Ep 28- David Copperfield on the moon & Jeff Goldblum's rope trick

In this episode Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed talk about David Copperfield on the moon, Jeff Goldblum performs a rope trick, Magic for Humans 3!!!! And are danger acts magic?

Episode 28 | Magicians Talking Magic Podcast

Hosts Ryan Joyce & Graeme Reed

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On Episode 28

Magicians Talking Magic Podcast Ep 28 Show Notes

David Copperfield on the Moon

David Copperfield's magic trick secrets on the moon after Israel's failed Beresheet space launch "Those tricks, which hadn’t been released on Earth, are now lost to space." https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/david-copperfield-magic-trick-beresheet-israel-space-moon-landing-spaceil-a8875361.html?utm_source=reddit.com

Are danger acts magic?

Send us a voicemail -http://itricks.com/news/2020/01/are-danger-acts-magic/

Walter Blaney on Johnny Carson

Magic for Humans Season 3 - coming in May

Jeff Goldblum on Conan doing magic:


Miki Dark:

Ben Hart:


Neither moved to the finals.

Learning magic in Person over Youtube

Read Article: https://www.leoweekly.com/2020/01/person-youtube-jb-magic-shop-teaching-new-tricks-old-ways/?fbclid=IwAR0qEi2yR8rjsb4FQzqlMPHZzpdGidF2t3CldN9c_IDeHdfU6ZkDXzKTLgw

Magic Reddit

u/zombioptic Cool Magic Tatoo https://www.reddit.com/r/Magic/comments/eqhil9/it_isnt_finished_yet_but_i_thought_i_should_show/

Magic Video of the Week

Justin Willman on Fallon: https://youtu.be/vw9ozcs6nLo

FISM Competition Deadline: Feb 16, 2020

Conventions: SAM & Magifest Updates

At the SAM BANQUET: Roast of Mac King - Featuring: Chris Kenner, Nick Difatte, Amazing J, Penn, Fielding West, Stephen Bargatze, Michael Carbonaro, Harrison Greenbaum to name a few

Transcribed for the hearing impaired

Ryan Joyce: Welcome to magicians talking magic my name is Ryan Joyce, wherever you are listening, wherever you are in the world. Thank you so much for being here. This is episode 28 and this is,

Graeme Reed: my name is graemazing. Thank you so much for tuning into our weird podcast. We are magicians talking magic uh, where it's like, I dunno, a regular day conversation about magic each week where we talk about news, Reddit topics. Sometimes we reviewed things will tune in to the latest TV shows and talk about what's going on. We are just gossip. Gossip. Ooh, what's up? Magic goes to magic twirl our hair. Yeah, but there's so many ways that you can find out or join in with the podcast. Uh, right now we've got an Instagram account that's kind of like where the community happens for the most part. So much fun. So retro. Yeah, lots of retro. That's what's happening. And people are really into the retro thing. It starts, they're digging. It creates a lot of conversation about it. But you can find us on Instagram at magicians. Talking magic be honest. How many of the posts have included leather pants, competition pants? Let me think real quick. I'm going to try to think off the top of my head. I feel like at least three.

Ryan Joyce: I would imagine that to be the case. There is always other pants insight.

Graeme Reed: Oh, for sure. I've been sharing a lot of, uh, do you remember this act kind of thing. And there would be competition pants there.

Ryan Joyce: So you can find all of this at Instagram at magicians. Talking magic and now we have a new fancy website. Yes, we're online. We've only do, I have, I have a prediction on a little pad here. A little pad of paper. Ooh. And then your little handy dandy notebook. Yes. And if you and I on the page is just two things. There's a line and there's a one word URL. And what would you say the prediction I should write for the URL for our web. Our podcast should be pan Island. No.

Graeme Reed: Oh, I'm so sorry. Is it magicians talking magic.com

Ryan Joyce: that would be it. Yep. Oh, good thing. I nail road Penn Island on page two of this notebook. Oh my gosh. Well you're there. It is right there the whole time that I was going to mess it up. Magicians talking magic.com what a great place to go and be centralized. And you know what's on that page at your convenience. You can send us a voice mail. Yeah. It's super simple. 90 seconds in length. You can send us a little voicemail from your phone, from your desktop, wherever it is. You can send us a question. If you were not you, if you'd like, it's super easy. Go to magicians talking magic.com where Graham

Graeme Reed: magicians talking magic.com

Ryan Joyce: how cool. How original predicted it the whole time on this fancy pad of paper.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. And those are basic, those are like the two mainstream ways that you can get ahold of us and make sure too that you were subscribing to us wherever you listen to your PI cast. And if you can leave a review ski cause that helps out too. That really helps out, uh, to get other magicians and other people that'd be interested in this type of conversation to know about what we do here each and every week on magicians talking magic

Ryan Joyce: five stars would be awesome. Triple snaps, triple snaps for being here.

Graeme Reed: What's new with you? What's new with you in a Joyce land over there in?

Ryan Joyce: Well I, I'm now one week back from being on the cruise ship, right. Uh, and one of the things that I popped up in my adventures was my traveling suitcase, the uh, hand over head compartment portion with the four wheels that I usually throw my backpack on. The handle on that decided it really didn't want to ever per two to ever have that ever again, which was really awkward. And I remember this happening on the very tail end of the trip before it was starting to go and saying to myself, you need to go and get another suitcase. Now I should preface, I literally have, I don't know why. I know this is weird. This is self acknowledging that weird. I have a graveyard of suitcases. This is literally cause I buy the same one all the time. Uh, this is however the first hand rolling bags of the four part graveyard.

I literally have four of the same dead suitcases cause I would just, I just travel so much, I would just pitch it and get the next pitch it and get the next one of those all covered in duct tape and it's lovely. Um, so I have to go get another one of those. And it reminded me also because I'm also getting all of that, that life coming back to normalicy and I've, I, one of the things I really love about being on the ship, and this is one of the true passions is like that sauna, I just, I'll sit in the sauna for two hours a day if I had the opportunity. I love, love, love it. And that requires a bathing suit and I forgot the bathing suit. And so I ended up having to buy one while I was down in Barbados. And you know how much expensive to costs, man when you're in Barbados, if any idea. It's the most 60 bucks.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. Bathing suits in the most expensive in the places where you, when you are, when you're there, you're like, who wouldn't bring a bathing suit?

