EP 19: Breaking the Ice with Magic

On episode 19, Ryan Joyce returns with stories from the Caribbean and Colombia, Graeme shares a unique Review, and how to break the ice.

Episode 19 | Magicians Talking Magic Podcast

Hosts Ryan Joyce & Graeme Reed

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Audio Transcript For the Hearing Impaired

Ryan Joyce: Welcome to episode 19 and Magicians Talking Magic. My name is Ryan Joyce, magic has been my full time career for the last 20 years. And this other gentleman is

Graemazing: Graemazing and I am a recent turn pro magic was always my fun side hustle. Now it's my real deal career. I have a background in television broadcasting that just makes it sound more expensive. Yeah. Made it sound fancy. But I just went to college for a couple of years and you know what, the first year I just learned how to coil cables. So

Ryan Joyce: cool. Yay. Reverse rapping.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. And actually I learned how to do like tape to tape editing and then right when I came out of college, you know, they didn't do that. Uh, they did digital editing and everything's digital. So, um, I learned all the old way and then had to do the new way and then I eventually went to a place that did it. Even the old,

Ryan Joyce: now you know how Marie Sacha feels.

Graeme Reed: Um, Oh my gosh. So what, uh, Ooh, happy American Thanksgiving. I guess. Actually today when this comes out, it is black Friday. So if you, if your phone works, I guess if people are, you know, networks are crashing and caving and the Instagram and Facebook are not working and if you got your belly and your knots and you're listening to this, thank you so much. But Joyce, you were just back from the seas. You were sailing across the seas on I was

Ryan Joyce: I was blasted down to the Caribbean and joined a ship, did a show and then blasted back home. It was four days. Literally like in out gone. Thank you ma'am. Finished. But it was fun and different and unique because when I boarded the ship, um, well first of all, I love this ship, this particular ship. So many memories in this one. And I was walking down to guest relations to get something or do something and I hears this voice call from above and like you've got to understand, I've been on that particular ship a ton and I've also like met a lot of celebrity employees. So when I hear someone calling my name, like this could be anybody, anybody. And so like my head is any waves up from the balconies. He's up one floor and I S I can still see his face but I'm like, ma, who the hell is this guy running up the stairs?

And then as I get closer it all kind of computes, it took a little longer than normal, half a beat or so because like it never is the case that I'm on a ship with another magician. It only has happened once in my entire history and that was down joining the ship in South America where her like I traveled 11 hours and joined with Brian Gillis, the late Brian Gilson Susa Sapan and uh, and that clearly was something like they like they hadn't done it in awhile and we both had traveled a long time to get there anyways. It was obviously a last minute kind of a booking and I think this might've been the same kind of vibe cause it's very rare to get two magicians on the same ship. So it was a lot of fun to hang out cause we got to chat and catch up, you know, and like not a lot of time to do that really like it because I board the ship and literally like my show was the next night and then I'm out gone.

So you didn't get to see Farrell show right? No I didn't. And uh, but we got to chat, he got to see my show and I, I really wished it was like a 10 out of 10 show. But there was a couple, there was two really frustrating, messy mishaps and like also the captain came to both shows and everything too. And the cruise director had never worked with before where you could tell that he was like, really? He had known that I was coming and he sort of bumped up the show. And anyways, whenever you say cruise director in my head I see a guy with a huge like big a mustache and like a monocle and a sea captains. Hell no. Nope, Nope. That's in my mind. But then I feel like it's probably a guy in like an oversize polo, a little heavyset and khakis.

You know what they range across the board there are across the board, this one, this one was young and very handsome and very suave and very Italian and w we just had a blast and it was, it was the, so the mishaps were just a lighting thing in the first bit. There was a lot of language barriers on this one I felt anyways. And then, um, I reported back with feral and he had a lighting mishap as well. So that's why I stopped to put a little asterisks on the lighting. Uh, and um, and then this, the second one was like a really, really bad one because it was my ending to my show, you know, floating rows and I had no threads or, I mean I had no to do the trick. So just do a fail ending of a burnt and appearing Rose say you really didn't get to do flooding Rose cause there was no floating? No, no, I got to do a show the first show with it. But, um, because of that, it was complications because of that. And so anyways, I, you know, when you, and to show that you feel shitty on it lingers. And so I was mad right away. I rarely, rarely get mad, like rarely get mad, but I had reasons to be. Um, and so that lasted for about, usually for me, I don't know about you, but it lasts about maybe six minutes or so and then I was fine. Yeah.

Graeme Reed: And then, but you still, you feel that, uh, sometimes I'll carry it too long. I'm really bad like that. Yeah. I don't know why I didn't carry the anger and guilt that I carried that Ugh, for, for at least a day in a bit. I remember I did like a comedy open mic, so I wasn't even getting paid and I was trying to do my set and they just couldn't get through my set because people were just being annoying. They weren't really heckling, they were just being loud and obnoxious and awful and annoying and I couldn't get through my set. And then, so when I finally finished, nothing worked, just stormed off stage. I remember smash like throwing my case on the floor in the back of the room. It made a huge like slam man. Yeah. And it's like, ah, shit. And then so I just packed up and I left.

I was like, screw this. Yeah, that's it's, cause you know what you, it should be, you'd know what the expectation is. It's not. Yeah. And when you get the ones that are just out of the norm, I used to by the wayside and yeah, that bar shortly got closed down after from someone getting like stabbed or something. He had it really know she's L came full circle. That's fine. And it was the owners too, like awful, awful situation. Yeah. Yeah. Those linger, don't they? They really, they really hurt for awhile and like you do everything you can possibly can to avoid those ones at all costs. They're the motivators. So you have to do the really, really, really shitty ones. Yeah. Yeah, for sure. Magicians are the ones that have done the shitty shows because they're in flow. They're chasing as far away from that shitty, shitty experience as possible.

