Ep 22 - Chocolate covered seat-covers | Magicians Talking Magic Podcast

On episode 22 of Magicians Talking Magic, our hosts discuss latest magic news, Teller recovering from more surgery, Tik Tok Magicians, and favourite magician podcasts

Episode 22 | Magicians Talking Magic Podcast

Hosts Ryan Joyce & Graeme Reed

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Audio Transcript For the Hearing Impaired

Ryan Joyce: Welcome to Magicians Talking Magic. My name is Ryan Joyce. This is episode at 22 I have been a fulltime chocolate maker for last 20 some odd years is a very busy time for me. I special in the nut-free allergy side of chocolates, which is irony because I am really big into knots. All right, and this is,

Graemazing: My name is graemazing and my profession. I specialize in making seat cushions for when you go to a stadium games such as the Hamilton tiger cats or the BC lions. If you want a more comfortable time at the, you gotta grab one of my seat cushions. They are amazing and you can brand anything you want on them, whether it be your face, your dog, or a fun message like keep calm and sit on. Isn't that one a hilarious one?

Ryan Joyce: It sure is a, it is a Christmas Eve festive time. I mean, my shows are almost done. I'll be done tomorrow night by the time you guys are possibly guys now that are listening to this, the final camp 10 for you to look at that. I'm pumped. I'm pumped because it's nice to be finished, right? Like I've put very little time into the family side of Christmas and such, which is, you know, yeah. But you done all your shopping. How busy are you ready? I got 'em remember most of it. How about you?

Graeme Reed: I, I'm complete. I'm so complete. I was way ahead of the game. I did a lot of uh, online so everything came to the door and the other day I managed to sneak out of the house and do my lab final Christmas shopping. W we've been bad though. Alicia and I, we were so prepared with all of our Christmas as we go out. We just randomly grab other things for people. So we've kind of spoiled everyone this year, which has been a lot of fun. But we were really well prepared, which is great because as magicians it's very busy this season. Um, I'm happy that I'm on the final wrap too. Just like yourself. I only have a couple left this weekend. It's a comedy show, things and some restaurants. And then I do one last one on new year's Eve. I do an early new year's Eve restaurant.

Oh wow. And you've got a TV spot too. I'll be on T V on Christmas Eve. NCH morning lab. My favorite place on TV. Yeah. But those in the Ontario region and streamed live, yeah. It's going to be totally live. And then it repeats again that hour or two. So if I fail, you'll get to see it again the next hour because they repeat that last hour of their see each morning life or the fourth hour. Uh, do you know what you're going to do? Uh, you know, I don't know I'm going to do, which is terrifying. Usually I have a plan, like something that I've been doing in the restaurants. I've shared almost a lot of my material on ch morning live now. So I burn in the material, burn in the gun and the goods. And then I also want to try and make it Christmas themed cause it's Christmas Eve.

Um, so I did this last year. I did a Christmas set on boxing day morning, which is the 26 if you're not from the UK or Canada. If you're in the States and you don't know what boxing days, um, it's our sale day. It's like a black Friday. But after Christmas in Canada and I did a holiday themes that then, so I need to come with something new that works on TV. Right. There's some parameters to, it can't just be anything. There's parameters I think simple holiday themed and two minute primer explainable in one sentence. Right. So I do have a couple of tricks that I might do. They're not holiday themed at all, but I'm trying to work the script in cause it's magic and the magic of Christmas and that's when everything is all magical or something. So we'll do, I'll figure it out. Yeah. I uh, uh, it would be good publicity too, especially during this festive time of year.

People will be kicking back. It'll be probably pretty decent Bureau. I've bet a lot of people will be at home watching on that morning, which is great. Super great. Yeah. Yeah. Way to go. Triple snaps for and for people out there always build a good relationship with your local news station. I mean, I did. I worked there. I have a L a, N. N. um, I've never been able to advertise my seat cushions though. They're really against that. They like me doing the magic that they'll never let me advertise my seat cushions right on the news. You know what I'm going to do when I go in, I'm going to, as I do the set of magic with them, I'm going to slip the camera guy Aaron, a glue bottle of glue and he can pour it all over their seats. So they get all hard and crunchy by the time that goes, sit back on it and sticky.

Do carry glue in your magic bag? I carry. I don't, yes, I'm kind of, we're kind of emergency. See, I always knew this is the meat case and magicians heard this, explained that. Say that one more time. The magicians emergency accessory tote and that's the meat case. You're the meat case. Uh, so in my, why wouldn't I always pack just for, I use the JP magic method, which is only what you need. So I bring just a roll of tape. That's all. That's my safety. Do you have anything else in the car though? You gotta have some kind of emergency in the car that's like, this is my panic attack preventer kit. So I ran into this, I went to a gig without playing cards. I went to a walk around gay without playing cards. Oh. And luckily in the car was a deck of cards. So I was fine. I only need one deck, irregular cards for two hours and I can do something, but I totally forgot. I just got dressed and I forgot my stuff. Like what? So pro tip, always have a couple of cards if you can do that. So I throw, I have a bunch of cards that are just in the car and that's it. That's all I have. I don't have a GoTo emergency show case or anything like that. Do you? What? I've tried to do this year