Ryan Joyce: Yep. Yeah, I was so bummed because I was like, I didn't want to not have that experience and um, Oh boy, I was 60 bucks, which was about the same price for dinner. Um, which was salad. The salad was until I liar. Yup. So yeah, so that's about it for me. What about you? Magic wise?

Graeme Reed: Me magic wise. Well, it's the start of the year, so things are moving along, chugging along. So I had been taking the time to work on the business side of my things, the backend of graemazing and everything like that, getting myself more organized, more structured to book more gigs, uh, B have better strategies and things like that. So I've been taking long a lot of time to do some workshops and things like that. And I don't know if people know this, but in your own community, most likely in your own township, there is a resource center that's offered by the government or something that offer free classes, free workshops. We work ships, uh, free pirate ships. You can get a free pirate ship through your own community. You get a free workshop, various ones on business. Why does it always have to come back to a ship?

It's always a damn ship. I got championships on the brain anyhow, you can go to your porthole look infected. So I've been doing that. I've been doing a lot of local workshops to get my business back in line and together. And uh, I think this is part because I've been hearing so much different information from so many different resources. Uh, it's probably important wherever you work from to go to the government resource to get the information specific to your area and it's not there. It's all free and they love to help you. So it's been so awesome that have been getting to get all this help for my business to make a, a better magical business.

Ryan Joyce: Good idea. Real good tip. Useful. Yep. Yeah, that's uh, that's good. And connection building, et cetera, et cetera. Really nice. Oh yeah. Have you been following any, well, you know, I've been, I want to, I guess when that terms, I've been also working really hard on the business backend. My website had been overhauling everything. That's always important to keep up to date with that. And everything's gotta be mobile friendly. Now don't forget everybody listening and makes your site is mobile friendly, mobile friendly, getting called amp. Are you familiar with this? Google amp? It's like a, I guess a way of speeding up your pages for mobile, something like that. It's like a mobile first platform. It's an ways they're starting to um, experiment with that. With w on Wix, which is where I do most of, well all of my website hosting now. And I know you do as well, but it's also, I think very WordPress implemented to technology already. So they want your stuff to show up fast on the website and on the search engines and they want the information to be real quick for the users. So that's what their goal is. So, and I think one of the problems with the podcast that we've been having is struggling with, and I think I've hopefully finally resolved it, is the thumbnail issue, man. Wow.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. Cause you make these cool thumbnails for every single episode. By the way, I wrote down that Google amp in my little notebook here that I've got. It's got these little tricks

Ryan Joyce: and this is so cool. But uh, with the thumbnails for the podcast, yeah. I, I found something out that was just a small little hidden detail in Italax under something that hadn't read about the size dimensions. Um, so I'm hoping, um, and that was just one of the several little small little things that had to be done. So I'm hoping now that instead of saying the old, old, old banner of touring tricks, it is, should be magicians talking magic and with our new fancy pictures and stuff. And you can see those right away if you want by going to magicians talking magic.com

Graeme Reed: and if you don't catch them there, you catch them on our Instagram at magicians talking magic and we share it all the time. To all these cool, awesome episodes. And sometimes there's cool little soundbites. Do great little sound soundbites, like from fronds and everything. I got to go back and check all those episodes out to get those exclusive interviews too.

Ryan Joyce: Sure. Do. And talking about a magic in the headlines. Here's some of the things that was interesting me. Uh, the one was probably foremost was David Copperfield on the moon. He's the hammer. I suppose

Graeme Reed: this was, so I just read this. So this is the last thing that I read just before we kind of went, uh, this is real.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. Interesting, isn't it? So here's the idea. Uh, the headline, the full head line is David Copperfield's magic tricks, secrets on the moon after Israel's failed, and we're going to say this wrong beer sheeps baseline. So basically they were going to send this space vessel and just base with all of this knowledge and it was supposed to go to the moon, but it failed. And now, yeah. So the tricks are lost in space is the quote, here's the quote. Those tricks which had, hadn't been released on earth are now lost in space. So, um, I hope extra terrestrials aliens. I'm not sure what the 2020 politically correct term for space people are,

Graeme Reed: but I hope they find David Copperfield secrets and I hope they start performing their own magic shows if they aren't already.

Ryan Joyce: Well, I need to correct this. I agree. They're going to have to land on the moon to get them because this, uh, lunar Lander actually did make it to the moon and or did like leave something on the moon. And that was apparently, Oh, I'm secret technology vehicle. Um, sorry. That was secret technological innovations created by magician David Copperfield. Okay.

Graeme Reed: So, so if you want these, this information and you have enough money to get to the moon, you can learn David Copperfield secrets.

Ryan Joyce: Ilan is at you. What? Um, yeah. How cool is that? So it wasn't mentioned really what else was in this cool. No, I mean it was, yeah, I see now it did make its, it did eventually, I guess it failed. It didn't, didn't fail to deliver the payload. It failed in some way. But it certainly has David Copperfield's wisdom that the stuff that we've never seen on earth is now up on the moon. How cool is that? That's crazy. That's really triple snaps for David Copperfield for always leaving the way bearing your treasure. And here's what I loved most. This is what I think was suppose is, um, it was um, it was a DVD that they sent up there. High capacity archival databases wasn't DVD worth of secret to technological innovations created by Richard and David covered DVD. Great. Awesome. So the other hard part will be finding out how to play that. Yeah. And Copperfield had a great quote. Uh, and that is that magic is the link between science and art. Infinite possibilities shared through new technology and grand storytelling. I thought that was a really great way of bridging those gaps. It's true. Magic is that blurry line between logic and reality? This is reality. That's my Eugene burger impression, right? Yeah. Of the day. So what'd you think?