Yeah. And you're the ones that continue to go. Most people might give up after something like that. Yup. It's true. It's totally true. Right? Well, I mean unlike you, I had a fantastic time last week at Ardagh magic. You don't go do I and I had two great sets, but you know what, this was the first night. It was two nights, which is so cool. That's what Toronto magic company does. That's Jonah and Ben in Toronto. Of course Ryan tried to magic company and this was headliner Chris, may he, he hasn't performed publicly too many times I guess. And he's redeveloping his one man show. So he has headlining it for the first time. These two nights. The first audience we had was very quiet, very polite and quiet. Just no feedback. But then the second night you couldn't ask for a better group of people.

Like it was a sold out standing room only and everyone was probably like, they got all the crazy nineties jokes and references and things like that. Everyone nailed it. Everyone nailed it, great sets. And Mayhew was phenomenal with his whole new. Um, so the reality is, is it's somewhere in between. Yeah. But reality, that's the reality. Yeah. Somewhere in between. It's never the, Oh, that was the best audience ever. It's gotta be the median. It's the meeting of the whole thing, which was, yeah. So, but it was a great, a great room to the super wonder gallery in Toronto. It's really cool space. I really would like to see it the next time I was there. We should go and watch. Um, it is Thanksgiving.

It sure is. Wow. In American American Thanksgiving, the, uh, turkeys are a little bit more plumped down there, just a little bit. And the world is taking advantage with black Friday sales. Yeah. Which actually I thought last week was black Friday and then today's apparently black Friday and then it's going to be black Friday tomorrow, but then on Monday, black Friday month turns to cyber Monday. Yeah, that's right. It's just going to be cyber black saving Christmas, new year deal. That's all. Yeah. It's just going to blend into that optimist prime sales. Yup. Um, but it be, do you know what Thanksgiving means in the magic world? It's the anniversary of what is the best magic, special,

Speaker 3: greatest magic tonight on the world's greatest magic.

Graeme Reed: Give me a, give me a statement. Let me do it in the voice. Give me something. Go give you a statement. Yup. Let's go. Uh, 10 magicians, one hand stations, one stage, man. Uh, Ooh. You can see above, below and all around.

Speaker 3: You can see above. You can see BOLO. You can see all around

Graeme Reed: something Thanksgiving. Um, Ooh, um, uh, happy Thanksgiving, eh, eat your Turkey stuffing and be sure to cover it and gravy. That's all. That's a lot to remember. Oh, that was you talking, you said anything. Oh, I, well, Gary, uh, um, pastor. Great. Wait, wait, wait, wait. It's gotta be, it's gotta be, um, I will not eat eggs in world's greatest gravy. Happy exit. I can't, that's really hard. Yeah, I can't, that's, that one's hard. Happy Thanksgiving. It sounds more like an evil demon at that point. Yeah. I will not eat green eggs in him. I will. Yeah. I will.

Speaker 3: Will not eat Renae eggs and ham.

Graeme Reed: There you go. But isn't it, wasn't that presented by Dirk Arthur? Oh my gosh, that's special. I watch specifically. What else are you guys magic too? More than anything. Ever. Um, with Alan Thicke as the host, Dirk Arthur, Jeff McBride. Oh my gosh. Uh, Penn and teller with the bullet catch at the end.

Ryan Joyce: Well, Kenai Yala and Lilya. Jason Byrne Bretton Daniel. I'm listening to whatever you can hear in the back. Louis de Matos, Luis tomato's whole Gertner Jeff hubs. And what's his name? What's the voiceover guy? Don LaFontaine. He sure has done laugh on tan. Yeah, this really was a good special.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. And there's like five of them and then it's like, um, Oh, who hosted the last three? Oh, this one had Jeff McBride on it and Melinda the. Oh wow. Look at this lineup, man.

Ryan Joyce: Rick Thomas, the magic of Rick Thomas. He's also a fellow like content creator guy. He loves video editing, does he? He was the only other person I knew on the planet that I got to geek out about having more digital juice content than I did digital juice.

Graeme Reed: Um, Oh, John Ritter, he was the other host in the three episodes. Remember when Brett Daniels did the teleportation across the grand Canyon.

Ryan Joyce: I don't, it doesn't stick out in my head, but my real reason, Oh, don't remember this. In that room with that little stupid satellite dish at the top of it

Graeme Reed: and it was really, yeah. And there's like a helicopter that flew across or whatever to the other side. Yeah. You know who I couldn't help but regret never ever meeting is Gary we yet? Oh yeah. Yeah. Um, and he's got a great, what's his, he's got a book, two or a couple. He's probably got lots of resources, but some of his books and everything are the best. I remember I got one from the library, like Hamilton public library, and it has like a solution to put on your hands to make them more attacky and everything. Oh, wow. Yeah. You know what I remember too in this, um, Oh my gosh, what was, Oh gee. Willikers he would sit at the table and he would just produce drinks, but he's basically just pulling up for behind the table all the time. Do you remember this guy? Oh wow. My uncle Steve. Oh, John pier valid Reno. Oh, I remember he had a set with Thanksgiving turkeys and people like around him holding turkeys and he was just like, when you're watching it, you're like, he's just pulling drinks up from behind the table. Like behind a plank or just not enough. Oh,

Ryan Joyce: this is our PLA. I'm watching, I'm watching this in the background. Are you also watching this in the background? Is this, I wonder what our P L A's stand. Well, that's way more.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. Yup. Who was that again? Who does that? Dirk. Arthur, I think, isn't it? No, it's center Arthur. No. Oh, come on. Isn't it? Come on. Um, well we could let Alan Thicke into gruesome. You're about to see has

Speaker 4: never been here

Graeme Reed: with the awful as ping

Speaker 4: created and designed by this man. The very talented mr Dirk Arthur.

