EP 21: Holiday Craze & Levitating Pyramids

In this episode hosts Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed share stories from recent Christmas parties and holiday shows, Graeme has a Dirty Dancing moment, Ryan loses power, Floating Pyramids, Canada's Magic, FISM NACM 2020, the latest magic news and more.

Episode 21 | Magicians Talking Magic Podcast

Hosts Ryan Joyce & Graeme Reed

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Links mentioned in this Episode:

Joan Caesar shares how the Canadian Association of Magicians began

Joan Caesar shares details about a tour (scenic) she's organizing to compliment the world champions of magic in 2021

Download the full tour details here: PDF

Audio Transcript For the Hearing Impaired

Ryan Joyce: Welcome to Magicians Talking Magic. My name is Ryan Joyce. I have been a professional diver for the last 20 years and a collection of Afghans hang on my walls. And this is,

Graemazing: My name is Graemazing and I am an Egyptologist. I had been studying Egyptology for over 45 years now. I know so much about pyramids. PS, it's all aliens, but you didn't hear it from me. And this is episode two, one 21 blackjack.

Ryan Joyce: The Pharaoh's had interesting things to say about the number 21 I don't know what, but I'm sure an Egyptologist would. They said blackjack. Oh boy. Well, there's lots in the magic news. It's a busy time of year. As I look outside, it's like, it's like beautiful and sunny right now. But about 15 seconds ago, it looks like the tornado of snow was hitting it is Greg Frewin. drove, he drove up today, drew a trailer to pick up something from the car. And I'm like, I would not want to. It was from the car, the garage and illusion of mine. Uh, and I, I S I swear to God he was saying that his trailer was moving all over the thing in the car are they the big trucks really don't care on the roads about anybody and they just zoom past. So I'm, I'm happy not to be driving anywhere, especially in a trailer cause I know what that's like. But uh, yeah, it's been a busy morning. So nice to chat with you. Lots of lots to get caught up on

Graeme Reed: yeah. And I mean talking uh, pyramids and um, mirages it looks beautiful outside but it is apparently it feels like

Ryan Joyce: negative 11. It's bitter. It's honestly, it's insane. And it flips so fast. Just two seconds ago I had to run a save my, my recycling bins were halfway down the street because it's just so windy

Graeme Reed: you can hear right now. It kind of sounds like the house might just tip over. Yeah. This is Dorothy situation happening right here and we're headed to Oz, my friends and talking about us. We are knee deep in Oz. It is Christmas season for magicians. We are all entertaining or a bunch of us are entertaining. Uh, I know not everyone that listens to is maybe some people are just hobbyists, but a bunch of us young Christmas shows, we are experiencing Christmas parties nonstop. Oh my gosh. How have you done, so you've done some Christmas shows already, right?

Ryan Joyce: I did, yes. I had my first corporate one last week, so I've, I've only got a handful of this this season. I've only had a handful of the last 10 seasons because I'm on cruise ships. So that's about all I want though is is just once one or two a weekend kind of a thing. You're, you're cramming them out so much. I can't believe it. I don't have the energy.

Graeme Reed: I'm doing like five or six on the weekends and it's a very busy and it's exhausting. It's a full on marathon, especially when there's a couple of those that you do a couple of hours a walk around. Oh yeah. That really takes out your energy and gives you the Tufts. I had two this past weekend or last weekend. Yeah, this last weekend I had two crazy parties. Two really crazy, pretty crazy or bad, crazy. Really great. Crazy, really great. Great. When was a house party as a corporate gig but at a house. So there was only a few people and the idea was I was going to do 30 minutes a walk around card magic and then do the 30 minutes a standup mind reading, which I kind of liked that mix. I get to go meet everybody and then go, Hey, I'm going to do this crazy thing now. Yeah, that makes sense.

During the mind reading set cause it's a house party and uh, the, the client that owns the house, she has animals, she has a cat and a dog, well behaved, but I was doing a tossed out deck. Yup. And in the middle of it, uh, her, her cat just started kind of climbing into my magic case and I was like, Oh, okay. I was like, is the cat friendly? Yep. Can the cat be picked up? Yup. So I picked up the cat, uh, as I do my own cats, like a baby in my arm burst and I just continued to carry out the entire tossed out deck routine, which is like a 10 minute routine while holding a cat like a baby and kinda telling all the lines right to the cat. And the cat was just in awe the whole perfect. Oh, next year we're going to do tossed out cat.

So cat. Yeah. Everyone catch the bear when the music stops. I'll read your mind. Who's got the tail? No, I don't have insurance. Oh boy. Yeah, I'm Ben. So that was really crazy. And at the end of the show I got a standing ovation. I've never gotten a standing ovation inside someone's house. Well with a cat like that, performance like that as you're sure deserve it for sure. That sounds exciting. Do the cat give a any like bow at the end? Was there a moment or just like any dismount or just like toss it? Like get out. We're done cat. The tricks over the cat just pulled the David Blaine. Once the trick was done, the cat just was like, that's magic. And walked out, walked out of there, started the show, and then the next night, speaking of things in people's arms, I was doing a big corporate party, a couple of hours of walk around and finished off with 15 minutes of mind reading for everybody.

A man just walked into, I was doing it on the dance floor, it was doing the show on the day. He just walked into the dance floor with a playing card and goes, change it, change it. And I was like, Oh, um, I don't remember writing this part of my show, sir. So I just, because there was a huge dance floor and I didn't really, I was at the end of my set. I was basically revealing the thing I couldn't get throughout the show and it's in an envelope and then it's a big reveal and I was just there. I was just got that final thing and I was done and this guy jumps in, so I just walked. Yeah. I walked down the middle of the dance floor and then like I just go, is he still there? And then the audience laughs and he's obviously still there.

