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Creating Your Virtual Magician EPK

Updated: Jun 18

Today on the Magicians Talking Magic Podcast, we are chatting about the electronic press kits for virtual magicians.

These are the things you give clients when they ask for more information about you and your virtual magic shows.

We both begin preparing to create our own virtual EPK content, and we bring you along with us.

  • What are the most important parts of your Virtual Magic Show EPK

  • What ONE thing you must add (now more than ever) in your EPK

  • Where to get great free resources and tools

  • PLUS: How you should follow up and tips for sending cold email


Creating a One-Sheet or EPK - Electronic Press Kit for your virtual magic business

What is an EPK, and what is its purpose?

  • Sell you!

What does an EPK look like?

  • B&W printable Google Doc

  • Full Colour & Embedded PDF

  • Customized Video Sales Letter

  • Custom page on your website

How many pages should be in your EPK?

  • Shorter is better

  • Definitely have a one-page printable

Select only the best credentials and testimonials. Be concise. Consider creating a separate PDF for accolades or services.

The one big change that you need to add to your virtual EPK is you need to educate. Most of our clients need to be told how your services can be integrated into their events.


All of your virtual magic show marketing should:

  1. A neatly designed page that's easy to read

  2. Scannable

  3. Tell them why this is important for them and their event

  4. Why you're the person that can deliver an effortless experience

  5. Tell them how to connect with you

  6. Fit it all on one printable page


The Art of Reaching Out

Sending out promotions to clients through cold email or from our subscriber list

Case Study “Warm Lead”

Someone has put in a request on your website for a virtual show (we are focusing on the virtual show today) - what happens next?

First Name: Mary-Anne

Event Date: I’m not sure

How many guests: ____

Tell me about your virtual event: Can you tell me about your virtual show rates?

I bet that is the most common request we get. A follow-up email with the pitch and your EPK. Here are a few ideas for following up.

  1. Email copy & paste template

  2. Email with PDF

  3. Email with link and PDF

  4. Mix and Match

Here's a free template for your magician business that you can customize online in minutes without any software. Click here

This is a great episode that covers a ton of essentials for our own virtual magic show promotional material.

Listen to the full episode here:

How is your virtual magic show press kit coming along??


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