Graeme Reed: What do I think of that bearing your secrets on the moon? I wish I had the connections to bury something awesome on the moon. I mean think, do you, Oh, do you think being David Copperfield, there's something with that DVD that just in case we get back to the moon, there's like a trick reveal on that DVD gotta be right. Oh a hundred percent and like how perfect cause he does the whole alien bid in the show. Like it's a perfect connect Siobhan to Copperfield. Of course. It all makes sense.

Ryan Joyce: So like you can now use that in his show. It's such a great storytelling piece.

Graeme Reed: Of course. Crazy. And there must've been some sort of conjure up, I wonder if there was a bid or something where if you have something that you want to throw into the weird moon time capsule, it costs X amount of dollars and there's like David Copperfield DVD, there's a Banksy painting, there's a Donald Trump, a hanky that he sneezed on or something and grabbed something with, you know, something like that.

Ryan Joyce: Something great. You let us know what it should be. Send us a voicemail. You can do that@magicianstalkingmagic.com what was that again? Ask a question. Leave a comment. Let us know your thoughts from magicians talking magic.com uh, you have news, exciting news.

Breaking news: Netflix Magic for Humans Season 3 renewed!

Graeme Reed: I have news. Oh wow. This is exciting news too. So this was announced on actually weirdly enough Jimmy Fallon, but magic for human season three has been announced. Woo. This is awesome news. This is great for Justin woman and magic of and magic enthusiasts and it is so great that a, this show has been renewed again. I love this style of magic on TV. I think it's so awesome. It's, it's perfect because you get a lot of, I remember when the times it was always David Blaine and Chris angel. It's all this rock star stuff. So it's great to see

Ryan Joyce: kind of like a, you know, a fun comedic

Graeme Reed: and it's super entertaining magic cause that's the magic that I've always enjoyed since I was a kid watching like Matt King's and amazing Jonathan's and David Williamson's and people like that. I like, it's great to see this kind of magic really showcase, especially on Netflix.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah, the production value is high. They want a pump that content out to steal it away from Disney. Sherry unique. It's really fun. I love the marketing ploy. Like the whole backpack with the, with his kid in the back and he's bringing the cards. It's a great image. Oh it's so good. Well now if you love to know what everyone's favorite piece was from season to let us know, send us a voicemail. Actually. What is the, what is the favorite piece from this last season? Do you have a favorite piece? I haven't watched the whole season yet, so I want to absorb before I give that answer. I do have a favorite piece, but um, I don't want to talk about it because you haven't seen the whole thing. Oh, this is the one you keep bugging me to his watch. I know. I'm so sorry, but it's very good.

Graeme Reed: I think the whole season's really awesome. It's so fun. It's easy just to binge the whole thing too. Cause they're nice and short a consumable and just bang them out.

Ryan Joyce: Bang it out. Yes. Speaking of, uh, banging it out, just a little reminder for those interested in competing for North American FISM the deadline. It's fast approaching. So make sure to check out the side there for all the details and the Facebook page. Cause there's some also some really fun, exciting interview footage and stuff coming out. Um, that's exclusive. I've been shooting for FISM actually over the last couple of weeks and months. So check all that out. Um, and that can change your life. So, and that's all happening here in Canada to candor there. Yep. Which is great for all of us to be able to

Graeme Reed: possibly even go see all this cool. FISM so even if you don't want to compete, check out how you can attend FISM and go to the whole convention. There's a whole convention, there's shows, there's a lot going on and it,

Jeff Goldblum performs magic on Conan

Ryan Joyce: yup. Competitions. It's like, yeah, it's, it's got all the whole lecture side of it and all that you would in the gallery shows you would normally expect at a convention. But then the on top of that, it's got the whole competition side, which is the deciding factor of who goes then on further to the Olympics, quote unquote, the grand champions of ship of magic. How cool is that? And you know who I think should enter without a doubt. Jeff Goldbloom, Jeff go, Oh my goodness. Jeff Goldblum, who knew Jeff Goldbloom Noosa magic tricks. Did you, yeah, you sent me this clip. That was so fun, right? Tell her really what this clip is about. Cause Jess recently, so even

Graeme Reed: talking more television news, Jeff Goldbloom is renewing another season of the world according to Jeff Goldbloom, which is a Disney plus show where he basically takes anything that interests and explores it. So in this next season, so it, Jeff Goldbloom is on Conan O'Brien. He's talking about the next season, he says, for the topics that might happen, or dogs, fireworks, monsters in magic, which is so exciting. So then Jeff Goldbloom starts asking Conan about Johnny Carson if he, Hey, have you, did you know Johnny Carson? Imagine magic. Of course everyone knows Johnny Carson to magic. And Jeff Goldblum said he went to his house when he shot the big chill, which is like one of his first movies, like the big chill. And uh, he, he's learned some magic and he's always been a fan of magic. But he said Johnny would share magic with everyone when you went to his house and everything to you, which is so exciting.

It's so much fun. But then read his words were he's prac, he was practically a professional magician. Yes. Yeah. Especially in closeup. I believe his words, right. Jeff gold bloom is so weird and so awesome. Oh, his cadence and the way he delivers a speech is just incredible. I wonder if any of our listeners ever, ever met Johnny Carson and got to see him do magic I wonder if any of our listeners ever got to experience that. I know one only one individual that will, Walter Blaney was on Johnny Carson show with the zany blady LA latter levitation. Yep, absolutely. Oh, so that was, yeah, quite a landmark for the time we should show the, like the HGT of the day, you know, that was what that was. Yeah, that's a P P a P and T Penn, Penn and teller. But that was the showcase of entertainment. If you got an untried and Carson had to share your energy cause everyone would watch it.