So I turned around and he's still over in the back of the room now being like, that was like, Oh man. I was like, sir, if you don't leave, I'm going to run and jump into your arms. And then he had gotten to a position, like he was ready for that. So I ran and I jumped into his arms and that got a good standing ovation. Like dirty dancing style. Like exactly like dirty dancing style. Yeah, there's like a, yeah, there's a river scene, right? Yeah, the Lake scene. Wow. Yeah. I've never had a dirty dancing moment at a Christmas, but I hope they enjoyed the moment I emailed them, I haven't heard back from them, so hopefully they're not seeing me for insurance. Maybe they're not as happy with the Christmas moment. Maybe they weren't. Maybe I throw out the guy's back and they're very mad now.

I don't know. He's even to go. He's carried the watermelons, but that's way too many lines to that movie as well as what we're learning on this episode of magicians talking, man. Uh, it was, speaking of dirty dancing, have you seen the new show or a series on Netflix called the movies that made us know? Oh wow. You should check that out. It's all the behind the scenes on famous movies like dirty dancing home alone. Um, there was a couple of others in there too. It's great. Wrote it down. Yeah. It's just like the toys that made us where they analyze the toys and they kind of interview all the people behind the scenes. Uh, did you know that home alone was all shot in a school? No idea. You mean the house? All the sets. Every single cell. It was inside of it. At school and in school, in a school that was maybe used for things like the breakfast club and stuff like that. How Nieto was that? Yeah, you should check it out. It's very interesting. I will watch that. That's, uh, I am looking for things. I just

Ryan Joyce: bins the crown. I learned that I'm not the only one who was Joan Caesar was over yesterday. We'll all share a little bit about that in a few minutes, but um, and I also just learned that she, she's now finished the crown. She just came back from Taiwan and that flight is brutal. But if you can binge a season of something on Netflix, you know, that's 13 hours or a seven was, that's more like 21 hours of flying. Hello. Oh geez. 21 yeah, I couldn't, the idea of picking up in a plane right now going that far. I just, I, I'd rather lift a car, you know,

Graeme Reed: I don't even enjoy getting in the car for more than an hour right now to try to get to a Christmas party. I just enjoy it. I have a lot of them which are 20 minutes away. Fantastic. This is w I am so fortunate as well. Most I don't have any that are in

Ryan Joyce: anywhere that requires four lane traffic for more than 20 minutes. I think the furthest one I have left to do is maybe an hour and a half. It's totally okay if it'll be the last one. I do, I think as well. Nice. The final one that is wicked for this year. They have a couple more next year too. So that's, you know, in January the January Christmas party, Christmas continues. It sure does. Well I had two, I used the one show last week and um, it was, it was, it was, you know, very typical as far as the situation. Nothing out of the, out of the norm. But the thing that happened that was a little bit nuts. So for me it was, I didn't realize the power cable that they gave me. I don't know, it just must not have been working. And so my laptop, even though it was there and plugged in was not at all receiving any power whatsoever.

So no, no. Came back, you know right after they finished desserts and popped on stage to go and I looked at the computer and it had that warning, like that little thing in the bottom right corner beside the power that said you better plug me in cause I only got maybe 25, 45 minutes left. And while I tried at that point, problem solving, cause it was the first time I was even aware that there was a power issue, you know when I'm about to go on that worst kind of, you don't want to have to deal with that moment before you go on stage. But so I just, at some point I just had to take the understanding that I was tossing my life into Microsoft's hands and um, and they did great. I have bio, I've always been impressed by their laptop and I got gotta lie.

There's like a surface, not that that matters, but it lasted all the way through. And like I ask a lot of my laptop, it controls the music and the video and it's like your whole show. What would your show be without your laptop? It would just, it wouldn't be, it would be scary, but I did do a little bit of a change in the show, which was fun, a little bit something, you know, when you do the same thing over and over and over and over again, you forget to even really think about the thing that you're doing because you're always focused on something else. Um, and well, I, I sort of had a moment with myself about the ending of the show and rearranged a few things. It's seemed to make sense when I thought about them. Uh, and they made a lot of sense in an execution as well.

So I was really happy with the, how it worked out. Sometimes it doesn't always, right? Like last year I feel like I tried a lot of things and they allowed, I feel like a lot of things missed. And the tricky thing like, um, because people don't realize, not everyone would know your show, but um, it comes down to it. It's a whole bunch of predictions, various predictions. And the fun thing about a mind reading show or having predictions is you can mix up when you reveal things throughout the show at different times and it can give you different advantages

Graeme Reed: to reveal other things, which is a very vague but also that's perfectly vague. Exactly. Use the structure of your show to the benefits. Like what can the previous routine, how can it leak over into the next routine, you know, and how can you use those same information or the same person from something that was in the front of the show and use them at the end of this show? Well, so for example, I do fifth, I'm doing a lot of 15 minute sets, um, before dinners or after dinners, before speeches. And uh, so I do a cube mind reading thing, toss deck. But I want, I want to finish with just me up there, right? So I added in a quick book test thing where there's two words. There's two books and the one word, I just can't get it. I dunno why I'm mixed up in the, the sentence that they'll read is ambiguous.

It talks about aliens. And the word they read is Island. So I list off a whole bunch of like tropical things and then say, I don't know, but I see aliens and like is your probe, I don't, and I keep getting hung up on it, but the final reveal is there's an envelope, I dunno, somewhere in the room or attached to my case that has that final word in it that I couldn't get, but for some reason I wrote down something before the show. So that's how I can finish by myself instead of that's cool. Yeah. Where do you have any standardized place to hide it? Um, I like to, if I'm not in too big of a room, like a venom, a smaller room, uh, when I open my case I just grab it and I'll just throw it up on a podium or something.

Or on a, if there's a mantle in the, and there's sometimes a fireplace, you can toss it up there or if there's just a ledge somewhere, I just, I just go over and I throw it down. A lot of people don't even see you place it. And then when you bring it up people like when was that? What? Yeah, was cured duct tape. Mine just gets stuck to the wall. Yeah, the Smith comedy show. I tape stuff to the little ice tape envelope still all day. Yeah, I do that too. But this one actually have a Velcro on my case now. Oh yeah, that's smart. A little Velcro dab. So I can just Velcro the envelope right on my case. And it can just be right there if I don't because a lot of these are in and outs with the big dinners. Yep. So if I just Velcro there and then the envelope has Velcro so it can just go back together.

