the time in the show notes.

Graeme Reed: Um, yeah, they were, they were, um, I, sorry, I was just calling up the link here again. Um, also when you refresh your newsfeed on a day like today, it's just spontaneous. Oh, what are we learning now? I just noticed. So I had tickets to go see Mario, the magician next week in Toronto and I noticed on his social feeds, I just got word that has been cancelled. Now some are in the magician unfortunately will not be coming to Toronto, which makes sense. Um, obviously cause international travel is a dicey thing right now. So that is also been cancelled. If you're in the Toronto region or excited to see Marlin magician, I imagine that she'll be postponed and hopefully, he'll be coming up to Canada soon so we can all see him and enjoy his show.

undefined: There it is. So let's move on to the big topic of the week. And this is going to, you know, this is thinking forward, this is putting, making sun out of maybe, perhaps some rain. And that is what are the things that we can do during these downtimes in order to focus on our business. And when everything a returns during normalcy at the outcome, we can be in a much better position as, as businesses, as performers and as people. And so we have basically picked three things between the two of us. We created our own list of three and compare notes to see how we did. And we have both totally different lists.

Graeme Reed: They're totally different, but kind of comparable. It was a neat challenge that we gave herself today because this discussion came up very quick and it's neat to not panic about something, but take that energy and put it in a positive way and see how we can, you know, take advantage of, maybe not take advantage but still conduct business in a certain time. So basically, uh, as magicians how are you preparing for a Coronavirus? These are three areas of your business you should focus on. That's what we each took as our kind of mission or objective. And we came up with three. Do you want to start with your first?

undefined: Okay. Um, all right. So the first place that I would be focusing on would be my website. And this is something that a lot of magicians so maybe perhaps neglected. And this is a perfect time for you to take a browser out and maybe a cup of coffee, load that browser and take a good look and be real and ask yourself some key, important questions. And the first question I started asking is, is that things selling you? So that's where I would start is I think the website is going to be a great place for a lot of magicians to focus on because moving forward in our generation, it is the tool that we have. The digital way of being discovered is the digital yellow pages. And for a lot of you it might be a big, big mystery. So we're going to sort of teach you the necessities. Now it's up to you and, uh, you know, your specific needs, whether the, you choose WordPress or Wix or Squarespace, whatever, whatever that is, there's gotta be a little bit of learning curve required them all of us. But how you get discovered and all that stuff, that's what we can help you with. And that's one of the things that I would put high on my list is your website. That's my number one.

Graeme Reed: I think that's a great number one and I really like the key point there too is the question you should ask yourself is this selling? You look at the websites of the products you go to and it's selling. Like see how it, when you go to it, it's like boom, there is what I need to buy. I've been to a lot of magicians websites and I've never seen your face. What's with that? That should be the first thing we see because you are you, you're the product, you're the service. But anyhow, that's just, these are quick recaps that we're going through on these things, but I think that is a key thing in this downtime. Really analyze your website. Is this selling you? Great point. What's your second one? Number two do

undefined: is to focus on creating more content. For many of you, it might be the beginning journey of creating content. This is something maybe you've never done before or something that you know you had to do, but you have just never taken that first step. But probably for most of us, it's a matter of we're doing it where maybe just not doing enough of it. And nowadays we live in a world of batching and doing everything in big groups. So I would say that the, this also synergistically ties in with my first point would have websites and that is, is more content. Just really start to focus on creating, um, S stuff that, uh, people are interested in reading and engaging with and serves your searchability in search engines and helps Bay, you know, gets you more bookings. And this is also something we will, we'll be talking about and do talk about in great length on this podcast.

Uh, so content is, is pretty much the number one strategy for lead generation nowadays. Just period. It's, I like, I guess like guys would refer to it. It's like a digital yellow pages. So we want to talk over that. And there's some rules, you know, there's social media, there's all for everything. There's now there's tick tock, there's Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and a plethora of other ones. So what should you do? Should you focus on all of them? Should you focus my recommendation, refocus on one or two that you just inherently like most that has a reduced learning curve perhaps that you can just dive into and start outputting.

If you're like me and I Graeme I think you're same social media as a strain and a stress for me because it's like overthinking every, Oh it's hard. We talk about it here all the time. Batch in the schedule, batching schedule. That's really the solution. So if that resonates with you, like it resonates with us, it's more anxiety than it is, you know, seems to be any benefit. If for some reason it's just when you batch it and you're writing it all in one go and pressing schedule, it's just so much easier. And so a content is really the name of the game. I think that's, that's not just for me, that's every major resources saying that that's so start to learn how to create content.