Ryan Joyce: two instead of roll in with everything and be ready, like in the venue, I've decided to partition my life's completely and be able to sort of hand bombs some of the things in. So, uh, I, I now have definitely traveling with a bunch of the USB or sorry, XLR two quarters and you grounds and XLR to XLR and some of the video stuff that I need and some like I've actually even got my extra projector in there in case like I've got to,

Graeme Reed: you do a lot of video in your show. Your show requires, it's a different, different game I guess. But

Ryan Joyce: and so that's the biggest change that I've done is I just walk in pretty much with my show in one of those foldable cases, which I talked about last podcast. But uh,

Graeme Reed: yeah, the clever Creek. Do you do for your show, do you ever just bring your own screen and projector complete so you can just do everything your own or do you rely on some things from the venue? Well, for the chocolate shows, I always spring just a camp, a screen. And the camera for the magic shows. I uh, I don't usually bring the things I usually ask to see where they have an advanced. So tomorrow my show is, there's going to be a, it's an a big convention center, so it's

Ryan Joyce: double screen kind of thing. I don't really know what I'm walking into, but I think there'll be more accustomed to that environment than like last week's was kind of crazy because it was crazy, but it was lovely. It was one of those venues where they were maybe four steps away from you. They were perfectly like fit inside the room. It wasn't like a volume of space and then people,

Graeme Reed: right. Uh, so it was an awesome show and I killed and it was

Ryan Joyce: lovely. And the, I knew in advance that they were going to have a projector and screen there. So it was easy peasy. And they show, it sent me a picture of the, what would be the soundboard, you know? And with what I didn't know was that the sound board was in the bar and the other,

Graeme Reed: yeah. So it was like, Oh, ah, I didn't worry. So

Ryan Joyce: that was a good reason to be prepared. So my magicians emergency accessory toe was a perfect resource for me. That day I slid in, grabbed a couple XLRs and bam.

Graeme Reed: Nice. Wow. Okay. That's great. I have now, I used to take my mic all the time. Now we ask the venue for a microphone and I use the buck McLeod a Mike thing, which I know that's right. You mentioned that. I got to do that. Do you mentioned that last episode? I've got a word plugin. We're plugging bug bug, a plugin buck here big time. I do. It's great. I do really want to actually just get my own microphone that I can bring now too because a lot of these microphones, so some of them have no range and then you can't use the buck device because you have to just still dip your whole face right in the microphone because it has no range to it. You know what I mean?

Ryan Joyce: I need to get one as well. Mine have just stopped. I don't know what's up with it. And if in fact, and the handheld, I don't know where it is. So I'm boring. Cody's actually, so that I've got to get one of those in the near future.

Graeme Reed: I would say for me, I'm going to ask will Smith, who is your sound tech when you go into or will Smith? Uh, thanks Dan. Heizer without a doubt. I'm a Sennheiser guy as well. So what's the model and make that I should get an SM where I'll be entry level of center.

Ryan Joyce: Kaiser would probably just be perfect, you know, I mean, cause nowadays it's the three and the top levels, like 2,500 bucks. And you don't need that to be, if you're, I mean, I'm talking stick mic too. Oh yeah. And I don't sleep. I'm really impressed with this audio. Technica you know, I would probably be getting something like that only because when like I don't take it on the ship, so I don't need it very often. The quality is fine. I don't need to impress anybody. Right. I mean, if I do, I'll just whip out my DPA with my shore dot and Sennheiser dot connectors. Um, but that's more for the chocolate shows. That's for the chocolate shells. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's not free. Although I, I do eat them in the car. I don't know. I would probably consider looking at what's reasonably, I wouldn't spend it. I wouldn't spend a ton on it. That's my opinion right now. Especially because in the theater world, like they're going to have it for you already there. So, and in the corporate world, they're not going to use, the client isn't gonna. Okay. Graham, take me through your, your show now. Bring me over. Where's your, where's your receipt for your microphone.

Graeme Reed: But even if, uh, like, cause if you, if there's a DJ on site, I don't want the DJ. The DJ microphone is usually like garbage. So it'd be great just to be like, here you go. I did that. I remember at one of my gigs and I was like, yeah, it's just XLR. And he couldn't do that. And I was like, Oh nuts. This is not good. So I needed, I need those adapters. When you say XLR to the DJ and they look at you like you've got three eyes. Yeah. That's always a great sign too. Yeah, I love that. Yeah. Oh, okay. I see.

Ryan Joyce: Oh you mean the one with the three pin Dotty things? Yeah. That's, that's yet XLR. Yep. Not that it just in that world you should know. So if you don't know what that is and that's not an aim of the world is just to say like in the audio DJ world, there's some standards and it's amazing how many DJs just have absolutely no idea what they're doing.