Same word goes onto the next show. Yeah. I decided to do a little different approach this year too for my setup. I taking all my little accessories, all those little cables and stuff you might need for the audio. And I've got them in the car but in separate little bins and then a couple extra stands in the car separately. And instead of holding my whole big, my full suitcase, I'd take on the like I normally take to the ship. And so I've just pieced peace, handball, most stuff out. And so like I can get in with just a couple of cases and I'll make an extra trip to the car. But I, my main driver is one of those like foldable. Um, crates, your mind wasn't the best. I use that as a table. I use it as a to Evelyn.

Ryan Joyce: They are amazing. I don't know, I customed like a little nice piece of really nice piece of black felt, um, fabric. I if and Velcroed on the inside. So that thing just splashes over and folds around to the inside and, and so from the audience perspective, it looks nice, but it's also my ditch bag. So everything, as soon as I'm done with it, bam goes into that thing, then the laptop. Then my, you know, my mic and whatever and just bam, get out of there. Get gone. That's great. Yeah. It's really starting to speed up cause she, I mean the, the first part of your career is just refining the show. Right? And then the second part is like refining your experience in the show. Right? You know, how can I make this feel all horrible?

Graeme Reed: I like how can you make it? Yeah. How, how can I make it more enjoyable for other people? Cause it's blacks in those parts yet make it even more enjoyable for myself in the sense of loading, in, loading out, packing, but bringing in the atrics how do we make this all simple? So it's just like, is there a button that we can just hit? And it goes and it's all up. I mean that's the, wouldn't that be a dream? You know, you know, like a dream having an extra person. Well of course I didn't. Well I know some of them, like I know our good friend Sam Pierce, he takes an extra person. He has an audio tech, but he has it. He does a big deal show with curtains.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah, he's right. It's really impressive. People should follow Sam on Instagram and magician. Sam piers. Yup. Magician Sam piers. And you can see like just the level of, I love a good perfectionist.

Graeme Reed: It's really, it's really intense. I've gotten to work with them once and it's a, he's got a great show and the he to, he really does. He advertised, they'd brings the whole theater to you and he does. He's got an amazing curtains and lights and, and, and make sure

Ryan Joyce: CD kind of guy was stuff like that. And so we get along so well on the, I mean, my, he's so organized. He's way organized, more organized than I am on, like his cables are immaculate.

Graeme Reed: Oh, it's case. It's when they open up, everything's organized, he's got checklists and he's organized to the max.

Ryan Joyce: It's great. And everybody should be organized. It just simplifies the chaos in the end, doesn't it? I mean, Oh God, that's,

Graeme Reed: I'm currently working on all the organization process from the backend of booking gigs. Um, w uh, I've been testing out various software pieces, uh, things online, like apps or the apps or software. I don't know what they are. Yes. Yeah. Um, AF app. Where's I'm trying different app wares and uh, softs and

Ryan Joyce: uh, just to, for booking forms. So you have a book, read those in crypt as well. Like can you read app or software in hieroglyphics? Um, I can, can you can of course. Cause I have Egyptology background. Yes. Yes. All the engine pharaohs using tablets, I guess. Well, yeah, I mean that you, what do you think Steve jobs came up with this stuff? No. Aliens. The pyramids. Everything was buried in King Ted's. Tim, have you never read, have you never seen the BCC documentary? I believe, yeah, definitely. That those pyramids floated above the air and it was harvested some unique energy. The power of the universe not floated. Hubbard levitated levitated on the world's greatest magic. Um, Colac and SITA. Yes. Stay tuned as, Oh my gosh, I'm, I'm gapping on his name. Fronz Harare, we will levitate the pyramids of Giza.

Um, but yeah, I'm trying to streamline and organize everything. And then we talked about last week, the Trello app. It's like the online. I know. Okay. Well, little, okay. I'm going to actually put a link in the post for cello because it's changed my mind, my ma, my, I'm not, I'm going to say more than that. I don't want to say my life is changed my behavior over the last week and how I've approached my task list and I feel way more accomplished in the day using Trello. I'll tell, I'll sync it up with this. My mind really loves checking things off lists. It loves it so much more than, than like the act of not doing the task forces you to, yeah. You're like, Oh man, I got that done. Oh, I can easily get these out in the next five minutes. And it just encourages you to, so Cody call, I guess it's called the scrum method, if that means anything to anyone else.

That's, that's what this sort of thing is. That means it's a baked good, a scrum scrum. I guess it's, there's that list like the way that the Trello board is drafted and Clemmie gets a, it's um, it's a sex, it'll be an acronym. Cheese, cream, sex cream, cheese. Um, Rubix, well underwear of course, and Brooks underwear. Marshmallow. Marshmallow. Yeah, it's, that's exactly what it stands for. So a very sticky puzzle. Yeah. Yeah. I don't, I, I can't go any further on this one for sure. Um, but it's really is really helpful. So if you guys and gals listening might have something like, like, I don't know, I use, I'm using it currently to organize everything. So if you've got something that you want to blast through, consider a trailer. It's a lot of fun. So let's talk about, Oh wait, I have one little shameless promo thing here that's kind of popped up.

That's funsies. I'm really honored to be included in the list of a bunch of people that got nominated for Kansas magic reader. The years ever read your choice or, so you can visit Canada's magic.blogspot.com to see all that. Um, it's got a big list of people here. I can't ever believe it. We've got a Gwen who we should, we should chit chat with some time as she, she's in Calgary in August. She's amazing. James Harrison, who is also a fellow Ontarian Carissa Hendrix. Is she still in Chicago? I think she's in Chicago and she has long time residency there right now. Yeah. Yeah. Good for her, I think until January sort of thing. There's our joy RJ Joycee maybe I should get them to change it to Joycee RJ Joycee I like RJ. Joyce kind of a ring to SUNY, a stage name or G a you out know a Ken McQueen kind of a, well, we all love Ken.

