EP 31 - Magician Struggles & What's the best trick you've learned for free on YouTube

In this episode, we share the latest magic news and ask "What's the best trick you've learned on YouTube?" PLUS magician's biggest struggles and more!

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Episode 31

Magicians Talking Magic Podcast Show Notes

Hosts Ryan Joyce & Graeme Reed

Paul Daniels’ magician sons wows judges at Britain’s Got Talent auditions


"Simon Cowell had to halt filming for Britain's Got Talent after a escapologist nearly drowned on stage as his stunt went horribly wrong"

But a complicated magic trick which could have left a man in hospital, quickly descended into horror when the illusion went wrong, leaving Simon 'shaken'.


Houdini Water Torture Cell Discovered in Canada

A duplicate of Harry Houdini's Water Torture Cell was recently discovered and sold. Details have been kept a secret, including the purchaser.

The Houdini article suggests these five explanations

  1. This is a deliberate fake.

  2. This is a genuinely old Water Torture Cell made by persons unknown.

  3. This is another Houdini Water Torture Cell, possibly the cell he made for Miss Trixe in 1912.

  4. This is somehow the original, unrestored Water Torture Cell from the Houdini Magical Hall of Fame.

  5. It's something I've not considered. (Theories welcome.)


Alexandra Duvivier, Paris France

Watch: Alexandra Duvivier dans "Fool Us" de Penn & Teller

Sound magic?

Submitted by: u/dfcto

Hi! I’m a Sound Designer & amateur lover of magic. I do a handful of little gags for kids, but I’d love to learn more that involve sound as the deception/illusion. Anyone have any great routines I should look up and learn?

Greg Frewin FISM Winning Bird Act

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