EP 20: Are you wearing your competition pants?

Hosts Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed are in a festive mood for episode 20 of Magician's Talking Magic. In this episode, Merry Fool Us, Netflix Magic for Human 2 is out and the world of competitive magic!

Episode 20 | Magicians Talking Magic Podcast

Hosts Ryan Joyce & Graeme Reed

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Audio Transcript For the Hearing Impaired

Ryan Joyce: Welcome to Magicians Talking Magic. This is episode 20 a my name is Ryan Joyce. Magic has been a full time career for the last 20 two zero years. Fa la la la la to that! And this is.

Graemazing: And I'm a recent turn pro. I have a background in television broadcasting. I did like a lot of different things in TV from playing back tapes to doing graphics on air to designing graphics for on air. But now I do trick to do as little as I like to call it a professional party goers, especially during the holiday season. Right now I just keep going to golf clubs and sharing card tricks and uh, my weird comedy mind reading show, which has been so much fun lately. It's been a lot of fun. And it's episode 20 this is Epic tech. This is episode. It's secretly, it's episode 20.

Ryan Joyce: It's 20 it should have been 21 we had a bit of a hiccup in the podcast system. We recorded an amazing podcast, one of the greatest interviews with the legendary Michael Paul that you could possibly have ever heard. What a great interview. It was amazing. It will forever live in the tuna can. That is the internet.

Graeme Reed: Yeah, I guess. Yeah, that is true. It isn't. The tuna can have the internet right deep in there next to like some bones that aren't supposed to be in there, but they're still there. But it was a great interview. It's unfortunate that we can't share. We'll have it. We'll do it again. We'll try it again.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah, for sure. And uh, we'll keep you posted on that, but we're all uh, yeah, there was just a little bit of a little like up there, but we

Graeme Reed: steak seas that was or are bad, but we get, that's fine.

Ryan Joyce: And he's a legend. What a great guy. He's busy right now too. Just like the rest of us. It's full on Hill holiday season, isn't it? My gig started this weekend. It's theirs. KickUp how about you? Your full fledge for last couple of weeks already?

Graeme Reed: I am knee deep in eggnog and elfs and I am just a gingerbread man on chasing me. Oh no. Dive into the eggnog will never get me in here. Splash. Can we get in there? It's too soggy. I lost a leg you didn't have on a leg. Oh no. Snape okay.

Ryan Joyce: Oh, I didn't even mean it to be the Snape voice. I was supposed to be like the miserable grandfather or the uncle, you know the uncle that has too much eggnog. That one, the old eggnog uncle. Yeah. These are some tales of the gingerbread magicians.

Graeme Reed: You know what? I'm an uncle now. I could be the old eggnog on this season. You have been already apparently. Ooh. You know what little insider scoop last year, Christmas, uh, too. Got too much into the booze cause it was, it's Christmas and the family was over and uh, Alicia's dad kept saying like, I was like, Joe, do you want another period? It's like, Oh, I'll have one if you're having one. And we pulled that too late into the night, but I had to be on, see each morning, live the next morning. Who's irresponsible? I did a great set though. It was still worked out was great. But man, that is the hardest thing to do. Very hung over trying to pretend on TV for about

Ryan Joyce: 10 minutes. Now. Just a note to listeners, has done a bunch of TV that it's not recommended for that's not recommended. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Um, cause I mean that just shows you how much flight time you have on TV specifically on ch though. Try to, yeah, exactly. Well you worked in the same building and had a lot of familiarity in that place. Pretty comfortable. This was like one of those unicorn situations. Right. That's really the, I don't know that I've man, Oh man. I don't know if I've ever had an experience where I had been while I remember maybe being between show one and two on the ship and that for a while I used to have this routine just cause there was, I guess I would say bored with my own show. Ooh, isn't that terrible? I would have one little thing of whiskey before the show.

And this is common. A lot of people do it. A little sip of courage. Yeah. And it wasn't even about courage cause like it was, everything was at that point, you know, week 42 on ship nine and like you have no idea what anyways, everything's so fluid. So it made it a little more exciting. And I remember standing on the babe and the strip was Rocky a little bit and I didn't think it, well I might've had one one, one to many, but like that's just for me cause I rarely drink. So it hits me.

Graeme Reed: uh, when I was doing right to magic we're like on the second show, like up grim students ritual, two cans of beer back stage, you felt like one can't, so one can is for me, but the other one gets produced in the show. And so it's, you know,

Ryan Joyce: three liters. Yeah. And you definitely, I mean that is a thing that tends to going hand in hand with entertainment industry. The whole drinking thing I from my childhood has a couple of experiences with, with, with that side of it. And I don't know if that's why I've polarized and gun so opposite, but, um, it is something to be cautious of it, it's enough to be cautious of it. It's worthy to remind people to, to remember, be responsible

Graeme Reed: or completely irresponsible. I'm not completely responsible. I've actually, I've found out, put it on YouTube. I always tell him rehearsal, we need a tee shirt that says that or something. I, um, I do, I used to do it because it would cut the edge off of all the social anxiety of the whole situation performing in front of everyone and now like I don't have to, it's not a big, uh, if anything, it makes it worse because I get the, I still get excited stomach all day before shows. So, um, Oh, do you? Yeah. Yep. So, um, it's more anxiety about making sure I'm at the venue on time, but once I'm there, I'm in the most comfortable spot and ready to be Graemazing for whatever extended amount of time they have to do.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. In my experience, those feelings always mean uncertainty. Like when I'm nervous it's because I am uncertain about something. I don't know the venue, I don't know the host, I don't know. And then as soon as you, you know, you get there and that certainty starts to settle in. Oh, the venues fine. And then like you meet all the certainties fall into place. But I only can tend to get anxious when it's, when there's a lot of things that I don't know or especially things I can't control. And holiday season is that time. Like this is a lot of like podium world and six inch wooden riser, right. Kind of dessert hour before the, I have her stuff in my Reiner. That's is I don't perform during dinner. Yeah. I don't do any food. It's so rude.