Sullivan as well. Yes. And so, and like obviously there was that whole gap. Letterman and Leno clearly hated magic didn't want to see. Yeah, apparently I've heard there's been discussions where there was some sort of lawyer deal or something with who is a fan of magicians and to make this happen, magicians were brought onto Letterman and like a Craig Ferguson, cause Greg Ferguson is also talked about how he hates magicians. Right. But we had magic week, he had magic week and he had to endure it. He was great. He's the one, I think in his standup, he talks about this and why they had magic week and how we hated magic league, which is a bummer cause if you go back and watch, there's some great clips with Michael Ammar things. So I'm really good. My personal favorite because of his improv. Right. That's why I think he is following was so intense. Yeah. I've always been a huge Conan fan myself actually because of the craziness, the craziness, which was also highly improv based too, because

Ryan Joyce: he got to bounce off with the idea. I do you remember his name like Andy Richter? Mandy, sorry. Jess who's still there. I know they, and it is nice now to see Fallon brings on magic a lot, you know, they all do. And some of the Stephen Covera doesn't have it too often. I don't think. You know what, I don't pay attention all the shows. There's just so many shows. I bet. But we were watching all that. We're paying them way more close attention to all the news and when magicians that coming out. So what are we going to start to see all the trends for sure. Fallon has on a lot of magicians. He's done a lot of people recently too. Um, but Goldbloom on Conan, he actually does share magic. He shares a couple of quick rope tricks and he's pretty good at doing rope magic yeah, he's just so naturally awkward in awesome.

It's just lovely. But you know how to watch, you'll enjoy it. But you know how sometimes when you see a celebrity do a magic trick on TV, you also see exactly how they did it. He still executed the magic trick. So even when there was super fun, yeah, it was a rope trick. Just the fact that he had a piece of rope was, and then he gave the rope to Conan cause it wouldn't have been the same if it was a card trick. I care. I mean just the road trick was just so much more uni to Jeff Goldbloom. I dunno. Maybe I'm weird, but I thought it was so fun. So perfect. Absolutely. The world according to Jeff boom is streaming now on Disney. Yep, absolutely. So again, check that out. Cause I mean, who doesn't love Jeff if you don't love Jeff Goldbloom that is a crazy sauce.


You know what? Everybody loves America's got talent. Yep. I know. It's always Americans got no, everybody loves to, America's got talent is no, it's just a three letter acronym now. HGTV age, just like us when we label ours, ours is MTM and just doesn't have the same ring. Right. Magicians talking magic boom. MGM. This upcoming release we had to magic videos, Mickey dark and Ben Hart. Did you watch both of them? I check them both out. I watched both of these. I was actually really curious to see both of these specials, especially after watching all the clips last week I was, we kind of gave Mickey dark a little. We had set our, maybe our bar being a spot without really knowing anything about him. So I would like to know what your reaction is now because we both kind of walked into a bin like, ah, this is going to be a dance Barre rip off. Yeah. We read a book by its cover. Right. What do you think? I was actually really enjoyed his whole routine. I liked this whole character persona of non talking and the routine he did from magic standpoint. Terrifying, terrifying, really straight forward there TIFF. You know, all the props and how this whole thing works. Like such

Graeme Reed: a safe, um, terrifying routine, but also super simple. The whole thing. Oh, it was great and great for TV because I think it gets across everything that a GT needs. Yeah. Um, as characters intense. I love the silence. Yeah. And just the way he moves around a little bit too. Yup. Uh, very good. I could see a Mickey dark, he's going to be added to paint his face and it did to do his whole routine. Yeah, absolutely. Yup. Absolutely. Do you think you'll see Mickey dark on something like the illusionists too or no?

Ryan Joyce: Oh wow. That's a great question.

Graeme Reed: I feel like he's a nice complete themed act and I could see that would be a great spot for me unless there was contention there with the fact that he looks a little bit like Dan Sperry. I wonder it, but to be honest, I think they present themselves in a different way. I wonder, this is also only seeing one routine of Mickey dark though too, I thought was great. Yeah, the uh,

Ryan Joyce: yay. I love the visual. I've always loved it and they stole this visual from, this was in his package by the way. Is that like, hello? I'm Mickey and package video package. The crawling out of the television.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. Oh, that was fun. And they like list them as they really built it. A character like he's from parts unknown and they don't, he's disappeared since the last got talent show. No one knows where he's been. So he comes out of the TV. It's so, such a quick crazies. They're really into, it's very pro wrestling. This ADT, they're into that backstory build and the promo before the act. That's what it's all about. Sure. Is. Yeah. These characters have to be like well-defined in a one to two minute video package. So maybe that's something really good to think about for all of us to how can we define ourselves so that we're so unique that we can be a champion of magic where you're silly formally would've been called your elevator pitch. Right? Or your napkin pitch. That's so not what it is anymore. Nope. No. Um, but also an age on that.

Ryan Joyce: This is good. This is the step that you should be writing down, you know, your notebooks and your idea pads and whatever and you're however your store, your nodes because you don't, when you come up with something that's about you or your brand or your, you know, a good idea for you. Wanna like archive that stuff. Cause sometimes it's good, sometimes it's crap, but

Graeme Reed: yeah. And sometimes you do it online, like there's all kinds of on the calendar things like, but you know you're on the go. Sometimes it's nice to have something physical by the desk. I always use a little tiny notebook. I don't know. But you,

Ryan Joyce: yeah, I do a couple things. Definitely. The notebook has always been, I didn't know book the no, I've always been the note card kind of take her too. So whether it's on a note card or like an individual page, I want to be able to cross stuff off. So my new digital version of that we've talked about on the podcast is Trello. I digitally, I have a component and I have a physical component in my life and nowadays I just love having all of that in, in like a little tiny notebook that's accessible. What about you? What's, what's your process because you are more traditional before like you were like right on the calendar kind of guy. You didn't even use G

Graeme Reed: I didn't even use a G Google calendar. I know he is all good. I'm trying to, I was trying to go paperless completely, but then there's still the need to do quick notes like at your desk or something or if you're on the go. So I love using a little tiny handy notebook, handy dandy notebook as they'd say on Blue's clues. But I like this a lot because, um, you can really scribble, doodle, whatever you want to toss it in your pocket. Um, and like I've been taking them to my workshops because you don't need to take too many notes. Right? You just need to take a couple notes now it's like back in the, you know everything cause you always get emailed all the lesson plans and things too. So I liked the little jot down and I also like to doodle. So it's fun to still have that.

