8 Social Media Mistakes Magicians & Mentalists Must Avoid (INFOGRAPHIC)

In this blog post, we share common mistakes magicians make plus tips for creating better content an infographic you can download.

Social media is part of every working entertainer's business strategy, regardless of venue or audience size. Avoid these eight social media mistakes to help grow your business and get more gigs.

Recently, I stumbled onto a really great infographic that we shared with listeners on our podcast. It was from a marketing company in the Philippines about common social media mistakes, and perfectly relevant for magicians!

In episode thirty of Magicians Talking Magic Podcast, my co-host Graeme Reed and I went through all of the bullet points in more detail and related them back for us, magicians and mentalists. We also shared our biggest social meida pet-peeves (you won't find those here!)

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Keep scrolling for the 8 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid Infographic at the bottom of this page.

Let's dive in!

MISTAKE #1: No Strategy

Mistake number one is not having a social media strategy. What are you doing with your social media? What's your goal? Who is your target? What's your plan?

Your magician business strategy is simple, book more gigs & shows

Magicians and mentalists all share this in common, we want to book more shows, right? That's the goal. It also means we all have some competition. It's your branding that makes you unique. Create a social media strategy for your magic business.

Decide where you want to focus your attention.

Some people want to focus on just Facebook and Instagram. Some magicians are doing TikTok. Some magicians are blogging and some trying traditional approaches (which we won't cover here.) Decide on 1 - 3 social platforms max, especially if you are just starting out.

Decide your target audience.

You have to figure out who is your target audience? If you are a magician or family entertainer who specializes in entertainment for kids then your target market is parents or organizations who will hire you. Create helpful content with them in mind. You may need to do a little bit of research.

Having a strategy is a game-changer for magicians and mentalists who want to take their career to the next level.

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MISTAKE #2: Too Many Social Media Platforms

This leads us to mistake number two: creating accounts on too many platforms and trying to dominate them all.

What are the popular social media platforms for magicians?

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. Tik Tok appears to be gaining huge popularity.

Create accounts-- but don't use them all.

I would recommend signing up for all the social media platforms to secure your name or brand identity. That doesn't mean you have to announce it to the world or actively use it. Create the accounts with your own names or business so you can have that option in the future.

The one thing all social media platforms want.

All social media platforms want to keep their users on their platforms. Your call to action needs to encourage them to stay on that platform. If you're making YouTube content, tell people to subscribe, don't send people to your website. YouTube doesn't want that. And Twitter, Facebook & Instagram are the same.

Every platform is different

Each platform has a unique style or way of interacting that fits the norms. How you interact on Instagram is very different from Facebook or Twitter. Each message has to be tailored for the individual platforms.

You can see why it's a huge mistake to be active on so many platforms, it can be overwhelming. Each social media platform needs its own unique voice.

You can't just copy and paste.

Keep your posts interesting

You want to keep all your posts interesting and different. Create engaging content specific to each account. A square photo on Instagram, a video post on Facebook and a quick update to your Twitter followers.

All this ties right back to planning your content.

MISTAKE #3: Pay for Followers

Mistake number three, paying for fake followers. I would add likes too.

This is really bad for the algorithms. This is bad for everything. It doesn't help your brand. Earning followers is part of the process.

The keyword is earning.

What the algorithms think about fake followers

The algorithms encourage posts with high engagement. If you have 4,000 followers and you get two likes on your post, the math doesn't work out.

There is no momentum. The momentum is the most important. How much time a person spends on your page or post, or if they follow through to your profile and look at other posts.

These are the factors that feed social media algorithms. Real, genuine, engagement.

If you buy followers, you're not actually advertising you're just faking it to yourself.

That's not the way to do it.

The way to do it is by getting people to know you and your personality. What makes you unique. It always boils down to branding.

Some magicians are just really, really good at it. It's about finding your voice.

How is it that you want to present yourself, and what is the message you have behind it?

MISTAKE #4: Too Much Self-Promotion!

Number four. Talking too much about you or your brand. A fine line. You've got to find a balance between providing value and self-promotion. Don't glorify yourself and all your achievements.

The solution: A social media calendar

The best solution overall for your social media strategy is to plan it out in advance. Once a week plan and schedule your posts using tools like Facebook Creator Studio or Later.com

We have a great social media planning calendar you can download from episode 25 of Magicians Talking Magic Podcast. Download here.

Here's a quick way to think about planning your social media. Divide your posts into three aspects or topics and one is self-promotion. Think of two other unique things about you. Those are the things that make you unique. Use those and add them to the mix.

And do you know the easiest way to do this? Scheduling your posts.

MISTAKE #5: Irrelevant / Excessive Hashtags

We all see people do this. They just post the generic a hashtag like #follow4follow or #goodtimes or #cute or other generic hashtags that don't work. Asking for follows will just get you fake or spammy accounts (see above)

What is a #hashtag?

Some people might not fully comprehend the hashtag. Think of a hashtag as a way of telling the social media platform the context of your post. It's a way to slide your content into a feed of other content with the same hashtag. #bandwagon

On most platforms, hashtags are a clickable search. It opens up all the relevant other posts using that hashtag.

Every platform has it's rules about hashtags

There are guidelines and good practices. Instagram allows 30 hashtags, no more. Facebook is fair game, but typically stick to three to five. It's not really about how many, it's about how your post looks on Facebook. Is it #overloaded #with #hashtags?

Use niche keywords

It's very difficult to have much success with broader keywords like #magician or #magic. Try and find the specific niches that fit your relevant interests. Even better if you start your own hashtag.

MISTAKE #6: Too Many Posts Vs Quality

Mistake number six. Sharing too many posts in a short amount of time. Sometimes people just spit out a ton of posts. Way too many posts covering too many things. When you do that your posts will get skipped over. They get missed. The algorithms lean towards consistency. Build a schedule around what is practical for you to add consistently into your lifestyle.

Algorithm and Posting Schedules

Instagram leans towards one to three posts a day. Facebook one or two. Twitter is everyone's game. Tweet away.

Stay focused on developing engaging content, rather than more content.

Check Your Analytics

When's the most popular time to post on social media? You will learn from your own analytics and stats. Facebook tells you your insights including when people are most engaged. It is different for everyone.

MISTAKE #7: Forgetting to Proofread

I don't know how to spell anything and apparently I’m not alone. Which brings us to mistake number seven, forgetting to proofread.

This is tough. If you're doing it all-- your marketing, social media, blogging, website, emails/newsletters-- we working professional magicians write a lot.

I'm the worst for proofreading that’s why I use tools like Grammarly.

Tips for proofreading important press kit pages or emails

Read over your content out loud, twice before posting. This is for your important content such as your biography page or an important client email.

If you are worried that context might get confused, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone. It’s a much simpler and more direct way of getting the exact information you need.

Finally, get a friend or family member to proofread your important copy.

MISTAKE #8: Neglecting the Social Aspect of Social Media

Mistake number eight, neglecting the social aspects of social media.

I don't know if everyone understands what they do on social media or how they come across. Social media is a conversation. When we have a face to face conversation, you say something, I say something, you say something, I say something. You should engage back with your friends and followers.

First of all, the algorithms are based on engagement but imagine someone just bumped into you on the street and was like, Hey, I really like that thing you're doing! Would you just ignore them?

No. You engage with them.

Do you have any tips for getting the most out of social media?

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