Graeme Reed: Oh, your car's there. Oh, that red blazer man. glowing lights. Is that the RP? A 40 foot tall structure that they had to carry around in a truck who didn't want to take that and set that up every day? This isn't the RPL AAN one though, is it? Nope, I don't think so unless this is maybe, Nope. It's the helicopter. Which was is a sexy prop. I always wanted this thing. I mean, and this is the one where you get, you can see above and below and all around. Does he say that? Because you can't really set you high above it, but they spin it and that's the cat's Meow. There's no do the they do?

No. You've got to have your power statements. We should do it. We gotta do. We should try a whole watch along with one of these specials. We will, let's do that. Yeah. Okay. That'd be fun. We've got lots of content coming your way because we're actually right after proceeding this one, we're going to be doing something else that we've got to talk about a word. We'll save that to elbow to the end of the podcast. Let's, um, let's a little tease there. A little, little, yeah. Some new extra content from a MTM, magicians talking magic. Yes. And there's new content coming to a Netflix near you. Oh my gosh. This weekend. Magic news. Justin Willman returns with season two of magic for humans. And this is going to get released. It's controversial. According to the internet. I looked all over the place. It's either December 4th or sixth.

I think it's the sixth. Um, but I'm excited. I wouldn't, March magic for humans I think is like the best modern magic special. It's come out in a long time. It is so great. So awesome. Yes, so much care is putting into it. It's great. Well produce authentic, fun, not fake, not fake, not fake. Right. And I don't know, I don't know all the magic consultants on the show, but I know from Instagram I just got, I like Marcus Eddy and Jesse Feinberg. They rent like Netflix head office. They have a theater for the, and they did a screening, so that's exciting. That's cool. Maybe a new shows that we're suggesting. No, no. They're like, they were consultants on this show, on magic phone and this. Oh yeah. So it looks very exciting, which is great. So that's, you know, you've got some great strong magic going on behind the scenes.

They're wicked and credible and you can still, you can currently catch Justin Willman on his magic in real life to her, which all his dates are on his like Instagram and his website. I wonder if it's, how many episodes was it last season? Six, right? Something like that. Was it six or eight? Was it eight? Is it eight? Okay. I dunno. They were all really fun though. Yeah. Hopefully it's at least eight. That'd be wicked. My favorite thing was the invisible man. I feel like that was a lot of people's Famer. I need to go back and rewatch them. It's been so long in my, so much in our world tool and the marshmallow bit. Remember the marshmallow little bit with the kids. Yeah. That was awesome. That was awesome. Yeah. That's usually the one I show friends, non magic friends. Like, Hey, you gotta watch this show. Here's a little clip. Pilsen the L, that's the one. Yeah. Whenever I go to S to like comedy shows always ask like, Oh, have you ever seen magic for humans? And like, no. I was like, what are you, your Netflix? You should they, I figured this would get recommended to you if you, based on what you watch but doesn't show watch magic for humans. When I get to the Barrio is ask, I bet you're wondering RPL egg stands for.

We're not. You know what I do when I get to the bar with that? Um, I first find like a spare nail and then I just wedge it through a bar coaster. I just hand my phone to some dude and I just whale my hand right on it just,

Speaker 5: yeah, yeah, yeah.

Graeme Reed: I'm doing that tonight, by the way. I'm going to do that again tonight. That trick, that Neil cup routine.

Ryan Joyce: that sounds dumb.

Graeme Reed: Yeah, I know it does. We talked about that. Yeah. I should film the rehearsal. I'll film the rehearsal. Always be filming, always be filming. Do you have any other magic news? Is there any other magic news? I know there's like negative many, but I don't know if we should talk about a negative mismatch. I do

Ryan Joyce: magic magic news, magic like this and now can be official public with it. It's kinda been a little cryptic now that I really share much on social media. But um, so I have joined the FISM team for FISM NACM 220 I'll be doing all the content for, for them. So this is kind of exciting because it's gonna put us in. Yeah. Yeah. It's going to put Canada center stage over the next two years in terms of world championships and to be able to be a part of that is real real gift. So it's going to be a lot of work, but it'll create more awareness here too for FISM. Like a lot of people here don't even know about FISM. Right. It's more of like a, it's always seemed so European. Yup. That's right. Then. So the basics of it is in order to get to the world champions of magic in 2021, you got to qualify in 2020. And both of those are happening the same location one year are spaced apart from each other. All road Sufism lead to FISM 2020. So if you want to qualify, if you want to give this a shot now this is the time, I mean the stars are aligning.

Oh yeah, yeah. You've got to start moving. And you guys start going quick though, but you've still got time to go to FISM N a 20 twenty.com. Let me just make sure, oof. We got treated to Jones, Caesar talking about FISM and like what a, Oh, by the way, what does FISM stand for again? It's like friends and sandals making Madeline's. Yeah. Manet's mayonnaise. Um, so yeah, and the NAA stands for sodium and sodium. There's a cm in there now too. It's gotta be FISM and a cm. Cause this is part of the education. My friends, when you ever chat with your magician friends and you say, Hey, you guys going to FISM have a random quiz right on the spot and see if they know NACM that there's two that there's 2020 and 2021 FISM NACM and FISM 2021. Quiz them and find out.