Graeme Reed: Right. Totally. Um, do you have any other fun holiday stories that had happened show wise recently or anything else coming up before we go

Ryan Joyce: tomorrow? Is this going to be the big pressure when that's when it's going to be? It's the furthest one away to drive and then will be a relief to be finished. Um, but uh, you know what those are, those I, I am so prepared for the Christmas stuff that I never, I, I try not to have any horror stories I suppose. But of course it's usually weather. Oh yeah, for sure. Absolutely. So

Graeme Reed: I did do this event last weekend for the YMCA. It was the Santa chills zone and what this was, it was a kid's event for inner city kids. There were over a thousand families and I was doing walk-around. I've never been more overwhelmed in my life doing a magic before. But it was, it was great. Oh boy. But the most exotic I was there and I saw, I can't, where they pulling it, you almost, I tried to, I slowed right down and I tried to be calm to calm everyone cause everyone was very jumpy, crazy, grabby. Even the parents, they, the kids would be like me, me, me, do magic me next. And then the parents would do the same thing and I was so, it was just a lot of newcomers to Canada and things. It was intense. So I was doing a lot. I managed to, uh, figure out the best way to handle it would just slow down, calm down and calm everyone down. And you know, what would help is if they all had like really comfortable seat cushions. Uh, I did sell 400 seat cushions. Is this, is it more lucrative than the magic side then? Well, we can talk about that on seat cushion makers talking seat cushions if you want after this.

Ryan Joyce: That sounds, yeah. So how did, how did it go? Did you leave the situation and be like, thank God that's over with? Or was it,

Graeme Reed: I felt really exhausted, but there were other performers, uh, captain America who I would go and talk to. It was also Australian, which was amazing. And I would talk to Australia and captain America and I looked at him and I said, this is overwhelming, right? And he said, Oh yes. And I, so I felt comfortable then and I just continued to do my thing. Um, and it was two hours went by very fast though, which is great. I mainly did sponge balls, to be honest. That was what works best for that kind of crowd. That was really crazy and grabby. The most unfortunate. But it would be when the sponge balls would explode and go everywhere. Oh boy. It'd be like candy falling on the floor. Yeah. It's like a pin yada. That just exploded. Yeah. Yeah. Or a seat cushion that just got ripped open because surprise inside each seat cushion is some chocolates that you make. You make chocolates from my seat cushions. But that's a secret. Yes. Well those are for the April fools one. Cause then it looks like it should stay in the middle. So moving on. Yeah. So back to that concept of lucrative business. No dice. Um, when do you wrap your gifts for Christmas? They're already all wrapped as I get them, I wrap them up unless there's something that's waiting to be grouped with something else in a box, but Trello, everything, uh, I, you know what? Don't do you enjoy wrapping gifts? I have a, it's a fun time, I think. Yeah.

Ryan Joyce: No, for C. Oh, see now you're going to touch a nerve with me. See I don't, and the reason is is because it's like Christmas cards for me or cards and in most natures because it's like, um, there's no like in a minute it's going to be for completely forgotten. And so just the process of wrapping it is just seems so wasteful and redundant to me. I enjoy, but I enjoy hand and I would watch him people open and everything. It's just so much waste and cards for me is really the hot button one because if I want to, I don't know, I just think cards are real huge release Shea, it's so weird to give something that's like just recycled. Somebody else's thought is like, Ooh, I picked this one goes, it was purple.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. Yeah. The holidays are warm and so where are you? Merry Christmas, right? Like just come on, come on. Yep. Yeah. I don't understand cards either. When you talk about we're going to do a family photo, we still haven't done a family photo here with the animals. We'll see how many animals we can get in one picture. Oh yeah. Maybe we'll share that on the magicians Instagram or something. It'll be shared on mine for sure. ACRA mazing and you can Oh, also be sure to go to shit. cushions.com to get your April four hot seller. It's a hot seller. Oh, it's really good. They're really good on a hot day. Several sizes as well if you'd like. It's uh, yeah. Anything for maximum. Um, Oh, so any other, anything other holiday wise you want to tell me about? No, I'm excited. We've been making too many cookies. We've got to stand mixer on black Friday, so we've been making weight too many holiday cookies and none of those holiday cookies. We'll see other people. We've eaten them all. Good for you. That's what the holidays is about, isn't it? Diabetes? Uh, I uh,

Ryan Joyce: I haven't really done anything. In fact, I haven't really gotten back to the decorations yet because life is so busy right now, just intensely busy. Um, so I have a half decorated tree and the boxes of decorations, I have stepped around for the last week and a half, so I'll get there. Um,

Graeme Reed: yeah, I didn't actually get up all the decorations. We get up most of it, but we think we have enough up because it just feels to Graham enough up, right? Like just Instagram level. Yeah. The tree is up and the outside lights are out and we put up the stockings. That's all that matters. Took talking any of it. Oh my gosh. So let's move on to news. These are the news topics of the week. Would you want to try and can you do news topics of the week in the, um, on the promo blade is magic news feed scrum mazing. Uh, so I just keep getting bombarded on my Instagram and Facebook feeds with Zach King news articles cause I guess Zach King is breaking tick tock of course, as he does with his amazing magic tricks that he does in video editing and after effects and everything. They look so cool. I guess he's got a flying room video that everyone sharing but more or was that his, yeah, that's his, I'm pretty sure. Yep. Oh, that was

Ryan Joyce: smart. And the cake one is the one that I saw first with the glass of milk that turns into cake.

