EP 17 : Tips for magicians performing on television

On this episode, hosts Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed (aka Graemazing) talk about Magic News, FISM North America, Graeme's Magic Trick Review and updating your website.

Episode 17 | Magicians Talking Magic

Hosts Ryan Joyce & Graeme Reed

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Audio Transcript For the Hearing Impaired

Ryan Joyce: Welcome to Episode 17 of Magician Talking Magic. My name is Ryan Joyce. Magic is says been a full time career for the last 20 plus years or so. Danced readily to the womb with Ta-da and ShaBlazams. And this is.

Graemazing: Graemazing and I am a recent pro. I have a, I'm in my second career and number two career. And my first career was working in television, uh, mainly as a graphic artist, graphical artist as some ridiculous people would say.

And this is episode one, seven 17.

Uh, so one seven

Ryan Joyce: no, not one 17 we were falsetto last time I remember. Yeah. You,.

Graeme Reed: I know we were. Yeah, I know. Yeah, yeah. Dove right into that. You just jumped right in.

Ryan Joyce: Well, I thought it was a new thing, but let's do that.

Graeme Reed: 70 uh, yeah, we did it. We said that seven away a pass 10 which means we've done, we're good. That's good. We've done a whole, we've done it. You know what happens at 17?

Ryan Joyce: What happens?

Graeme Reed: I don't know what happens at 17 that's the age now that people graduate high school. Is it? So 1718 isn't it? I think because they dropped that grade 13 thing.

Ryan Joyce: When I left high school, I was not really socially aware as I am now. And that was like before we had a world of people walking around with phones in their hands, not actually socializing. So my prediction for the future. is it the people who will succeed are the people who actually like can master social skills,.

Graeme Reed: The people that look up yep.

Ryan Joyce: And ask questions and actually take interest in, in, in other things. And other people I think will be,.

Graeme Reed: Do you think us as performers, entertainers will be able to teach at high schools, colleges and places just on social skills?

Oh that's so interesting. Like what the future holds. I mean if I fear like that's a lesson that should be taught. I, there's, I have my own like reservations, we were talking about this in grade like they'll need, because I think there's some incorrect decisions made in the educational system based on the wrong hierarchy. It's just because anyway, so I, I'm all for change. Wow. The waves of change, change tides, the tides, the sands of change. This is a piece of the moon and Copperfield reference. And the only reason I went to Copperfield references cause tides was the name of that piece and tides. You said tide. So went this is that second stanza change. Do you remember that track? You just reach in a bowl and you grab colored. SANDAG always loved that, but I didn't want to travel with all the chemicals. Well, don't give it away. Oh, always love that. But I just didn't want to travel with all that wizardly power in my possession so much extra man. I would carry wizardly power that pets the sound of the van blowing up. Sounds a little green. Did you know in the sunny D commercial when the kid opens the fridge

interesting. Like what the future holds. I mean if I fear like that's a lesson that should be taught. I, there's, I have my own like reservations, we were talking about this in grade like they'll need, because I think there's some incorrect decisions made in the educational system based on the wrong hierarchy. It's just because anyway, so I, I'm all for change. Wow. The waves of change, change tides, the tides, the sands of change. This is a piece of the moon and Copperfield reference. And the only reason I went to Copperfield references cause tides was the name of that piece and tides. You said tide. So went this is that second stanza change. Do you remember that track? You just reach in a bowl and you grab colored. SANDAG always loved that, but I didn't want to travel with all the chemicals. Well, don't give it away. Oh, always love that. But I just didn't want to travel with all that wizardly power in my possession so much extra man. I would carry wizardly power that pets the sound of the van blowing up. Sounds a little green. Did you know in the sunny D commercial when the kid opens the fridge

Ryan Joyce: no chick potion, man,

without a doubt. Um, I never stumbled into one of those. I just got like a Harry Houdini plastic magic kit with one of those little lot of bowls where I could put my thumb over the hole and it would pour endlessly. Well, at least like six rounds.

Graeme Reed: Your kit had a lot of bull. I never had a kit with a lota bowl.

Ryan Joyce: Sure it did. No, no.

Graeme Reed: I always had, you know that silly dumb cube mind reading trick where you get a colored cube and you put it in like a black or a blue box and then you're supposed to behind your back. You like shimmy the lid. Yep. So that you can now see and then you put it up to your foot. I was trying to teach my niece this trick because it came in one of your magic sets that I got her and I was trying to teach her like, Oh you can do this and you there's, it's such a stupid trick.

Ryan Joyce: Yep. That's a terrible trick. What it is. It's a, it's an easy lesson. Like it's an easy instruction. The instruction is better than the trick cause it's so simple to understand. This is like when you like give it a half rotation and put the cap on and you can pick the back. Is that what this is? Yeah. But like, but the hard part is trying to justify why you do that. Yeah. I couldn't, yeah. I always, I never knew how to hope behind the back. I thought it would just like do it on your hand right in front of you. But yet I wouldn't ever, yeah, lots of time has already been spent on a piece of garbage magic. You know, what should we challenge ourselves? Sometimes we'll make this like a thing. Is this, like, it's, it's just like, um,.

Graeme Reed: Like do try to do better. Those try to do really good magic with some of those kit tricks that you would yeah, yeah, sure. Let's do that. Let's just get that, we should do that. Get together and do.

So this past weekend, uh, talking about magical tides and such, you were in one of the most magical places of, uh, Ontario

Ryan Joyce: Niagara of falls. Yeah. We were down there to see ed stone or girlfriend as stone do a little bit of filming and Cody was doing a new piece of magic in the show. You are quite familiar with the whole smash and stab concept, uh, urge.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. Oh, by the way, did Cody and rehearsal happen to film himself slamming a nail on his hand? Did he do it?

