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Powerful images, photos and backgrounds for magicians & mentalists.

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3 Steps to Creating Stunning Designs 

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Magicians need better graphics solutions!


Introducing Mystic Pixel!  A solutions for magicians & mentalists who want better, more affordable images and graphics to grow their magic business.

Raunchy is how I describe how stock photogaphs portray magicians.  Do you agree?

I photographed this collection of 1000+ images for my own magic business. As a full-time pro, for the past 20 years I've never found decent photos and graphics for magicians online ANYWHEREOnly cheesy garbage. 


My solution was to photography them for my own business and now I'm sharing them with you.

Photographed by a magician for magicians!

Photographed with magicians in mind.  Each image has multiple perspectives and orientations.  For Instagram Stories to your next promotional video.  All images are royalty-free so you can can unleash your creativity to promote your magic business.

♣ 100% Royalty-Free 

♥  Exclusive! (Only Available Here!

♠  Drag & Drop 

♦  Instant Download

Perfect Images & Graphics for: business cards, flyers, social media posts, websites, postcards or blog posts.  Thousands of everyday uses. 


Save time & money.  Mystic Pixel helps you work smarter and faster to grow your magic business. 100% Money-back Guarantee!

Finally a solution to magician clipart problem for working magicians!


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