I bet you'll be surprised. Right? Well, like I haven't even, I don't think many people even know about FISM happening here in Canada. And now they've got, they've got a whole bunch of registrations and a bit of course, the big one, the world championships of magic is, is 2021. But, uh, the, the lead up to that is of course 2020. And that's where those competing, you have to, you have to go there to qualify what a Canadian, there's a Canadian competition as well as the North American. Have you ever done this? Uh, I, well I competed at cam. Oh, a hundred years ago. And what did you really yeah, I think so. I could we use that? Yeah, I came in second, I think. Well then I competed that, um, uh, that when I was in the tannins camp, uh, by Andrew, a couple of things. Yeah. And I came in second.

Okay. Yeah, he'll always second. Um, so I, a little bit experience, I mean, I now would be just such a different perspective. I wouldn't compete personally now, but I would, wouldn't ever leave it off the table just for the enjoyment of it. Isn't it? Wouldn't that be a fun little thing to do? I think that would be fun. It seems like a crazy accomplishment to try and achieve or something. Yeah. Yeah. I mean it's, I mean it's purely, at least my motivation would be purely just intrigue. I don't have, yeah, yeah. No, it's kind of like getting another, I don't want anymore another badge on like your scout sash or your correct. Get another notch on the karate belt or you get like another, you know, when you another spoon to your collection, you get another POG in your POG stack. Do you have, do you have a collection of stuff and things? I mean, I got a little trinkets and stuff, but I don't have like baseball cards or like, I'm not like Dexter, I don't keep little samples. I ha you don't have blood samples of all your victims blood samples. Yeah. I don't keep anything from my victims either. I um, I use, I have, I collect audience members.

Graeme Reed: Oh, I used to just as funny here as it is onstage. Oh no, the clean hand. Oh, I use a, I used to collect playing cards, but I stopped that because it's just, it was kind of ridiculous. Yeah. Um, I still might get a playing card deck every now and then, but probably not. I w I like literally have like, um, there's a whole thing beside me who just filled a playing card.

Ryan Joyce: I did do that. I did buy for a long time, but every country I went to, or at least I could get it wrong. I did buy a deck of cards. I did still do that too though. Yeah. Yeah. That's really silly. I forgot about it. I, they were up in my bedroom, like my drawer I have, I've just like four or five rows of them. I don't ever know how many I have, but I haven't done it in awhile. And then I also have a weird collection of like some wrestling memorabilia, so, Oh yes. The other life. Yeah. My pro wrestling hobby and fun. I love pro wrestling. Yep. So I have some random things to that. Let me ask, because I've never asked you this question. You've heard about that. Like, okay, so you just want to be an onlooker in that world. You have no desire to actually get in the ring. Do you know that would suck? Imagine falling in your back on the floor right now? No. Yeah, but yeah. Oh, I listen, I you don't gotta tell me. I wouldn't want to do any of that. But magic is like the same, but the mr or like the whatever the fantasy side of it, like that kind of a magic is like a safe version of pro wrestling. It's like a non-contact pro wrestling. Yeah.

Graeme Reed: Right. I mean it's all theatrical. It's all make believe it's all made up. It's all is. Yup. It sure is. It's all character based and driven and too, so that's why I think, I dunno. Um, I'm a huge fan of Saturday morning cartoons and cartoons, so that's why pro-wrestling is awesome. And magic was always an interest to me too. But I was always drawn to guys like Sylvester the gesture. Rudy, Coby, amazing. Jonathan, David Williamson, MCing, these guys look like cartoon characters. Right. I mine needed to have scored music. That's what I needed. I also injured that too, that like remember J like Jeff McBride, but he also, and yeah, like I remember it was so cool with all the masks and everything and then the car is flying off the stage. Like that was cause gambit was my favorite superhero. Uh, he's from X-Men and he makes, he makes like energized playing cards from his hands and he throws them and stuff. So like Jeff McBride was like doing that in real life and you're like, well, you can really do that. That's crazy. Yeah. Pugh dude, you did you

Ryan Joyce: Dan. So I've joined FISM and we're going to be doing, yeah, some fun things in, in Quebec. And so everybody's got to come.

Graeme Reed: What do you, so how do you, like what is the, what ha what if you're just sitting at home right now and you're like, okay, FISM I can do this. What do you like, what do you play? What can you enter? What are the things that can, there are, well, okay, so there's a lot of categories. Is it too many?

Ryan Joyce: Okay, this is a good question. I think it's 12. Um, I don't have it in front of me off the top of my head, but there's three, it breaks out into three categories, stage, closeup and parlor. Right? And so each one has its own category. Now rules and things. But I, this is not an area that I'm really ever dove into. So I'm going to learn this along the way and share it with everybody as well. Okay. Settled be a feature that we can learn together. Cause I, cause I'm gonna actually be chit chatting with people from that are competing and, and doing little profiles and things. So we'll get a real fun perspective of this journey of uh, competing in a magic show and then ultimately to the world champion, you know, becoming a world championship magician. Can I ask you one more thing? Yeah.

Graeme Reed: Like, um, cause this is a question, one more question, one more time. Um, like uh, oof. So when you come at this thing, is it all about skill and presentation and artistic merit? Like an originality? Is that or is it all just about originality and the skill level doesn't yeah, put those different girls.