That's what I basically tell the client when I'm booking the thing that it's cause and so it's, it is, uh, a lot of unknowns during the holiday season. So, but I, I, yeah, it certainly can be a lot of fun cause especially I find when you go into a lot of these corporate Christmas parties, so the most rewarding compliment that I get is like the, we've dreaded the last six company, Christmas parties. This is, this was a blast. That's always the best. That's totally the best. Everybody gets that in every situation for sure. But if you're doing 45 minutes for you all your Christmas parties, is that what you're doing? Mainly. Yeah. And I used to worry about hitting that 45, but if they're not giving you stuff back, I'll do 35. I'll do, I tend to hit 45 all the time, at least on the ship has gotten down to like walk off at 46 consistent.

Graeme Reed: Yeah, I've been, my show has been um, between 40 and 50 minutes and it really depends on the audience

Ryan Joyce: back, right? Yup. It's crazy how 10 minutes squeaking. It's really just on, um, laughs and reaction and everything like that. Yeah. But yeah,

Graeme Reed: also sometimes you'll switch up the tricks cause you're like, if Luca doesn't like the goddamn job in English, I feel like, I'm sorry. There's, I think there's a full moon and I'm changing right now. Um, I have this nasty cough that's still inside of me, but I've been working in ventriloquism so I can actually bark like a dog and speak at the same time training with a Michael Paul. Yeah. You know what I used to, I used to be afraid of the venues of like golf clubs and things because they're so, they're the kind of like almost the worst performance room because they're just a big open, bright, they're all bright and um, everyone is sitting so far away because the are so huge

Ryan Joyce: and there's a dance floor often. But now my, just, what I do, the most book package I get is I do an hour of mingle magic, the closeup stuff and 15, 20 minutes a set of mind reading. So I'll do like, you know, a toss stack like you get where at a chair test type routine and you get four people up and do some staff do a quick thing and that's it. You're done. And I find that works great. Yeah, my worry is always, I am bad video if I can into my show to my goal, but complicated. So my worries are never faint. It's just connecting in with the audio. Right. Getting the video all set. I'm now just asking, give me a, my, a wireless microphone please. And I take 'em back and McLeod three D prints the neck. Do hickies the neck gizmos.

Yup. The neck, the neck, shes AMS, the neck. Two diesels. Yup. And um, those are smart. Yeah. So I use a, I use Buck's thing and uh, all the time, the only thing is it's so, so, uh, conveniently too, I'm going to the same golf club almost every weekend. This Christmas season. Right. But their microphone is a little skinny one and it just like Slippy dips through the, Oh yeah. So I need to add just a little padding on, on the inside. So holds that. I guess I should get one of those from him actually. That's really smart. Yeah. Buck mcleod.com. I don't know. I don't, I don't know his website. If you Google him, you'll find him. Everyone knows buck, don't they? I think we all know buckwheat for listening to this. We all know, well I don't know if you don't, you should really check out buck cause he's got a lot of cool.

JP does his monkey bar. He uh, do you know the monkey bar routine or do not? That's the one with the three ropes in a red bar. And then he's got the silk through the thing and it jumps from the one side to the other side and then to the compound per stick is the name of that piece. That's what that trick is called. He believes, Oh no, no. I see no bar that's got three. Just three. And it doesn't it. That's right. That's a different one. I always love the Palm Palm per stick. I remember seeing Paul Daniels do that is the Palm Palm prayer. Second one with the four Palm pumps is a trick with a stick. Yeah. That poem for that. And these four little, a huge, massive pompoms. They always just great. He had four, she made one and I bought from him.

He made one for my, still have it upstairs. It's a great trick. I recently sold my pompom stick to uh, someone at the magic club. I think Noah got it. I think. No. Yeah, I think that was last year. Sometime I was offloading some magic, which I'm going to offload some more magic this year too, because we were just cleaning up the basement of yes. Good magic garage sale time. Yeah, it is. Well, now that I'm figuring out what I want to sell, you want it? What's that? I've got a boast staff illusion I want to get rid of. You want to? Yeah. It doesn't pack, pack small play bag. Yeah. It's only like six feet wide by four feet, something like that. It's by six and four feet tall. It's not, it's, yeah, it's only a couple hundred pounds. Um, I'm sure I understand this crack so I can fit it in a carry on. Yes. I'll take it. Awesome. Great. Uh, perfect. That's sold. Okay. We'll discuss price and pickup time after this. All right, deal. Yeah. Uh, let's talk about other scary and sacred things. Yeah. I mean it's Christmas time. So what better time to talk about haunted things, ghosts of hand. Uh, and Berlin, no, this is the same. I keep, yes. Berlin and Berlin's also on the cover of this month's vanish magazine. Yeah, that's, yeah, that's true. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah.

Vantage magazine just came out, by the way, check your inboxes for totally free. It's got free tricks. I mean, you can also see a lot of dealer, um, advertisements and advertisements for a lot of dealer products you don't usually see, but everyone's gotta check advantage magazine if you're not checking it out already. Incredible. We are always mystified at how Paul is able to put out such a high quality manuscript or publication. Pardon me every month. It's incredible. So, and it's free, free, free, free, free. So go ahead and we were just, and where I lock, I lost into it again. We were delayed here a little bit because I got lost in the magazine. I'm still looking at it again. Okay. Yeah, I'll do that later. You had was this feature wasn't there but sacred Rianna or was it, I haven't flipped through the whole magazine myself yet, but I guess so the infamous AGBT evil Rianna sacred.

