Ep 25 - Developing a show and Performer fatigue

On this episode, hosts Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed share the latest magic news, social media scheduling and Graeme's free download.

Other topics:

Setting the stage! A birthday party show in a comedy club.

Removing tricks from your show and going longer?

Can you see the light!!! Spotlights!

Birthday Shows! Magic in your socks!

Comedy Club Flashback

Video of the Week: David Blaine on Jimmy Fallon

Hulu & YouTube: Amazing Jonathan Magic Documentaries

Vanish Magazine is out!! Our highlights

Magic Review: Shawn Farquhar T2P

Magic business: Social Media Planning & Free Download

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Episode 25 | Magicians Talking Magic Podcast

Hosts Ryan Joyce & Graeme Reed

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Audio Transcript For the Hearing Impaired

Ryan Joyce:

Graemazing: Ryan Joyce: Cool. Welcome to Magicians Talking Magic or my name is Ryan Joyce. For the last 20 years, magic has been my only profession aside from jelly bean making, I make unique and exotic jelly beans. I am an exotic jelly bean maker and this is, my name is graemazing and besides being a professional magician, I am also a three time, three time cartographer champion. Now I realize there could be some confusion with what cartography is. Has nothing to do with maps. Think cool runnings. This is shopping cart, soapbox Derby racing. I see what? I've never met someone in such an exotic field. Have you ever had any incidents? Mom, you thought you thought magic was a niche? Well, let me tell you about cartography and the incidents. Oh yes. I mean, have you ever been pushing a shopping cart through the grocery store and you just get, you know, there's many years, many, many years.

There's never just one wheel that jams up. There's always three wheels that jam up. So imagine sailing down a street, a Hill, and all three wheels just jam up. What's going to happen? You're going to get some spills, ease and hopefully you didn't pack a pocket full of exotic jelly beans. You know, it's true. And I have literally hundreds of different creations. They're really, I mean all the jelly bean making process is really quite simple. You just keep like a simple sugar at a couple starches in the magic in it is the flavor. You know, my personal favorite and the one that sells our best is the sweet broccoli. Just lovely. But the second flavor that is most popular is mr clean. It's just, it's just got the delicious taste to it that lingers in your mouth. But you created a couple jelly bean flavors that are quite popular.

Well, what was the one that you liked? The best I have favorite by a favorite on the list of course has been um, the mustard relish mix that you do. It's like a burger sauce. We call it bean burger sauce. And it's a perfect mixture of a relish flavor mixed with like a Dijon and Ooh, if you eat one of those with that sweet broccoli, it's like a delicious little snack. Little snack. Now, did you hear, did you hear that John Travolta claims that 2020 is the year of the jelly bean and you've released out a special edition package of four flavors, Jess, for 2020 I'll tell you the top one. I'll have the one where it's called staying alive and it includes an extra ounce of like vitamins inside of it. It's lovely and it's diabetic friendly cause just be honest

Graeme Reed: and alive is getting a little old little creaky. Right? So yeah, we'll partner with the diabetic association with these jelly by being leeches are release leeches jellybean leaned. Yeah, that was a, that was a slip. I don't know where that came. I've never experienced

Ryan Joyce: a jelly bean leach before there. They're delicious. Did you bring any jelly beans to your show recently? Um, so I D this was weird. I can't believe it's already happened. This was not going to be the first show of the year for me. And one of my new year's resolutions was, I'm not going to do kids' birthdays this year. I'm going to focus on family shows, develop a new act and all these sorts of things. Anyhow, uh, I was watching the golden Globes and that night got a little message on Facebook from the comedy club promoter asking if I would do his daughter's birthday at the comedy club.

So it's complicated. I said, well, that sounds really fun to do. I've never done a birthday party in a comedy club before. Was there drinking? I, I did the kids. You know what, this was actually one of the best kid shows I've ever done, but I felt really awkward at the whole time. So anyhow, I said, yes, of course, because I got to a kid's birthday at a comedy club, but it was all these comedians with their kids that I know and just going up on stage with my kids' show, knowing how hacky and weird and Oh boy. But I think as I was doing it, I instantly, I did the first hacky joke and then I pulled out the rest. Um, as I was doing, I was just performing it as I, I would kind of anyhow, and it's not that bad, but I also want to throw it in the garbage.

Wow. You know, that is quite an audience. Yeah. In a show that's like not your, you know, that's not what you naturally do. That's not the material I bring when I go to those rooms. So I was, but it was cool. They had the very uh, open like a lot of, I would feel very vulnerable in that situation. Oh, I felt crazy because these were also like these, these comedians, like you know how there's different groups of comedians just like during magicians, um, like there's a nerdier comics and then there's edgier comics and then there's a middle of the road. So like I, we're nerdy magicians right? Sure. And I do a lot of nerdy comedy rooms too. So when I get into a real comedy room, like a real one, I don't, I'm not that, I'm not that, I'm not for that. I can't do that. And these are like real comics. These guys do the late night rooms and they know how to handle all that situation. So I'm there with their kids and I just doing this material, I just feel so like, ah, icky, sticky. Like I'm covered it. Like I had like literally my pockets are filled with your jelly beans and they've just melted all, all in my pockets. All grows becomes syrup once your heated, a weird phenomenon happened though where I removed three tricks and I did more time.

So I was just having a good time with the script and go into a lot slower. I really slowed down my pace for the whole show too, which is something I'm working on a lot this year is just slowing down the pace. Yep. Um, let me T the room was incredible though. There's a comedy club room so you get the spotlight. Have you ever done you, have you ever done a, you can't say, well I have on the ship they've got these rooms that are comedy clubs style. I, I can tell you a story about that after this if you want. Sure. Yeah. But this, so the stage environment at something like a Yuk X or this is levity comedy club and Hamilton, uh, it's small riser stage and uh, uh, banging spotlight on your face. You can't see anything. It's hard. It's a hard, it's really intense.