But I also don't need a huge notebook or anything too big to clutter up my desk. I'm trying to stay clutter-free or I am as well. And that's kind of why I liked the notebooks. Like the little notebook style. Cause first of all, you acknowledged with these other notebooks, it's going to get a little ready. You're going to do it all, it's going to be drawn and it's all collected in one thing. So it goes in your, it's the size of that. My phone basically. I don't know what yours is, but yeah, mine's a little, yeah. Mine's basically the size of my phone. I also like you can like highlight and throw some stickers in there.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah, customize it. I always draw a little sketches and stuff. Yeah. I've always loved to think I could draw always, but I'm not, so all my stuff is touch, like I've got the pens for all my my tablets and things because I think it's easiest to get out all your magic ideas without the interruption of time and so when you're writing it, it's more at the speed of your own thoughts. At least mine is, which is why my writing is so wretched. It's just a, just a splash of garbage on pages, but it helps remind you. Yeah,

Graeme Reed: that'll whole image. I actually also use a huge physical whiteboard too that I like to drive jealous that I hammer out my ideas on it, but it's current, so that gets occupied sometimes. What I'll do is I just take a picture on my phone and then I can erase it and then I feel like, Oh, I've saved it.

Ryan Joyce: There's white board apps like on my phone has got a whiteboard setting where it'll really feel the text off of the, yeah.

Graeme Reed: Oh wow. I didn't know that exists. So

Ryan Joyce: that might be one note. One note is the thing that I use for notes on my own pack as I subscribed to the Microsoft thing. It's just great. I know they've got several features for recognizing things, but,

Graeme Reed: but yeah, no, I'm currently, my whiteboard is, it's consumed by, um, an up and coming thing that we want to bring up hopefully to the magic community in the future. So I've been resorting to these little notebooks to write down all my ideas too.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah, man. Yeah. I wonder what everybody else does, what their systems are there. Processes. Let us know.

Graeme Reed: You can go do that in the show notes of this episode, which is episode 28. Man, we're almost a 30. Wow. Look at that. I know. We can't believe it that we're almost at 30 episodes of this podcast and I like, I guess, yeah. What do you guys think of it? You can leave a voicemail now. That's a little bit jet thing. You can do the Agt episode. Oh yeah. Did you check? Did you check out those links to see all those things also, by the way, Oh, we didn't talk yet. There's another act on this weeks of age, ti champions. There's OCS. Ben Hart was on who I had, I had a lot of, this is a bummer. This is a bummer, but I also, because we know we heard from Nicole Wallace how he was presented on the show, but his performance was not that stellar was it?

No, the scripting was a little rough, but the presentation I thought, I mean it's a good trick. We all know it's a good trick it. So we didn't really have a climate climatic ending that is grand champion style. Like I'm sure they expected the net to turn upside down and three ladies fall out of it or a shin Lim is in the bond ends up behind them. On the judges' table or a shin Lim is inside the bowls. Right? Right. Yup, yup. Magician ex. Yeah, I'm interested next. So no, it's if you didn't see it, what he did, really cool classic magic trick. The rice bowls produces rice out of the Bowl's empty bowls and then produces water at the end. And that was it. But, and that was basically what it was. That was it. There might've been more that we didn't see. However, the scripting didn't sell the whole like you know when you see Jeff McBride do the water bowls.

Yup. And it sounds very routine. Unbelievable. Whole dripping. But there's a lot of theater there. I also don't think that's a piece for a GT. I don't think they would appreciate what Jeff does with that. That's like a, I agree. I don't know if it would be edited as well as the in nicely as they did them fool us. Right, absolutely. You know what I mean? Like some of those things play well. And so I don't know. That was a bummer because I know Ben Hart is a great performer and I've seen him do amazing things. So, but that was just not a great piece. And both these acts didn't make it through to the finals. I thought Makey dark might've. I thought he was actually really fun. It was, that was intense. Yeah. I believe we were talking before we pressed record that's created by a fellow Canadian.

Uh, yeah, Jerry Fernet makes the, um, the kind of scary board part with the knife. Yeah. Uh, we don't want to give away too much cause if there's like non magic listeners I guess, right. There might be a non magic listener too, but they'll still know like it doesn't matter, but that's who it still has a cool Canadian connection. But the whole knife board concept that the way that is put together for this routine yeah. Made by a local Canadian, which is so fricking cool. Great routine. I really liked that. So, so dangerous. Very dangerous and but safe. It was super safe. Yeah. Yeah. So awesome. So, and that's the best way. And it's weird. So this also brings up a unique topic this week about our danger acts magic. Right, and we've talked about, boy, that's a toughie. We've talked about this a lot.

I don't think if it's just danger, then it's a stunt. Right? Right. Like, like if you're just escaping from 'em something that's a dangerous scapes done. Right? Yeah. I wouldn't put it in the 12 or 21 detailed categories of magic. I have seen any of the nine. I've seen Matt Johnson though uniquely max escape and magic where he's got say a bag of keys and you have to find the right peanuts. That's different. That's a magic trick. Magic to it for sure. In which case that definitely is magic. It's one of those, it's on the fringes between two separate distinct categories. It's a fine line. Yeah, it's a crazy, but if you're like that Ben black guy where that wasn't meant well and like magician jugglers get this all the time. Is he a magician or a C juggler? Right. It's the same thing. It was a danger or was it magic wow.

It's kind of both. I know West Barker just describes and stuff as magic and stunts because he does a bit of the danger style, which was a great way to just describe it. Simply, you know, I'm going to chat with Matt Johnson tomorrow. Oh awesome. FISM and we plucked it earlier but um, I'll ask him this specifically because I'm curious as well. So we'll keep you all posted. Yeah, I would, yeah, it'd be great to see what I'm like Matt Johnson thinks about it because he would be the person to know. Yeah. Cause he's the type of guy that has done all the TV shows and he's been on the illusion too or he's done it all now man, I'm super pumped to chat with him. When I messaged him to set up the interview, he's like, you know, I'm just getting on the celebrity summit CBO and everybody say hi.