Deanna has got a movie that w was in Asia and it was really quite popular. So popular. They're going to do a whole other sequel. Um, and that's coming to the U S theaters next month. Yeah, that's great. Yeah. Or no? It's supposed to come like this month I think, isn't it? Oh, it's soon I guess. Yeah, it's coming soon. It says Christmas like, like, yeah, like, yeah, sacred Rihanna movie. Scared girl magic. I guess the concept is like how she got all her power. So it's very Hower like how Halloween like horror movie as it's perfect. I mean, it's a great fit. I mean that's the first for a magician to have a movie. That's your backstory. It's a, it's super interesting to see what will happen cause it could project, it could fail a, I don't know who knows what will happen, but that's pretty cool and released right now because we didn't schedule to talk about this.

But as we kind of went on to record, I saw that um, Justin Flom released 20 minute video called magic mix tape. Oh really? He's got always got new magic mixed tape. It doesn't need to do a couple of those every now and then. I haven't seen this was on IGT and it was just just published or IgE TV. Um, so check that out on the Instagrams and uh, I will as well. I watched the first 10 seconds or so would be before we went into to chat and it was, it was really great. It was like just random. I had never seen this before, so this was new to

Graeme Reed: me. Um, and Justin Willman of course magic through human season two. It just got released on the fourth. So we had before we weren't sure the fourth of the sixth, fourth to say it was the fourth they came out on the fourth. You can now watch it. I have not seen any of it yet. I haven't checked it out. Um, but I'm going to hopefully watch some of it maybe tonight. Maybe tonight. Yeah. I will watch an episode tonight as well. Actually, I'm looking forward to that. Yeah. Ooh, you know what we should do, cause we were trying to plan maybe some new content. The watch along idea, we've been talking about doing a magician watch. We could do that with one of these new episodes. That's a great idea. Great idea. Totally down. We will absolutely do that. Um, okay. I'm really excited to check out the whole Justin.

One thing, I also don't know if everyone listening is podcast knows we have an Instagram account, magicians talking magic and I try to, we're trying to release news content all the time. We're trying to be a source for magic news cause there isn't, I mean I, there is a couple of sources that you can find magic is, but we're trying to make it, um, I like P a, you know, a great try to pull all those sources together to have current magic news coming out all the time. So if you check out her Instagram feed, that's where we having, we don't really have a Facebook page or a website. We're trying to drive the whole conversation mainly to the Instagram. We have magic trolls scouring the internet to get this news for you. So yeah, go subscribe on that and help support those trolls. And if you also have any tips on Anita Institute, you know, uh, message us directly and we'll post it and share it too and tag you in those comments.

And we also, we're creating little discussions every now and then like we have a little discussion about magic apps going on there. Join in that staff, join our page like it tricks and finishing magazine. Vanished magazine. There's my two number one, go to magic resources. Check out my tricks all the time. I don't know if people know. Yeah, I tricks they have the latest video appearances from all the magicians on morning shows. They've even shared your stuff too, which is awesome. Michael's amazing. He, yeah, we, we've chatted on the phone. He's like, we just, yeah, he's a great guy. I haven't talked to him in awhile for everybody at home. Michael first and last. Oh by luck I believe is how you say his last name. Okay. Yeah. Was anyways, he's a great Jesus. He's, I think he was running for I tricks he's been running, I have tricks forever and he's just, he's sits a hard worker.

Yeah. Keeps up with that blog is, is incredible. So I catch nails too from Canada's magic blog as well. They'll share posts of things, a, of the ongoings and the absolutely abs. I love this. How active that Canada's magic is for us Canadians. It's really great. So make sure to always support, and I have actually, I stay up on, I've been, because we do this now, I am always searching on Google and all these things. And TMZ was the winter break, the Chris angel story that just came out. Um Oh, tell us about, about that. What is, so Chris Angel's a son, unfortunately is battling cancer again and he's got leukemia. And so Chris is kind of on a hiatus from his shows, but he is planning to do a, one of the biggest fundraisers next year at planet Hollywood. He wants to raise $5 million in one night to help find a cure. And he's gonna. The rumor is he's going to bring in a lot of acts, but I think he's mainly, uh, he's not shy about talking to TMZ at all because he realizes the reach. So, yeah, he likes their support and everything like that. So you'll, he's gonna talk to them more about release dates of the shows and things, but I imagine it'll be all over social media too. Um,

Ryan Joyce: yeah, I was hope we can reach that goal. for sure. That's good. Yeah. But yeah, I mean not the circumstance, but the initiative. Yeah, that'll be a good cause I bet he'll reach his goal. And then some, I agree with you 100% cause I mean, I mean 5 million is a lot for sure, but he's got a lot of wealthy friends, so I'm sure it doesn't take much to supersede that. So it has Vegas, so. Yeah, for sure. Yeah. Um, do you want to switch over to read a topic of the week? Yeah, let's chat about this one. Ho, ho, ho.

Graeme Reed: Awesome. Yeah. This week on read it, this was shared, uh, mainly specifically one clip. It's Ozzy wins a fullest appearance, which was from the, the Merry fool is special, like the Christmas special, uh,

Ryan Joyce: seeing the whole thing. But I have seen the Ozzy wind club, which is incredible. How was the rest of the special as a whole? What would you give it as a, how many snaps would you give it? I would give it triple snaps. Gerald snaps for Mary. Fool us. If you are baking cookies, turn off that stand mixer and just grab that cookie dough and throw it in. Triple snaps for icing buttons out of three on the gingerbread man. Grab a mirror. Shaner cherry just wedge it up if your nose cool. And then snorted out and see how far you get. Yup. Yup.