Graeme Reed: Right. It's all in and believe it. And you know what I've also been seeing on my Instagram, a lot of magicians have switched over to tick tock and they're just resharing there. Tick tock videos and Instagram now. So my whole thing, because I started to experience this tic TAC craze a couple months ago, and kids when I'd be at a restaurant, they go, are you on tick tock? Do you teach magic tricks on tick tock Wheeler and tricks on tick, do you do tick tock? And I go, what's a tick tock? And now I feel really old and out of it. But then they explain and then I remember, I actually do know what tick tock is. I'd seen it before, but just forgotten. Do we need to do tick tock? Is that a thing that we need to be on? What? What do you think about this whole,

Ryan Joyce: Oh well, okay. I like it. I like that it is my platform and I like video stuff. So I like that. I have it. I haven't, I'm sort of a cautionary observer, which is really not how it should be working. I should, we all should be diving in head first with, without, yeah. Without any care. But tick tock seems to be the one that's settling in the opinions of many. It would appear that this social media is going to be around to stay possibly. Potentially. Maybe question Mark. It certainly is popular with the young kids and as someone who's not really around kids often, like I don't, I don't, I don't know if I have that voice for that generation. You know, I've looked at a couple of a minutes. It's fun. Like it's super fun, but like I, it just, it just isn't my world at all. So I will try, I will dabble in, I will do my very bestest quick. I don't know that I'm going to change. Is it just videos are easy. Yeah. But it's, they really love us slant with the music and the lip sinking, like that's really popular. And to be able to jump off to the hashtags and the trending topics and things, those are really where you're, you know, but it's, it's, um, I, I don't have time for any of it.

Graeme Reed: I feel like we're just going to see all the same from a magic standpoint. I hope we don't, but I feel like we're just going to see all the same magic tricks. Like we're going to sign pumped to see the Rubik's cube thing. We'll see the gum thing from the mouth thing again. Right re wraps itself. We're going to see all the same,

Ryan Joyce: you know what I am pumped about though. There are some things to think about it and it's, it's AI generated. So over time it learns what you like, which is got some potential for us as content creators because then it's really doing the VA like it's doing the selecting, not unlikes it's doing this, selecting on watch time

Graeme Reed: still so fascinated by this tick tock. I don't want to join it out of protest, but I feel like in three months time I'll have joined it and be using it. Uh, I, you know what, I'm going to post a question on the Instagram feed. If you don't follow us already at magicians talking magic on Instagram is where we post most of our content. But I'll post a question up there about what you guys think about tick tock and if you're it, if you use it. I'm so interested in fascinated about this.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. Another social media. Um,

Graeme Reed: cause it kinda seems like, do you, what did you say? Facebook is fading out,

Ryan Joyce: huh?

Well whole, I think that alone sums up Facebook and on Instagram it's like, yeah. Hey. Mm.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. Like it. Yeah. So maybe and no tick tock is all yeas, but do you think yeah, we'll tick tock end up being like a vine where it lasts for a hot minute and something else comes in and creeps in. And

Ryan Joyce: I dunno what's pass it off to the viewers because there's probably some, there is some people that are out there crushing on tick tock Sam Pierce is doing amazing. Is he on tick tock tick tock? Yeah. He's got a couple of years. You showed me yesterday. One was like 100,000 views on it. Wow. What is it? It's encoded. Is he doing tricks? Yeah. Yeah. T yeah. So check it out if your guys are, I don't know how to, this is me like go on under the tweeters and go to the add Sam Pearce. Magic I don't know how to tell you to get to the two. Here's a thing, I'm on tick tock tech. We w we should admit both of us are on, um, we're doing this on exercise balls today. We are recording ELA. We were both bouncy balls. Health is always a thing. Staying healthy during the holidays. We've got some health news.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. And actually this is big magic news this week. These are, this is Tom magic news. A teller is gone in for back surgery again. I think it's as third spinal fusion this year. Do you know exactly what a spinal fusion is? I don't, I think what they do is they um, where like your spine can move around and stuff. Like, you know, you have all those discs, the discs these together, they get seized together. So that's when you see like an older person around with a very stiff back tell her is also 71 years old and he's at a re, I mean a physical career doing straight jacket things. All those boxes. Think of all that stuff he's done. He's very physical career and all the shows, the amount of shows they would do throughout the years too. I mean I get fatigued from doing a mind reading show where I stand and talk. I couldn't imagine. I know like I couldn't imagine doing all that physical work. All the impact. Yeah. Have you heard,

Ryan Joyce: I asked the Google spinal fusion is a surgical procedure used to correct problems with the small bones in the spine in brackets, vertebrae. It is essentially a welding process. The basic idea is to fuse together two or more vertebrae. So they the heel into a single solid bone.