He's a great guy and accomplished creative creative. Uh, Mike Norton and he's from out West. I can't remember. Norden is amazing. And we've got Ted, Marian Outerbridge. I haven't ever really formally met, I don't believe. But uh, they're doing some, Oh, they do all kinds of shows and they have that amazing gypsy thread. They have the amazing gypsy thread. Oh, you know who else I'd love to meet. he's not on this list, but he's just popped over here. Chris pill's worth, he seems like a real, right. Yeah. That's the cactus and the balloon, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just see if we can reach out to Chris. He seems like a real cool cat and he's from up in Ottawa way with I, that's what I get. Another reason that I think you've popped up, I think he's up near Ted and Maryanne. Um, the sentimental lists are also on the list.

Wow. That's a huge way. And anesthesia sin who I just adore. She's a no brainer for this, this list. So I'm honored to be included. Um, well you do, you do, you listening. Um, if you wanted to vote for RJ Joycee that'd be fun. If you wanted to do any of those others, I totally will be voting for one of those other ones. Uh, and that's, and you gotta that's on Canada's magic. Uh, that's right. Ken's magic.blogspot.com so, and you know what I mean? Th McKenna's magic has got so much activity on the social media keeping us informed. They really should be like in a compass part of cam. That's just my own opinion. But there's actually like, um, it's chat with Nicole some time. She's, yeah, there's a neat, uh, social media community in the Canadian magic scene with that Canada's magic blocks by it.

Cause you get to see all the cool local shows that are being thrown across the country all the time. You see the Toronto magic company stuff, you see the out West stuff, it's really great. And uh, they leave issues really, really active on Twitter. Like, yeah, they've even shared our shows from like our small little secret shows from Kitchener and stuff. It's an amazing, it's awesome. Absolutely. That should be the reader's choice nominee of the year. Canada's magic to double, triple snaps for candidates, triple snaps. If you're riding a bicycle, let those hands go. Hopefully you got balance. Keep it on it. Yeah. Can you ride with it your hands? I can't do that. No, I have no balance. No, I can't do that. Hey, wow. Wow. Really? Yeah, I have no, I'm a naturally, I'm a super clumsy klutzy person. Can you can ride a bike though.

Uh, we're diving deep here. I'm sorry. You don't have to answer to these persons like how many wheels though? Uh, well at least two. Yeah, I can do that. I can ride a bike. Yeah, I can do that. But no, I can't. I have no, um, I have no trust on myself to, with balancing and stuff like that. I'm really terrible. Well, I don't know if I've trusted myself. Now. It's probably been 20 years since I've ridden a bike. I swear to God, that's embarrassing. I mean, a bike that isn't for me. The purpose to burn calories. Have you done a summersault in awhile? Uh, no, but I have a history with somersaults. In fact, I have a history with the front hand Springs. I, um, I could do high front hand spring in my previous life and when I did the I once I, I tore my Achilles tendon.

Whoa. Yeah. That's like the worst thing you could possibly just like worse than breaking your, your foot. So it was brutal recovery on that. But a handful of years ago when I was working in, uh, in the, uh, TV broadcasting career before as an Egyptologist for 45 years. Yeah. In the office, my good pal rattlesnakes. Um, we kind of challenged each other to do, uh, a somersault. Yup. Uh, so I went for it. I hurt myself real bad. I just hurt my shoulder and my back and like, it just hurts. It's really, as a kid it's so easy to tumble around. It is as a lazy adult that sits behind a computer a lot, you know, that hurts, you know? So when, when was the last time then? Did you do this recently? This would have been a couple of years ago. Yeah. Yeah. I can't tell you the last time.

I mean, that's why I got into diving. Um, so listen, we should set a goal. We should try to maybe do a Cartwheel on an Instagram. Like, like for example, I'm going to do it, put on my Instagram story all the time. People should follow both of us. Ryan Joy's magic is how you can follow me on Instagram. Yeah. You actually showed the entire inner workings of a song and half illusion. Like what? Two weeks ago he showed us exactly how the whole thing works. I did. We had a casting call for it and everything. You missed that out. Yeah. But um, yeah, so I like, like this little version that's been in my garage, 10 million views in that little case. It just got picked up today by, by somebody. I revealed that on Instagram. You're not going to see that anywhere else. You won't see it. It's gone now. Nope, it is gone. Gun. Maybe another famous illusion to show, which we keep Greg for and you can't really go, who knows you in Niagara falls, Greg for one maybe. And then receive that. Do you want to move onto the news? Should we move on to the news? Magic news. Do we need a sound effect there? Um, we can pretend there's music in the background and like we recorded this voice part earlier, meaning meteors need to go past meteors

Graeme Reed: and there's also gotta be like drum and bass in the background or like a dubstep beat or something. I don't know how to do that with my mouth. Um, I feel like I'll go to my wheelhouse. Okay. Candor of dub step. Well this week in magic news FISM there's so many announcements about FISM, N a C M, which is North American, uh, cam, right? That's right. North American, the North American grant

Ryan Joyce: friendship end. The Canadian grand champion ship combined together as one one double championship, one combined convention, one unbelievable night of magic. five, five, unbelievable. Five days of magic lectures, competitions, all that lovely stuff. So over the last several weeks, I'd say four or five maybe we've been working on the promo launch, a video that just released will last Monday. So check that out. Uh, I go visit the FISM page, both, uh, the FISM page on Facebook and the Instagram account. So that video just came out. And what's really fun about this for more is the a French translation part. It's neat to see some of like the graphics and things that I've been working on translated into French. I wish I could speak French to be honest with you. It's, you know, I, I don't know. I, I took it all the way up to OAC at the time though. Long dead rest in peace, OAC teen. But it's evaporated. So, you know, for the first handful of years after that I was able to retain and it'd be able to maybe converse slightly and absorb. But now it's just Gonzo. Do you speak any other languages?