Graeme Reed: Uh, no, it was pretty good. I, I haven't seen the entire thing either. Actually. I've only seen most of the clips. I saw Mark Shortland and assigned Matt Franco and they said Ozzie win and Ozzy wins performance, which a lot of people have been sharing all over the internets. Um, I first caught it from Mario, the magician actually he shared it on, on the Facebook. Nice. And then, uh, when we were looking through Reddit topic of the week, that was like boom right there.

Ryan Joyce: Mmm. It was impressed. For those who haven't seen it, go and watch it. You can see the, it's on. I mean it's also well anywhere Reddit you can see it. Anybody on Facebook they've ever sharing it. It's quite a great performance. The buildup was so like, you know, when someone comes out with such a strong statement it's like, Hey this could go two ways. That's how I felt. And I knew the preface. So it was like, how is this going to not come across w w in a lesser light? It just came across really magical and really great. And it's kind of the thing that um, I guess like most magic, you'll

Graeme Reed: only experience that kind of whole thing once you can't, like once you go watch it again, you're like, well cause it's a

Ryan Joyce: thing in the scripting. It's very PR like really poignant at least to me. And that was like just really trying to remember what it felt like. It's been a long time. And I like the first time I remember for me, I, the, when I went back to in my head when he was doing the routine was a card trick in the dining room table at a friend's house. When I was like 14. So yeah, the first time and it was the 21 card trick. Right, right. But like I remember thinking like I want to be able to recreate that in someone else. That was what I like. That was my, Oh wow. I can learn something like that and recreate that sensation in someone else. And I feel like that's what has happened to me artists wise. Would you resonate with that? Like I also feel like that with the storytelling and like just like that side of it. I just feel like it's about communicating. It's like imparting something into someone else. Boy that sounded real, magically dirty. Just the tone. Just, just, just the tip of the magic wand.

Graeme Reed: I think. I know I can, I know what you're saying and I think that's um, because as you do magic laundry, you, and then when you do the tricks you kind of want, uh, to how do you make like, cause when you, you always want to go back to like the excitement that you had with magic and you want to share. That's where you're technically sharing when you're doing your show is you're really excited about this. You want to show other people why it's so great and they should like it too. Hopefully. I think that, isn't that what we all, maybe that's not everybody. I don't know. But I think

Ryan Joyce: like you, you really want to hopefully leave an impression I suppose is you can't do that with everybody, but you want to be able to at some point think that you might've done something that someone will remember or some of them, it's a complicated thing. And the other thing about it is you really got to be interested in people. I feel as a whole, you've gotta be, you've gotta be interested because when you're interested you become interesting. Most people aren't interesting. And so the secret of being a great performer is being interesting.

Graeme Reed: And I think, yeah, it's being, and it really is good storytelling, right? I mean we've been watching a lot of the, there's all these picks are shorts on the Disney streaming service right now. They're very like a, they have simple titles. I don't know, like a what is a friend or something or, and they're very simple but silly. They're the funniest things on the planet. But the storytelling and scripting is really good in these whole things and it gets the message across really well. It's just a simple cartoon, right?

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. Storytelling is something that we should all learn a little bit more of an magic. It's gotta be less storytelling than you would think,

Graeme Reed: right? I mean it doesn't, and when you're, yeah, when you're saying story, when you say storytelling, it doesn't mean like, Oh, tell like an F, tell a Lord of the rings. Just like, how do you, this story could be like even in a wrestling match, they talk about the story they tell in the ring, which is like, well, that guy is losing the fight for most of it. And then he's going to, you want to think that he can't possibly win. And then somehow he comes back, Oh my gosh. And MOS wins. But of course he can't win. He can't beat that guy. So he's not going, Oh my God, he won. That's the story that's told right. Like it's even something basic like that. Like how do you do that? Yeah, and it's not,

Ryan Joyce: you don't have to recreate the reel on the story. There's hundreds of resources out there that will teach you the basic plot of any story and how to follow structure and what are some of the basic

Graeme Reed: plots and, and you can even a simple plot is just um, Eugene burger described this as, um, I'm going to share with you the most complex or the most difficult thing I know to do. And, and that introduces and sets up

Ryan Joyce: whatever magic trick you're going to do because it should all be right. It captures so much interest. I always approached it like a writer to as in that's like how much can I communicate in as little words as possible. So that can't be done backstage when you're thinking about which pocket this is in and that is in and you haven't given any thought to what you're about to do, none of that brilliance comes out on stage. Well, I'm sorry it when you've got the foundation below you of success, then those moments of brilliance can come out on stage. But like you've got to really take the time and write all this stuff.

Graeme Reed: Um, the Mary Fewless the pendant teller thing, not to cut off on the story on the scripting thing, which I think we all, we, those are all great points to that. Um,

Ryan Joyce: yeah, no, I think, um, yeah, we, we nailed a couple of good ones, but we definitely, we saw some good magic that inspired us for sure.

Graeme Reed: I think when you see, well even talk thinking like about as he wind, um,

he like, you can see that he's been working on a script for so long. Yes. Right. Yeah.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. The thing about seeing it on television, you never know what's been edited out because you can add a lot. This is true. This is true as well. Yeah. I'm not putting him down. That's not directed at him at all, but just someone in the two of us who spent so much time in an editing suite. Right. It's amazing how much better our script can be when you remove all the, all the fluff. Yup. Yeah. I cannot, if I were to impart one bit of wisdom on it or, and I've ran this down, this should be the magicians talking magic world of advice, tip of the century, record your shows and watch them every minute. If you fail as fast forward through part, you've got to cut it or you've got to chop it or you've got to make it more concise. Watch your shows, painfully listened to every word and act accordingly. If you don't, it'll become obvious.

Graeme Reed: Right, right. Even doing a, an audio recording is totally fair too. If you can hear back what's happening.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. Cause then, and I'm victim to this, so I'm saying this advice from my perspective when everyone's journey is going to be different, but I always fall into like, or I did early on the problem of thinking, I need to say this joke because it's funny. Reverses knowing is not going to land. Sometimes, you know, a joke is not legitimate, like a stocky joke or like familiar and it fits in. Yeah. Yeah. Just stocky stuff and that, oops, sorry. Um, and that's, you got to cut those.