Ryan Joyce: Uh, we joked about it, but, uh, we weren't always recording. We were recording most of the time, but yeah. And that, yeah, it was really, you know, I watched the routine and was very like emotionally like I was, I it felt the attention in the room. Like it was really, it was fun and nerve wracking cause there is never done one of those. No I couldn't. Nope. Oh

Graeme Reed: I do. I used to do one. I don't really do it anymore cause I don't like dangerous stuff on my thing. But um, there is a lot of tension when you do it. It's intense and the you gave and get really nervous like you need to have, I have multiple safety measures in place that I know yep.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah. Not for me. Um, I just, I don't want that much stress involved. Like would just add to the amount of stress that you would have to do a show. Imagine. But imagine putting someone else in that though that risk as well. Like ups the like possibility of having diarrhea during your show. Yeah. Right. It was, but it was fun to watch and we got some good footage. She's just all across the board and had some good laughs. A Janet came with us who we have to get on the podcast. We've got a chat with, yeah, she's hilarious. Yeah. She, you know, she and I have, Oh, such a long time in term connection because she was in the very, very, very, very, very first big show at the high school. Like the very first so wild. And then she was in like the Hamilton Philharmonic show that we did and then I didn't work with her again forever. And then now we've been pro solid forever first like say six years or so. So she's just a wealth of, of laughs and information and we should definitely have Jenna on to talk about what it's like to be on the other side of magic.

Graeme Reed: Right. And even the big two does or hers? Well she does a, like if you've never seen illusions backstage, which I never have until I got to tuber with you guys. Um, wowzers the amount of work that goes into that for you, but mostly Jenna

to the amount of Rotman management discomfort. Yeah, that too. Right. And the strength as well. Discomfort and strength I think are the two. And then also I'm showing profile, magicians assistant uncomfortable. Yeah. looking fantastic and like you're having the best time while all of this is happening. It's, it's, yeah. Pretty. It's an amazing thing to watch. Yeah. And it's like a character she puts on too, you know? So she fused it, I believe like it's magician character. She knows what's up. Yup. She's better than like if you, she's a, I mean, I don't ask, she's just grown really good. She's a really good, um, member on the magic team. She sure has. And she's a hell of a lot of fun. So we had this moment, and I know we touched on it briefly before we pressed the record button, but we just had this moment in the middle of the hotel that we just like, I know, we know where he'd probably at least like 75 people.

Ryan Joyce: We laugh for 45 minutes or maybe 45 minutes. Jesus, can you imagine that? But no, four and a half minutes straight. And it was a much either laugh. So we get along real great and she's amazing to work with on stage. So we'll get her on the podcast and ask some questions and see what she has to say. I would love to know and I'd love to know what the questions you would ask her, cause you've been on the like all sides of this. So I would be really curious to chat with Jenna if you guys are curious to chat with Jenna. Um, let us know in the comments. What do you think? Yeah, leave a comment or question for sure. Cause I think she would love to answer questions too. And you know what, actually when we were on tour we got to flip flop positions and I got to be in Jenna position and she got to do magician position, which was a really cool experience to kind of realize, uh, how poorly out of shape and not flexible I am.

Yeah. It's great though. It's so, it's so much fun. Um, yeah. So you and you, that was your Niagara falls experience. Yeah. So that was a good, it was a good week. And, uh, cause I had a week busy week prior and the prior to that was the festival. So it was like the sort of major event on my schedule. Now I'm just in full like festival wrapped down stuff. But so man, Agora falls definitely my tricks. Go see ed if you're in an area and Greg you like we've got two great magicians down in Agora falls to go check out and uh, yeah, so Ed's is every week. So I'm not familiar with Greg's schedule. I think it was, it's probably, I think Greg is mostly there, but he's, yeah, Greg is mostly there but if you check out his website, I know he showcases a lot of uh, amazing world light acts as well. Yeah. He brings in some incredible town cause it's a great theater and both, same with ed. Like they're both cool rooms that you can actually have a table and sit at and you're like that. Is that still like that at EDS? Am I wrong? Yeah. This is a little like a little place to have a drink. Yep. For sure. Yeah. I can go see Craig's, it's been awhile. I mean, man, it's probably been a couple of years since I've been in the, when's the last time you were in Niagara falls to see Greg?

I saw Greg show. Oh my gosh. It would be awhile ago now. I feel. Yeah, maybe five or so for my birthday. I have a friend that has the same birthday and we would, we haven't celebrated birthdays together in while, cause now they live in Toronto. He's a lawyer. They have baby, you know, life. Oh. But um, we did, uh, we did Greg Frewen show. I think I was the only one that enjoyed it. But, uh, it was fun. They enjoyed the baby tiger. There's a baby tiger that comes, Oh, where are they not magic fans. Not like me. Yeah. I don't, you know what like, um, yeah, but I think Greg is great. Like if you love magic, Greg is, I mean, that's the best. Good. Yeah, definitely. And

he's so impressive with what he does with all the like wizardry about running the show and being automated. I would love to show some of that because I'd love to learn it and I think magicians would be, this is be needed to do like go allow us to bring cameras sometime. It would be fun. Yeah. It'd be neat to maybe do like a masterclass II type thing with mr Greg. That'd be really exciting and cool. It would be in deed because it's something that I've ever been this, I have some ideas to run by about that because I think he, Greg is such a well rounded, like everything, everything close to upstage building, you know, Ellucian's all of them. So yeah. Yeah. So that can, so that's really cool. And that's so close Niagara falls. Yeah. And he's a great guy. So, um, you had some show that chat about, I'm super excited to hear

this past weekend. I've been talking about that. I was going to do a spook show after Halloween and I researched all this Eugene burger material. Yeah. And I had planned the show. So the show structure I had was, is going to start off with comfortable material that I can rely on. And as I'm telling this, I'm also doing a little Eugene burger head shake without a beard, but you can't see that cause podcasts. And then uh, so I was gonna do some classic or amazing mind reading and then transition into, I had prepared three pieces that were kind of like all wrapped in scarves and they were artifact pieces, things that I had collected through my travels and stuff. And the stories just came to me by the props that I had thrown together. So a, I start off with the mind reading the mind reading was doing very well and then I kind of realized it's like I think this is all they want.