Graeme Reed: Uh, Ooyala pump limos.

Ryan Joyce: Oh

Graeme Reed: no, I don't, I can't speak any languages. I just learn when I go on the vacation. Like the few words that you need to know to get what you need. Like I'm, I remember in Portugal. Good language to learn too. Yeah. And it sounds good. And Portugal too. I remember, um, to get a latte you asked for like a that was the word that got close enough that I would get a lot to him. So I remember no

Ryan Joyce: to do when I'm in the damn taxi because like I should I say see and grassiness is that an insult to them? So I do, I do. I'll say grass is usually, or I'll say thank you and then grass you so they know that Emily's trying,

Graeme Reed: I usually give them a quick shoulder rub. Um, I try to if they have any sleep in there. I try to pick watermelons before and just gives them one just yeah, I always bring a double double. Even if I'm from Canada, I'll bring a double double whoever knows how many days later is and just give it to them. It looks, I don't know, it looks good on a commercial, so it should be good in life. Everybody feels better. Was zest

Ryan Joyce: c'est fully clean. Um, so FISM coming up. So it's so interesting. Um, uh, you interviewed, uh, you got to sit down with Joan Caesar earlier. I did. So thankfully Joan lives just a handful of minutes away. So we sat down. Joan is the organizer for the competition side of FISM North America. Real quick, real quick, how many minutes can you hold in your hands? How many minutes can I hold in my hands? Yeah. Um, usually, uh, at least 60 minutes. Usually I can maintain. Sometimes if I create a shell of those minutes, I can make the appearance of 120 minutes instantly. I can only hold on my fingers. I can only hold onto about two minutes. Yeah. Yeah. I'm not, I'm very clumsy. I could only hold on to about two minutes that we have. Well, I've been practicing real hard. Uh, what can you say? So Joan sees her sheet.

Um, Joan, so Joan shared some, basically I posed questions that I had about, uh, for Jones, specifically the Canadian association, magicians side of what's to come. Even questions like, you know, what's Ken's Cam's purpose and you know, it's a judging for the Canadian magicians, the same as the North American can, you know, competition are, those are the, are the rules, the same stuff like this. Um, and so we sat down and recorded that for a handful of minutes, got to catch up. So it was really nice. She just got back from Taiwan. That's why I referenced that earlier, man. I that flight, I can't even imagine what she's travels the world more than any person. I know she travels more, but she is U S you remember backstage, the secret show. She's very comfortable just reading, you know, and she's able, she just sits on the floor and grabs a book.

Yeah. Zero, zero maintenance required issues, very self contained. And so I envy her ability to sit and be so focused. Cause I thought our 12 man I just lose my mind for sure. I can't even imagine. I don't do stuff like that. Yeah. So um, so that'll be coming out dripping out um, on the FISM Facebook page. So you want to check out that. And the Instagram rates are also going to be chatting with Brad Jacobs and he is the uh, well in, for, for the competition side of it. He's the president of the jury and all that lovely stuff. So we're going to chat with him about the competition details and he'll share the questions that you know, the, the answer all of the sides. How many comp competitors was the deadline, what's some of the rules, what does it look like during a day?

Right. That's stuff about the competitive side. I also think we should chat with some of the actual previous competitors. So we'll try to, we'll, we'll try to schedule some interviews because it'd be fun. I have a curious question. Does everyone have like a, all these higher up people? Do they have pins or do they have sashes who they are? Yeah, like in Scouts or Anne or do they all have tattoos? Secret tattoos. They've gotten, well IBM pres has the, I don't know what it would be called. My goodness. Um, if you were to take it off of a lion's head, I would call it a main and then it sort of gets whatever that gets like a chanting of it just looks like a, like a main, I don't know, it's like a big necklace of metals, which is cool. I think it looks really cool.

Um, but I'm pretty sure there'll be identifying by just these questions. I don't know. I don't know if it's worthy of asking that to Brad Jacobs, but I'm, I will, I'll, we'll find out the answers. I'm always interested in the minutia. Yeah, I believe, uh, I'll, I'll, I believe Brad's official title is president of the North American FISM, so it's a great time championship side, so it's going to be fascinating to chat with him. Um, so, and I was talking to with Joan as well, and I thought this was really fun. Now this isn't for probably the, our local listeners, but you could see how if you were traveling halfway across the world, this would be a really fun thing. And that is so FISM in the future. The world championships of magic in 2021 futurism, futurism, I believe that's when this is booked for. So it's a long way in the future.

She's organizing basically a tour that will take from Quebec city, um, via multiple different paths, including a cruise. Is this like future FISM? Like not like the FISM FISM that happens after FISM and S right. So 2021 part of the 3000 people that come, you know, so and so it's a journey down through the st Lawrence, basically, you know, to Toronto and then a little cruise over to at Niagara falls to see Greg Frewen show right over the falls. So yeah, the little bus goes right over the falls. Copperfield is there where the helicopter, it'll be the experience of a lifetime. Not even when actually, and so she was here recording. So here's,

Joan Caesar: yeah, I'd like to run a tour that goes from Quebec city through, um, Montreal, Toronto, um, a cruise on the, uh, st Lawrence to Niagara falls to see Greg Frewen show. And when I contacted him about it, he said, let me know when and I've got all sorts of contacts and you know, he's just a great guy.

Ryan Joyce: That sounds, that sounds so fascinating. That's, it sounds wicked. Honestly. It really does. Because like I said, if you were coming halfway around the world or if you're coming from a distance, what a way to see some of the best parts of Canada, like Ontario and Quebec and you know, Niagara falls and Toronto. And I would love personally, I would, I would love I that stretched down the st Lawrence is just stunning. Well, that's just amazing for magic culture as a whole in Canada, that to bring in all those amazing acts into possibly to pitch this idea that's hopefully that all happens. That's very incredible. Yeah. So I'll post 'em I'll put that as well on the post page. Um, so you can see a little of the details and uh, and how to, to find out more from Joan about that if you know somebody that might be interested. Cause I think that's super fun. She's got a little prepared little, um, little sheet with the itinerary and everything. She's got it all figured out and I just, yeah. And, and tracked and itinerary. It's all sorted. So now, do you know why I'm like, why do you know why cam was created? Was that, yeah, man, that's a great question. I mean, a lot of people don't even really know the origins of it. And when I was chatting with Jonah, sort of spontaneously popped up in conversation actually. So, well, let's let Joan tell us.