Graeme Reed: I've always, I did the first set, I did a a comedy club. I did like, um, the water cups on the head where you make the water vantage and then uh, I know it's like a lot of people were kind of doing this and I was like, I'll never do it again cause I didn't really want to do, cause if I was doing a comedy club thing, I wanted to be like a comedian redoing stuff that hopefully no one else is really doing. And if it is the same, I mean obviously you give me an a similar tricks, but how can it be different enough that it's okay. Uh, so I didn't like doing that anymore and I instantly have been trying to write and create anything like all originally bits. And if I find out that someone's like, Oh, you can do that thing, like so and so I'll never do it again. Yeah. Cause maybe I accidentally was influenced by that or something and I just forgot. I don't know. So I'll just be like, Oh, I didn't realize, okay it's out.

Ryan Joyce: And there's, it's the material is thin. I mean there's tons of material, but there's the real successful stage stuff and it's, I mean there's not,

Graeme Reed: but also technically we just see it as successful because we saw like, Oh well Paul Daniels did chop cups, so that's a great trick. So then we all do it. Or some of them just sort of just really amazing plots for sure. Just can't, can't get around it. Timeless. I guess. That's true. This is true. But it'd be great to come up with new plots. It's the hardest thing. I guess. That's why Azzie was also really great on full on the Mary fullest cause that was like a whole new, he created a, it was a new plot path, right? Like you have no idea where he was going with that whole thing. No, it was wicked. Super cool. Go check it out. snaps for Razi. Wham. Yeah, it was, it was a couple of classic bits all mixed together, which was great. And it, you know, let her classic like different ideas thrown together of deception, which is awesome.

yeah, it was great. It was great. And I also recommend if you go back and watch this stuff, I would see the Mark Shortland. Um, he does a fun kind of chair test routine. It's very complicated. He makes it entertaining cause he's Mark Shortland. Um, and I, it was pretty good but it was pretty fun to watch. He also is losing his voice the entire time. I don't know if he's sick, but he's just like, you know, on that edge when your voice is just like crackly. Yeah. Uh, but it was a great routine also. It was really fun. Is all about like he made a chair test pretty entertaining cause those can be pretty boring and stale with just envelopes and colors, you know what I mean? So he did it with a, he had banners and each banner had a, a different flight gate. So like a one B one and C one.

And then he was trying to navigate the lost luggage with the person, whatever flight they went to with the, you know, all this stuff me. So it all kind of made sense, which, and it's also hard to make those things make sense too. Cause I remember I was doing some, I did a chair test for a bit and when I was doing the routine I was like, I don't even know what this seems magical. Right. I'm just executing a lot of moves. Yeah. It just seems like we're just doing like a weird puzzle. I dunno what's going, I dunno sometimes I guess that that's, I don't know. That was me. It was my bed. Oh, I got it. Um, yeah. So go check out Mary. Fullest special. Of course. I mean it's an early Christmas special to have out, but that's good.

Ryan Joyce: Good for them. It sure is. I can't believe we're already approaching, I mean the Christmas parade has already gone by and like, we're, well 20 days out. Holy. I haven't done zero shopping. I've done any,

Graeme Reed: Oh wow. We've almost done our shopping. We've already cooked it batches of cookies and eaten them all. And that's also the decorations are up. I guess. I've also been going to all these Christmas parties already too. I'm like totally, uh, already doing Christmas

Ryan Joyce: a urine. I'm about to hit that zone. So I have avoided it, not avoided it, but I've been out of it. I've been my own little world doing other things, stuff and other things which we'll talk about soon on this podcast. But I want to chat about some, I'm going to do a little review here. My world of review is going to be not quite in the magic world, but I have had huge, huge, like, I don't know even how to call it. This app has provided a big benefit, at least organization-wise in my own mental capacity. So I sort of tossed it over to you. I, and you seem to be also feeling the, uh, the kick from this app called and it's called Trello. So, um, it's basically based on the concept of like organization. So it's a, it allows you to manage a whole bunch of projects or thoughts or, and it's just a really great way to to see and organize and collaborate and connect with all sorts of things.

So I don't know how you guys organize your magic ideas, you're like the vault of of stuff, but this might be something to consider or if you're working on like a new show and you want to put all the steps together and how you would go about and like you know, your keep yourself on track, that would be a good purpose if you want to use it for organizing or setting goals for your business or actually the the flow of your business. Maybe you remind yourself here's the contact and now I've got to make the contract and said create the invoice. And you can do all that in, in Trello and in so many unique ways. It's mobile friendly and such a simple mind

Graeme Reed: to diesel list. Like, if you just do like a Monday to Sunday for the week and you set up all the basic things you got to do that you want to do in that day. And if you didn't get the ones done you can, it's like a click and drag. So you just drag these little cards into the next, uh, you can add quick pictures to each one. You can add a little checklist. So like if it's grocery like you can, it's so easy. I have one set up tomorrow for all my show reminders. I've I do graphic for freelance for magicians, posters and things. So I have all my projects in there, like what's going on, what's paid for and all this sort of stuff. And then I just have one for a generic to Dussel's. So things like this podcast, um, all the other things I need to do outside of magic and things like that that's going on.

