David Copperfield & Rosie message from MGM, join Jeff Hobson, Matt Marcy and Alex Ramon ...

David Copperfield shares a message for health workers with his dog Rosie. This week's guests for a new late-night show, Late Night Magic Touch with Michael Paul. This week features Jeff Hobson, Matt Marcy & Alex Ramon.

- Late Night Magic Touch /w Michael Paul Guests Announced

- This week guest: Jeff Hobson, Matt Marcy & Alex Ramon

- David Copperfield and Rosie

- Join Conjuring Community for free Larry Wilmore lecture

- Magician Jeff Peterson is still stuck at sea

- Daily Magic Sound Bites with David Penn and more!

SNEAK PEEK: Late Night Magic Touch with Michael Paul

Join us for a Late Night Magic Touch: https://magicianmasterclass.com/late

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