Creating Original Magic: A Magician's Creative Process

In today’s episode, Ryan and Graeme are talking about creating original magic and the creative process for magicians. They discuss their experiences producing their own original material, from starting with an existing piece of magic all the way to making it your own. Plus where to start now!

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Ep 76 Creating Original Magic: A Magician's Creative Process

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Feature Topic:

Creating Original Magic: A Magician's Creative Process

Case Study: Beer Bag

Who inspired the creation

What was the circumstance that led to the creation?

When was this created for?

How did you make it original?

Where has it evolved

Case Study: Joyce’s Illusion

Who inspired the creation of it?

What was the reason for creating it? Or What influenced this creation

When was this needed for and was it a one time use?

How did you go about making it original? New story? New method? New convincer?

Where has it evolved too?

Be open to creative thoughts

Start with an objective

I need a new opener

We need a transitional magic piece for this show

I want a new piece in my show - not even an opener

I'm making something custom for a client or event

Establish your boundaries or limitations

Setting a couple of rules will really help guide you in your creativity.

Where will this be performed?

Do you have some personal strategies you want to implement

  • This trick is hands-off

  • This trick is virtual but happens in their home

  • Pack flat but play big

  • Only use a regular deck of cards, just 1 for 30 minutes

What are your powers? Have you thought about that?

Understand that all idea are not great ideas

Be willing to drop ideas

Research:👉 Edward DeBono Lateral Thinking Technique

Have some method of storing your notes and ideas quickly and conveniently

  • Ideas come from nowhere, how do you sort your random idea?

  • Keep an ideal journal

  • How does Graeme record ideas

  • How does RJ

Who are YOU?

I think magicians need a tagline, elevator pitch, and moniker. Or are you just another magician with a Rubik's cube, a bowling ball, a snowstorm and a turner watch?

Graemazing - Level 7 Wizard

I have a Starfish badge in mind reading and a black belt in card tricks!

I want to set the tone that A - I get it..magic is a little silly - we can all poke fun at it. Also, I am level 7 - so I am learning? I am advancing my skills? I am always a student. I further prove that statement by establishing my skill set. Starfish badge - I know a little. Black Belt - I excel.

Those are my powers.

Persuasive Mind-reading and sleight of hand with cards.

What makes up your character

Good Vibes Only

Best Version of myself

Confident with a dash of cocky

Let’s all be kids for a moment

Now create!

Do you have a creative process, share below:

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