So work to get used to the spotlights. Yeah, it does not really show off that your eyes are having a hard time not seeing anything. But it was great. They had all the party kids sit front row as if it was like a comedy club. And so I could just do the tricks right to them at their table there and everything. It was such a cool setting. Oh that's great. But it was really interesting doing a, cause I'm used to doing kitchen, I get on my knees and I usually do magic right there with the kids and everything. I don't do an elaborate setup with the curtains and everything. Right. I like to get like this is, let's have some fun cause we were in your living room. It's weird. So as you said, so I love it. He was a little bit different. Magic in your socks magic in your socks, slacks and jeans. Um, but yeah, so it's totally different. What's your comedy? What was your, what's the comedy clubs like on the cruise ships? Well, it brings up some,

Ryan Joyce: um, with some points about spotlights and things. Cause I remember one of the first pieces of advice that I've ever absorbed at a about stage in theater as someone who had been part of the wisdom that it wasn't professional to cover your eyes to block the spotlight and even in the search requests for people in the audience because it, it becomes, when you realize there's an edge around the TV, it takes you back to reality. It's that, it's like realizing there's a border around the television. You disconnect from the moment that this is a one on one conversation and then it's a barrier becomes a clear and obvious. This is, you know, that's what I, at least my interpretation of it has been since that little bit of wisdom. So, um, it was learning how to speak in front of an audience is tough on its own.

Now go ahead and put, you know, a spotlight throws thousands of Watts in a very directed focus and that's all I knew in a six foot diameter. So if you're not used to that, if it's 45 degrees in the air or like it traditionally should be in theater style, then you don't really, is not to impacting with, that never happens, right? It's always right in front of you. And so there was this one instance on the, this is, uh, this is, um, this is drama in the works. Uh, I do magic show, but I also do the hypnosis show and I do these jelly bean presentations and things, but that's separate. And then so on the hypnosis show, it's like the number one attended, usually event that week because it's usually one show only. And I advertise it that way in all of my other performances.

And, uh, just the allure of the, the whole topic just draws people naturally. It's always the highlight in terms of attendance. I broken crazy records. They've had to bring in 200 more chairs to deal. It's, it's, it's not so, and it's so much fun. Um, and so I was on this, the unknown or unnamed ship and I have been, uh, kind of new to this company, but they're long enough for this reputation to be known and against like all my, my um, suggestions, they put the hypnosis show, like my one feature show in the comedy club. Oh, the comedy club fit maybe 200 people tops, tops. And so, um, I had like five minutes before we were supposed to open the doors. It was full, it was full and the lineup still went all the way down the ship, down the stairs to guest relations. It was a nightmare, a nightmare. Just think to do, you know, this, the hypnosis show in that situation, you know, a confined show in a confined space with a bunch of people that now are really, some of them were really mad that they didn't get to it. So it just, when you talk to a comedy club and you brought that up, that was the first flag. Total flashback of, of everything. Every comedy club experience I ever had was came to that one moment. That was relatively recent, right? Yeah,

Ryan Joyce: I know. I mean like I remember, I guess you hear all these stories of comedy clubs in the back in the eighties and nineties and how they were now there's so many different kinds of rooms that are available, different styles, so you don't have to be associated with, I don't cuss and make really terrible humor. My shows as you would know from these podcasts probably, right? Well we might cuss a little bit, but

Ryan Joyce: senior, it's where a lot, when you're in those carts,

Ryan Joyce: Oh, I mean, okay, true insider full-disclosure thing. Those cards, you're not allowed to use a padded seat, right? You're only allowed to wear pajama pants, so there's no padding allowed. So imagine you're just rattling around inside of a shopping cart nailing down. But I am a three time

Ryan Joyce: world champion. That's okay. It's like think FISM folks FISM level. And the part that he's not telling you is the also includes like coupon scanning in this whole same rapid process. It's incredible.

Ryan Joyce: So usually in a marathon when you get a water bottle to refresh, you're, you're not really exerting much energy. It's more of a painful thing that you have to endure, but that's part of cartography. But at each checkpoint is a little checkpoint. Like if you're in Sonic the hedgehog and you run through and bang and it saves your, your time at you, you have to scan a quick grocery store item and it's like supermarket sweep. There are four selections, but you, there's only one that you have to get right and you'll lose points if you don't get them right. This is part, why am grandchildren, I don't always finish the race first, but if you get these items along the way, you get so many extra points. Triple snaps for supermarket sweep reference. Is that, that was that everywhere or there's an eighties television show. Reference eight is nine. Did you know that was filmed at the Canadian version? At least was filmed at CHCH studios and Hamilton. Oh, that's where you're used to work. That's where I used to work. They set up a fake grocery store inside. How you got into the carding. That's how, wow. I didn't see those connections until now. You just figured out Blue's clues.

So how did you say the birthday show went over all then? Would you say it was a success success? Did you walk into their content? Uh, I was, uh, still still mixed feelings because I think the show went great because the audience, I didn't, you know, when the kids are in a birthday party, when the kids are like, I know you did that and they're just awful and they just get in this way of a awful, or that these kids were all into the magic the whole way. So that was fine. Only one girl that throughout the show is like, I know what you're doing, you're doing the fake shuffle card trick. And I was like, exactly. And I just played along with her and it was fine, but no one was really a riot or anything like that. So it was a great show, but I just felt icky because I was doing my weird kids act at the cotton club, which also made me think I should reassess that whole show and make sure I don't feel icky about doing it, I guess. Well speaking of Vicky, let's chat about the magic clip of the week because uh, this moment I thought was super fun. You shared this with me. Now this isn't like a new video by any means, but, no, but I think Jimmy Fallon, just like the social media team re-released this clip. It's a classic of David Blaine. Oh my gosh. Magic clip of the week he was on Jimmy Fallon. A bunch of us have probably already seen this before. I thought he'd seen it before, but as we

Graeme Reed: watching, sorry, that is my nasty horse cuff that now I have a severely bad Doug GFE Chewbacca lives downstairs. I don't know if you can hear that. Yep.

