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Have you ever looked at your website or graphics and thought 'this should be better?'

During this pandemic, a lot of magicians are updating their website and graphics.  It's a good idea, what else is there to do? 


Have you looked at your competitions promo? Is it better than yours? 

If your struggling to make your graphics stand-out, Magician Masterclass wants to help.  

Here's an opportunity for magicians who need a little help stepping up their graphics game.  We're working on educational before-and-after videos that share the secret-sauce behind professional designs. We want to share what we know using real-world examples.  You!  Do you create your own graphics?  Want help making it sparkle?  

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What can you send?

web banners, poster, business card, photo retouching, postcard, social media channel art and more!  Ideas are endless.  Files must be under 15mb.  One entry-per person!

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To register, fill out the information below, in the next steps you can upload your artwork.



(Value: $39.99)