That was the team that was there. Well he's getting off the ship on, well tomorrow when we rerecord or sorry today. So I'm looking forward to chatting with him tomorrow. Uh, and asking him that question specifically about danger. Magic I'll let you guys and gals all know what he says. Yeah, that's so fascinating. And you know Matt Johnson, he actually used to be, he has a lot of products on penguin magic. So if you're to go to penguin magic and on the main page you'll find his melt release where you put a playing card through a bill and it's a great routine. Sold massively. Rose talking about penguin magic other creators. Do you know Brent Bron? Are you familiar with Brent Bron? No, I'm not, but I read this article, right? So this is from the Leo weekly, which is in a, it's a like a Louisiana paper, I'm pretty sure. But, um, there's now the J and B magic shop and theater in new Albany. Um, Louisville, Kentucky, I guess. Right?

Ryan Joyce: I will, I'll look up the location where we say Louisville, Kentucky as screwing it all up. But it's Louis goods. Yeah, that's what it is. It's a Louisville. And, um, so what Brent Brian, he has opened up a magic shop, a physical magic shop was still a lot of us, seems like a huge risk.

Graeme Reed: And he also opened up a cool theater in the back, but really the, he's the right guy to open this whole thing up. Um, so he is talking

Ryan Joyce: we'll leave a link in the episode notes. It looks really cool. It actually looks like what we probably all dreamed of as a magic shop.

Graeme Reed: I think, you know.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. That's a whole, we wish him all the best devil snaps. This is really in the final idea. It looks so cool. So he wanted a dream that would be so I think it's how we, I mean he offers the magic club and they do shows in the back.

Graeme Reed: It's a theater and everything and then he clearly also offers lessons and they'll teach kids tricks right in the shop. And this whole article talks about the difference of learning magic online and in person. And I remember growing up, I learned a lot of it through videotape and allowed in person, but now a lot of kit and a lot of people are clearly learning online and they just post to Instagram or tick tock or something like that. But, um, this is, this is kind of like the classic idea. I think things are going back to this way to more of an experience. Um,

Ryan Joyce: it's like smaller, I guess like there's 10,000 different barbecue sauces, you know what I mean?

Graeme Reed: Right. Yeah.

Ryan Joyce: It's, this is magic. It's like an entertainment is, is niching down and this is a really fun way to play on all of the strengths of magic. They've really made it look great. It's like the wizardly magic shop you'd like to go to and in the back there's a small little place to a stage to perform magic like, it's like the goal, the target, right? Come in the front end, you buy the stuff and hope to one day be able to perform on the stage in the bag. You know, it's just a fun how fun. I wish them all the success.

Graeme Reed: He also runs this thing called the magic from where he consults rather magicians. So he is actually consulted for a ton of the magicians that have fooled Penn and teller. He helps him at the routining and things like that. So he also runs the magic for him. So Brent Bron quadruple snaps.

Ryan Joyce: Whew. That's a lot of snaps, man. That has a lot of things, a lot of snaps, a lot of snaps, but I think that's great. That's so awesome that he's doing that and it's going so well. Look at that. Let's flip. Let's flip on over. You want to flip through? Uh, yeah. Let's go to the red. It's because I saw something on the road as I thought it was pretty fun this week. Visual. You really got to go see it, guys and gals. So we will leave the link in the show notes of the app page, and this is a tattoo that was just awesome. It's not quite complete, but it is going to be, it is going to be Keller. It is going to be killer. It's going to be a Keller tattoo that was a pirate. Just see it. It's incredible. It's the, it's is the guys. It looks like the guy's arm and the tattoo is like a poster of the cat teller poster. That Keller poster, that rubs all the way around. Again, there's a lot of Ehlers

Graeme Reed: allergies. Yeah. Keller teller yeller. He's uh, it's basically a forearm sleeve tattoo and he's got the teller. Oh my goodness. We've screwed each other out. It's got the Keller levitation poster on there and the colors on it look phenomenal. The tattoo artists did a great job. This looks awesome. And usually you see a lot of dark garbage on magicians or like tacky playing cards and dice or rabbits and like what? I love this. I love the vintage. I wish more magicians something cool vintage. Um, tattoo I would never do, I don't do

Ryan Joyce: tattoos. If you have a tattoo that's gotten mad, magic gone in and send it to us so we can see. Yeah, that'd be cool. Or tag us on Instagram at magicians. Talking magic and we'll share it like the tattoo of the week. That'd be fun. The magic tattoo of the week if you've got hot. Yeah, yeah. Send it to us. Let's see what you got.

Graeme Reed: I'll try that. We'll see if people like that. I don't know. That sounds weird. I don't even ha yeah, that's cool though. I like this. And that's from uh, Zam bio

Ryan Joyce: Jay. Yup. Sound beat. Optic. There you go. Something like that. Yup. We'll leave the link on the show notes. Now we're going to jump over to magic video of the week.

The Walter Zaney Blaney performs the Ladder Levitation on Johnny Carson

Graeme Reed: Oh, and actually this week I chose this. You know what? I'm going to switch it up right now though because we already talked about this. I was gonna, we were originally gonna do the Justin Willman on Fallon video as the video of the week. And I want to talk about it just because I liked how it was presented. And sometimes when you see magicians go on TV, they're gonna try something brand new and risky just so they look awesome on TV. Just a woman has done this. He does the two cups on the head and vantage to the coconut Hilton sealed soda. He's done it a bunch. He does it the exact same way. He kind of always has with the same jokes and he lets Jimmy be Jamie and the camera work is phenomenal. So that was going to be the video clip of the week I think because it came up earlier in the podcast. We should throw, I'm throwing a curve ball at you. I'm coming at you from the other side with this new idea that Dick magic video of the week if we can find it. But I bet you have it somehow. If we can find that Walter zany Blaney on Johnny Carson, does that exist?

undefined: One of the, uh, problems of doing magic on television seriously is the one people see a magician on television. They tend to discount what he does because I think so many people are familiar with the, the camera tricks. You can do it with television. They've all seen the super imposition. You know, where somebody can sit on your desk and people can disappear, which are nothing but electronic tricks

Graeme Reed: when that'd be a cool video

Ryan Joyce: that is considered.

undefined: So when we press present somebody here, I want you to understand that what he is doing is just as we see it here in the studio, there's no, we're not using any camera tricks or we're not cutting out. Part of the picture. What you will see at home is what this gentleman does here. He's very talented. He represented the United States at the world Congress and magicians, which they do have vacation from all over the world meet. And um, one of the standard acts that you will see him do tonight. When I say standard X, one of the things a lot of magicians to is the limitation where a person is levitated in the air and you will see them do this tonight. And um, it's very good. He's baffled magicians for six or seven years. This is his own method of doing this. I won't tell you anymore, except would you welcome, please leave Texas ambassador of Goodwill Walker and Sandy Blaney.