Graeme Reed: There you go. Nice facts. So while teller is out, uh, they are doing the pen and French shows so they're not going completely dark. There's still do some shows. Um, they started December 21st to 22nd and uh, pendula it will be performing with Matt King and Matt the mind noodler you'll know Matt Donnelly, if you listen to Penn Sunday school, he's always on the podcast. Pretty hilarious. And also if you know, fool as he consults on full list as well. And if you don't know Matt King, why are you listening to this podcast? And then December 23rd to January, go get some fig Newtons. Yeah. December 23rd of January 4th PIP joints the show. So I think you'll get to catch Piff and is it pop Penn's character when they go together and they both are in the dragon costumes? I think they're going to do that. So these are some unique shows that you can catch.

That's breaking news for me. I'm not on that incident. Okay. Wow. You should really check out that stuff. But you should check out um, Penn and teller or the pen and French shows going on in Vegas. Cause these are unique shit. One of a kind shows. Unfortunately though, they've had to cancel their Australian tour. I think they have an Australian to replay and they had done unfortunately canceled. It's, Oh, this is really, yeah. Wow. This is real. Sending our best, of course the magicians around the world to according to news and social media posts. Teller is at home recovering and he's doing okay. So that's good to hear. But it'll still be a couple months. I think he's expected to come cause it sounds like it screws and bolts and stuff like it's, it's a physio that's going to be, and the pain. Yeah. I couldn't imagine the pain, but I think he's expected to be back February or March, which sounds very soon if you think about it.

Wow. I don't know. We'll see. But I think that he's expected to come back. That is when they started the tapings for fool us and things. So he wants to be back for that. Wow. So let's all hold. Let's give a snap for that too. Yes. Snaps to whatever. Shit. Christians, we can send them one of those two. We could bounce on it or some nut-free chocolate and the fees in a nut free chocolate. Any of the non-free. Our raspberry infused is always a good, or if he just wants the nuts, because you're always are pulling nuts out of chocolate and just have them in an extra satchel. You could sign up some nuts too.

We have some Reddit news that we want to talk about. Well, do you want, Oh, do you want it? Can you promo voiceless into Reddit topics of the week? Let's go to the barrel. Reddis for magic news from Reddit. I don't know why it was a barrel. No, that's fine. It felt in historical times, people always got their news from a barrel. People would just leave a big old wine barrel out in their front porch and they didn't have newspapers back then. They would just drop a person inside the barrel. When you woke up. He would pop out of the barrel and go, here's your news today, and that's how the news was delivered. Yeah. Our cocoa beans come in a barrel in our maker leaves a little sweet love note on the top, so when he opened it up, that's nice. Did you, didn't you just get a delivery today?

Can you read the latest sweet note that you got from the, yeah, let me just see. Oh, here it is here. Y'all look at this. We hope you have a cocoa. Alicia's holiday season not so nice. And it's all themed to the cocoa to which they must run out. This like Coco messages that an almond, no. While we, there was just an off colored B. So we were flipping through the Reddits flipping through the deep pages of the Reddit and actually on the top page without skipping it. What magic podcasts do you listen to? This was a topic. And what a fun topic because we are a newer podcast in the magic gram. I mean it is episode 22. You know what that means? I don't same digit twice. Double do the double too. But I mean, we're a newer podcast in French. That's what, 22 in French. Um, 22 Vanda all right. Oh yeah, it is. Let me see. Hold on a second. Let's go to a hundred. Ready everybody, if you're not into this, fast forward 20 minutes. Um, so yeah, so people are talking about magic podcasts. Do you listen to magic podcasts besides ours?

Ryan Joyce: Uh, you don't currently. Um, but I don't really put, see, I'm always in editing mode. Right. So it's hard for me to lock you into something that is like a conversation base. I'll put on the news because I can just tune that out. But he burned at some point. I've got to shut it all down, especially when it's dialogue. So I find during the day I go to audio,

Graeme Reed: that's kinda my, my, Oh, okay. So I totally check. I check out podcasts. All, I'm a huge podcast listener. I always listened when I do the dishes, when I walk the dog, when I drive to and from gigs. Um, when in my, when I was working more full-time threading and putting together seat cushions, I mean they have a full team for this sort of thing now. And even inserting the chocolates, which is the most fun part in the chocolates into the seats, especially in April time. Uh, but now that we have a full team that puts all that stuff together. Thank you so much Sam and Cody for assembling or seat cushion. And just FYI, just I first special delivery is the only product that we will put the occasional larger nut in the chocolate for the seat cushions. Just so you know that it is quite the experience actually when it melts down and you start to see the stain, you'll get periods thing. It's you probably towards those macadamias sties nuts. It's probably, you probably want to order too, just so that you can experience the cushion as well. Um, what was your favorite?

Ryan Joyce: What do you, I mean, when you're biased, of course there's only one you can mention for that number one.

Graeme Reed: Yeah, the one I listened to all the time for sure is the magic word podcast, Scott Wells. Yeah, no, that's a good one. But I don't send that one all the time. But I do check out the Scott Wells podcasts because he goes to a lot of conventions. So if you want to get the scoop on what's happening at the conventions where you get to hear about the newest acts and things, which are usually Fiza max. And we're going to have a lot of that breaking news here. No, it's a great, it's a great podcast. Scott Wells. And then the other one that I regularly listen regularly are a little bit, but listen to his discourse and magic would join a baboon's. Yup. Uh, here's a lot of great interviews on there with top pro magicians. Yeah. Did he come back from Spain too? He was just in Spain.

