Is Kreskin Watching?

The INSTANT we started talking about Amazing Kreskin, this happened. Seriously weird! We recorded three podcasts BUT it only happened the moment we talk about Amazing Kreskin!

Listen to the full podcast,The Amazing Kreskin is always watching!

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Magicians Talking Magic Episode 8 | Touring Tricks Podcast


Graeme Reed: I forgot to leave my fat at home.

Ryan Joyce: I've found some extra. Yeah. Oh my God. You know how you disguise it? How you make your magic pose.

Graeme Reed: I'll sit like this though.

Ryan Joyce: Who was the king? You know, the King of magic poses?

Graeme Reed: Um, Jeff McBride.

Ryan Joyce: Well, him too. I was going to say Kreskin.

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Magicians Watching Magic

Graeme Reed: Oh, Kreskin. Ooh, I'm excited. Talking about Kreskin. Anyhow, this is a, this is Magician's Talking Magic.

Ryan Joyce: I'm Ryan Joyce, full time professional magician for last 20 years. Magic is the only thing that's paid my bills.

Graeme Reed: I am Graemazing and I am a recent amateur magician turn pro. Before that I worked professionally in television broadcasting, that's my background.

Ryan Joyce: Salsa dancing was never one of my.. but I can do the Kreskin.

Graeme Reed: Do the Kreskin do the Kreskin. So just this past week, actually, I guess it would have been last week, I, who knows when you're listening to this, but most recently on the Chris Jericho podcast, uh, he had the Amazing KRESKIN on. Who is great as a guest, which if you don't know who Chris Jericho is, he's a professional wrestler. Right?

Ryan Joyce: I wouldn't have known.

Graeme Reed: Right. So I'm a huge fan of professional wrestling and he's He's Canadian professional wrestler and.

Ryan Joyce: Oh how cool. I didn't know that.

Graeme Reed: He's very popular in wrestling right now. He's like,.

Ryan Joyce: I know the name for sure. That popularity reaches into my world cause.


Graeme Reed: He does comedy and music and entertainment and all sweet and stuff. So he has this podcast and he had amazing Kreskin on and it fits perfectly with someone who's in entertainment, especially pro wrestling and someone who's a magician like Kreskin. Right, right. Cause I think both are really similar.

Ryan Joyce: Same kind of world, same commitment.

Graeme Reed: We're both lying tongue in cheek to everybody about what we do. But you know Kreskin.

Ryan Joyce: And not Kreskin, not Kreskin.

Graeme Reed: Not Kreskin.

Ryan Joyce: That's all.

Graeme Reed: That's all real.

Ryan Joyce: Yeah, it was a dream.

Graeme Reed: So if you have not heard from Kreskin in awhile or you've never, it's, I recommend listening to this interview. It's hilarious.

Ryan Joyce: I will. I am very curious. I'd like to, I enjoy Kreskin a lot. I think I saw him live, he was a Guelph River Run Centre. I'm just down the street, right? And a couple of years ago and I, I enjoyed every minute of it. I know I've said it before, but he got like five minutes out of his jacket that he folds up so it doesn't get wrinkles in the airplane is, oh it was just fun. Clearly like a traveler. I just, I felt every pain you could tell it cause he hates, I think that was the basis of it. He hates the travel so he wants everything to be in the check in and, or sorry in the overhead. And that's where this whole thing came out. And that's how we started. The intermission. Came out. By that point. You already love him.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. I met him at my old TV job at CHCH News. Oh that's behind the scenes.

Ryan Joyce: Really got to meet him.

Graeme Reed: I met Kreskin for sure to meet Kreskin for sure.

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Ryan Joyce: Oh that's right. I forgot about that. Oh I know. I forgot about that. Yeah. Yeah. And he did that. Of course.

Graeme Reed: I got to shake Kreskin his hand. Yes, for sure. And I have a signed deck of cards cause he is my pack of cards that day. And so cool. Which is pretty amazing for Graemazing to have an Amazing Kreskin Pack.

Ryan Joyce: Is it on a mantle?

Graeme Reed: Uh, no it's not. It's on a bookshelf. It's on the yet. I don't have a mantle on mine. We're not that fancy.

Ryan Joyce: Metaphorically mantle.

Graeme Reed: Yeah. Yeah.

Ryan Joyce: That's really wicked. I wonder if he's coming up this way at all?

Graeme Reed: He always does a lot in Canada though, right? He, I know when he was in Dundas, you know that there's.

Ryan Joyce: A lot in Canada.

Graeme Reed: That would be an interesting person to maybe bring up for a festival.

Ryan Joyce: Oh, that would be awesome.

Graeme Reed: Right? Imagine you know what, and also in the podcast, he's writing his 21st book right now. We just finished writing his 21st book and he talks a lot about his Johnny Carson, appearances on teenage amazing. And he talks about some of the stories on the Jericho.

Ryan Joyce: He's such a great character. I feel like he's just always on. And that's how he's, I usually like 77.

Graeme Reed: I have no idea how old he is.

Ryan Joyce: Oh, isn't that a mystery? Oh, that's a thing, isn't it? Yeah. I forgot about that.

Graeme Reed: We should play this game. You know what,.

Ryan Joyce: How old is Kreskin.

Graeme Reed: If you can figure it out and comment below and you're correct. Without searching it. You win 20,000 TaDoozle points. Maybe you gotta be honest about not searching it though. I think Kreskin though is one of the best magic characters of all time. Yup. Um, and the commitment level and everything and.

Ryan Joyce: 40,000 points of you send us your best Kreskin pose.

Graeme Reed: Is he the, he's not the originator.

Ryan Joyce: I wonder.

Graeme Reed: It's like all the mentalist thing.

Ryan Joyce: The one I remember is like the hand up-close. That one, right?

Graeme Reed: I have a migraine.

Ryan Joyce: Oh yeah. Ultravin.

Graeme Reed: Please turn off the lights. I have a migraine. So speaking of a mind reading and mentalism.

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