Ryan Joyce: I have one main one cause called project management cause I have a bunch of projects like so we've got the podcast, we've got the magic festival by magicians masterclass, my own brand and shows and things and uh, other local things for just filming. I've got all these, these projects and so I can in one central location manage all those and automate things around that accordingly too. It's really great. So I'm going to eventually at some point bring on hopefully a little bit of help and this app allows you to coordinate with that as well. On top of all of the amazing things as we speak, we've got one app running for our podcast and one as a, as a Trello is sort of background guiding us for the podcast and so it's got all sorts of uses. Um, and you probably will find something for you in your business and it's free. So would you, what would you rate this Trello? I would give it three snaps out of three. Organized snaps is what I would rate it. Um, if I would, or how about um, seven file folders out of seven file folders. Yup. Um, what would you say? How am I still stamped on it? I like it a lot. I think so right now I can't give it a full, um, a five, two at a five to

Graeme Reed: Dussel's. I'd give it a four. Right now I'm still using it, but I could upgrade my thing to a five ski eventually if I'm still still using it. Yay. I got to get, I've only started. So

Ryan Joyce: if it'd be like anything, if it can become a habit, then it could definitely become a benefit.

Graeme Reed: But right now I find it really useful. I can, cause I used to work by a post it and whiteboard and notes on my desk and now I like that, isn't it? Yeah. I just type it, I just throw it all out there and I'm like, Oh, okay, I'll look at that in a little bit. And then you look at and you're like, Oh yes, I've got to do those things to shoot. Yeah. Um, and some of them are great and then you'll see the ones that you leave off, they give you anxiety all the time.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. It's a way of sort of seeing all your thoughts sort of spewed out in front of you and be able to just like post. It's being able to rip it off and put it in other places and scrape. It's just awesome. So not quite magical, but it is keeping you magically organized, which helps across the board. Business is organization

Graeme Reed: and that's magic reviews for this week. Each week we talk different apps, tricks, books and fun stuff. And we review it

Ryan Joyce: here on magicians talking magic

Graeme Reed: uh, as talking projects. Do you have a Trello set up for one of your biggest projects right now? Uh, FISM

Ryan Joyce: I do. I do have one set up for a FISM North America, a combined double championship. This is going to be incredible. M and that's what that means combined. Uh, actually that's for cam. That's going to an association. Magicians. The cm has cam cause it's a, okay, so here's the dealio is the North American qualifying championships and it's the Canadian championships. So, uh, our American friends have to qualify for FISM and our Canadian friends have to qualify for prism. So both of those double, that double championship takes place in Quebec city on May 6th to 10th. So it's going to be incredible. So there's up to 50 competitors involved. So that's how many, um, how many places are, so up to two categories, um, close up in stage and uh, yeah. And then so it's up to 50 people can compete. But I believe, and I'm still learning this along with everybody.

In fact, I've got some interviews with some really great people that are going to shed this light on me, uh, in the next couple weeks or so, including, uh, Bradley Jacobs who is, I gotta get his official title. Right. But, um, he's, he's in charge of all of this side to the competitive jury side, so, so, uh, yeah, and then 15, I think it's 15 people will go through to FISM representing North America. I think that's the number. So again, we'll learn this all together, but it's really, it's really fascinating cause I tried in my own world early, early on the competitive side side of thing. I dabbled in a little bit. I competed at cam, I competed when I was in long Island, New York and, and so just a couple of those that cam I think I did camp twice. I can't, I don't even remember. I know who competed a couple of times. Um, I had, yeah, I see the huge benefits in it and I certainly would love to, to, to create something worthy of being competitive level. It's not something that I, that I've ever done. What do, what do you think

Graeme Reed: about it? I'm so curious. I haven't yet. Like I've always heard about, um, magic competitions and I don't even understand the thought. I've never like to think about, uh, putting together a competition act. I guess I was never interested in that sense, but it's become, I mean it's more and more interesting all the time. I don't think it's something for me, but I'd still, I'm still interested to watch the acts, see the acts and see the people that do. FISM. When you created an act to compete with, what area did you compete in? And like what was your, um, what did you, what was your mindset in putting into like, why, you know what I mean? What were your,

Ryan Joyce: well, you go for it. It's always gotta be a structured around a theme. Um, and so early on when I was a kid, it really didn't have much of a theme. It was just ridiculous. It was based soup. The first one, this is how kid ish and childhood was, it was based around one of those Coca-Cola cans at danced, I dunno. And wait, what? Yeah. And the MOA is advantaged and there was, it was, and then as I got more mature and like magic and stuff, human thing, it was the violin, I think it was a routine that I used. It was the violin, the cat. It's been so long. It's like a lifetime ago. So what was your violin or tambourine? It's already written over all this information. What was your violin routine though? Uh, so the appearance of the violin at the end, but it was carbon amp ball manip. And the ultimate ending appearance of of a violin.

Graeme Reed: Did you, you've never seen it? I've never seen this. No, I've only heard, um, you talk about it. It w in fact they took it on the ships for awhile. Yeah. But, and I ended the show with it. But did you do this to Schindler's list? Yeah. Hold it. Yeah. Okay. I got you. That's not fair. That's a fair thing that can happen though. You can't do that at all anymore. Right? That's not okay.

Ryan Joyce: Well it's doesn't fit me anymore anyways. So it was a great excuse to see low black violin. Read a note. Well, there was red hankie involved, but yeah, that's even worse now that going back on it. Yeah. Um, I would, you know what, like, am I prepared? My character's changed so much dramatically. Like it's just, yeah. You're more of like a space pirate. No. Yeah, I am. I am riding the, the Elon Musk rocket ship.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. You've got shiny boots. Yep. I say BB boop for my magic word. Yeah. You have robots. You float a bit. You create light swords. Yeah. The Jetsons are like copyright version are in my show. It's, it's intense. It's an expensive endeavor. But you got the whole thing. It's crazy. Back to reality. I, it's not my, yeah, I would love to put a piece of back in the show that is, I've been really, I've never a a little lull for ideas. Let's just put it that way. I'm never at a lull for ideas. Can you compete with mind reading? Like can you do a mentalism bit and am I in a FISM I'm pretty sure that's one of the categories. I'm not sure if it's a category four. Yeah. But uh, like North American qualifying and then FISM very two different games. Right. And so I, I, I know there's a lot more categories.