He is interviewing all those famous Spanish magicians. So check all that stuff out over the holidays. If you haven't, I know, I usually subscribe it. I listened to a lot of those on the drives and walking the dog to catch up on magic theory and how all these magicians think and, and do their, their acts and their fun stuff like that. So those are two great podcasts license you and then one that's now over I think is the magicians podcast where he interviewed David Copperfield for his final episode. Listen to it. Yep. And whew. Fun episode. Yeah. Yeah. It was a great podcast. So we do, magic is blessed in that four on that front. We've got many, many available mediums to get up to date. We're, we're S IRF personality. Seems to be the news side of it and we're going to start presenting some interviews as well. But, um, I guess then we also hope to share our experiences and hopefully they're relatable with what we do in magic. I don't know where else can you learn about these chocolates seats covers? I mean, now talking about news, it is right around the corner. Um, and I know FISM FISM North America and ship a magic 20, 20 and Quebec city from May 6th to 10th cam combined the way you're talking about, yeah, yeah. Couldn't be a North American champion. Yeah, I can't do it. I was going to try to do it. That's okay.

If you want to be a offensive North American champion, then all you have to do is ah,

yup. Yeah. And also the Canadian championship, that's two combinations together. And one, there's an incredible interview that you did with the FISM North American president, right? Yes, absolutely. And he shares all sorts of incredible information and that's going to be coming out on the FISM and Facebook page, all that stuff too. But, um, I, yeah, I want to share a little, a little snippet fee. I think this is called a magicians talking magic exclusive, which deserves promo voice. Oh,

you know, world filled with clutter and misinformation. Only magicians talking magic can bring you this breaking news exclusive

is that too long? And here's Bradley Jacobs with, uh, all you need to know about creating a FISM act

Ryan Joyce: in term of, or what is the effect that I want to achieve? Forget that I have this magic trick or this magic tree and how do I get there? Right? So they start at the end and then I back up and build it till it gets to where they want it to be. And the, there's, it's, it's so much different. It's so much stuff in, it leads to very unusual kinds of magic demonstrations, whole new creations because they're problem solving is at a different level. Yes. They think about the art of magic a differently.

Well, first of all, he is such an interesting man. He is background and magic extends, I believe over 70 years is what he said. Whoa. First magic trick, uh, was performed by his grandmother. Really fascinating. Yep. His grandmother presented and performed the first magic trick and didn't tell him how to do it. Uh, and then of course, mr you got a magic kid and eventually she shared that it was, yeah, I have his biography as well. Where's he's really well spoken. Yes. He's got a very commanding voice designee. It's wonderful. Yeah. He's currently residing in South Carolina, I believe, but I believe he, I believe he said he was from, uh, more of the, the East stretch in the Philadelphia or Pennsylvania areas where I believe was homeless, uh, previous to them. So that he's a really fascinating man and he's traveled the globe is seeing magic.

He more than anything, he says how magicians have just changed his life. He's met some of these incredible people, uh, you know, just because of a life of magic. It's a really uniting thing and you can really feel that from when he speaks. So I'm really looking forward to meeting him in person. He was, it was just fascinating to chat with and to, uh, to, uh, to hear some of the stories he had to share. And one of them I just, I had to share with everybody. This just blew me away. And he's telling me about a friend of his jail cell walk who runs the Chavez school of magic. And, um, it, Dale had this experience where somehow he got into North Korea and Korea and this. So this little story is really piqued my entry

Del Sol, what Dale has in his past, uh, and an ability to get entree into North Korea. And he has crossed the border. He has met with magicians in North Korea. He says it's fascinating. A story tells, he said they don't have YouTube, they don't have books on magic, but they know about magic the console. They have to make up what they do. So they don't have a thumb tip as an example, unless they were able to, you know, so they have to create, if they're going to do vanish a cigarette, I'm making this up. But if they're vanishing a cigarette, you know, and uh, so canker Jeff or something like that, they can't use the thumb tip because they don't have one. They have to figure out a different way. And they, they have very unusual, he says, I don't, we didn't go into detail at any point a to point B with no background, no nothing. They just have to make it up out of there. What an interesting research project because it's its own little hotbed of you. Uh, you couldn't duplicate that in any other situation. They have literally no history of modern magic as we know of modern magic. Yeah, because they're closed off. I wonder if Dale's is willing to share that. I w I think he has written some articles, said they'd been published in, uh, in linking ring and uh, and uh, I think Jeannie and it also on mum.

How incredible is that?

Graeme Reed: That is unbelievable. Annville I bet be he's gotta be filled with so many of these stories.

Ryan Joyce: Oh yeah. And I really wanted, I would love to chat with Dale. I'm sending that to the universe. Oh,

Graeme Reed: that should, that'll happen. It's now it's going to happen. You just made it happen. Incredible

Ryan Joyce: story. That is my, my dendrites are sparked about this. I don't know why, but it's so fascinating. Just imagine this, it's like a little, like in the Amazon, they find people that have never seen people.