Joan Caesar: It wasn't until Japan, which was 1997 I think that and Greg one that I thought this is wrong. Uh, Greg had to compete under the IBM, which is great, but not under Canada. So I immediately started the Canadian association of magicians so that magicians could compete under the Canadian flag. Yeah. It's all because Greg.

Ryan Joyce: So Greg, for ones to blame. That is cool. I didn't know that. Yup. That's a male good for one. It all starts with Greg Frewen. So that's also interesting too that Joan was like that shouldn't we need to have a, yeah. So she was the first one just to take a stand and say that Canadian magicians should be represented by a Canadian organization. And that's why C cam is so important and has been so critical and is so important that we all jump in and support it. I guess that's kind of the cool running story of physio. It really is. Cool runnings mom. Yeah. That is kind of, that's that underdog story of like we've got to create this so we can do it. Yup. And so I, one of the questions I asked Joan was about all of the, uh, the Canadians that have since won and um, she shares the first one, that one, and that's a Juliana Chen.

How cool. Wow. That's, so we have a really amazing list of Canadian magicians who have won. Do you know some of the other names? The Canadians? I'll tell you a couple off the top of my head. Obviously Greg Frewen, Julianna Chen, Carl clue, Che shin, Lim, Shawn quar. Uh, yeah, those are the, those are the, and a call to all magicians in, in Canada. We need more. We need more we can add to that list. That's amazing. I'm still so fascinated to know more about how to get involved in competing. I tossed a question I up on the Instagram to see if people have competed in magic before. And surprisingly they already getting a lot of feedback. Like, um, yeah, people have done the con. I've never, I never knew about any of this competition side of things I just heard about it just seemed so, I don't know.

Advanced. I don't know. I don't know. It's, you know what, it's a, I think there's something very fun about thinking in terms of creating a competition routine because your audience changes dramatically. Your, your audiences, magicians, your intention is to fool, um, is that your attention is to fool regular people, but it's just an extra layer that you set the goal with FISM to fool or to entertain or well, I'm sorry. I'm okay. I am imposing my mild premium on that though. Of course there's multiple factors that go into an award winning magician, but you cannot deny that if you in part something that emotion in someone that fools them and you entertain the, I mean it, the fooling part is really the one that will be sustainable emotionally. There'll be like, you know, it's just the most impactful. So if you can achieve that and still raise the bar in the other entertainment side of it, you can, you can really go far.

I guess that totally makes sense. Like if you look at someone like Rick Merrill, even knowing what he's doing, you still don't see it and it's all crazy and it's, Oh my gosh, it's nuts a well, he always thinks one layer above that's like you've earned in his comedy. I remember several times at Oh hours. You laugh at the joke, two jokes later and then you can't keep up. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So it certainly is. Well, if people are inquiring about, you know, in their mind they're at least dabbling. They're dipping one single toe, just the 10 not diving in like my 20 years professional driving experience. They're just dipping a toe and you should just at least go and explore some of the FISM award-winning acts on YouTube. They're all out there. There's that grand Prix, do moaned cabaret, do molten show. They highlight a lot of the FISM order winners and of course, right. And so that's a, it's really a fun, it's seven minutes. There's some rules to it. Do you have a favorite that stands out to you off the top of your head? Just right now if you're the only one that gravitate towards the, the manip stuff for sure. That's my favorite. John. Yeah. Stage manipulation. The Lucas style. Yeah. Yeah. Jordan Gomez, I believe. Yeah. Yeah.

Uh, I love that stuff because it's, I dunno, it's poetic also. It's like, so it's what shin Lim is doing as well. It's poetic. Like the movements are so intentional, but yet fluid. Like you know that he does it every single time in that same way. But you're cool with it because he's dancing with his hands. Now. I remember too that Joan at, Oh wow. Because we got to see her lecture about competition and FISM she talked to a specific and important it is to hit your time. Like you can't go for your time, you cannot go over your time know. Is that what it was or do you have to hit your disqualification? Immediate disqualification. Right. So I guess if you're even these musical acts, it helps you stay in time, keeps you in check. Yes. That's a good, there's also some very logistical rules as well about cleanup.

Like your set has to be able to be struck in a certain amount of time. I believe. Um, there is, there is details about how fast, so if you do confetti, make sure it's all flash paper. Just laid it on fire. Yeah. Well yes. And if when you watch now when you go watch the Kevin Ray do modems. Okay. The show, you'll see most of them have dropped cloths for sure because it's built in to their rehearsal that it is included. They've got a 40 by 40 or whatever the sheet and size of forties ridiculous. But you know, 15 by 15 sheets, I vote. It's always been fat. I remember that one of the first ones that I was fascinated by, and I dunno if he's a fit, is Peter Murphy a FISM guy always in his stuff. Awesome. I believe that's what I believe he is.