Ryan Joyce: Trick where if you've seen a stage show he will stitch his mouth shut and he does card to mouth and then as part of his stage show, yeah, this is what this was like an opening piece is the stitching, the mouth shut thing. So give everybody a quick rundown of what the effect was. So we will include this video in the postPage@magic-masterclass.com. Absolutely. Yeah. And I think this is a perfect example of why David Blaine is amazing in his own realm of timing. No talking just letting the reactions take over to be the highlight of the magic. So he does, he comes out and he goes, we're just going to do some classics. We're going to do some classic pieces of magic today. Do you want to see the, the thread and needle trick or the card trick. And he kind of does like a classic magician joke.

But from him it's, it's really funny. And Jimmy asked to see the card trick of course. And he goes, okay, we'll do the string and needle trick. And he has a cell phone and he gives it to, I'm an actress and she's holding onto the cell phone so he can see better. And he does a duck face to the cell phone, which is really funny. And then you realize what he's gonna do. He pinches his lips and he starts to thread a needle and thread right through his lips. And he does it like three times. And then he gets a car chosen, he rips the corner off, throws the cards into the air, and then everyone kind of any kind of like lets his face hit the cards a bit and everyone kind of realizes where it's gonna end up and they all start freaking out. And then he has Jimmy cut the threads off his mouth, which is really gross and creepy. And then intense. He spits out the card and there's, it's just actions. Yes, just action. Silence and just reaction. And then after like in the card is correct and everything. And then afterwards he asked for a glass of water, which is of course he just had his mouth stitched shut and Jimmy is really nervous about throwing or asking a question

to David and then just out of nowhere spits up a frog. It's what a punchline. What a punchline. Absolutely nuts. Absolutely. In any does that on the stage show to you? He does the frog at a different point in the show. I won't spoil it if no one's ever seen a show. Uh,

Ryan Joyce: so much more appreciation for that pain. Like, I didn't realize he did that on his tour. I'm assuming he must space has shows out relatively.

Ryan Joyce: He does have to space, it shows out differently because he does also a breath holds. He'll hold his breath and a tank of water and he does. So he does a lot of physical things and he stitches his mouth shut. I think he puts the skewer through his arm. He does a lot of crazy physical things. So I don't think you can do a show that often. Um,

Ryan Joyce: was, uh, I didn't see the entire clip. I watched the probably the last S five, six minutes or so. Um, while I had the whole thing playing, but I got back in the room or the last five, six minutes or so. So it was, the punchline is incredible to think about it. It's probably for David Blaine is probably like one of the most perfect effects for him. Like everything about it is,

Ryan Joyce: is so perfectly David Blaine. Oh, it's just the perfect of a routine for David Blaine. Right? Actually. So when I, I use this as an introduction line on my show, assuming that people have seen David Blaine stuff, but a lot of people haven't, but I say I'm a level seven wizard, which means I'm limited in my abilities, so don't expect me to float or puke frogs. There you have it. It's going to be like the straight jacket, you know, was to Harry Houdini or he is today's Harry Houdini. David Blaine is, he's the crazy person over. Yup. Type fueled. We'll be flying and statue of Liberty for sure Zs now. Um, I'll bass YALI beans and you'll be carts. Would it be, it's just a whole dynamic that actually the final punchline on the whole thing. Now he drinks the entire glass of water after throwing up the frog, another glass of water and re swallows it again and just passes the glass to Jimmy and Jimmy's disgusted hands at Ash, the actress, she looks at it and then she realizes he swallowed it again.

Yep. And then David Blaine just walks off as he went in st magic and at that moment he's been straight face the whole time. At that moment you kind of see starts to smile cause he sees as the wind by the door and they gave each other props and they walk. Oh, that's awesome. I saw, I didn't realize that was as he went. That's awesome. That was awesome. It was super cool. Yeah, it's a really great clip. So we've got that up@magic-masterclass.com slash podcast is where you can see everyone today we're on episode number 25 25 is our episode today. Wow. 25 special, uh, significance of 25. Well in 25 if you were to open the Ryan Joyce collector's series of exotic jelly beans, there is one numbered for each day of the month. And on the 25th day is this exclusive flavor that you've been working on for months. It is something special.

No one has ever, ever done this before. It's a unique thing in food, even even in food, right? Because this, it ties into our podcast directly. Right. And that was the challenge I have made in, in respect to, I believe it was episode 23 I have made the official chocolate covered seed cover, jelly bean. It is D chocolately covered seat covers and those are available exclusively@magic-masterclass.com. Now, the weird science part about this jelly bean, and somehow even if you store your jelly beans in the fridge or somewhere cool when you bite into this, it feels bum warm. Yup. So in magic news, um, Oh boy, it's America's got talent. It has got some something coming up that's pretty well, this actually already happened technically because we're, yeah. Yeah. Can this podcast comes a little bit later. We're recording this earlier side-note, but a

on Monday the America's got talent champions, will it premiered and there are a bunch of magicians on the season that there is Ben Hart, Mickey dark Mark Spellman owes Perlman, Danielle Diaz and Spencer horseman. I D I knew a lot of these names. I knew most of these names. A couple of them I think are international from international got talent shows. So I checked them out. I see. I will, I've moved, you know what? We were kind of, I saw this Mickey dark. I need to investigate this Mickey dark a little more. But did you look at Mickey dark? Did you check? This name is new. A lot of these names are new to me. You know what? This is fun for the podcast. Hop on your Google right now. Hi Rochelle. Yeah, do it. And uh, type in Mickey dark. Check this out. I want to see, I want to get your live reaction for the listeners as well. Unless people already know this. Oh, I already have my and I'm surprised that America's got talent would do this.

Oh my. Considering like another magician has already been on the show before. Yes. This, I have not seen the presentation, but I'm getting, I'm like Dan, what Dan Sperry is doing 100% right. It's weird, but I also, I have not, I will admit I have not seen any of the video clips yet. I'm going to check some things that after this. So I give it the benefit of the doubt that maybe this, yeah, this might be dark, is more original than hopefully neither been exposed. So I, I'm not sure what to say, but weird isn't it?