I believe there's a lot more categories in the Olympics, the world championship and I believe mentalism is included in that. I will find this out. Did they have a category? Like if you specialize in tenue performance plastic only. It's a, there's a plastic magic tricks only category. Yeah. Well like you know how like why not? I actually would want to see that someone that performs 10 year old tricks better than the like does what? Hans clock. I want to, you know what I mean? There's the leather pants category as well, but I mean it's starting to fade a little bit. You still have competition pants? Oh yeah, of course. Oh, of course. I got it. Okay. I'm curious now. I feel like I should get some competed. You always have the pants. You gotta to have competition. Leather pants. Yup. I have the tassels too.

Oh, that's a different count. Did you have any, um, threading in your competition pants that said like Joyce on the side or something or flames or do you have music? Yeah, have my pants once on stage. You and I ever EOM not competing. I rubbed the asset on my pants. Oh, okay. Yeah. They weren't real leather though. This was on, I think it was in qualify actually though. I hope it was during egg Poma not an illusion. It was during an illusion of striking pose. Yeah. I don't think anybody caught it, but like I had to go out and deliver the MC line basically next and then we going to video so I had to run sideways. You can Cartwheel off like Chris Farley w uh, well I was returned enough at the time. I probably could have, yeah. Uh, bigger days. Say you say one was going to compete in FISM. Does it cost money to enter? Like if you wanted to compete and send in there is a chatter nominal? I don't think it's certainly, do you know

Graeme Reed: when you what the deadline is to enter the competition? Nope. These are all good periods of zoom information that I will be finding out. Okay. We decided that we could talk about this before the podcast or during the podcast. We thought it'd be more interesting journey in the podcast to get real life questions. It's a fascinating side of the art that I know very little about. This reminds me of when, so I remember when I was a kid and I started curling and then the people that got me into curling were also competitive curlers and they snuck me into that side of it too. And I was like, what is all, what is all this? And then all the rules became real and everything. Um, but it was, uh, yelling right. You have to hurt a certain octave. yeah, I remember there was one guy, he, he was a very large man and when he, he would like get down on his toes and be yelling like hard and sometimes he would slip and fall a bit and you'd hear his knee crack on the ice and he was here like, you know that sand up like a sheet of ice just like, yup.

You'd hear that. So you're sweeping and he's yelling at, I don't know why they yell at you because it just makes you laugh and you're trying to aggressively sweep, which is also a hilarious thing to do. It's a lot of hilarity. Um, but fun noise when those, um, I find the whole competition thing really fascinating. Even find people like it'd be cool to, if we start doing interviews and we record them properly, if we get Rick Merrill on because why did, he was going to suggest that we reach out to him pretty pretty quick because what makes someone want to, I'm curious, what makes someone want to just compete and not really do anything else? I guess they're just really good. He's really good with slight of hand is that way. Well and really I think after he won, like he saw the world. Yeah. So there's a lot of incentive to win.

There's a lot of reasons to dive in and it's, I mean, you've gotta be prepared. It certainly is not for everyone. There's a, a mental toughness that has to be brought to the table and acknowledged let's the Olympics of magic. Yeah. And you're going to get, um, you know, that moment that you hates everyone hates critiques. You're going to get, like, you're going to get that full on multiple times from multiple people. Is there a country that like, um, is known to not be successful at FISM? They always enter, but, Oh my gosh. Where like, you know, cool runnings we need to have this story. Yeah. Who's the underdog country in FISM that shouldn't, they're like, why would they even attempt to do FISM who does, who is there a country like that? Is it Canada or the U S because we're just so kind of doing the same stuff? Well, this is, this is all knowledge I can ask. Um, uh, I'm writing questions down as we speak

Ryan Joyce: because I'm fascinated to learn more as well. We will, we'll learn all this together. I would be curious to know if our listeners, you guys and gals listening to the podcast, what do you think, uh, w have you competed? Would you compete? Will you compete? Will you take advantage of this opportunity that's literally coming?

Graeme Reed: Yeah. I think that'll be the next discussion topic on the road, on the Instagram is if you compete in magic or are you interested in competing in magic? Because there used to be a thing here in Ontario too called boom, right? The battle of Ontario magicians, that kind of magic through and a bunch of other people. Yep. I never took part in that. But that sounds fun. These all things sound fun now. I don't know. It's very interesting.

Ryan Joyce: It's definitely the competitive side for a reason. I mean it goes back to the Dawn of time. We could have like, we could have like an Athens Roman Coliseum kind of style of magic where tigers come out into the magicians left standing.

Ryan Joyce: We hasn't been eaten by that. Like, yeah, this is that where it's going to go to work

Graeme Reed: like a floor. And um, there's judges that are, uh, have celebrity status and they would hit a button for the magician they didn't like and they just fall into and they just fall endlessly into a pit. He gets one week. It's the tiger

Ryan Joyce: tigers in leather pants or wear these leather pants. Petition pants. Yeah, they're competent. This is exactly, this is how I want the magicians talking. Magic competition. 2020 is going to go sign up now. Magic dash master

Ryan Joyce: dot com slash podcast

Graeme Reed: so, so Shawn Farquhar, when you were competing in FISM, where did you get your competition pants?

Ryan Joyce: I'm excited to read you the competition. Everyone has to have leather pants in my head.

Graeme Reed: No. There's like, yeah, everyone a FISM has leather pants. I'm going, I got to get competition pants.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah, I would lend your mind, but nobody wants to wear anyone else. Leather pants. Greg Fruin really

Graeme Reed: quick deer competition pants. Zip up in the front or the back.

Speaker 4: Okay.