Graeme Reed: I think this is all they really want. And then there was a moment where I transitioned to a card trick and it was like the audience reaction was kinda like, Oh yeah, yay. But it was like a spooky Vudu card trick is a voodoo cartridge. It's a guy Hollingworth thing. Do you know this thing with the red corner? New burner card and stuff? It's a very good trick. It's in guy hauling words book, but it's actually in like the, the pre-phase preface. Oh, he already said pre-phase phase would have done exactly what you did. I would have said both. Equivocate equity poke, I dunno. Yep. Tomato, tomato. So I um, he has the instructions for that trick and at the start of the book, so like some people might've skipped over it I guess or something. I wouldn't use the idea. Good trick. I did that.

Ryan Joyce: And then I have a mysterious corner appear in a pocket watch. So that was like the first mysterious object ahead and it's like these people didn't care. And I was like, okay. The next item I had was from the Hudson hotel in New York. So I had a hotel, ringer bell, some laundry tickets, a couple of crayons and this pack of cards. So someone comes up and it just like, this is all Eugene burger style that I was going for here. I was doing out to lunch. I imagine most people listening this know how to lunch. It's a classic trick where you can have a spiritual message right on the business card. Write a prediction rate on a business card. So I do all this stuff and I have a bell and I have the room get quiet and the woman has to hold like the hotel room key and ring the bell three times.

Graeme Reed: And Chris caught cross forces in there. It's all simple. And the reaction on that was like, okay, okay. And then the next thing I had was taro cards. So I had this taro card thing where I described the story that when I was in Portugal I my card thread and these are at this the handmade deck of tarot cards that I got from this person as well and all that sort of stuff. And like Dave, the whole story seemed very believable. I was really improvising the whole thing on the spot. I kind of improv jazz and the drive up. So I had like some bullet points. But um, I was just telling the story and I talk about there's good cards and bad cards and I learned something about tarot cards. It's a, there's someone always in the room at least maybe half the people that are into it.

And the other people are like, nah, nah. But the other half of the people pull that half of the people in and cause they're like believing into it and those, that half of the people will give you anything that relates to what you're talking about. So I say, so I saved the color red in the corner of this card. It means fortune is coming towards you. I believe it. I see the red in the corner. It must be true. Yeah. Oh my gosh. You remember when I was five and in the like I used to, I loved red, I loved, and I had it in my room by the place where I kept all my money. Yeah, in the corner. In the corner. Sorry, the red corner. But so I started, I said I'm going to do a one read. Traditionally there's three cards, a bunch of cards, like past, present, future.

I don't deal with the Paso and digging anything up. We're here in the present now enjoying herself. So it's great. And in the future, that's what everyone's concerned about. I was doing in any car day knowing the first thing you say is who's the last person that died close to you? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I feel the power that someone is recently passed away. Uh, I have here some ashes. Yeah, let me taste them. I believe the name starts is my hamster hammy too. Yeah. Well getting these, do that. It's either Dan or dad. Who is it? What is right? Oh geez. Um, I have a GM sensing friend. Ah, ah, um, so, so I read the cards and it like the card that I was forcing was the six of ones and I describe it, I'm like, there's someone riding a horse and they have a wand in their hand. It's their achievement that they just want an everyone around them is their community also holding up their ones, celebrating them with the joy. And I go in the future, some amazing achievement will come your way. And this woman that I was doing this to, he goes, Oh my God. Like three weeks ago I just got an award at work. And I was like, yeah, that's right. I was reading your past. That's right. Right.

So then she ended, she just went with it and you're like that. And then I just stopped there. I was going to do some card trick things at the end, like face off and bent acquainted someone's hand and, but I realized I was like, Nope. All I had to do is just, I should've just read terror carts the whole night. Is that a, the next, next Halloween I'm going to be doing tarot cards. Is that wow. Was it fun though overall or was it work? It was a super fun party. So like these people lived on the waterfront in um, Stony Creek Grimsby area, which is a new developed area and it's very beautiful. Like they have these like really snaky homes and it was a late night party at like 10 30 on a Sunday. um, but they had catered food, Indian food. It was incredible at a control.

I got some of that. And then I was there for about an hour and a half and I boogie board it out of their audience. Yeah. So it was really a good one. But I did all this research for all this spooky Eugene burger stuff. No one gave a darn about, they just liked the mind reading and they really like taro card stuff. So it's also like maybe I can pull off. I can't pull up Eugene burger. So did you have like gypsy clip on nails and clunky like um, jewelry and yeah, I had pouches I had as of rope or that had pouches on it with sands and glitters and had various rocks. Um, I had incense just burning in my pocket the whole time and then just sneezed occasionally. Just sneaky. I sneeze and had huge sleeves so I could, I actually stole so much shit from this house. Yeah, you were just the clunking, the was all the cutlery. I did get the weirdest Tet. I got the strangest text though. After the next day I was like, did my daughter give you a remote by chance before you left? And so I was looking, I was like, they've really lost this so much. They had to ask the higher

magician if he right. I can't. Yeah. You didn't take a, you didn't take a stab, like check behind the couch and then just like never answer them again, right?

Yeah. Yeah. It's just like, you think the magician isn't like, why would he have that yet? But no, that was super fun. Uh, do you want to talk magic news? You want to switch over to magic news? Yup. Uh,

Ryan Joyce: magic

Graeme Reed: to get old soon as isn't, but we hit that one like pretty close together at that time. That was good. Yep. So this week, I don't know, magic news, when I was looking through, it's a lot of, Darren Brown is still in New York. Shin Lim is still doing a show with Colin,

Collin cloud. Collum McLeod co calling cloud. Yeah.