Ryan Joyce: So they'll have, of course, categories for each. There'll be originality, there'll be techniques, there'll be, you know, like audience, I'm sure. Enjoyment kind of perspective. Right. A person that we should talk about and we'll bring on the podcast is Joan Caesar. She is a FISM internationally recognized judge. So she did a little chitchat with us or I don't know, I've said chitchat twice. I've now said that more in one night, 10 minutes section than I've said my internet. Yup. Chit chat. There's three. Is that new favorite app? Chit chat. Um, I, I don't even know what it is. Did that tech talk and chit chat and I don't know. We'll get her on and see if she'll shed some light of, of the judging and the, the competitive side. Because if anybody on the planet that would know, it'd be Joan Caesar,

Graeme Reed: that'd be awesome. Caesar. Two nights on magicians talking magic. Jim Caesar, what is she gonna escape from? Uh, she'll be falling from a Zepplin from a Zeppelin. Joan will be strapped into a giant. What's those little can Aloni um, ravioli. Ravioli. Yeah. Gnocchi. Gnocchi. W w. well, I feel like that's,

Ryan Joyce: those would be more way more delicious. I was trying to make it feel like,

Graeme Reed: like, okay, so maybe like a ravioli wrapped in ravioli, but then like, should it be like deep shafts? Who was his shepherd? And this is getting really Riddick. Okay. Okay. Well let's okay, go.

Ryan Joyce: What am I saying? Oh, so she's Joan Caesar fall. I'm strapped into a ravioli deep fried in beer batter tonight and magicians talking magic. The Jones Caesar will be strapped into a giant ravioli wheel. She escaped the cans with our, the. Yeah, well she escaped the cans. Great. That's good. And you have failed it. Nailed it. Do you hear those? Those are the ooze of sarcasm in the background. No one is snapping at home. No one has let go of their dogs or people are still just doing the dishes. Triple snaps or effort. Um, it's hard. like, and think like, it's really, I can't do that for very long. I actually, cause it's used to do proper placement is wrong. Placement. When I worked in TV, I see like a fight voice, like a macho man. Randy Savage and I can't summon it. If I do, I'll lose my voice forever.

Possibly. Really? Yeah. If I go that deep and raspy and intense my voice, yeah. I can't do it. I can't do many voices. Um, all right, well I think that's uh, that is that only the stuff you want to talk about? FISM I think that's pretty good. Like I'd like to do, there's going to be definitely lots to, to chit chat about. Oh, see there's five and this podcast is this podcast. Even though we joke ski about like the name of FISM and all this sort of stuff, it's going to be an incredible resource going forward for all the updates and everything going Alec for FISM because you're well connected and I don't know, they don't have a podcast, so we're going to kind of have some, a bunch of information exclusive right here. Well, I think part of our job is to be spreading the news. Start spreading the news, right? That's what we do. Yeah. We're uh, uh, fake nurses knew this is, this is news. That's right. And this is cool. This is really historical news. Like 73 years folks in 73 years. FISM has never come to this side of the FISM has never seen a chorus.

Right or enjoy, enjoyed a Harvey's hamburger or had a Harvey's hamburger or a Tim Horton's. Well maybe they have now Tim Morin's is leaked everywhere. Seem like a Sears department. Oh, Oh, bottom pump or had ketchup chips. Delicious ketchup chips. But FISM we'll see the home Depot. There you go. So the times are good and my friends times are good. That's going to be happening in our lifetime and not only in our lifetime. It's happening like in our country, which is like super soon. Super soon. Yeah. We were going to have to have a FISM, a countdown somewhere. There's going to have to be a countdown somewhere else. You've got to create that. Yup. So everybody's got to go cause it's not even a long flight or bus or train drive or whatever. It's my super close, super close to lots of those in the area. When does it all happen again?

It's may. It's happens in may, May 6th it's five days. It's five days of magic. That's so much magic going on and that it's all, do they partner it with like their festival of magic two with this one it's, well these are also questions I need to get up to speed on, but it happens at the same time. So there's sort of, I'm thinking running all of those in addition to, but because it's two years in a row there they've, I guess they've adapted it to income because it's at that same time for sure. Which is thinking I've got to go to Quebec and may. That's cool. It's a great time to go. You know May 6th to 10th is is when you want to book your calendars off and it's just all in one spot. It's going to be amazing. It's the North American championships and it's the Canadian championships, so lots of shows, gala shows, international shows, eight lectures, workshops, do the room, magic jams in the evening and really and truly like Renee cloud in pier organize the festival for the last 12 years so they know how to organize this stuff.

So it's going to be amazing the acts that happened at FISM or all the ones, like if you go to other conventions, usually you just see like one FISM act right here. You get to see like all those top crazy, I'm sure do that's going to be coming out soon. So the, where you guys want to jump onto is the Facebook page for, for FISM North America, uh, 2020, so FISM and a cm 2020. Check that out in a Facebook and we'll put it in the show notes and on the podcast. That's what we shall do. Uh, and join that and you'll, you know, you're going to start to see some really fun content coming out there. So, uh, get, get ready because magic's gonna hit Canada and North America in such a big way. It's starting soon, like, you know, next year things are going to start to get started ramping up.

Pretty big. That's good for all us Canadian magicians. Oh my God. That FISM update was brought to you by Sunny's, by sneezing cough by the end of a cold. Uh, all right, you want to switch over? Should we switch over to the Reddit topic of the week? It's going to be fast when I think, all right. Boom. This week in the Reddit topic of the week, we are flipping through the Reddit pages and we stumbled across this one. Uh, here it is from diet Coke head. Uh, my gosh, let's read it. Of course. Uh, suggestions for magic tricks to break the ice of strangers. Here's a great suggestion to get to that magic trick that you're going to have to break the ice with a stranger for you. We'll have to converse with that stranger.