Johnny mentioned while ago that I do a special way of floating girls on the air. We're going to do that tonight. If you ever floated in the air. No, tonight's the night. All right. Listen, uh, this is kind of a different way of doing it and it's kind of a puzzle. So everybody watched these space scientists and the astronauts have all seen this, the magicians, nobody seems to figure it out. We've got it right back here. You won't get hurt or anything. All I want you to just cooperate and kind of play along with. All right. Aloo music doc. And we'll go right into this. All right.

undefined: I think, cause if you have never seen the Walters, any Blaney ladder levitation for real, I didn't know about this until I kind of met you because you know Walter really well. So you told me all about this. It is one of the most impressive illusions you can see. It's such a fun portable, I mean Le levitation that you can do in a living room, right. So I've got some fun sound bites and footage. The idea is, it's kind of like the classic chair levitation, but even more impossible, right? That's the idea. Like we, yeah. So essentially the classic board on two chairs, except when you're removed the first chair, it's the one under the feet. So immediately like magicians watching when Walter did that boot. Yeah. And then remove the one under the head. Yeah. You remove both, or sorry, he removed the one under the head.

First ex my apology. Yeah, it'd be the head first. And then your middle managers. Yeah. So really the sound, there's audio footage from the first time it was presented or maybe it was the second convention that was ever presented and it's like a five minute standing ovation. Wild. Right. So Walter Rooney first built this that maybe you've chatted about this on the podcast before, but he designed this in a little miniature mock-up version. And so I've got footage of that and him talking about it and it's really, really a unique story. Would he take this to trade shows with them too? Like you would do trade shows with this ladder levitation? Uh, he, yes, absolutely. That was the entire basic foundation of is like the pattern year was his career. What a legend. Isn't that even kind of the background of the, um, the story of the trick. Like he kind of explains, ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you the amazing magnetic floating board, isn't it? Something like that.

Graeme Reed: Oh boy. Well, we'll send the link so everyone can see it. Andy gravity board is, yeah, real close, right. The anti gravity board. Man, that is so classic. So fun. That's so cool.

Ryan Joyce: We'll share some more. We'll tell you what I, I'll share. I'll build a nice blog post about some of the good Walter plenty stuff. Uh, and share that with

undefined: world cause there's some really great visuals. And my buddy Tim Drake took the footage today made or shot, pardon me? And he edited some early great videos. We shared one. Oh well, but just some fun magic history to see rather than just hear about and we'll share that only act. Um, well you can go to magicians talking magic.com the blog, right?

Magic Conventions S.A.M & MagiFest

Graeme Reed: Yeah, absolutely. So I guess I like really kinda wrapping up magic news or topics of the week this week and what's going on in the magic world. There were just too big, big magic conventions, festivals happening. We, there was the maj I Fest in Ohio run by vanishing ink or Josh and Andy, which I think this is their first year. They, it's so big now. They moved hotels. They had to go to a bigger hotel. Oh really? To have more space allotted. I unfortunately didn't get out there. I didn't get to go. I was working so I couldn't get out there, but I was locked at snow weekend. It was the snow weekend. It's always the snuggle. Can I rent? So that drive is for those of you not in this area, in the Eastern side of Riyadh, Northern America. We got a ton of snow. I where I'm from, we go.

We've got at least two feet. Oh wait, we got a ton of snow to Alicia's uncle is in Newfoundland. Oh yeah. He had to crawl out a window to get out of his house because the snow he, and he's lived out there his entire life in st John's and he said he's never seen the snow like this. It's just unbelievable going into, they're still in a state of emergency where they have the armed forces out there with shovels, just digging people out of their homes. That's crazy. That's a lot of snow. That's a lot of snow. So if you are in Newfoundland and you're listening to this or you have Findlay, Newfoundland, we're thinking about you just like those people. How's the Australia situation? Do you know what's up with that?

Ryan Joyce: Um, I am not up to the last couple of days worth of news fit certainly is devastating. I heard the last, I heard there was going to be some days of rain in the forecast and I don't know. Yeah. Talking climate climate's yeah, no one needs that.

Graeme Reed: So on a man die fast. It was David Williamson was the guest of honor this year as well. Cool. So for all those people that got to see him live, that's super awesome. And if you were there at the convention and you have an exclusive or you want to share a little something, something, shoot us an email magicians talking magic@gmail.com or drop one of those cool voicemails on our new website, brand new website that Joyce has put together. It looks great.

Ryan Joyce: I was listening to David Williamson on podcast.

Graeme Reed: Yeah, I heard a recent interview as well from the sessions through vanishing ink. Is the inside or was it this one?

Ryan Joyce: Fabulous. And I loved the part that he talked about how early on in his magic phase, it was like his experimental territory at magic convention. So he was like super duper extra wild. Right.

Graeme Reed: And he had the vanishing man's story. Did you hear? That was awesome. Oh, that was fun. If you haven't heard this vanish like Ooh, you should check out the insider podcast by vanishing ink. There's an episode of David Williamson. Oh my God. Yeah. The vanishing man's story at the conventions. Uh, that's at a hole. That's so amazing. Yup. That inspires you to have more fun. He's intense.

Ryan Joyce: Add on. I saw him at magic live last time, sorry. Magic Fest. Uh, which would've been probably 10 years ago. Like he was onstage and he was wild and crazy. And then like the next moment he was crying. It was like, it was full spectrum. Yeah, I remember those. You are how it's just so awesome and intense. He is.