Ryan Joyce: Without the mic. He's no longer affiliated. There's no hash Browns or anything. Just,

Graeme Reed: yeah, yeah. He's just the cloud to the cloud. And, um, but there is coming up exciting news for Canada, Canadian magic North American magic, uh, in Quebec. It's so exciting,

Ryan Joyce: like honestly, and there's, people are still confused about what's going on up there. So we gotta help spread some of that news that FISM North America and FISM 2021 or two very different things. Um, so here's the little rundown. Here's what the inside scoop that you must know next year may is the FISM North America qualifying champions. So that is the place that we as Canadians, uh, I get to decide who is going to represent our country in the, uh, Olympics of magic. What happens in 2021, both of those are at the same destination. That's why people that are slightly confused, but let me tell you how, why this is incredible opportunity. Uh, so first of all, let's say, uh, you gotta check a FISM North America and I believe, let me just look this up as we speak. I believe it's FISM and a 20 twenty.com.

That's it. FISMNA2020.com And this is organized by Renee-Claude and Pierre, and they run the festival up in Quebec city. So you know, they've got like 12 years of festival running experience. So this convention is going to be incredible because the team they've already got in place for what they're doing is, is really, uh, yeah. They know magic. They know how to organize magic and especially in such a stunning destination like Quebec city. I don't know if you've yet, I asked you, we've talked about before, you've been to Quebec city, right?

Graeme Reed: Yeah, yeah. I've been to go back, it's been awhile, but I know I've been to Quebec. I was, yeah. Yeah. Stunning.

Ryan Joyce: It's really, it's, it's really stunning. And the convention is taking place in one central location, so like all the are centrally located and why this is so exciting. The fact that it's happening two years in a row is for people that are actually competing or even just going to the convention, there's a level of familiarity that is involved, but especially for those that are competing, it gives them a chance to, it can breathe and live in the exactly the same space. It's a bit of a slight advantage for, you know, as opposed to those maybe flying halfway around the world and only being there for the first time and being overwhelmed when it's 20, 21. So real, it's really cool that it's happening in the same space, in the same location and kind of a pre, you know, preliminary run for the big 2021, which is going to be, you know, 3000 plus magicians. It's going to be in sanity. It's going to be so amazing. That's super crazy. And this is like a FISM if you're not aware of like the Olympics of magic and FISM stands for uh, French fries in some mayonnaise. It's always mayonnaise cause it's, I've been right. That's cool. I think that's a European and Kerbeck things. Yeah. No, it stands for figs in soya milk. Manet's it's always been nice. It's got, it's always man Hayes. Um, no, it stands for feet.

Uh, I sing South Manet's Manet's of course is mayonnaise. Thank God. pick up on an M that was going weird. Uh, it stands for, it's isn't it the Federation generation, international society day music yet with more French and magicians. Yeah. Yeah. So it's FISM isn't what's your, is sounds so cool. That's amazing. We had an oil yet, the L wow. Magic festival. You had FISM winner Rick Merrill, right? Yes. Seven and a half minutes can change your life. How fun is that? And Greg for one of course, is a FISM winner. Oh, great. That's totally true. I totally forgot about, yeah. Greg and Shawn Farquhar and shin Lim, uh, who else? And FISM and Greg Frewen, Greg FISM and out coaches and trains like future stars the magic as well, right? Yeah. Like ding yang, ding yang. Which uh, can you find any of that stuff on YouTube? Which he does.

Cause it sounds you're crazy. It would be. And I happened to find out, here's the details, by the way, for everybody listening for FISM North America happening in may of 2020, that's May 6th through the 10th. So it's a F it's actually five days of magic and they've got, um, an opening cocktail. There's international gallery show, closeup show, eight lectures, workshops, dealer room, magic jams in the evening. It's um, it's going to have some incredible headliners and a lot of success and it's in may. So it's not like the garbage months of Ontario where it's all frozen cold. Yeah, that's right. It'll be ready. The, the, the wonderful time where you wear a spring jacket and a man, deer and birds come and they like you get your Cape in the morning too. Yeah. And who does your little cup of coffee? Yeah, I always think spring jackets and I think again like, Oh, I can sleeve again or you know, I never put a top in my things but jacket, spring jacket somewhere to keep that fantasy. Oh, I can hold the, hold it better. That's right. That's right. So check that you always go, Ooh, can a top it fit in this I could put a top hit in this. You can put a top at anywhere. My friend.

Um, it's and it's going to be, I think, well I'm going to both and I'm super excited and hopefully you guys are all going to go because really this is going to be a great convention and it's going to be a nice little warm up for what's to come big time. And you got to interview um, Renee from FISM right. I did in fact ruled. We'll see. Maybe I'll do either another interview or worth or, or I'll see if she's okay. We were, we released that one cause we recorded it for Oh wow. Um, and we should, we should share some of those clips, some of the knowledge that she has in that interview. And uh, so you know what everyone needs to start uh, connecting with us on some Instagrams cause yeah, we, so we're going to do better about posting all of our stuff cause we are continuing this podcast.

We're still alive. Yeah. We're thinking about getting our own Instagram handle, but for the interim, a magic dash or magic masterclass on a Instagram is where you can send us and connect with us or you know, I'm going to start putting our, you can put your posts on your own Instagram. How do I want to, I want them versation about Instagram on in the future and yeah, we gotta I gotta do better about all that stuff too for when it comes like be better about getting the um, cause you make these amazing graphics too all the time for each one on the blog. If you guys don't check out the blog post for every episode and also if you haven't listened to every episode, uh, what the cost guys get on that buy over magic-masterclass.com. Yup. Or all the amazing blog. There's crazy amount of magic content.

