Dynamo tests positive for COVID-19 & IBM Magic Convention 2020 POSTPONED!

Dynamo recently sent a message out on Instagram to his fans informing everyone he had tested positive for coronavirus. IBM Magician Convention Postponed and more.

On day's episode

  • Dynamo Tests Positive for COVID-19 (link)

  • IBM Convention POSTPONED (link)

  • Dana Daniels in hospital

  • International Brotherhood of Magicians Convention POSTPONED

  • J.K. Rowling Launches Hogwarts Classes Online

  • Magicians Pizza Party Highlights with Nick Lewin

  • What’s on Nick Lewin’s Pizza? RSVP NOW for next week

  • ...and more!

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Watch Magician Headlines:

Excerpts from Alex Zander, IBM President.

For more information visit magician.org

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the U.S. government’s recent disaster declaration for the state of Pennsylvania, and for the safety of all involved, the Board of Trustees of the International Brotherhood of Magicians has unanimously voted to postpone the international convention.”
“Registrations will be forwarded to the new dates once determined. If you find you will be unable to attend you may contact office@magician.org where we are happy to assist.”

Magician Trivia from this week's Magician's Pizza Party 2 with Nick Lewin. Watch live THURSDAYS at 8PM EDT

Nick Lewin Video Answer:


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