Graeme Reed: I remember seeing him in the halls at magic fests where he just has, he just has his hat kinda down over his face and he's just kinda quiet and casual and then like we'll light it up when it goes up on stage and everything. Yeah. He is all over the place. He's great superstar. He's really, really is a superstar. Yeah. Total legend. Yeah. Game changer. And then also at the same time happening in the same weekend was like the sand annual Sam convention and the Sam banquet. Yes. Big, big week for Furman. Yeah. I guess it was tricky. I heard on the Scott Wells podcast, he said he didn't know which one to go to magic faster. Sam. We didn't magic Fest last year. So he's doing Sam this year. Where was the Sam Vegas? It was in Vegas. Oh, you know Joan Caesars I believe, went to that. So I'll see if I can get an update from Joan. That's, yeah. Oh, that would be great to get a good job, Caesar. Yeah, because, um, yeah, if you check out her Instagram, she was zip lining unfree mushy on Fremont street. Oh, how cool. Yeah.

Ryan Joyce: Joan is an incredible, incredible person.

Graeme Reed: Oh, that'd be great to get that update. So that could be coming up real soon. Oh, that's awesome. That'd be so great if you can, if we can get that. But also happening there cause it'd be great to hear about what happened at this roast of Mac King.

Ryan Joyce: Oh my gosh, we are so on the outsides of the gossip on this one, I would love to know that sounds, tell us some of the names that were involved in that.

Graeme Reed: So I've only seen some pictures, but I saw people like Chris Kenner and Nick to fought amazing. Jonathan, uh, Penn Jillette fielding West Stephen Barr Gatsy who's, he's the new president of IBM. IBM. Amazing. And I say I'm bagging banquet

Ryan Joyce: though. Yeah. And then Michael Carbonaro and carbon, our carbon arrow. Yes. And Harrison Greenbaum. And there were some more too. They were even more people too, but those were some of the ones that I just asked stand out. Um, I bet that was hilarious. I hope that gets released somehow. An audio format where you can find it or in video format. That's so fun. It would be fun to see one of the sometime. Yeah, it would be really fun or be involved in an even. Ah, that's so ridiculous and crazy. Well that's really fun that it was like convention weekend, but I guess it's the start the, that limits. If you went to one of the conventions, let us know what you thought. What does the highlights? Yeah, drop us a low drive us one of those voicemails. You can do that right now from your phone.

So easy. You just go to the website and click that button. Um, but talking about conventions upcoming is FISM in Quebec. That's happening in Quebec and it's in like springtime. So like perfect time to go visit the city. Deadlines are coming up. So I was just reading an article somewhere that the, the Quebec hotel is one of the most pictured hotels in the entire world. But yes. So the convention is coming up super fast. Like before you know what it's going to be, may you know it's going to be springtime. I know. Well like if you want to compete, deadline is so soon. So if you're thinking about it, it's going to be tricky to come up with something and get involved. For this one, probably yes, the deadline is February 16th, 2020 so that's just a couple of weeks away. So make sure to send in a video. In order to be qualified to compete, there's still spaces left.

Um, and you do have one condition and that is, you have to be one of them, a member of one of the five members societies. Um, and for off the top of my head, um, they're the big ones. So cam, IBA, IBM, S, a, M, the club Dynegy and a Academy of magical arts. I believe those are the five. What about the magic circle? What about the magic circle in the UK? You have to live in the, and this is the North America, North American five societies. So make sure if you are interested in competing, if you're interested in adding, you know, world champion at least to your, your resume somewhere down the future. It starts here this by February 16th, so get those videos in, get them in, get them in. Um, because you could change your entire career. I was just chatting today with uh, well for physio side was one of the artists coming and about how competing changed his career.

So lots of things to uh, to, to do into, you can take hold of that. You can actually more for your career. It just involves work, work in a deadline and that deadline is February 16th. Boom. There it is. Get those deadlines. Are those through submissions in awesome. I think that's pretty sweet. Yeah. Are you competing this year? No, I'm not. I've got a lot on my plate already with uh, my involvement, which is going to be so much fun. I'm so excited for FISM is going to be great and so you really got to register and for those that are wanting to compete, get that, get that in ASAP. Yeah. Because it is going to be an amazing convention. There's two more people have just been added as well. Um, and uh, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say yet. So the exciting stuff is always being added in, happening in ism. N a 20 twenty.com is where you want to go for all the latest and greatest or the Facebook page and we'll also continue to keep you updated on this podcast about FISM all the way through cause there is a lot to digest to take in so you have an exclusive connects your own. Let's play this clip. Let's play one clip and this is from Bradley Jacobs and he's talking about the whole competition aspect.

undefined: If you are interested in competing at the world championship level for North America, meaning United States and Canada magicians in North America, this is the only way that you can get to the world championship magic like the NCAA basketball championships. You have to go to that, get to the sweet 16 before he can get to the elite eight, the final four, so forth and so on. And this is much the same way. Hopefully you have entered competitions at the club level, et cetera, et cetera. But as you move up and as you enter content, you find yourself at a little different wobble that that just makes all the difference.

Ryan Joyce: I love the analogy between sports. It really kind of helped bring that all together, the whole football championship and things. So that's the snake sits on the line. I just love, uh, brat Bradleys and energy when he tells you and it's got a great voice. What a, he makes you want to do it. Yes. So there you have it. That is your FISM and a 2020 update. Awesome. Well, do you have anything else? I think that's a good episode. That's a lot of news as a lot of magic news magic news we've ever covered in like one episode. I think a lot's happened. Leisure is, yeah. And lots of new ways to get ahold of us and engage with the content we're making for you. Let us know what you want to hear, which you don't want to hear. We're trying things up, mixing things around. So, um, let us know what you like, what you don't like. You can do that@magicianstalkingmagic.com yup.

Ryan Joyce: Shablazam

Graeme Reed: TaDoozle

Thanks for listening to Magicians Talking Magic Podcast

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