Graeme Reed: So if you are digging through the rabbit hole of magic content I would go there. Oh my gosh. If you have not checked out the website, you might have listened to this and never even checked out the website. But there is so much stuff over there. A Michael close master class. If you're thinking about entering or competing in full Les, is that what you would say competing in Boulez I don't know. Um, yeah, it makes sense. I would check out this masterclass. Uh, you have lots of cool content, creative content, like the caffeine thing is really fun. Yeah, I want to do it now. The wows simmer down. I want to do another one of but Christmas related. So, uh, that's on my agenda. I've been listening to Christmas music. It usually starts with the music for me at least some of the inspiration. But I need to now start to dive into some magic visuals and get some brainstorming.

Ryan Joyce: Would that be fun content for people to see what it'd be like a writer's room for the first one. And then the second one would be like, okay, like let's, all right, let's actually try to execute. And then the third one would be like execution. Yeah. I think that's fun. I like that. We should we read to a virtual what's that? Could we do a virtual writer's room like Skype and calls? Cause then if we did that we could, we could record some of the process if, and like whoever wants to film this. Oh, that'd be exempt brainstorming out loud. But it would be fun to see if people would be interested to see the step by step process of how we should have maybe done a more behind the scenes on our magician versus creations. Does have I regret not getting hardly any footage of that from Oh well magic festival or our big shining moment.

And at the same time, at the same time though, it's kind of fun that it was just like, it only happened once. Yeah, it is true. This is true. Do you want to a, should we switch gears to Reddit topics of the week? Yep. So I'll just do a finished, my Instagram thing is, um, go a couple of things we're going to mention here tonight. We, we would love to hear back from you. So I will, you should do that is on Instagram, whether it's at the magic masterclass or my own personal or, or grazings. So both some DMS and stuff cause uh, yeah, there's some things we want your feedback on, um, which we'll talk about here in a second as I smash my microphone. So. Alright, next did you topic you smashed your microphone? I did. Maybe you won't hear it until it's in post, but maybe I'll correct it. Maybe I'll use a little Adobe vanishing power. Okay. Never happened. Crest skinny keeps buggering around with the whole pot

guests. Anyhow, it is time for Reddit topic of the week

reading job.

you went, you went down low. I can't, I don't think I can do that. no,

a ready. I took creative Liberty,

the topic of the week. I saw this, I didn't know this existed on the Reddit magic thing, but there's a secret Santa you can sign up for. I'm going to be really terrible about all the details on this thing cause I just saw it for real Z's. It's uh, one of the most trending things on there, but secrets and a 2019 signup. Now there's a whole bunch of various rules. But have you ever done secret Santa, if you ever done that? Uh,

just in like school, you know when you get one of those candy canes it's got lint maybe kind of pre licked into it. Yep.

But you never did like a, you draw a name at like and then you got it. You have a $5 budget and you got to go. We did in student council and stuff. But yeah, I think it is fun. It is kind of fun. I think if it was all magicians that's fun too. Mm. Cause it's all magic stuff. So that's kind of neat. That's fun. And digital gifts cause it use online communities. I didn't read all the rules. I think it has to be dangerous. Darren Brown has to have done it. Yep. So we're getting close to what we can get. Those candy canes are pretty sharp there. You know what? Don't let your parents inspect it before you eat it. No. And then the other red topic thing that I said any, I thought that was neat cause that's a cool online community thing too.

That's going on in the magic thing. I didn't know that happening. But like magic clubs step up your game. I don't think our magic clubs doing anything fun like that. Although I know I probably can't even go to the magic club meeting and Christmas time because Christmas shows too busy. Yeah. I'm another red, a topic here that popped up was restaurant magic. I don't know if I've talked about it here before probably because it's like one of the things I do the most. But just real quick, there's a question here. I'm thinking about approaching restaurant or bar owners slash managers because I want to do magic full time. Uh, how do you guys charge or do you work solely off tips? I've heard guys working just off tips. That's weird. I don't want to, I work, I get paid to be there, but it's for a reduced rate because you think about this as like a marketing tool for yourself.

Plus you're also entertainment for the restaurant. Um, so I do like a reduced rate. I'm not going to charge people like up the wazoo for this whole sort of situation, but every area will have different ranges in rates. For sure. I know like some places you can charge more or less. Um, but you'll figure that as you go, plus you also figure out what you're worth. You might not be worth a whole lot just yet. I'm not saying you're garbage person, just saying, you know, you got to get that experience in there. Uh, tips. If people give you a tip, I would take the money. Um, but I never ask for tips, but I think it's rude to dust off a tip. I think that's also rude if you dust off a tip and then, um, how can I bring them value as a close up magician?

I think the best selling point is you say, Oh, uh, you know, those days when like you're in the weeds or you're really busy, I can help, uh, entertain the people as like the, the people at the restaurant are waiting for their food and make it so it's a more enjoyable experience. And you don't have families just buried in their phones and iPads and we can have a better family restaurant experience. Something like that works. Or if you find a place that's already doing things like trivia and you know comedy nights, then you can say, you know, magic night is perfect and you could possibly even offer during restaurant magic plus a parlor show and bring your buddies in and showcase you and your buddies doing magic, which is always great. More exposure to magic is Ollie's a great thing and I think that's concluding. Do you have any points on that? Treble snaps for great ideas. Nice. Those are great. Yeah, the whole a worker for free thing does. That was a little weird, but yes, don't do it in the beginning. I, I don't know, maybe like at the very, very, very, very, very beginning though. Yeah. I think even when I first started doing restaurants, I got paid really terrible, but I still got paid. I split it. Joan had a great idea.

Yeah. I saw my first restaurant gig was with Joan and we split it. In fact, we went and pitched it and everything together so they knew, Oh, they both knew us right off the bat. And then that way we could just, you know, this week, yes. This way. No, we laid it all out in the calendar was great.