Graeme Reed: Just imagine you don't have the magic trick and then you'll be able to talk to a stranger.

Speaker 5: Yeah,

Graeme Reed: but besides that, if you really want to trick that, you gotta just break the ice with someone or you want to show him a trick real quick. Your go to thing, whatever you do, we all have different ones. It's totally fine. There's so many different tricks he can do. It's that simple. If you walked up to a table and your referral and cards, they already know what's up. Yeah. I saw a guy at a bar with a change bag that's real, like a kid's change bag. He was doing that.

Speaker 5: Hello?

Graeme Reed: What was his name? That was an Oh, well call back. If you don't understand that you weren't there and you know what I will admit too, I forgot that this, thanks get like American Thanksgiving is the anniversary of world's greatest magic. I totally heisted that from Reddit this week too. Some of them was like, Hey, so there's a little topic right at feed ski going on talking about world's greatest magic on there too. I saw someone just posted like Greg Fruen was on this too, wasn't he? I love his act. So many great, amazing.

I just about lost it. You just exploded. What? I just took a sip of coffee and it went down my talky pipe. Oh my gosh. My breathing. But anyhow, so many iconic routines and acts from that whole special Williamson with the whole Rocky, the raccoon shooting from the gage through the guys. Great special, amazing Johnathan with like his wife at the time in the audience. Have you seen the documentary? What's the deal where? Where can that be seen? Amazing. Jonathan one? Yeah, there's two. There's one on Hulu and there's one on YouTube and they're controversial. I guess I would like to, so there I can download them. I mean I can pay and watch them online. YouTube on is free. I don't know. Is Hulu easy to access here? I'm not sure about right, right. Who is a whole deal in Canada. You have to like do some screwy things I think to get it, but you can't get it right.

I pay for river and just to watch the Hulu one apparently flips the whole story on. Amazing Jonathan suggesting maybe that he's making up his whole being really sick and dying thing, whereas the other documentary is just like a fun documentary about amazing Jonathan, but then I guess there's certain ones you can't like, I don't know, controversial opinions about everything. It's, but it's amazing, Jonathan, so it's really fun. He just did a penguin live act thing too. Oh really? Oh, that's cool. Yeah, that one. I haven't checked that out actually, but I bet it's very fun. It's a bunch of, it's like a dinner table, gags and things like that.

Oh man. Well, I've, I haven't seen either of those. I love anesthesia. She's incredible. So yeah, she's in it too. Of course. She's sitting at the table and like Dan Shannon's there. Yeah. Oh, that's cool. That's cool. She's from a LoRa. That's right. She's from neighboring. Oh, Laura. Well, I'll have to, yeah, man. Well, let's, um, you want to switch over to the reviews? Rangers. Let's finish that strangers thing up. I mean that, Oh yeah. Not that there's much more to add to that. The truth is, is having a conversation, just how would you walk up at any table? How would you, you know, you've got to start thinking about your opening lines.

Yeah. That's really crucial for sure. Like, I will, I know some people, and I don't think it's the correct way to do things, especially in like 2019 2020 world where people are very protective and PC and all this sort of stuff. I just say like, Hey, my name is. First of all, that's weird, right? That is weird. So I go, Hey, my name's grazing. That's real and I'm a magician. Also real, can I share some magic with you guys? At that point we should understand what's going on and if people don't want to see it, they'll say no, and then I get out of there and then slightly more real. Could you, does that work? That's slightly more, slightly more real. Yeah. It doesn't mean, yeah, maybe. Um, but yeah, I think you need to have the, cause I know sometimes like, uh, I remember watching an old video tapes, they would suggest like, you just pretend to pick something above the floor and go, Oh, is this yours?

And you just starting to magic all of a sudden cheesy. But imagine like those people were breaking up at that time and you misread it and you didn't know yet or something. And now you're like invading their space. They're out eating a meal. You know what I mean? Like, I dunno, it's a whole thing. We've talked about it before, I think. Yeah, it's two way communication. Like, I mean, you got to feel the vibe. If you're getting close to a table or whatnot and it doesn't feel right, then go to the next one. But most people in a closeup situation only want to see one or two tricks. That's, yeah. They don't want to see too much more else. Yeah, they did. And it's probably a pretty good idea to let them know upfront what they're getting in for. Yeah. Like you're just here to show them one or two things so they know it was like a little verbal agreements.

I'm not going to take 25 minutes. We're going to do like, I'm going to blow your mind in two or three moments and I'll be out of here, whatever. I dunno. What do you think about that? Yeah, I guess like I say, I kind of off the cuff say like, can I share some magic while we're waiting for the rest of the stuff? There you go. Yeah. There you go. That's establishes that you're not, I'm not going to be in the way. Yeah. And the second the food comes here, whenever you get the CEO to their adios cause you shouldn't do imaginary people's hood. It's gross. No gross. Yeah. And it's like who wants to perform during dinner too? That's like cool seasons. I put that in my contract but I don't, I, I have it set up too. But you get the rare client that really wants you to perform at the dinner time and you're like, that's so stupid. Like it's the worst. Some tables just, some tables will get you get there at the right time, right between courses or whatever. But usually it's just awful. You don't want to be in people's drinks and gross napkins and like, yeah,

Ryan Joyce: I agree. The clinking and the clunking and the fighting for attention.