Um, it feels, I w so is the balance of the other characters sort of fit all of the other archetypes? Is that what is happening here? Um, so Ben Hart is a youthful, trendy magician. Yup. Mark Spelman and O's Perlman would be similar. They're both mind-reader mentalists, but Mark Spellman does much more emotional storylines. You may remember his piece from America's got talent where he had his daughter predict like the color crayon and the pitcher and all these things. And he had this story about how his daughter, like he, his wife had complications and his wife had cancer and they weren't expected of a child and they had a child. So this mirror is a very good piece. It's a very good piece that he had and O's. I mean, we all know those. Yup. Amazing. Mentalist. I'm a huge fan of those, to be honest. So I hope he does. Well. Uh, I don't know Daniel Diaz, to be honest. I have to, I have to check out her pieces as well. And then, um, Spencer horseman, he's the escape artist guy, right? He does escapes with the straight jacket and the water tanks. Sure. I think Spencer horseman was on tour with Chris angel. He did that Chris angel tour. Oh yes, yes. Yeah. So I think it was a great purchase. Oh, I see. Great. And I think he's a while he'd be older now, but I remember him being young guy too.

Right. So I guess they do have quite the mix of magicians. They've heard of a lot of these people before. I now I can recognize the Spencer horsemen and O's of course. I know. But um, yeah, most of these names for me are new, especially the Mickey one. So I just, my first impression, so my apologies if I've been miss totally misguided by Ben Hart is a popular star in the UK. He's on the TV shows over there. If you've seen any of those cool programs, by the way, hello to all our listeners all over the world in the United States and the UK and Australia everywhere. A yes, yes. Thank you for believing in being here. I'm so 25 magicians talking about you up to date with all the news, all the magic clips of the week, all sorts of fun stuff. We've got interviews in soundbites and now sometimes here at magicians saga magic cause we do like to bring the news.

It's unfortunate though that news is not always like positive. Yeah. Yeah. This, I can't believe I saw this, uh, on I tricks is a very sad news. Um, coming out of LA that Susan Palmer, um, life of Johnny ACE Palmer was in a horrible accident on new year's Eve, um, hit by a car and I think in her life was taken. That's really, really upsetting. That's really too bad. Um, so obviously arts and my thoughts go to Johnny ACE and his family and that's really upsetting. Yeah. I guess if they, hopefully, I'm wonder if there's going to be, um, a foundation or support that, uh, I will keep you posted on any news that we hear. Anything anyway we can. And if you, if you're not familiar with Johnny's work, Johnny is known for doing cups and balls with chickens. Isn't that correct? He hasn't. Yes. Yes. I saw Johnny ACE Palmer's routine at sourcers summer Safari when I was a kid.

I was just one of the CIT counselor and trainings. That's how long ago was that was maybe God, I don't know. 18 and I just, when I saw his routine and it was definitely without, it's just one of the most mind blowing cups and balls, routines out there just in general. And he's won. Didn't anyone FISM for that? I need to look this up. I don't know. He should. I imagine. I bet that sounds like a FISM award-winning act, uh, producing chickens out of the cuffs in pause. I know he's war won countless awards. Yeah. Yes. FISM grand Prix. There you go. Big name and magic. So that's a, that's sad news. So all our thoughts go to Johnny's in his family. Yeah. Yep. And if there's anything, if there's any news we'll, we'll share on the podcast and that's kind of what we do here and we try to keep up to date on, you know, all the latest magic stuff and things where you've been following Reddit's recently and there's not really been too much actively happening. No. Let's, uh, just support the general same old questions about, uh, how do you approach tables and mind reading things and stuff like that. But however, however it is a new month and that means a new vanish magazine that is your free magazine that you can download each month. I mean, later, if you don't download it, today's all you got to pay for it later. Zoles that's their slogan, I think. Isn't that Paula Paul Romanis a slogan? Is that it was, I think that's how I, yeah, I think that's what he's coined. But anyhow, this mother

Ryan Joyce: great APIs are a great, another great, uh, addition of vanished. I got a chance to flow through it and there's some interesting things in there to, to, to scout out. I cover stories you can gentlemen named Jeff Christian. I was introduced to, I had never heard of him.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. He's the lesser known magician and I think to all magicians

Ryan Joyce: yeah. From the vanc Vancouver region. So another fellow Canadian, but

Ryan Joyce: a unique story. You got to read the whole story, kind of the quick, the quick overview of the interview, but you should, that's a great article. Um, he's a teacher and he's mixed magic and education together, which is really, really neat. And that's always fun when teachers do that. Um, and I think there's a lot of educators that mixed magic and, and teaching together and they're probably not known in the magic world too, so it's cool to,

Ryan Joyce: we've got one in our area. Do you know Dennis? We're, he, I sit in our little local club. He was a science teacher. Chemistry specifically. So he would have magic demonstration set up in his, in his classes. He's retired now. He, I'm sure he would have a good story to tell us sometimes.

Ryan Joyce: I didn't know he's a teacher. That'll make sense now. That's so perfect. Oh wow. Dennis, that's incredible. Yeah. So what a nice guy too. Someday

Ryan Joyce: triple snaps, education and magic.

Ryan Joyce: Um, and then I think so he also does a lot of charity work too. He has a lot of charitable programs and things to do with magic and he shares what he knows with uh, education and teaching with magic in many different ways. And I think currently teaches drama and he's working on a one man play. But you got triggered that whole article. It's really good. It's an interesting Reed because we only, we often hear about the same magicians all the time and what's WhatsApp? So it's nice to hear about all these other magicians and what's going on. It gives us creative ideas of what maybe we could do in our own careers.

Ryan Joyce: It sure does. Is, uh, I didn't read this article. I because we spend to be such a busy time, but I want to read this on the plane tomorrow cause I'm jumping on a plane to get to the ship. The amazing Johnathan documentary. I obviously for many reasons I want to read about it. It's an industry that I enjoy. Um, and the content, uh, just the fact that like, I'm, I'm so fascinated to see what he's been doing with, with his progress. So I have you read any of it? I don't even know.