Graeme Reed: I think that's super important too. And the two keywords that you said in that was be interesting and engaging. So, I mean just thinking about that, are you just doing the same hack joke that everyone else is sharing on social media right now? We're tired of toilet paper and corner own voice, Coronavirus give us something interesting and engaging cause I don't care. I'm going to skip over it. That's a simple example of that. You know what? I will tell you one thing too, when we're talking about what social media platform to be on a, I've been doing my working on my business plan a lot lately and evaluating my target market specifically and I realized there's one social media platform that I'm not on and I'm missing out on that would be perfect for my target market. And you know what that is? Pinterest, I don't use it at all and that's something I really need to explore and I'm excited to explore that and start to share that here on the podcast too.

undefined: But I think those are, and think about it in the roll call when we were just the lame naming off a bunch of social media, I didn't even think about Pinterest, right? Yes. Agreed.

Graeme Reed: It's highly used and it's growing in popularity. It's like an untapped, well I don't think it's not untapped, but we often forget about things like that. Yep. Um, so anyhow you have, what's your last one?

undefined: So my last one is to write more, write more. It's foundation pretty much of everything because if you can learn to become a better writer, it will help you in your marketing. It'll help you in your business, it'll help you in your relations, it'll help you in your show. You're right. Better scripts. You got to learn how to find the hook, find the most interesting part and showcase that and

undefined: Hmm.

undefined: Learn how to capture people's attention in the written word. It really is probably the number one tool I think any person could really sharpened at any stage in their career writing for you.

Graeme Reed: Okay. As a say. So I'm listening at home right now and I'm like, okay, writing, I got to do more writing. What does that even mean? What? Or should I start where? Like if I were like, what should I write first you gave me, you've given me a good inspiration on a great spot to start. What do you often,

undefined: well, I would imagine most people push them, probably start with their biography because it's the one thing that I, that I know the most about is themselves. So that's where I would start. And it's also one of the more difficult things to write because biographies, you know, they've gotta be salesy. And so dive in there. I've tried to make your biography sound interesting. Um, and, and give it six or seven or eight or 12 drafts, you know, it's okay to write something and scrap it. It especially, this is the one thing is, is it's just you no one else until you share that piece, no one knows. It needs to know the crap that you write. I definitely, like, I write a ton and I've got all sorts of documents were done. All of mine is in Google drive. That's where everything is. I don't know about how you do it, but, and, and it's all there. And I'll come back, I'll find all this stuff later and most of it will be crap or garbage, but some of it would be like, wow, all I need is another paragraph on this and that's a great blog. Posts are all I need is another, you know, part of this and it's a full routine. So writing, if you save that stuff, it'll never serve you wrong unless you're like, it's like a a note admitting you did something wrong.

Graeme Reed: And I, so actually the one that I was trying to dig out of you, there was blog post because a blog post, I find a biography. Some people can get hung up on it and be like, I got her by a second. Or a blog post is a great writing playground I find because you can just give yourself a little topic and also what's trendy right now? I dunno if we have talked about on the podcast we probably have, but you'll notice it in our podcast if you come up with like here's three top, here's five great things. Or here is six different ways. And if you give yourself a list and write about it, boom, you have, it's easy to just freestyle that content. You already know the stuff because you're the pro in this industry. So write about something that kind of interests you, relates back to you and as you do these blog posts, um, use software like Grammarly just to make sure that you're writing correctly and spelling everything nice. Grammarly is incredible. There's other things out there too, like your Microsoft word and everything like that as well. Um, but I think a blog post is a great play. I like to think that that is my writing class playground.

undefined: I would also just highly recommend that you remember when you're writing these blog posts, that that is being written with your ideal client in mind. If you want like a place for you to unleash all of your creativity in unrelated areas, find a different place to put that. Um, you can bring your own interests to the table, but like remember your blog and your website should exist for one purpose and that is the book you, unless this is a recipe blog, absolutely your recipe,

Graeme Reed: he's on something else. Absolutely. That's totally, that's a great point. That's when you always keep in mind that anything you're writing on your blog is technically a little bit of a sales pitch.

undefined: Yeah. Yeah. Think about it. I always think about it in terms of the realization that nobody's going to read a damn word on that page. Most people, this is the real facts. Yep. But they'll skim the headlines in the look of the pictures. Yes. And then maybe watch a video if there's one there or some of it. So that's how, that's my, that's my framework. And so when I, and so a lot of questions that people might ask yourself, for example, for a blog is I should every, how long should a blog post be? Well, first of all, you need enough content in there to be munchie munchie for the, for the Googles. So, you know, 1200 words is a, is like a, a dominant, I want to own this space. This is something that I think is super important to me. We're not talking like a 10,000 word blog posts and sometimes it's okay to put like a here's a picture of me and doing this and then that and, and yada yada, yada and be done with it. You know, a little drawing that somebody gave you post that up and I had just such great time such as this birthday party. And look at this little tribute they drew for me. You know, don't forget for your next birthday party.