Graeme Reed: Right. I'm excited that we're getting to expose the unexplained physical whole lot more through this podcast because I think it's something it's someone known, right?

Ryan Joyce: Yes. And part of that, I think he touches on to, uh, I'm sorry, this is a different interview. I had several interviews this week. One of the things that was brought up, I had a discussion with Shawn Farquhar and so that is going to be coming out as well in the future. And that's all at FISM. And one of the things that Shawn brought up, I thought it was poignant, was that there's a lot of, um, a lot of acceptance of it in the European side of it, and it's really well known over in Europe, but yet still they can go into a country and like nobody knows about it. But the magicians like this, the biggest thing to happen in the world of magic coming into any, so it's as somebody that's suffered everywhere. I, I, I feel if there's a lack of knowledge everywhere,

Graeme Reed: it's like we need to get the FISM brand up to like the Oscars.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah, that's right. Uh, and that's, but North America, we have a kind of a vacuum I believe for, for some of this information. My eyes are open to all sorts of new information and we're happy to share that information with everybody else. You guys, probably guys and gals probably knew all this, so if you have some interesting tips or experiences with FISM, we'd love to hear them because, uh, well we're going to be chatting, you know, up FISM a lot over the next couple, couple months. And I'll be interviewing a handful of people as well. So I want to know experiences. We'll also be trying to track down a couple of people we keep, we gotta send this to the universe to Rick Merrill, Rick Merrill.

Graeme Reed: Right. I was going to work. It works. So you um, we've been able to share a lot of cool interviews recently. Last week we had Joan Caesar. This week we had some Bradley J do we get to share something else next week? Oh next week. Speaking of next week. It's real deal Christmas next week. But we are troopers and we are still going to have an episode where it'll probably come, it'll come in on the Friday I guess, right? Yep. So on the 27th. So when you were after Christmas you're enjoying all your presence, you're exhausted, you've already opened your tired of unbox it tune into us cause we are going to have a year in review show, talk about some of her favorite things and are we going to have some exclusive interview stuff from your FISM? I think we will. I think that'd be awesome. It'd be cool if we could get, you know, a Canadian legend FISM champion winner

Ryan Joyce: POM low Shump young. You know what I realize that. Can I just, I didn't address this to Sean but um, he, his website is magic champion.com and the French word for mushroom is shown for your home. So John's website is magic mushroom.com

Graeme Reed: so he gets a lot of interesting Glentel man. Yeah. Yes.

Ryan Joyce: So it's going be a busy time. We hope everybody has a great holidays. How was your music crazy? Yeah, absolutely. Everybody please be responsible.

Graeme Reed: You know what, our Christmas day, I'm so excited it's going to be exciting and crazy. We're doing two Christmas standards in the same night wallet. So in the afternoon we're going to Alicia's parents or her brother and like we're getting together with Alicia's family. And um, after that for a later dinner, maybe it's seven ish, cause we'll eat early with Alicia's family, we are going to my family's house. And then on top of that I am cooking the Turkey or Alicia and I are cooking the Turkey for family dinner number one. So that means we have to get up very early and make this amazing Turkey. We made it last year. It was delicious. I'm excited. I am excited, but then we'll be done in one go and actually on the 27th I get together with my family as well. So we'll be busy week.

Ryan Joyce: Well if you need any nut-free chocolate, let me know. I have all of your seat cushions. Uh, it's going to be for me, it's just a family. It's my favorite meals a day breakfast. So as long as there's an amazing Christmas breakfast, we all go down to my, my mayor and uh, and then we regroup a little bit later and my grandparents are still the one and 92. That's amazing. So yep. Um, so it's definitely a great, great time for family and that's where we hope heart is filled with family time remembered a, recharge them, their batteries. Cause you probably all have had a pretty big busy, busy season.

Graeme Reed: Uh, it is a crazy busy season for sure. How would you recap and sort of

Ryan Joyce: some of all of your gigs and improve them? What would be your process for doing some kind of post

Graeme Reed: season show notes kind of thing? What are you hoping to do more of them kind of show wrap up? Great question. So I, this is on the Trello right now to regroup the show, rewrite the shows. Cause as you go on as a performer outside of your seat cushion, sewing career, you start to learn more about magic performance and what you need and how it all works. I'm still new to doing this professionally, so I'm still learning, but I've started to understand what shows they offer and who are is my best audience for my show, such as, for instance, I did that Christmas party or 400 people. That doesn't work for me. Plus I was standing on a chair to make it happen. I mean I now started to understand the rules. For me, the best audience to have was probably 60 people or less.

20 to 60 is a great group for me and if those people are 25 to 45 it's going to be a home run for me right there. So I know my kind of key audience that I want, but I also can play to many different people. So I'm currently writing one show that is that the graemazing favorite show to do all the bits and pieces that are my nineties jokes and these humor, these things that only a certain demographics and to get, and then I'm working on a general show that I can share with Christmas audiences. General audiences do a fantastic still hilarious migrating show that packs very light and has removed all these nineties bits. And then that'd be a separate kind of comedy club act or the graemazing act. Uh, which is neat to try to start to figure out what I'm doing with myself.