Ryan Joyce: I did read through the, uh, the interview and I think it's a, it's a really great Reed. I would say this is probably the highlight of the whole magazine for sure. Is that, so David Penn gets an interview, an exclusive interview with a bed, Berman, and he's the director of the amazing Johnathan documentary. Now two dots. There's, I think there's two documentaries, right? And I think is there a third one coming out? I'm not sure. But there's two competing documentaries. And so it's really interesting interview because there's all this now even more so I think with amazing Jonathan coming into the mainstream spotlight. So much skepticism around him and his story and everything and what, and because he's a known as a practical jokes during a prankster in one documentary came at it from that viewpoint in the other document comes at it from, he's an honest nice guy that likes to have fun. Right. So it's, it's cool. I would check out the, the interview checkout and also check out the documentaries if you haven't checked out the documentaries. Um, I haven't, I would really like to see them. They're on Hulu I believe. Right. One is free on YouTube. Oh my.

Ryan Joyce: How awesome. I am going to, if it's downloadable as I'm a premium member, I'm going to watch that on the plane tomorrow and get along and playing. Right. That'll be great.

Ryan Joyce: Um, now speaking of David pen, I watch him, I watch they have irregular wizard product review. Have you ever seen the wizard product review? Nope. Oh, it's great. They review magic tricks all the time and they actually claimed that the magic trick of the year is the Viper cube. I think it's a cube thing. A Rubik's cube thing by um, Henry Harris I think is his name. It does. Look, it's a super cool, uh, it's one of those ones where someone scrambles a cube and then the cube matches like your cube. The same mixed up pattern matches in the quintillion thousand tears of a sourcer is, which I don't know, but um, it's one of those tricks. But uh, you recently you got to meet David Penn. Yeah, he was at magic live last

Ryan Joyce: a year or Dick ESIS was probably two years ago now. So I chatted with him and he's such a nice guy. He's so interesting and I sort of parallel a lot of similarities with him in his career too. Like he does the ships and the illusions and he's just way more like, he's just so advanced in the magic friend. He does really incredible stuff. He's a really great creative thinker. So I asked him a couple of questions. Here's a little snippet where I just asked David Penn iffy things. Magic popularity is increasing or decreasing.

David Penn: I think people are getting more interested in magic on kinda like a hobbyist level. It, one thing that struck me over the past 20 years is how many people now are starting to take up magic as a hobby. And when I'm out working professionally, the amount of people that say, I actually know a couple of tricks and years ago it was kinda like there was just one magician in my town that did magic and that was the magician. And he was called Royston and everybody aspired to be this guy Royston uh, that had any remote interest in magic. But when I'm out there working in my local town now, it always amazes me how many people say, Oh yeah, I know a couple of tricks. I bought some magic I'm interested in magic. I follow on YouTube, I watch magic clips on Facebook. And if the question is, is the popularity of magic growing?

I think absolutely, yes. How would you define a modern magician? Uh, I think a modern magician is somebody that's always looking to the future, whether it be using technology, finding new ways to create that hook in that performance. Uh, that's maybe associated with modern living and modern life solving life's problems. We magic I don't think it's enough to just break the laws of science these days. I think people have created lots of their own new problems, uh, that they want solving. And if people are trying to escape reality, there may be looking for a magician to solve those problems for them. So I think a modern magician is exploring those plots and incorporating those into their performance. Yeah. That I think his answer directly about, you know, what does a modern rendition I liked. I liked that. I liked that a lot.

Ryan Joyce: That is fun. And those are great questions to those or any questions that you asked? I think he said, well he's an easy guy to chat with, you know, cause he is so modern in his approach and these are cool guy. If you guys, you know, guys and girls as there haven't been as teachers through to have David Penn, well I can't believe Reed be the first introduction, but uh, he's definitely go and check out his stuff. He does some really great stuff in these, really innovative with it. This is his thoughts, really creative. Really create an always on the, on top of new magic stuff too. Um, if you haven't checked a wizard product review, obviously go check it out. It's entertaining. Uh, when they reveal all those tricks and he brings his dog on the show. Kind of like what we do with my dog.

Yeah. Yeah. Digital cat. Oh, by the way, I was looking into it just so that we're all on the same page. The amazing Johnathan documentary is the Hulu one and that's the one where they come at him from a skeptical standpoint. And the one on YouTube that is free is called always amazing, the true story of the life death and have amazing Jonathan. That's incredible. And I actually, I really liked the always amazing when a lot, I think he will too. I'm looking forward to watching it. Like, okay. Getting cat caught up cause the article and I mean the quality of the article's going to be great because David knows what he knows what to ask. So I'm very interested to read that. Um, what else is happening in your magic world? Have you got any exciting products you want to talk about? Any? Yeah, let's do, who's, have you bought anything recently?

What are you, let's do this week's magicians talking magic review of the week this week and drums and yeah, there was like, it was like a radio ad this week. Uh, we're going to review torn to pieces T to pee by Sean far acquire. This isn't anything new. This is an old, this is a kind of, I would guess, is it a classic yet? Is it that old? It's not necessarily, we have both purchased. It's a great piece. It is an amazing piece and actually he's not the original creator of this concept. I think Dan Harlan has an idea on it. Ne even goes back earlier than that. But the idea is you rip up a photo and then you restore it. But it's restored inside out. The outside on the inside and the insides on the outside. And as Sean would say, and he's done this trick on Ellen and things like that.

If you don't have this trick, you've never heard of this. Should I go Shawn Farquhar and Alan because he does it with the photo of Alan, which is great. Um, he teaches the trick on his penguin lecture, but it's also a really affordable trick from Palmer magic. Anyhow, if you want to pick it up, it's a great effect. It gives you multiple templates too that you can easily dump your photos into so you can generate what's required to do the effect, which is also basically self working. Would you say it's selfless? It's very true. It's such a strong piece of magic so it's got a universal approach in any situation and it's customizable. Couldn't you? Couldn't be a better, and to be honest, full souvenir piece of magic. I haven't done it in a long time and I think I'm going to put it back in the show and I'm going to put it back into some closeup as well.