Graeme Reed: Yeah, this is a deep dive in a blog post, but really there's a couple different targets you can have with your blog, tagging a client, a future client or past client, um, or generating keywords with, uh, by creating your own kind of news articles about yourself and the services that you offer or related services to you. Cause you can also, if you are, say, trying to partner up with local. Uh, I did a farmer's market tour, so I wrote a whole blog post about great farmer's markets in Southern Ontario that I perform magic app just because that was a great keyword generator to get those specific towns and neighborhoods. And I also had all these pictures of me doing magic and all these places. But you can do that to you, I think. I don't know. It's fun. I really liked it in the blog thing.

undefined: I do as well. It's enjoyable and it sharpens those really important skills of writing. So highly encourage you. I'll refresh my list a number one to uh, or we work on your website, focus on all of those. We're going to specifically dive into, by the way, we're going to dive into each one of these in detail in the upcoming episodes. But, so here's their website, create more content and number

Graeme Reed: three, right? More, more, more, more and more and more dynamite. Dynamite. Post. What about you? What is your list? Let's look at your earth. Three essentials. So the first thing that I wrote down was social media. Something that is I've always wanted to do is, uh, just really fine tune and come up with a proper social media plan for my business. Graeme Reed magic and especially in the past couple months I've been really working on my business plan and really fine tuning what my business and company does. Fine tuning that target market. And I mentioned this before when we were talking about, um, more content, uh, about being interesting and engaging and I realized doing my target market, I am missing out on the social one of the social media services that they use the most and that's Pinterest and I should totally be on there representing myself. So that's something that I want to dive into.

I'm going to have to research more, but, um, I just got another notice about a cancellation. So as the time opens up, this'll be one of the things that I look into, uh, would be for my social media game and how it works. Another neat thing that I learned this, we'll do a full episode on this, kind of like what Ryan was suggesting, but just a little tip right now. Social media. It's, it's about natural engagement now. So join Facebook groups, be resourceful, be useful to the people that you cater your business too. And your hope is that, Oh, maybe I'll click on that guy. So I have a public profile click on his face, but when they click on my page, it will guide them to my business and tell them about my service. Am I offering, and then that's, so it's this natural, non skeeze bag hard sell way to get your clients to kind of like you. And that's being useful in Facebook groups or the one thing that I've been missing is Pinterest.

Yeah. This is, I mean this is very specific to each and individual type of show that you do. And you know, if you're part of a church group, there's going to be church group, community boards. You can be part of, if you're a, you do kids, you know, birthday shows, there's gonna be some events. Maroon. Yep. Neighborhood associations. Yep. There's, um, so I, I will tell I've been part of some wedding groups. Those are not useful. Everyone's trying to hock stuff on there and you have to come at that industry a little bit different. So it is different for everything that you're doing in that sense. However, if you do really know your target market and this takes personal time, a discovery and research, if you figure that out, you know exactly how to tap into your target market through unique measures. And that's not by like, Oh, how would, uh, who would hire a magician?

I dunno, neighborhood associate know that mom's going to be another Facebook group too. I'm not going to it all away because that's exploration that you have to do. But I think that's something unique that I really discovered. When you really write all this stuff out and figure out who you're trying to target in your social media, what you're doing with it, you'll be able to figure out how to tap into those groups in a unique way. And we'll talk about that in a future episode though. That's a good, that's a good first. Uh, the next one, uh, I would focus on, and this is a new thing for us here on the podcast and that is digital products slash another stream of income because I have gone all in, I went all in on doing magic and I didn't, I did not forecast this. I've, I've been working on my business plan and I threw it in there literally last week that this outbreak of the virus is currently cancelling events.

