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Watch: Magician VS Coffee and take the class!

Magician Versus

Magician Versus is what happens when you throw a magician in a room full of non-magical stuff and challenge them to make magic.

Each class is packed with magic wisdom, tricks and advice.

The Secret:


In this series, we'll show you how to perform tricks like the ones you see magicians doing on stage. But instead of using traditional props, we'll be making magic with non-magical things.

Learn how the secrets behind the magic above, and the 7-day steps we took to brainstorm, create, and perform an original magic trick.  

Magician Versus Classes, Resources, Books & More


Magician VS Coffee

The Challenge: Create an original piece of magic with coffee in just seven days. Take the class and learn a wide range of practical and theoretical magic wisdom.


How To Create Original Magic Tricks

What are some of the steps magicians take to create new tricks?  Here's a look at a few critical tips and suggestions for magicians.

Colorful Books

Books on Creativity for Magicians

A resource for learning more about developing your creative skills.  Books and recommendations from magician and non-magician authors. 

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