Yeah. With absolutely. With the wine drawer gloss or the shit drink act. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Cause I remember cards. Yeah. You just watched this guy with no sleeves produce way too much junk. Like how, what's happening? He seems like one of those really well-rounded performers, but we've only seen one sliver of it because he does a whole illusion show with like levitation piano, like the F I, I always love that. My God, the floating piano. Oh yeah. These playing it. My God. Like that guy does some really big stuff, um, that we've really never seen. We've only seen, at least I've never seen, pardon me, on the side of the world. We've only seen as minute back basically. Yeah. And that's even old as like he hasn't been on something in awhile that would have been a world's greatest magic type of thing. Yeah. He's always had an impressive resume I felt. But I that, that routine always, and then you see all these guys, they, I like the, uh, the manip acts where people are just producing so much junk. Just more and more stuff. Look how much stuff I can, it's just an interesting concept. Well, you should compete in yours. You should, you should produce all of the outdated magic. You should do you to go backwards in time versus PDs and then it's going to be tapes and cassettes and then record a tracks and records. Right. And then I'm like a four and then an

Graeme Reed: attender and then there's Sona gram things or a whole arcade system. And then the background that was LEDs. It's now just like old big light bulbs screwed into the wall. Like. Yeah, I was actually a legit looking at, um, designing some background elements for my show, just on some pop-up banners and thinking of what that would look like. So I was researching nineties kids game shows, um, to fit in with the grazing thing a little bit too much. Yeah. So how do you, I was trying to, from a graphic standpoint, then they clap over their heads. Wasn't that the thing straight? Yeah. Yeah. Remember video now will have, we're going to add that to our mix of triple snaps and devil snaps and yeah, I remember video in arcade top 10. Oh wow. Oh, I didn't until you just said that Nicholas pick lists. So anyhow, I was looking at all this stuff to try.

How do you take that but give it a modern look to it so it doesn't look, you know what I mean? So that more of a retro vibe feel than me. I have such a disdain for the retro, like as a kid, I like what you designed. I like what you do. There was that eighties five man, I just just, I just hated the, the crunchy contrast and the, Oh, I love all that. I love all the, that old like the action figure box. Yeah. I love, I love it, but I just can't design with it. I saw it. I didn't, sorry. I appreciate the design now, but what, I really enjoyed it all. If you see my posters, it's not for years, but in all of my stuff, you'll notice on the edges and stuff, it all looks like an old worn VHS. Uh, you know how like the VHS box, they would get it.

Love it. Yeah. It looks white and broken on the edges. Like I love all that stuff. My favorite parts of the retro. Yeah, for sure. The textures that like, like the one I couldn't man, like the 70s, I couldn't deal with like this flower power, stuff like that. Those kind of graphics for me. Very nice design, just brutal. And that there's some cool logos though. There's some cool logo things from there. But yeah, there's a lot of questionable things. You know what I also really like to, I like old, um, a local cable television graphics when you would have just blue screens with terrible yellow and just on a Commodore 64 processing. Oh, it's great. I love it. It's the best. It's so good. I love that stuff so much. I really learned Missouri elbow for hire on your next promotional video. Throw magician videos. Yeah. Excel in it. So all you want to, we have one more piece of news to. Um, unfortunately we learned just like yesterday, it happened. I learned last night, late last night. It's, I'm in Aronson has just passed. Yeah. That's unfortunate news for sure. Yeah. And he's lost for the magic community. He has a huge magic career, um,

Ryan Joyce: dating back from doing like kids' parties and everything like that. And then with his wife David. Yeah, they did

Graeme Reed: shooting shows and uh, he, a lot of magicians really know him for the Aronson stack. That's what a lot of people know him for now because mem deck work is really popular and that's what he was known for, I think was only 76, only 76 years old.

Ryan Joyce: Wow. I read a couple of people's posts, of course, because everyone has been impacted and a lot of people refer to him as their father. Yeah. Because they would invite them magicians over to their house all the time. Yeah. Have you ever met him? Nope, I haven't. Uh, that's really, but of course I know his legacy and it's a real loss for the magic community about, I got to meet, we'll live on. That's, that's a beautiful thing. I met him once at Majay Fest. I got to stop and actually talk to him for a little bit, which was still weird. Like I couldn't believe we were in the dealer's room and he started talking to me. He's the nice, he was the nicest man. That's amazing. Yeah. Idea where he was living, where his home was. Uh, I really don't know anything like that. But it had been Ohio issue think or do you think it just goes to the conventions?

I think he just goes to the conventions at him and his wife would always be there. It's amazing. So yeah, that was our, yeah. The, another broken wand in the community, which has said, and his legacy will live on. What kind of legacy do we all want to impart as I guess, Oh my gosh, that's an important part of our intentions, but it certainly is a nice to provide an a value to leave something for the world. Yeah. You do his legacy and to the future of your legacy. Yeah. Go buy some Aronson books. Go support, uh, his family and everything, right? Yeah. You don't have it. Go buy it. Go get it. Right. Check it out. We should all learn the errands and stack. Now we should. Ah, well let's talk about, do you want to do a little review here? Yeah, we can do a quick review. So this week I magic reviews. I'm going to review talking kind of like

Graeme Reed: mentalism minoring stuff. A D Christopher has a dynamite book test. It came out a couple of years ago. It's called the Pyo book test stands for print your own, which I love this idea because I'm a graphics guy, creative person. And this, um, this Pyo book test introduced me to a website I didn't even know existed called lulu.com where you can self-publish or just print one of a kind book if you want. So I will tell you kind of what you get with this thing. You get PDFs of a forced book, like you get a force book but you get to PDF and you can print it yourself and it only costs four to 10 bucks depending on the quality or wherever you're located. And because of my graphics guy, he gives you five covers to use already.

Ryan Joyce: Wow. I made my own covers. Yes. Cause I just, I wanted to add a couple of things

Graeme Reed: to, I added like reader's digest choice for 13 and fake badges and all the authors on my books are, uh, like Robert Cassidy, Phil Goldstein like this on the books. Um, and I have 12 of them. I have 12 books that I've printed up in total, but they're all the same. So I can even have someone choose out of the stack of books. What I do now is actually is one of those and irregular book and I David Hoy, I do a classic Hoy book test on the first book. So I'm forcing the one word and then the other one is a real free choice, right. So then it feels like both are free choices and I think that's a great little true different methods to confuse, to confuse and fuse and entertain to get. Yeah, and this, I think this thing is really great and um, I don't want to give away the full on method because you should probably buy it and support it at a book test.