So far it hasn't affected my business. Hopefully it doesn't. If it does, I don't, I didn't really have like a contingency plan and now, so that's what this is. That's what we're talking about here. And one of those things would be having digital product, which a couple of weeks ago with your help Ryan, we released beer bag and it's over on penguin magic right now. We're soon gonna release it. It'll be up for sale on a magicians talking magic or magic mass magicians masterclass.com you'll be able to get this there. So this is a unique way for us as magicians to be creators and kind of get another stream of income for us. And there's a lot of us out there that are creators. I realize that's not for everybody to, some of us are just out there to perform. Some of us are out there to create and some of us are at there to create original stuff and perform and then share it with the community too. And I want to hopefully grow into one of those people. Ryan, you do too. This is a new thing for us and we're excited. We have a whole lot more stuff that we are excited to share with you too. Yeah. Because here's what I've realized is 20 years of doing this is that of I like

undefined: done a lot of work and made a ton of mistakes and so if you yep. And it's so much easier when someone can help you and speed up that learning curve. And I feel like the stuff that, the mistakes and things that I've been making in the, in the things that I've been working on that are going to be really seeing, um, really do help people. Like that's the genuine desire is, is to be able to create something that really helps other people just like the podcast. Like our whole motive to do this is to help bring us all together. Like we, we hope you're enjoying and listening, engaging. And that's kind of, you know, the whole, the whole point is we get to hear for your in connect. So, um, the, the product world for me has always been like, what, what problem can I solve? That's always where I came from. And magic is so fun because we have such little problems all over the place. We get to help

Graeme Reed: solve those and I think that is just awesome. So, um, yeah, I think in terms of problem-solving for magicians and like products and things and things that are like tricks and effects and such, but also like, how can we help you with the business side of it? And that's, that's another aspect of it was not a lot of information that's out there for us, especially current, current and ongoing information. I think that's the, because we're here talking about the news stories and how it relates to all this sorta stuff to us on a weekly basis. Yeah. And so if you, if you're listening and your problem is that you don't have a quick splashy, flashy opener, well this is what Graeme has just put out beer bag. It's a really fun, and it can be juice or soda, whatever, soda or milk and cookies.

But yeah, if you need it, cause a lot of us, we, there's the same openers all the time in magic and I feel like there's go tos and we all see them. I set out to create something special and different and unique and we workshopped it and I've done it in real life shows and things. It's a real trick. It's not just a brainstorm thing. I really perform it all the time and I still do actually. I refound enjoyment back in it again cause I was thinking like I may not, I'm doing it all the time again. Um, it's really fun and it's really fun to share this stuff with the magic community. I'll admit it was super scary to go, I'm going to share this. And it still is. I mean, it's still new, so there's still lots of hate that could come my way.

But yeah, that's, it's always concerning when you're sharing a piece of like something that you wrote and created and all this and it's, it's intense. But it's been great, man. I love the food is a reality. There's just a certain percentage of the people that are just terrible humans. Sure. The people on Twitter. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Um, and then the last why we don't do magic Twitter of the week. No, we never do magic Twitter another week. And you know what, to be honest, I've never really been involved in Twitter and, uh, Oh, I actually love it. I gotta be honest. We've said that before too. It's my big kind of my go to you. Okay. So you've gotten through a number one and number two of your, uh, your list that can, let's, let's bring on the third and final, let's hear it. The number third one, the number third, the number of three one.

Okay. Can I put together, it's kind of the same, similar to your write more, but mine is research script and practice. This is relating directly to my show and my performance. Um, I've been going hard at performing. I'm a worker, so I do a lot of restaurants, walk around, I do a lot of standup events and I've just, I've been doing my show. It needs a facelift and it seems like now might be the perfect time to redo that whole show. I've had all these ideas on the board that I want to create and now is better than, um, time to, you know, schedule, practice time because we all know we're not going to be booking too much right now. Everything seems to be on hiatus. Uh, as a refresh, the news continues to seem that way. Another thing gets cancelled and other things postponed.

So I think we're, everything's gonna be on highest and this might be the situation. So I would really look into researching new effects, possibly buying a new trick or two online, uh, scripting, all my current stuff, maybe dropping and seeing how it fixes fits in with my character. And practice on some new things. So I've been revisiting some old effects that I've always had and I'm really practicing them cause I finally really want to put them into my show. You know, one of those things from the drawer or something that's in a book that's been sitting there for it. It's just, it requires a lot of time and you're like, I'm finally dive in deep into it. I'm going to do it.

undefined: That might be a challenge for listeners. Maybe we should impose that challenge and listeners to make the decision of that one piece in the drawer or the closet that is nagging on their soul may make the decision at least choose to make this decision and then, and then leap into that at all. Yeah. That's all. And lean into it. That's right. Yeah.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. Cause all these, I mean we all get all these different magic effects when we read these things and once you learn the secret you're like, no way, nah, I can't do that. No, I can't do that. But at one point you were fooled and amazed by it enough to buy it. So obviously it works. You just need enough, uh, Mahoney's is, they might say enough chutzpah to uh, pull it off. There it is. Yeah. Those are, that's mainly the, so that was my list of three are three lists were similar yet different

undefined: I think. I think that's a really great well-rounded list. I like the last one as well. It was like a big foundational one. So research is always the most enjoyable part of any routine, isn't it? I always loved the research phase and that's so have your lumber, the third one. So it's research, scripting and practice. So it is all of that together. So spend a little time on research, but don't make sure it's not like justifiably wasting time. Uh, yes, absolutely. Yeah, the harder part of that is the scripting, and it's always blurted out first. It's always harder to do that first drafts of anything than it is to edit it. So don't, that's where they were. Say never hold yourself back in that first phase. Just blurted out, you get it out of you and then come back and edit it. It's so much easier to do. So. So recap are your list of three for us.