And then I still have my clothes backwards is great, and that's just a home run situation. They can offer it. But I'm trying to figure out my prices, how to organize my whole act and kind of where I want to be. Some pieces have to be removed, some pieces just have to be, they're tired, they're old. Maybe you feel are figuring them. I don't know if people figure them out, but they're just not hitting the way I want them to hit. So I'm going to rewrite some new pieces. I've got some new material, some re some R and D coming in that I'm gonna be working on and hopefully add that into the show. What about yourself after you're hitting near the end that you've done some shows, what do you think? Yeah, I feel similar. I, I'm going to do a reboot after this one because this gives me a really full spectrum

Ryan Joyce: of all of the potential environments that will walk into sort of big, middle and small,

Graeme Reed: the for the gigs that I've had. And so after that I'm going to do exactly the same thing. My sort of takeaway

Ryan Joyce: is to just be a really truthful with yourself for once in your career, right? Not you specifically. I mean you, you may, you the listener and made the drive in your car right there. We can see really, really truthful with yourself and those moments in the show that you don't like. You ever heard of them?

Are you experiencing a lot of that in your own show? No, I've got it. This is my build for the show is great. So the first 18 plus minutes, I know once I press play from walkout to 18 minutes, I don't need a single person to get out of their seat for me to have all of their attention. And then from that point on I've got another burst of time that's solid. And then another burst of time that's really solid. But in some of those bursts, I've got periods of time where I feel the energy go. And what is weird slash not weird is that it works very well on the ship, but it's not landing the same in a smaller environment. And so, um, my, my takeaway for that is there's going to be some variables, but um, I can't help but think that that maybe that bit that isn't working really isn't working as well on the ship either.

Oh yeah. And that's what my, my takeaway to be truthful with yourself. Don't, don't lie to yourself. If you think perhaps it's something that should be pulled or retooled, then then seriously work on it. Because if you don't fully resonate with it, then it's not going to send out that same resonation of the vibe that you want. I think does that make any sense? Is that weird? Hokey pokey. But no, that doesn't make sense. I've been sure working at a couple of jokes all year long that just don't work. So I'm just removing them. And some a trick is involved in that too. So the whole trick is just gone. It was great. I liked the piece, but whatever. Yeah. So it's, it's good to do these readjustments on ourselves. We've gotta be, but it all boils down to being truthful. And if you can't do that, then you'll always be where you are stuck, I guess is now 20 years. 2020 is my 20 year marker of magic career. Full time. Wow. That's crazy. Who's going to give you a watch? Who gives you the watch? Well, I got, I got wrinkles and bad knees. How does that, um, what does that add? Don't, we've never really talked about this before, but, um, do you ever get the, I always had this overwhelming fear that people are just going to see me again. They see me do the same stuff and I always need new staff. Do you ever get that idea or do you always think like,

Graeme Reed: do you think, Oh no, they're going to what? See me float the damn table again? Yeah. Um, I know

Ryan Joyce: the only fear that for these like not on the ships because those people, they're just a whole new audience all the time. But locally for sure. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. Cause it takes a lot to Polish material to a level where you're comfortable and a level that you know, you can just do on autopilot. And I liked, uh, I liked to be

Graeme Reed: really, really polished beef. I don't know, I put my expectations too high. So maybe that's my new year's resolution. We should talk about new year's resolution on the next episode of the next year or a year end review episode, which will happen next week for sure. We're going to have one more episode. No, a lot of people wonder what's aren't doing episodes next week, but we are because we are dedicated to this thing. So you got two next week to make sure you follow her Instagram account and magicians talking magic and followed Joyce's, uh, at Ryan. Joyce magic is magic. That's right. Graemazing yeah. At graemazing. Yup. So hopefully you've already has a great holiday season. Hopefully you're wrapping up your shows, this

Ryan Joyce: who coming weekend and you can have a wonderful restful couple of days, couple of weeks.

So whenever you put up your feet, start putting together those taxes, you know, all that fun stuff.

Ryan Joyce: Oh boy. Minor already done. I'm incorporated. That's a whole other nightmare. Oh, I'm starting my nightmare right after the shows are done. Well, yeah, it's the joy of Christmas and the pain of government, isn't it? Uh, well listen everybody, thanks so much for listening this episode.

Graeme Reed: Make sure to get yourself some nut free chocolate this holiday season and visit shit, cushion.com to get your surprise. April poo jokes, seats. Uh, where are we currently? Have it.

Ryan Joyce: We have run out of the cashew version of the, the, the sheer cushion.

Graeme Reed: But if you want, it's not edible. We will sneak in avocado nut in there. That's right. Yeah. That's for you. Big time players is

Ryan Joyce: a select kind of clientele only. This is episode 22 magicians talking magic my name is Ryan Joyce.

Graeme Ree: My name is graemazing.

Ryan Joyce: Shablazam

Graeme Reed: TaDoozle

Thanks for listening to Magicians Talking Magic Podcast

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