What I used to do is I'd have a promo card for the restaurant of what was going on. And I could tell you, I'd be like, Oh, did you pick one of these up at the door? And then I would deal with that and it had a bunch of them just had staples print them up for me. So it was really fast. That's great. Yeah, it really is a great piece of magic. I'm sure a lot of people listening probably have it as well. That'd be a Testament to how good a piece of magic. And if you're a creative person too, if you'd like to create, uh, get creative with graphics and things like that, and your magic, uh, this is an awesome trick because you can create a promotional piece. Maybe it's a photo, but you can get real creative with the story that you want to tell.

What this trick. It's a real unique, remember, like I remember as popular when I was, when I was a kid going to the magic shop to always see the guy changed the bill into the mismatched made bill that was like the popular, and you'd always see that at the magic shop. I think that's totally replaces that. And it's way more popular and current and you can do with anything. Anything. Yes. And let's be honest, like the wave of bill magic tangible money magic is, we'll be around for awhile, but it will eventually phase out. Well, even so I do a bent corridor to ask someone for change. It's crazy. Yeah. Nobody wants to carry it. And if they do, they just have a loony or atony on them for international people, that's a dollar coin in a $2 coin. Yeah. We acknowledged it wasn't really our first choice in the names for him either, but that's what it is. That's what happens when you're live in Canada, eh, eh, uh,

Ryan Joyce: it's really becoming obvious. I don't have access on the ships. There's no cash anywhere. Like it's a cashless environment. So I, I, I can see it practically how it's going to be because I'd been living in that lifestyle for a while. Yeah. Everything's all tippy tap now. Yup. Yeah, that's totally true. But you know what's weird and unique? What has come back the RET retro, things are coming back. So Polaroid cameras are back. Imagine you took torn to pieces and you had the foresight, you know, I don't want to give away the trick, but you could create something that would match what would come out of that Polaroid camera, right? Yup. Man, I'm coming up with ideas here and given them away here on the podcast. It's thrown them out. I'm working on a, like a prediction jellybean routine. That's what I'm doing. Makes up a bunch of jelly beans in a bag and take you take a handful of you T and I take a handful and they work out to be the same. That's what I'm working on. But I have that. But the problem is, is it Yankee boom in the Hanford too long cause they start to melt. They start to get bummed warm. Yup. Mmm. Delicious. Delicious. Lee bum. Warm. Uh, I'm thinking about how to market those things. You know, that's always something that I'm always trying to figure out my jelly beans or I magic my

Ryan Joyce: anyone listening to this is probably a magician. And if you have a, you gotta get on social media game. That's what everyone talks about, especially in 2020. And I dunno about you, but I'm getting hit with ads like crazy by this social media calendar to do this social media active, pay us 40, $50 so that your social media is better be good at the better social posts stuff. Yes. So we're today are going to try and clarify it and clean it up because we have both been working a lot in the past year or so. And even in the past couple months at refining, polishing, getting a simpler method to social media. So it's not arduous and scary. I was talking to family members over the holidays. I have a um, a cousin that does a lot of posting of records is a amazing vinyl collection and he is he even at the family brunch, he was posting his posts and I said, what are you doing? You could schedule that stuff, you could be here and have all of these posts magically appear. And the unique thing about, we'll get into this, but if you focus on scheduling your social media and creation on one day of the week you will appear in a post more but you will look at your phone and your computer or

Ryan Joyce: less. Right. Absolutely true. You have got me inspired on this. So I'm curious to chat with you about your like the process and how you approach it because I did my first week last week and they've scheduled up to yesterday. But now today, some point before I jump on and show how we got to schedule the rest of my week. So I'm really curious to see. But you have also, you have done this in the past two for yes. Yeah. The magic festival been dedicated. Like you've been

Ryan Joyce: doing this now for several weeks and you've really got this down to a system and know what you're doing. I'm really curious to hear about it. I'm excited to be able to share that too with everybody. So first of all, I am going to tip off that, uh, this we're giving away our first ever freebie. Actually we've given away a freebie. We gave away our EPKs before. If you want to check that, that was a former episodes. If you're interested in EBK is, I don't remember what episode it is, but if you throw in a, Google is one of the 25 yeah, yeah. It's gotta be a campy 26. If you throw in Google, uh, magic masterclass EPK, I bet it comes up, but I bet I bet it comes up and you'll hear that podcast episode we talk all about EPKs something I've got to create against you, but we are going to offer a social media calendar for one.

It's a one-month, it's just for February. However you don't need, you just copy, just recite. He like your hair. You'd rinse and repeat. It's the same thing. Follow the plan. But what I've done here, I've given some simple ideas in here so you can break down if it's your business, if it's your personal brand to make it easy to come up with the ideas to post. Cause I've seen some of these social media calendars and a lot of them will say exactly what to post. But we don't want to all be the same. What are we doing? We can't all on Tuesday post the same question like, Hey, it's taco Tuesday. What do you put on your taco today? Raul gonna obviously look like we purchased the same thing. Yup. So I'm not giving you like 100% went to post, but I'm going to give you all the creative ideas.

So it's going to be super easy. So what I've done here is I've broken, we've got to think of what you're posting and what social media is. It's kind of the behind the scenes on your brand and you and what you're offering or what your business is offering. So I have broken it down into three core elements or three core brand values. I'm calling them elements here. You can call them whenever you want. So I have element a, B, and C. so if you think about your business or you yourself. So me and my business, I'm my product, I'm the magician. Just think of three core elements that make up your brand. Like what makes up you, what makes you interesting. And I'm not talking like, well I'm a mind reader. I do comedy magic shows. That's what you, that's your offering, that's not your brand.