Oh that's awesome. That's, that is really handy because you want to try and book it between Sunday and Wednesday, right. When you're not going to probably have an important high paying gig and even the Sunday is dicey. So you like want Tuesday or Wednesday, it's great. But everyone always wants Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Uh, which was a bummer. It's a bummer to stay committed to something like that. Um, yeah. And I tried to had subs before and it's really difficult to get someone to substitute. So that's good that you had that tag team situation.

Yeah, we, I think we did that for probably a year and a bit. I didn't last long with, I think, well maybe you leave it in longer than that, but once the had faded out, I never approached any other ones. What was the right side to East side Marios actually in golf

East side Marios will come and catch Joan and Joyce. Joan and Joyce. Yep. That was,

yeah. Oh that was where, Oh I, I did some original stuff back then, but like I stuck to mostly cards, basically cards

I have found that they're at, so I still do ass. I've been doing restaurants since I was like 15. I've been in restaurants for over half of my life, which is crazy. And uh, I do less and less magic at tables now and more chitter chatter. That's really what it's all about. But I think it's a comfort comfort thing. Right. Cause I do remember walking up to a table and being like, Hey, uh, real quick, can I show you this real quick? Bup, bup, bup, look at these diamonds. But, but, but $14 Shizam here's three ACEs Bubba. But you're an idiot. Hey, yeah. Here, look at this hat. Blah, blah, blah. Look good floats. Yeah. Right. You're just speeding through like a strings and yeah, you're getting to know them a bit. Yeah. And then you can find it. Oh do you have, well you got a party coming up. Hey, well yeah, we can figure out something for that. Right. You know, that's cause that's really why you're there I guess. But also to get, get to know the community. People will hold on to those cards if you talked to the morning. So just I'm never looking at them and just, I don't know. Do you have giveaways and things? I always do giveaways. Yeah. Like people get their assigned card. I bend the coin. Speaking of bending a coin, that's a mat. Do you want to do a magic review?


I stumbled into that one. So we did a magic review last week and you know what? 500 people messaged me about it. We, I got 500 messages. Oh wow. I only had like three 75 so that's, yeah, but they said it was one of the best magic abuse they've ever heard. So I think he really, the falsetto intro that got everyone, like really just hot and bothered for those reviews. You get extra spicy. You're going to start hearing a lot more falsetto intros on car commercials now to try and sell those a you and geo awards, you know, a new Jeep. Uh, so this week's magic review is a expert and that is spelled X P E R T by Neil Tobin. I don't know if Neil Patrick ditched the, I bet that was Peter when Jewy yeah, I feel like that was penguin. But this is actually the gift, one of the great giveaways that I do at the restaurant all the time.

And it is a bent coin in someone's hand and this version is very affordable. There's a bunch of uh, you know, neat gimmicks that you can get out there that concealed and you're like these Superman things or I dunno, these coin bender things. And I did get one to help with this trip cause you do need to have something. You had been a coin at some point beforehand. It doesn't come with some way to bend the coin. So I did buy something, but I just got, I got Sean Fields Benz, which is also very affordable on penguin magic. So with that plus expert, you can do a really cool Ben coin giveaway and you get all the included gimmicks. This came out a handful of years ago, I feel like four or five years ago, a, I think a lot of magicians may be brushed past it, didn't know this thing came out.

I didn't know about it. I found it through like dig and research and I think this is a great, great, great simple, simple way to do a coin band. It's amazing for kids. And if you do it to that guy at the bar, you can ask them for like, Hey, give me some pocket change. You put the coins in their hand and they leave with a bent coin. Very fun. I've also done that on ch morning life team because it's a killer, killer trick. How many do you batch usually? Uh, like 10. I don't have a pocket of 10 or something in the night, so I'll uh, in my own head I'll have it in my pocket and then it goes in deck. So like in my jacket pocket, it's now on deck with the markers. So I have one and I have two on deck at all times so I can always be sure to grab one and then I have changed.

But I'll also ask for change. No one has pocket change anymore. So you know. Is that true? Yup. Someone, someone's what's that? What about, what about watches? Watches a really popular again. Great. Yeah. So people are really, especially the like old school analog, which is good for that style of mentalism. But I wonder if people are more aware about the workings of a watch. Right. Cause there's a lot of mentalism bits you can do where you like, you know, the pin going in and clicking and people, I feel like people would know if you're changing the date. I dunno. Right. I dunno. That'd be curious. Maybe not cause on the ship, like I mean for the watch deal I, Oh you have no problems on the ship. But when I get on land I feel

like it's a little harder. Oh really? Sometimes. Yeah. Sometimes on the tourist maybe. But the, I mean I recognize fully that there's more techno watches than ever before. That's why I was curious to know the observation. I'm not just a minor minor observation only because on the, I mean on the ship we really need the watch for the time. Yeah. So I figured that might be what it is. But yeah, sometimes they'll not be able to bring and do like the watch thing because I can't get somebody with a watch. Yeah. I'm not into wearing anything. Like I don't wear any rings or watches or bracelets or anything and I don't like having things on my hands and stuff. I was about to do the, Oh yeah, yup. Sorry, go ahead. Oh no. But I just know like I thought collecting watches was really popular.

Men's fashion like sneakers right now I always wanted to do that coin under the watch routine kind of, you know, where you end up slipping it under their watch and they don't really realize or recommend. I always loved that. Yeah, that is pretty, that is pretty sweet. Yeah. Watch steel though is pretty awesome too. I mean it's really stealthy. Oh well thanks. Is you had to do what you gotta do. That watch deal moment is just so great. It's very good. Yeah, it's awesome. Yeah. Audience loves it. Um, so you want to talk a, this week's topic. You want to switch over to this week's topic? Yeah, let's do it. I'm thinking those are website-based I'm, yeah, I'm going through some transfer. I had a moment just sit down and as we were looking@mysiteafterbuildingthemagicfestival.ca site and kind of polishing a masterclass because I and I had abandoned my own.