Graeme Reed: but um, but the paycheck clears and the dollar is cash dollars. Making that money, reign it. Yep. Again, it's that sort of thing

Ryan Joyce: we chatted about at the beginning of that expectations alignment. You know, what it should be and how great it could be if all of the parts are,

Graeme Reed: we're perfect, perfect parts per like Lego like, yeah. Goddamn Lego. So perfect. I was backstage,

Ryan Joyce: I'm on the ship ironing my shirts cause of course, I mean that's just part of the routine. You have to factor that in when you travel. And on the board on the, the, the table was a puzzle of unicorns of course. And there was one piece missing and they just finished it and they were like, we'd have no idea where the piece is that it sort of tilts the university a little bit, doesn't it? That explains cruise ships to a T right there. How's that say?

Graeme Reed: There you go. You um, did you, you should have just had a fake piece the whole time.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. Drawn. Yeah. I should've taken a picture of it. I wish I remembered where it was even, but it's like an assay wind magic trick or something. It sure was. Yeah. In the middle of it I were, I am. It was a dealer. Derek DelGaudio thing.

Graeme Reed: Um, hi. I'm a puzzle. A puzzle piece. You're more than that. Okay.

Ryan Joyce: I am more than the confines of this puzzle.

Graeme Reed: I am a unicorn. That's what the unicorn said. That wasn't necessarily what I was saying. I was just wondering. Um, so it'd be a unicorn. That's what I think the moral of the story was. So, um, want to talk about like there's no more to talk about there, right? I think we'd, I think that's it. We kind of nail those strangers in that. Yeah. The strangers. If you see stranger things, it's a pretty good show. It's a little creepy. The hunky guy with the curly hair, he's weird looking. I don't know about that. And then the kids as they get older, they're not as good actors either. So keep that in mind if you haven't seen stranger things. I haven't nodded. Okay. While there's six episodes or four episodes maybe. Yeah, it's great. The show is great and everything, but the kids, some of them just turn into real, real terrible actors.

So, Oh, is that so don't work with animals and kids. And moving on to this week's magic review, that was different. That was a different one. This week I'm going to review. This is an app. It's not even a, it's not even a book. It's not even magic. It's called the comedy companion app. And it is such a sweet, cool tool. You don't use this, you didn't know about this. I told you about it before the podcast. Yeah. So what you do, uh, you can add jokes. So in my case tricks, right? You can add tricks or you can add jokes like joke lines in there till you can joke line. So like I have my level seven wizard bid as a separate piece. Uh, I have a little monologue about why my, how my mind reading works. It's like Sherlock Holmes, these blues clues and all this stuff.

So I have those as different notes and then each trick and then you can add time lengths to them as well. You can always add more notes. You can put if it's in development and then you can add like things like setlists and shows. So like you create a 15 minute set list, you create, you know, a 25 minute set list or you add a show like specifically like, Hey, I'm going to do Smith comedy tonight. So what tricks will I add into that? And you can get a rough, a estimation then of your time as well. Cause if you've kind of timed at your tricks, you have a loose idea of how, you know, three minute thing or whatever, one minute pace, then you get cool like show modes. This has no show modes. Like it's not like a, um, it's not like a show cues or a sound cues or a Q labs or your reading list while you're on stage.

Like reading rainbow, the reading brain. Yup. We need Nick Wallace on here. We need Nick Wallace for that for sure. Um, it doesn't, no, it doesn't have, does he like th I can't, does it go up? Yeah, it does. I think so. I can do anything. Something like that. Um, we should have Nick Wallace on and do it. But, uh, yeah, no, I don't know if it has a run mode. I'm kinda like looking at it right now. I don't think so. I think it's basically just like notes. So like if you had a notepad, if you're a comedian and you always take the notepad up, you'd take this up instead and you can kind of see your bullet points on each joke and everything. It's very simple. It's on Sandy and like drag and drop functionality I'm assuming. Right. It's more like click, click and it goes click and it goes, it's very simple.

It's very simple, basic. But it's a great little app. And I don't know if it's on, I know it's an Android for sure. Which is a plus for me cause I use an Android phone. I'm not an Apple person, but I bet it's on both. I dunno if not Apple has some other app. They have all the ads. Sounds like a handy thing to have. Yeah. And I would give this one if we were to do it, um, some points, skis, I would say it would be as an app, I would go, you know, I'd give it four to diesel's at a five and four mashed potato scoops at a five kids for, Oh man. You know, by the way, speaking of scoops, we got a new ice cream scoop in the house and it's one of those ones that have that much ice cream that we wore out.

Your first group. We never had a scoop. I was always using the spoon and I've always wanted a scoopers so just, I used to just tongue the bucket, you know the classic bucket tongue. I used to just get my tongue up in the bucket and I lick it like, you know, you take corn, you just put it in butter. I just do that with ice cream Taj at all. Yeah, it makes sense. But so we decided as that lobby, should cardboard Rupert off the edge, eat it as one job. I just put it the whole block of ice cream on my face, like a face compress and I just let it slowly melt and whatever. I can get a little, a little, a little I get and whatever. I don't, the dog gets maybe the cats too occasionally. Just sort of turn your head to the left and under resulting down some chocolate sauce and maybe like a handful of pecans.