Really. Your brand is what makes you up. So my element a, the thing that makes me at the most, my favorite thing to do would be going on travels and adventures with my girlfriends. That includes food trips, travel vacations and things like that. And that really shows an insight to you as a person, what you do. So this could be different for you. It could be maybe your favorite thing to do. Maybe it's vinyl records like my cousin or something. Maybe it's something like that. But it's your number one thing. It's kind of your number one thing. It could be the same thing. Travel. I'll just say it's something that you can easily talk about without any effort. Yeah. Element, a lob and element. See what's your element a, what's your, you know, your passions and Oh my element. Well I look at it was slightly, it's the same approach. I just, I just slightly different,

Ryan Joyce: I just sort of look at it like how many days a week do I want to post? And every day is its own unique category, which is exactly what, what you've done here, which is so smart. And so I, I'm going to adapt what you're doing into mine and think of it this way cause you're really simplifying the process for everybody. And that's what that is the ultimate question that Graeme is solving here. Like how do you feel 31 days of content and you boil it down to a couple of really simple questions you can ask yourself. And that's right here in this download. It's really great. Sorry to interrupt, but

Ryan Joyce: no, that's totally great. And I'll tell you this too. This is kind of like a starting point. And after this I'll explain what I do for magicians. Talking magic because I would say it's a D it's a little bit different approach. Um, but I, I think this is, some people get stuck on coming up with the ideas of what to post. And the first couple of weeks I was struggling but now I have a good idea of how I can do it and remix it up. And I've come up with some different categories for magicians talking magic and I'll get into that cause you'll also realize what people like and what they don't like. I mean it's just easy stats to follow. What posts get more legs. The posts of my vacations and travels and me hanging out with my girl, they get the most likes.

Like it's, so why not post a lot about it? And also like I like to, I like to share what we do a lot and we like to do a lot of fun stuff. We really do go on food trips. So element B, this is a secondary brand element. So, I mean a is your number one, your, you're the big thing that you share the most about and you talk about the one thing that makes you up the most. Ellen B is your secondary thing. So for me, this is my animals. We have four animals at home, they're all rescued animals. That's a big thing to us. So that is my kind of brand B. Another thing to keep in mind as I explained these things, and if you focus on the social media, the simple little social media activity, and you come up with these three core brand ideas, you are creating your own brand and it's going to help you come up with stories for your magic tricks, what to present, how to present yourself because you're gonna realize what makes you interesting here.

This is what we're kind of coming down to. Yes. That's really forces you to think about. If you had to talk about three things, what would they be? Yeah. And don't make those choices. Yeah. Actually simplify the process for, for everybody takes the decision making out of it. And then your element C, this is the one that makes you extra ordinarily unique though. And this isn't the magic, right? This is the other hobby that you have that other or something that's really special about you. It might be like karate or you play guitar or it could be playing cards, could be playing cards, but can you be more unique? For me it's pro wrestling. I love pro wrestling so that I love to talk about pro wrestling all the time cause I also draw a lot of inspiration from pro, like how wrestlers handle themselves, how they talk, how they tell stories and things like that. I really love that. So those, I'd say those are my three kind of brand elements. Now when you think about these, there's a of things you can talk about them too because they're meaningful to you. Keep in mind when you're doing social media posts, you just got to talk about one little detail, right? You're going to be posted throughout the year about these things, so don't overdo it in one post, right? Yeah.

Ryan Joyce: It's often the thing that you're actively learning at the time or working on is often one of the things that you should consider putting in there because it's easier to actively teach the things that you're or, or talk about the things that you're currently working. It's just, it's the effort you want to, you shouldn't be effort to, to chat about whatever it is. Element a, B, or C is, it should be very easy for you to, to have a picture or just supported and, and, uh, uh, some kind of interesting dialogue you can put behind it that people are willing to spend a little bit of time to read it and press the like button. Is that right? Is that fair?

Ryan Joyce: Yeah, and I mean, um, yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely. No, that's, this process is so great because you can do it in one and you probably should

Ryan Joyce: do this whole calendar the way you've laid it out here and everyone that wants again to download a magic-masterclass.com/podcast but this debt that you could do that whole month as you've, you can see in this PDF in one day if you really want it to,

Ryan Joyce: you could bang this out in a couple hours to be honest, because I've already done the brainwork of, Oh, what do I do on that day? And because that part is already removed, you could schedule your social media 12 times in a year. Absolutely. Were that dedicated, but do you think that that is the practical approach? Um, I think so. What I do, what I do for magicians talking magic is I do it once a week because I want to be topical with our news and I want to kind of be as current as I can. I mean also keep mind, you can post live still. You don't have to. If you have something going on right then you want to post posted to, you don't have to schedule everything from magicians. Talking magic I sit down on Monday and I will create all my graphics and Photoshop and on Canva, it's kind of a hybrid of both right now.

And I'll bang out all the images. I search magic news and then there is a much magic news. I come up with other things. So it might be a review. We talked on the podcast that gets a lot of likes. What gets the most likes that I've found and I started doing her at Christmas time is Hey, do you remember this weird old magic thing? And I'll post an old magic thing. So I started doing those more often. Now haven't generated a specific day when I do it or anything like that. What I do is I batch a whole bunch of posts, news, um, retro things, podcast episode things. Cause you also got to mix in your self promotion, right? But you don't want to overdo it. You want to chill out on that self-promotion when you're doing your social media and every book you read on social media tells you that that's not original.

Ryan Joyce: Like our, we're sharing all of this stuff that Graeme is backed on a whole bunch of S and nobody. It's because it, it just turns out you just kind of be really balanced with everything. Nobody wants to be all promo, promo, promo. We did. I feel like we did that in for like too many years on Facebook. Everything was just like me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me. So you've kind of, you've got to show them the real side of you

Ryan Joyce: and the people that, that we're exhausted

Ryan Joyce: those people. So try not to do that too much. Yep. Um, so what I do is I'll batch out all these graphics and I don't even have a number. Like I, you know, you're aiming for seven cause that's the full week. But I don't have a set number. I just want to get a good batch of these things. And I also throw in questions because in magicians talking magic I want to engage our audience and everything, so I'll ask questions that related to the most recent podcast episode or what we just chatted about. So then I'll hammer these all out and I use later.com I like this a lot right now, but I am going to change this up and I'm going to ask about this to you in a second about what you use, but on later it's really visual super-friendly and I maybe there's a, it's good to use a mix of later and the Facebook creator studio, but with later you can see the calendar and you can see how it's gonna look on your Instagram and the onion.