So I've gone through and been really tinkering with my own uh, website lately. And yeah. So I was thinking about doing a critique. I think it would be interesting if people wanted to have me critique one of their sites on camera. I go, we are on record and use it for like educational purposes. Yeah. Cause I wanted the critique of your site. You should DM. Yeah. Or comment on a post on magic masterclass. Yeah, that's right. Okay, let's do it that way. W on the, on episode 17, we're gonna release a picture on our magic master clause. Yeah. Yeah. And so go ahead and comment on that. On Instagram. Yeah. Tell us, uh, say like, um, give us your website address and yeah, just leave your website address and then we'll know. Oh no. And then I'll, yeah, cause I'm working on some other magicians websites and things in revamping theirs and one like Cody's will, you know, I'm not working on that one directly, but as he's pretty much starting from scratch, which is always a good way to start.

I wish I could format everything on my end and just start from scratch. I did that recently too. I kind of re scratched mine. Yeah. It's a good feeling when you use and start from the beginning. So, so the braille suspect is so important. So, um, that's why if you're interested for a little critique, do that and make a comment on post 17 that we make about this podcast and leave us your website because other people can benefit from that as well. Plus you'll get that free information. Now, like we've talked about websites before here and stuff. I know you're going through updates and you're like, you use Wix a you didn't before, but you're a huge advocate for Wix now and you are up on the new features all the time and things. And I know like classically as a magician, the idea that you think for your website, all you need is maybe I need a, you know, uh, the my services I need a quick about so people kind of know what's up.

Graeme Reed: I need a contact. Um, maybe some reviews, some photos and a video, but it's 20, 20 now and you got to get your website more noticed by search engines and things like that. You have way more information on this. What do you think besides those basic things, you know, your services, your about your pictures, videos, the reviews, all the generic things that we just think about like, yeah, I got it, I'm done, I'm good. What are the additional things that we should all be thinking about having on our website? Well, blog is probably the most important thing you could add to your website. Really. That's where you're going to have your, you know, your essential updates and your also your like key word ranking posts and pictures and videos. You're just your constant stream. It's like your Instagram feed, you know, you really should try to keep up with it relative and I say that but I run so many different blogs.

Ryan Joyce: It's hard to keep my own up but it should be a place where you can sort of write your own content and not have to really struggle with that. You should be able to enjoy making content. Now again, keeping up to date and such. Can you, so like I will, blogs are really tricky like in the, when you think Ella, when a lot of people think a blog too, like, cause I know when I started doing mine on my website, Alicia was like, Oh you have a blog now. Like what are you going to tell us about? And it's like, well it's not like that. It's more of like it's I'm generating, I'm speaking to Google but also to the people, to people. But it's going to tell the people that are searching me on Google that my website should fit with them a little better.

Graeme Reed: So, but what would you, so say I'm a just real quick, what would you suggest? So I'm a kid's magician, local kids, magician in say Cambridge. What would be some easy things that I could blog about that don't sell sound like I'm a used car salesman and I'm like, I'm the best magician in town. Yeah. I would say put my head in the space of the client that I was particularly after and as some of the questions around the services and things and, and the stuff that they would be doing. So if it was kids and depending on when the season was, you know, here's 20, you know, not 25 but here's 10 things to do in Cambridge for kids under 14 or here's 12 birthday party ideas for K, you know, that kind of stuff. Lists are just inherently easy and interesting, you know, and um, just like general interests of it, you've got to think tabloid magazine at some level and that's not for all your content. Of course. Yeah, I'm just, but if you want to just start

Ryan Joyce: providing content that might get found by people actually searching and then stumbling into you, I would be trying to answer the solutions in the, some of those queries that people would be looking for that is related to, I'm putting it a blog, a list also really helps kind of organize your thoughts and what you're going to write a easier like I finished. So for me, I did that market magician. I did this market magician tour all summer in the fall. So I just wrote a blog post, like the four best, uh, local farmer's markets in Ontario to do magic hat. Uh, so he gets all my keywords in there and then I still have a list and I can just highlight and I wrote the differences in my experiences at each one. So I was talking about those different communities throughout the blog as well. So I'm hopefully hitting on those keywords.

Yeah, that's great. Yeah, because somebody might type in whatever one of those cities was plus magic show and you would probably be the one that pop up. Right. And I focused in on the markets and like my market, cause I didn't Mark it to everywhere. But um, I focused in writing about the markets and my market. Right. Yeah. And that's it. And like if you've got a passion or a unique hobby or something, like there's no reason not to hide. Like I that you can put that stuff on there too. Just it just has to be like when you scroll through the big picture of it, make sure it looks pallets inappropriate. That


Graeme Reed: I wrote one about Christmas parties, like how to make your Christmas party, but uh, you know, more amazing this year. And it was basically my services page for my Christmas parties, but written candidly and a little jokingly, right. Jokingly like how I would maybe really talk to someone cause that's kind of what you do. You know what I mean? That's you, you're off the cuff. And then, uh, for a good blog post too, it's great to add more content than just words, right? Yup. Pictures and all sorts of, anything you're going to add video. Video is always great. The more time they spend on the page, the better. And it can be like links like other people's apps and stuff. Yeah it doesn't. Yeah. And if you can share your, if you can share your other friend's magician links like their URLs, then you're helping them out because you're giving them a back link, which is also really good for search.

Like the SEO. Yup. We always link back and and such because it boosts each other's links in their references for both. More like just the more quality links you have got going back to you, the better. So, and you can, if you were really intuitive, you could just, when you write a blog post like that that actually may be benefited a client or something, you could reach out to them and ah, yes, let me just share it except your, and then that is also a nice way to have like a point of communication with the client without it actually being by my show. It's also kind of like a unique thank you to you're like, Oh do you mind if I write about this and posted on my website? That's a great tip. In fact, after, if you had a real Gregg corporate client Christmas thing, do post write up and share it with them and they'll, they'll probably share it or, or tell them you want a quote for it for sure.