This is the most affordable book test you can get. And if you're a creative person that knows a little bit of graphics and you know what you need to know graphics anymore, there's canva.com but if you want to get creative, you can make your own book covers. There's book covers already. This is the cheapest book test you can get. I highly recommend it because you can throw these books out if you want. I mean, don't, don't be wasteful. I would give this, this is five snaps or a five, two diesels and or five Greek beat one street feet. Oh that was, sorry. I did like I did like three, two cause I kept, I followed along and I haven't say I give this five ranger hooves at a five ranger hooves.

I do this on my show all the time. It's one of my favorite things to do on the planet and I'm pretty sure no one, I think it was one of those book tests that slips under the radar. No one knows about this one. So check it out. I don't know interview, I don't know where you get it now either. Google it. That's your mission. If you your major and the review is a good view, look at all those ranger hooves. Um, that's well and we, we want to hear from you guys what you would like and what you don't like or you, you gotta a thing you want to hear on the next one. You've got a topic of discussion. Leave it on our Instagram page. Magicians talking magic. Yeah, there's a lot of that over there. Follow us along. We try to release magic news when we see it.

If you have magic news, tip us off. Shoot does a direct message. Uh, we have questions going on. That's where we had the conversation. We're trying to create the conversation going on on Instagram. Make sure you subscribe and like this. Um, yeah, I totally cried at the end of the first episode. Got to go back and listen to it. No, not ours. Magic for humans. Oh yeah. Right. Have you seen all of it yet though, by though? I just got to episode two. I've been swamped lately. Make sure on when you hit the last episode you have a box of Kleenex is ready. Oh, I even have the first one. I didn't even remember what the effect was. It's just so well produced. I, it's inspires me

Ryan Joyce: so much. I want to make something like that and I even the editing and the timing of it is perfect. Just want to be, yeah, it's so fun. It looks so great. Yay. Magic. Yay for Justin Willman

Graeme Reed: after this. You should. You should watch like the last at. You should go watch the last episode. It's very intense.

Ryan Joyce: I, yeah, I'll, I'll build up to it. Three in four and five and it's six episodes, right? Yeah, it's great. Have you guys watched it? Let us know on our posts for this episode of episode 21 on Instagram. If you've seen Justin woman's magic for human

Graeme Reed: and what was your favorite episode of season two? I don't know. I'm going to watch it all again and then she is a favorite.

Ryan Joyce: You should. Well, the next time we get together we're going to do a recording of a watch along, so be prepared for that coming up and apologies to our listeners. We've had a couple of mishaps with the interviews and things. We're supposed to record another one, but it is a busy time of year to, as the season we'll get, we'll get a bunch out.

Graeme Reed: We're going to get there. We're still doing, we got this and if you guys are listening or you're new listeners, thank you so much. It's unbelievable. The people actually for real as he listened to this,

Ryan Joyce: we're so thrilled at the numbers. They're keep. Honestly, we're already on track for our best month yet and we haven't even released.

Graeme Reed: I like that mountain climber and the prices right there. Yeah.

and then Bob, anytime you want me to Yodel, right. And then Bob always made it clear that if we make that thing stop, we can't make it go backwards. That's right. We have to bring the whole crew out here and they got to redo the whole thing again. Yodeling underwater. Really. Either way. It's a little, um, I know this because my Egyptology background, uh, Egyptians, Yodel underwater. It's true in the pyramids that were levitating four feet off. That's actually why 75% of the pyramid is underwater under the sand. Yup. And then below that is the center flatters. Well, before we end this

Ryan Joyce: episode of magicians talking magic episode 21 I want to share with you one little thing about Canva before we wrap up here. Yep. This is a little tidbit that everyone will appreciate. Canva is doubling down on video. So if you like the canvas services for photographic solutions for that are free very, very, very soon they are going to be doubling, doubling, maybe even tripling down on video. So it's soon to come. Has going to be some early incredible tools for video creation. There's going to be clearly Canva drag and drop style. So that'll be helpful for everybody who has to create content, which is all of us. It is a competition or a content creation game. Now my friends, um, and not the, not the shitty kind

Graeme Reed: and like let's all try to, I see a lot of content from fellow magicians out there. Let's all try to make some good content. Yeah. Mean even if you see, say you see a quote that you want to share, like a great quote, that's totally cool, but maybe could you just go to Canva, redo it in your own style. Let's do that instead of sharing like some sort of weird thing that maybe, I don't know, like a 55 year old mom with Facebook just likes and shares again and again. We don't need to see that stuff from magicians. And if you see something

Ryan Joyce: thank you, enjoy, make sure to engage with it.

Graeme Reed: Yeah, engagement's always fun. It's totally fun. And you know, it's also, I've been having a good time joining various Facebook groups. Now I'm getting in conversation and I've been learning so much more about business cause I the, I'm so new like I know Egyptology but I do not know.

Ryan Joyce: Well I was going to say I'm going to learn a little bit Egyptology and my next Facebook post, that's for sure. you're going to join our group. Which one should I grow? Which, which group should I join? Uh,

Graeme Reed: well the one that I have started is called Egyptologist United brigade come together Thursday night.

Fun pyramid. That's true. That's a very long title. Um, you're welcome to join my diving anonymous, uh, cowboy boots, underwater fan club. What's your favorite cowboy boot dive? Anything was sequenced? Those little studs on it. Those ones about with water, but I found a, you use like this specific kind of spray, but do you do diving deep, deep, deep diving to go explore things? So EDU you all of the above. I'll take people down on trips and tours and yeah, but it's getting to my head the pressure that, you know, the, the bends, is that what it's called? Just even your counting. What does that in hieroglyphics.

Ryan Joyce: Well, this has been an amazing episode. Episode 21 of magicians talking magic. I am your diving instructor, Ryan Joyce. T.

Graeme Reed: His is, uh, your Egyptologists grim. Mazing.

Ryan Joyce: Thanks for watching. Slash listening. ta-Shablazam

Graeme Reed: Um, Sha-TaDoozle

Thanks for listening to Magicians Talking Magic Podcast

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