Do a preview mode and everything. So you drag and drop all your things and you can have saved captions and those are like your hashtags. So you have little categories, the hashtags that you have for different styles of posts that you do all the time. And then you also just sit there for a minute, think about what you're going to type and you can type it on the computer now instead of doing on your phone. So that's inherently faster and the saved caption is faster. And then because you created all the graphics, even if they're just a photo that you cropped, even if it's just that you've created all these things, you just dump them in there. You are done in a couple hours or an hour and you have all your posts instead of scrolling through your gallery on your phone. How am I going to post a photo? What am I going to post?

Or something like that. For me, uh, my workflow there is I just dumped it in my Dropbox and I have it on my computer and I bang everything out in an hour. Yep. I wonder a little thing that hasn't been mentioned that I want to bring up. One of the benefits about doing is for those that are like me that are so self critical on the moment that they just will often abandon a post. Right? You don't really do that when you're scheduling cause you don't really care that much. It's, it's actually kind of hilarious because you'll forget what you have created as your posts. Yeah. And then your phone will alert you, Hey this person's liked your photo and you're like, I don't remember. And then you look at it and you kind of chuckle at what you wrote on Monday, right. Oboe, what you were thinking it was going to happen that week or cause you're doing a little future predicting about what's happening in the week and, but if you look at the social media calendar, what I've done here, so basically just taken a couple simple things you do throughout the week.

So we have a fun post, a self-promotion share your element, brand a, B and C, more self promotion. And a question that is kind of what makes up each week. And these are so easy to, and if you look at the month, so I use February as an example. Valentine's day happens on the 14th what most of us would do if we're not pro, if we're not thinking ahead in planning or posts, we're going to start promoting Valentine's day on Valentine's day with this. If we had like I've scheduled on the eighth that's when you asked your Valentine's day question and then throughout the week you're posting about your brand a bit. But then in the middle of the week on the Wednesday post about your public show, that's probably happening this weekend on Valentine's day. And then start relating on your post to Valentine's day and then after Valentine's day, ask another question.

How was your Valentine's day? It's really easy stuff. It's not, it's a no brainer. Yeah, just the thought in advance just makes it so much simpler. It saves your time, your energy, all of that. It is super great. One key thing to mix up your photos. I see a lot of guys using the same photos all the time. Oh yeah. It's not that hard to just go get some more photos. Uh, even just on your own phone shirts and photos of yourself doing batch that too. That's how I do it. Am I, the approach to that is a one day a month, I want to create enough content for the month. So when I would A's it's becoming easier just cause I have so many, like I've shot so many expression things on no background with different clothes. So I can sort of drop these accents in every now and then.

How required for social media professional at the cell photography? Yeah. It's not something I enjoy either, but I definitely have gotten a little bit the process a little bit carved out. And so you use later.com a lot. I use that as well. I have an account there. I pay for that service but I'm going to stop that. Um, cause they have several different accounts. But I also have started recently using the creator studio from directly from Facebook and there's benefits to both that can't be replaced. You later.com allows you to use all sorts of other tools that I imagine are eventually going to becoming to Facebook creator studio. But currently later.com allows you to publish. This story's a schedule stories even. Um, and so that's, there's a lot of extra features that are available, are there that are lacking at Facebook. But one of the big, big, big, big things that I like about the Facebook creator studio, because it's owned and operated by Facebook and Instagram, obviously the, all of those connections are available for hashtags and tagging directly, you know, and adding those other additional groups and things that maybe you could like connect to that you couldn't do in later.com because it doesn't have access to that technology.

It's, there's Facebook is blocked that for external third party people. So meaning you can't type at graemazing and his pops up as a link to you. And that's really beneficial in the social media world. So that's probably my reasoning for using Facebook studio crew to your creator studio. But it does lack one of the best features, which is on later.com which is literally a visual calendar where you can just drag this stuff into. So awesome. But those are also free, you know, so there's just options out there. I would imagine Facebook and Instagram are going to try to create a really great tool for you to use their great products, presumably. So I imagine it's going to just get better and better. And now you can access both Instagram and Facebook from this crazy creator studio where you can create posts, um,

Ryan Joyce: and IgE TV, but not stories. Oh, you can do IGT V but not stories, but not stories. Yeah. Oh, weird. So you still have to do stories manually or is there a way to schedule the story? I not from creator studio currently that I am aware of. No, that's so weird. But you know, it'll be coming. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm going to start, I'm going to switch over to creator studio and do, I'll probably do a mix and match. Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, because you already have your calendar laid out visually. Like you, everyone can download you, right. It's a helpful thing to have a visual, but it's not really anything that impacts your, your process. So these are, this is some really great tools for people that really want to step up their social media game in 2012. We're going to keep doing that 2020.

Yeah. Cause that says it's the time really because this is going to free up your time so you can create more magic uh, do more stuff and things. Be present with your friends and your friendships in your make jelly beans, Ray shopping carts, all sorts of stuff. Absolutely. These are the tips. See we're not just about magic and your business before about your personal relationships. There you go. All of that is included. I think this has been a pretty darn good episode. Lots of value, Jay. I've learned a lot man. Thanks for that. All that time that you put into the content calendar. I hope we checks that out. Yeah, make sure this is free. Download this social media calendar for free if you really want to try and work on your social media presence this year. I know I've heard a lot of weird things from other people. I had someone one time say to me like, Hey, did you know if you post last on the last, the next post you get, we'll get a lot more engagement, I think, but, but you're not engaging them. You missing the whole boat here. You have, people think they understand the algorithms, but really the algorithms understand them. Nice

robots. Well, I am the jelly bean maker myself. Ryan Joyce. I hope you've enjoyed this episode of magicians talking magic episode 25 this is.

Graeme Reed: A the three time, three time world champion of racing shopping carts. My name is Graemazing.

Ryan Joyce: Shablazam

Graeme Reed: TaDoozle

Thanks for listening to Magicians Talking Magic Podcast

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