Ryan Joyce: You want a quote and you get a quote for if you're, if you're afraid to ask for quotes. Right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Um, so besides adding and throwing in a blog, um, which I gonna I gotta add some more post to my page. I kind of don't, I'm gonna write it. I was gonna write a little bit about, um, uh, Frick. I don't even know. I have some ideas in my, um, and my notebook written down, but I'm always like puzzles when I'm like gonna start writing about like, Oh, you know what I'm going to do. So I used to be a curler when I was younger, like I was a competitive curler and I kinda want to target doing some curling tournaments in the nice, in the new year second or write about those speakable what a bond spiel. It's a bond, spawn spiel. That's it. Yeah. And I used to get piped in and you know, they used to watch two old dudes do a shot of scotch at like seven in the morning. You're like, great.

Uh, and then you curl and everyone talks about, Oh, it's a drinking game and you're like, I'm 14. Right? And I got hair on my chest. What's that all about? Yeah, I'm addressing, I was thinking about targeting that because I can highly relate to all those people and uh, I know a bunch of those people too. It's like a thing that a unique market I can tap into. Uh, so I think I'll probably be writing at work for free. I will not work for free. I don't have any time to start certain things. I will donate my time if it's appropriate. Right. Of course. Yeah.


work. Um, we've rambled a lot on this one in all sorts of informative ways. Do you, do you feel, yeah. Do you have anything else? Talk to about the buttons.

Are you doing anything else new on your website that's different that besides a blog, blog, ski?

Uh, you know what, I'm keeping consistency. That's one thing that I'm definitely changing. And when you have a consistent post update, well visually I like it. Um, but they just, as long as you keep your each ones and your age twos, which aren't as as important as like you, like, it's not that important, but you've got to make sure that you're, so the class, each one being the, the header of the actual blog. Yup. Your page header, each one and then your, all your sub-headers are supposed to be aged twos. But I watched, I saw something recently about a post from Google that said like, it's not really, it's if it's a factor, but don't worry, it's not bad. Got massive factor. So, Oh, okay. But it's just about, still don't put like all of your paragraph texts as an H one or H two. No, no, no. Never. Nope. That'd be, you know, now people are like, maybe there's like 95% in there. Like I have no idea what this P one P H

Oh, just, um, yeah. One thing I figured out too, because right now is probably the time that it's appropriate to maybe almost start thinking about switching them up again on Wix, you're allowed to have like core keywords for your whole website. Right. You know what I'm talking about? and I bet most web builders have this and I never thought about switching them up. I just always kept them the same like magician, uh, in this market, you know, like whatever, Hamilton, Madrid and all that sort of stuff. So I switched them up just before Christmas, like around Halloween and I for sure got way more traction on my website. That was one of the big battles. Adding the blog helped a lot too. Um, I saw way more traction because of those changes. So I'm starting to think now that I have basically the holidays booked up, I'm going to start transitioning those keywords to my new plan for the new year. Cause you have to be like, I'm a new pro to this. You have to be looking ahead, right? You need to be your schedule needs. You need to start planning ahead. Kind of like what I go to schedule too. Yeah, it's work. So what do you have com? What do you have coming up this week before we record again?

I am off to a ship on Tuesday, so we're going to have to Oh yeah. Whether we or maybe I'll record a piece of the temperature down in grand Cayman. Just a little sound.

The air yep. I'll bring it and play it.

And that way you can all experience a little grand Cayman. So I'm there for just a couple of days and then I am a home for the holidays. Oh, for the holidays. Do you have a, are you doing create some Christmas gigs? Do you have a couple of gays coming up? I do, I do. I have a couple. So that'll be good. Just enough to be busy and uh, yeah. And then the Christmas is around the corner, which I'm very, very much looking forward to wrapping the year.

Yeah. It's, I mean, you know what, I'm fresh. I haven't put up the Christmas decorations yet and I'm very excited to pull them out and start putting them Christmas. I always love when the house is all festive and it's going to be as party season soon and I'm so excited. I'm really excited that I just get to like as magicians we are professional party goers so you just get to go to people's work parties but you don't know anybody. So like you don't have to like, you're like Barbara is a total bitch but I don't have to come back to this. So this is awesome. You know like you don't have to, it's the best. It's so great cause the work parties that I never went to them cause it was stupid.

I never ever was part of a culture. Like I've just always been the entrepreneur. Like I've always been the person that should've thrown through the party. So we really have to try and figure out, we have to throw a magician magic party for all of us that don't get well. I work Christmas party on her own. Right. So my question is, is do we do a wonder town Christmas thing? A guy like a magic livestream? Well, 100% yes. From my end. I think we should in fact, like my brain has already gotten way too far in thinking about it previous. So I'll dial that back before I share all my ideas. But I think we should film a couple of this. Are we going to chat about it a little bit? Yeah. Yeah. Okay.

Graeme Reed: I mean, man, that's exciting cause uh, I like, I always want to ask, I kinda wanna ask you about it, but I don't want to even just finished all that stuff and I kind of want to leave it alone.

Ryan Joyce: Definitely think we should. So we'll leave that as a cliffhanger for y'all. We'll give you some more updates as we, uh,

Graeme Reed: Ooh, triple snaps are cliffhangers. If you're driving your car, crash that car. If you're in the library, throw a book at your friend, you know

Ryan Joyce: Smash that lasagna on the floor.

Graeme Reed: Kick the dog in the liver.

Ryan Joyce: Oh, the dog shouldn't be drinking.

Graeme Reed: That was great. I think that was another solid app. Solid episode, episode 17

Ryan Joyce: Yeah, it was. Lots of value in there, especially in that liver region. Well, my name is Ryan Joyce, this has been episode 17.

Graeme Reed: My name is Graemazing.



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