Yeah. If you get the drumstick stuff and you get the position right, the caramel in the middle, you can Pinocchio it. You can Pinocchio that on your nose. This is extravagant ice cream eating. This isn't for everybody. This is purely for up and coming magicians. Really? Yeah. You can catch this stuff on TSN five I think. Hmm, I see. Yeah, but no, the only reason why, the only reason why I give it four stars out of five is because I think just the interface, like some of the points that you brought up, drag and drop ski and like a run mode is actually kind of an interesting idea, but I don't think comedians think like that, so I think that'd be like a neat magician app maybe. That's a neat idea. That's fun. Anyhow, that's a lot of fun stuff. That is a, this week's kind of magic review on ice cream scoops and the comedy companion app for sticky fingers snaps

Speaker 6: for the review.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. If you GT snow racing, let go of that wheel. Start snapping those fingers. If you are rollerblading, throw your gloves off. Start a fist. Fight with anyone who's there. Jersey them. Get them real good. Get excited about that magic review. Cooking a pumpkin pie. Just smash it on the ground. Stomp on it with those fuzzy slippers. If you are currently at Thanksgiving dinner, ignoring the entire family, have the headphones in. Take your cutlery. Just fucking throw it across the table at whoever's across you, your sister, your grandpa, whoever. Just throw the cutlery, take your plate, throw like a Frisbee at the youngest person at the table. Take the neighbor's plate through at the oldest person at the table. Clap your hands twice

and say, happy Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving. Um, this is an exciting week in magician magic. You know what kind of character would do that? A miserable magician, a miserable magician, or like a bratty magician, magician. Imagining a show was presented as that. You know that mindset? Oh, well that's kind of like most magicians, right? If a trick doesn't work, Oh, you're a jerk. You didn't make it work. Yup. Right. Like, Oh rats. Do you think anyone would want to see that show? Like the, like a real even take someone a real creative to be a real jerk. I don't think it's a successful character. I really don't think it's going to work.

Ryan Joyce: No, I'm talking about characters around Thanksgiving. Tim, do you want to talk characters this week? Well, we definitely have reasons to chat because in a few moments we're going to talk to a gentleman knows all about characters and we're going to record that and release it. We're going to do their first interview ski here on the podcast ski, which was, you sure are. This is going to be with the great Michael Paul. You just see, you just see, you just see him on a G T he was just on America's got talent. I'm sure it's probably like four or five, six, seven, eight, 9 million views. We'll ask him. Yeah, he escaped from a straight jacket, made it assignment Kyle. Yeah. That was attached to a giant can of ravioli with Joan Caesar strapped inside. It was, it was the most terrifying. America's got talent we've ever seen. But boy, so he's going to chat with us about that particular escape and characters as well and sort of character.

He knows everything about character bellman because he is a very Trellick, which that's his quote unquote, you know, niche. But really he's truly, he's a comedian that is his first love and passion, I believe. So. Uh, and we're going to chat with him cause he knows a awful lot about those two and he's got such an incredibly diverse theater and industry background. Can't even say just say theater because it's industry like Hollywood is where he lives. So fascinating guy lost the chat about lots of stories and his best friends are magicians. So even though he's sort of one arm attached to it's, it's, he's in the same ward, that's where attrition is. He works with magicians. His friends are magicians. He works all around the world and the characters at character session with him. Um, I have not actually, I've, we've talked about like scripting and show things which always pins back to character. So I appreciate the, I mean we haven't had a direct conversation about it, but

Graeme Reed: I talked to him like I had a session with them one time and it was great. He really, he's really good. Like he offers these strategies, strategy, coaching sessions where he will, uh, you know, break you down and talk to you as an outsider and everything like that. And it's a really good, he's got so much experience. So it's very helpful and it's all basic stuff, but sometimes you need someone to just tell you those things. Right.

Ryan Joyce: He is a straight shooter. Yeah. So you'll get lots of value out of that and it'll be fascinating cause his, he's gotten a little lost respect spectrum background. I've read his book. Um, yeah, it's, he's, he's just a, he's just a great guy and he's been Fergus, he's been here

Graeme Reed: and he's got all create all kinds of crazy showbiz stories. He's been on this podcast before, like ages ago, like when it was just a touring tricks podcast. Yup. And he's been on

Ryan Joyce: another good podcast to you. John Abrams fried yard, his podcast. Great podcast. He was on there too and they like hilarious episode, super hilarious episode of that podcast. So you're going to enjoy that and make sure to check your, your listings cause we were going to be doing this devil down kiddos devil and down. So we're going to, you can catch up on regular Fridays is where you can catch us Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday and then any other one that we're going to TBD it. We'll talk about it. We'll see. Yeah, we'll see. We'll figure it out. Stay tuned. It's all new developments. Oh, and if you haven't figured it out yet, we have an Instagram account. You had to follow Instagram account at magician's talking magic. All right, there's a roll call. It's a roll call. You've got to go follow Instagram for grazing myself and magicians talking magic.

You've got to follow FISM and you go follow Michael Paul.

Graeme Reed: And Michael Paul. There you go. And you know what, like light on a comment on her stuff to you. If you liked us, if you like our episodes, make sure you like and comment all the time on these things too. Super, super great to hear from everybody. Uh, we get random DMS, but it's always great to hear from everyone too in the public feeds.

If you want to be involved. Also in some way, shape or form. Lots of interesting things coming up. Um, content wise, whether it's you want to be involved, you want to help with some of the things we're working on. We've got lots of video content. That's right. There's, there's, we're looking for, for, for some help on some ambitious upcoming projects. How about we say that way? Yeah.

You're not going to tease what's coming up possibly not just yet.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. Let's, let's get a little bit further and uh, yeah.

Graeme Reed: Okay. Make sure it's realsky.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. Yeah. Okay. One pivotal to nail down and then when we're good. All right, so this sounds like it's been a great episode to me. Uh, other than the fact that we've just lost grazing, but my name is Ryan Joyce's has been an incredible episode 19 of Magician Talking Magic. This is.

Graeme Reed: Greamazing. I came back, I lost connection and back. Thank you so much for listening my name is Graemazing, TaDoozle.

Ryan Joyce: ShaBlazam

Thanks for listening to Magicians Talking Magic Podcast

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