Magicians are you making this business mistake?

Are you negotiating your performance fee entirely on the show?


You must be certain the investment your client makes in you and your performance is a fantastic value when you take into account the entire experience you are providing.

Your client’s event usually takes place only once a year, it’s special.  Do not compete on price. Your fee should be a reflection of the quality AND value you offer. As you know, not all of your fellow entertainers are the same. While it is unwise for a client to pay too much, it’s a crime to pay too little.

When a client pays too much, they lose a little money, that’s all. They lose the difference between what they are expecting to pay and your fee. However when they pay too little, quite often they lose everything because the entertainer they hired was incapable of doing the job they were hired to do.

Would you order a steak at McDonald’s? I hope not, yet there are people who would. I would much rather order the steak at two or three times the price from The Outback Steakhouse and receive exactly what I expected – a fantastic meal experience.

Unless I want a $2 steak.

If your client is shopping based solely on price, your show will not be the best match. Don’t be disappointed. That’s business. Don’t reduce your fee out of fear of losing the gig. You haven’t lost anything because you don’t have the gig yet! It’s as if they hadn’t contacted you yet.


Don’t sell yourself short.

Are you charging too little?

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