Graeme Reed: So my list of three, if, uh, as this Corona vacation, as I saw Chris Hendricks coin it on social media continues, the first thing I would focus in is on my social media. I have new strategies, something new I want to try it and I want to clean it up. So it really sells me kind of like your website is, it's selling me to be honest. Mine, I don't think it's telling me correct and I want find tune it. Uh, the next one would be digital products or having another, um, source of income besides just the live performance. This is something I need to add in my business model for the future that like in case this bull probably happen again, this is probably gonna happen again. I bet this seems to be like a new, this is the first of its kind, but I bet it'll become the regular thing. Hey, there's an outbreak. Everything stops. And the last thing I'm going to focus on is research, scripting and developing my show. But obviously like you said, set time restraints to everything that you do so you're not wasting time on one thing too much and you can still make sure you're developing all those skills. These things can be helped with simple fun apps like Trello or note taking apps or just a notebook and pen, whatever you use. I don't know. Those are the three things that I'm going to work on.

undefined: These are great lists. We want you to follow along with us, uh, over the journey will be shouting about each one of these individually, but we want to know from you what are the three areas that you are trying to focus on or you would focus on. Um, send us a voicemail and do that magicians talking, magic.com and on the right of your desktop or just right there on your phone, you can click send us a voicemail and uh, we'd love to hear from you because we, uh, we can maybe add those to the list as well. Over the, of course our journey together. We've got lots of time. Let's pump up those businesses and get us sharp and ready for around a refresher.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. If you've been affected by this coronavirus too and you want to share your story. If it's unique experience, we're all in this together, leave us a voicemail. We'd love to share that story with everyone because we literally aren't all experiencing this together. It's new for industries across the world, but we want to tell you something. We have something special coming up. We are going to do a live stream. There is no set date because it is a fluid situation as is this Coronavirus, but we have plans. We're going to do a live stream as soon as we can and it is going to be amazing. It is going to feature special guests exclusive content and the latest magic headlines as we always do here on the podcast, but this is going to be our first-ever live stream and we have so much planned working behind the scenes and this is all for you guys, the listeners, you can tune into this

Ryan Joyce: Alyssa the event, but@magicianmasterclass.com slash live is where you can tune into our live events. We are going to be hosting a bunch of these coming up in 2020 so you have to stay tuned and subscribe to us. You've subscribed to us, you get our show notes, you get these headlines, magic news headlines and our business tips to your inbox each and every single week. If you have a magician friend, tell them about our podcast because we think we have a great time here and if you have a great time listening to us and hanging out with us each week, share this with your friends. The reality of it is

Graeme Reed: the reason we can't give everybody listening a firm date on the livestream is because we're actually trying to move it up significantly. We were gonna, we're trying to find an earlier time do this. This is that. We've got some really fun stuff to chat about. We've got some important stuff to talk about, so we're trying to get this as soon as, so the best thing you can do is make sure you're subscribed to this podcast and tell all your magic buddies when the flare gun goes out.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah, and you can follow and you can follow us on Instagram. That's where we will be talking the most. You can follow us on Facebook. Facebook is magicians masterclass. Instagram is magicians talking magic on her website. You can leave us a voicemail. Please share us. Share with us your stories that you're experiencing with coronavirus, your cancellations, maybe the things in your business that you're working on. Maybe there was something we didn't discuss about today on the episode. You're like, Oh guys, not even thinking about this. We would love to hear that from you guys. But yeah, be sure to subscribe and like everything we do because we are very excited to host this live event. It was for real. He is going to happen two weeks from now, but because of the state of affairs, we want to do it sooner. We're bringing it to you, so if you're excited by this, please subscribe to all the outlets. Share this with all your magic friends, wherever you're listening in the world. We certainly hope you are well and magically fits. We're going to keep those magic muscles pumped.

My name is Ryan Joyce. You can make sure to find us at magicians talking magic this is episode 35 this is,.

Graeme Reed: My name is Graemazing Thank you so much. Everybody and stay healthy

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. Cough.

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