Ryan Joyce: These are good questions. Only you can find these questions on

Graeme Reed: the competition chaps camp. Can you just do competition chaps on top of your like maybe cool jeans or something?

Ryan Joyce: Yeah, they keep those strictly to the late night shows. Now they found it didn't work too well for the family for this, but could you imagine? Certainly Billy and competition pants. Does he just get this? He just get,

Graeme Reed: does he just get colored competition pants like pro wrestler like colored, you know,

Ryan Joyce: seven and a half minutes I think is the total year you can do

Speaker 4: in a company.

Ryan Joyce: Titian and I think there's like a red light and everything. Like I've never experienced this level of competition.

Speaker 4: Oh boy. I got to go see him. I still have those pants.

Ryan Joyce: Well, I think that's, uh, you got to get some answers for these, this, uh, the FISM

yeah. Well, I mean it's super fascinating because we'll know in the next two years who's going to be the world champion. I was. So we'll, we'll get to follow some of this along and hopefully as someone from North America, that'd be incredible, right? Yeah. And biasly hopefully it's somebody from Canada, but any, you know, would make it even more convenient if they were like

Fergus Elora kitchen areas so we could interview them and follow them. So much easier for content. So someone from the area or

Ryan Joyce: the reason I've got a dust off the pants,

Speaker 4: no, I'm not competing. Speaking

Ryan Joyce: of competition pants, uh, you have been, they've been hung out for a little bit because you have your blog pants on. You have a huge, I sure do.

Speaker 4: I don't know why I'm taking on the bus.

Ryan Joyce: You have. Um, so the festival that happened that we talked about forever on here. Oh yeah. And I'm going to plug, because by the time you're listening to this, I'll have a

Ryan Joyce: pod, our blog out, a nice big fancy blog posts about a summary of the events. So if you didn't come and experience the OYO festival, well first of all, task task a second of all, come experience it real quick again and see some of the photos, uh, from NC, the events. I wrote up a, a, a sort of, uh, event by event basis, some of the highlights so that it will be at magic. That's at Rand joyce.com. Tinker on my website recently too. Lots of tinker.

Ryan Joyce: Is that going to be, um, pictures and videos as you usually do? Are you going to have all the pictures and videos?

Ryan Joyce: Unsure is lots of multimedia. I'm waiting just to pull the trigger on it. It's ready to go. It's quite long actually. I've ever been writing them for the last couple of weeks, but it's bite-sized. So you can choose any day and learn about the day and there's lots of pictures, but it's also going to be in an upcoming, um, published publication of Northern peaks for our Canadian association magician members. So make sure, by the way, if you are not a cam member, make sure and do that. There's many reasons to join. First of all, it's super cheap and it helps support all the Canadian magicians that are going to be competing soon. And it supports Canadian magicians as a whole. Keeps us connected. You have to be an IBM to be a part of cam a no, Nope,

Ryan Joyce: no. You do not separate organization and it has Northern peaks. That's their magazine. It is. Yep. I'll do full disclosure. I'm not a member of cam. I should do, I'm going to do that because now I'm a pro. Oh yeah, definitely. Yeah, definitely. And it's, you know, it's cross the country and so now there's pretty much big event, well I guess with FISM and everything in magic, there's big events every year. Cams because I'm Renee Claude and Pierre who organized the magic festival up in Quebec are also organizing now FISM 2020 and tropism 2021. Um, cam has had events up in Quebec in the off year, so it's, it's been really great. It's been able to have big, uh, major events for Canadian magician and there's also the browsers bash and Toronto and now they've added with the L magic festival with the O was all kinds of stuff all over the country to you that, I mean, we just know about the central things I guess, but Vancouver I know has lots of magic festival events and things like that as well because they can, there's so much more closer to a cool American connection there to do some cool events out there as well.

Right? Yeah, man. Absolutely. There's so much magic flourishing right now and like on Netflix even alone, just, I cannot wait to dive into magic for humans. We're going to record it. We're going to watch an episode together. The first one we recorded our experiences in, that'll be coming up. Um, a follow along a watch along. Listen along however you want to call it. Truly should track number. Watch your lungs. Maybe like do a classic, a special, do something new and do something recent. Something like that. Is that what people do? I think so. Then we'll try it. We're going to do it. That would be great. So if you guys are going to compete in FISM, if you have interest in FISM, if you have questions about visit and let me know cause I've got some great interviews with some interesting people coming up so I'll pass them along and get that off and share that with the rest of the world.

This has been a real good episode. I think. Real good. Real fun episode. Good. I've got more competition.

Graeme Reed: I got to go get some competition pants. I can be ready for this. I feel like even if you just watching competition, you should be in competition pants. Imagine a whole room of everybody.

Ryan Joyce: Can I call them Competition Pantalone their competition Pantalone is and.

Graeme Reed: I think that wraps it up. That's good.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. My name is Ryan Joyce. I'm so glad that you've been here and magicians messenger or magicians masterclass. Oh my gosh. Magicians Talking Magic Podcast make sure to go to Magician's Masterclass at https://magic-masterclass.com/podcast for all of the updates. Yeah, my words are there too. They've clearly been left behind. So go there. Imagine your competition and uh, and make sure to go on the Instagram because we're going to, we want to connect with you on that way.

Graeme Reed: We have all the discussion going on in the Instagram account mainly, I think. So if you've got questions, messages there, comment there. We're going to post more questions and start more discussions. Uh, like this podcast. Subscribe to it where you do and tell your magic friends about it if you like what we're doing. Uh, yeah, I think that's it.

Ryan Joyce: My name is Ryan Joyce.

Graeme Reed: My name is Graemazing.

Ryan Joyce: ShaBlazam.

Graeme Reed: Tadoozle

Thanks for listening to Magicians Talking Magic Podcast

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